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Preparing Ourselves by Preparing Others


Communities are made up of individuals, but individuals are procreated within the family. For communities to survive and prosper they must strengthen the family. Modern societies, like some more ancient times, often weaken and undermine the family while claiming a purpose of aiding it.

The ancient proverb, "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life", only bears truth if the man actually goes out and fishes. There is no need to fish if someone is giving free fish and bread to him every day.

Necessity is the great motivator.

pilgrimsAs societies banded together for common protection they had two basic choices. Form a society where the leaders could exercise authority, one over the other, or form a society where the leaders are titular and all fundamental and natural power or right of choice, e.g. liberty, remained with the people.

For any society to become and remain free the people must practice service in a selfless process of doing for others with nothing but a hope of reciprocating return from others. This is the antitheses of modern Commerce.


The true free enterprise is rooted in the perfect law of liberty. It is established in a society ahere the people willingly and daily cast their bread upon the waters in hope that it comes back to them rather than forcing their neighbor's to contribute in a socialist state.

The Golden Rule is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. If we want justice and mercy we must be a source of justice and mercy for those around us. If we want knowledge and understanding we must offer our own knowledge and understanding as a gift to others. If we do not seek and learn to be a society of givers, we will become a society of takers.

Teach and Learn

lambs in a pen

Teaching my own Children has taught me more about life and learning than all the teachers I had while I was growing up.

The one room school house on the prairies of South Dakota where my own father learned his first lesson was based on the precepts of community and family. They were not single age incubators but cascading communities where the older taught the younger knowledge and the younger taught the older patience and responsibility.

Preparing University is based on the precept that giving knowledge will bring more knowledge and understanding and the virtue to use both wisely.

community Community
As we grow we hope to fill this web site and its pages with information and stories which express the precepts upon precept of men who taught the foundational principles of good societies through out history. The operating of these precepts in the lives of those who participate will depend upon their understanding.

The knowledge shared in these pages is as important as the sharing... >>more

nurtureNurturing Society
Society is composed of people and people need to eat. Man does not live by bread alone and neither does society.

To nurture society we must nurture the body and the soul. The virtuous sharing of skills and knowledge concerning growing, preserving and providing nutritious and plentiful amounts of food will enrich the people as much as the food they produce. ...>>more

The nature and means of the economics or commerce of a society often nurtures or drains the vitality of that society.

Understanding ideas like just weights and measures can facilitate the choices of society's members that will determine its vitality and viability.... >>more

The BurningBushFestival
is our annual Fall Festival which corresponds with the purposes of Fall Festivals from Feast of Tabernacles to Thanksgiving. It is an annual get together to share information, skills, trade goods and fellowship with people seeking a better way of love and righteousness.

You can participate in this and other gaytherngs by contact you local Living Network Representatives And register if you intend to attend. >>more

NationNations Nations are people bound together by some form of commonality. That may be by blood, social contract or moral precepts.

The manor in which societies bind themselves together determines the nature of society as a whole. Those binding ties will make or break a society in time of need or want...>>more

wikiWiki Ways This web site is about preparing you and society. There is no more important element of society than participation in the lives of other members of society. This is the purpose of the Living Network.

Participation in this web site is key because like your own society you are the builder of this site, its content and its value. Login, become a member and began to build... >>more

NetworkNetwork Throughout history free societies depended upon a network of free assemblies to maintain their liberty through sacrifice and service to each other and local and even distant communities, All Pure republics were based on this networking form of self-government. Early Israel and the early Church formed just such Living Networks.

There is no greater skill nor challenge than forming a viable netwoprk in the heart of a world that has become filled with people who care more about themselves than their neighbor >>more

emergenciesEmergency Some time disaster strikes individuals or whole communities. It is important to have a large network of people who care as much about the next town as they do their own community. This is what made America strong. The caring in the family spilled over to the whole community and extended to the next and communities around the world. Living Network.

Participation participation in a network of caring and love for righteousness and one another is an essential skill of survival. >>more

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