Key 1989 – How To Be Salt For The Earth

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1989

Are the world’s political problems are due to the modern church’s failure to be salty?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 14, 2019

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Notable Segments

[00:03:07] The difference between the modern church and the early church
[00:05:28] The difference between public religion and pure religion
[00:11:26] Most in Oregon government are felons according to Article 2 Section 22
[00:14:33] Virginia gun confiscation and Caesar’s mistake

Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, as usual, we’re going to be talking about the kingdom of God. a lot of things we just finished our study on Corinthian and we gone through first written in the second Corinthians all the way to the end we talked a lot about Carinthia and the courts and the people that were there and what Paul was talking to them about what Paul calls Paul heavy and Paul light.

Paul’s purpose was to help connect all the local churches which formed an international network

[00:00:55] Evidently we don’t have all the letters he wrote to the Corinthians. Most people surmise there was at least four other were more than to revisit while the good at least three visits and what was he doing what why was he going there what was one of the major jobs of Paul besides talking to you about things hard to understand. That seems to be to turn local congregations into the kingdom of God because with a local congregation like a home church all get together and like each other and help each other and encourage one another and but in the early church they were connected to all the other churches and they were actually providing an international social welfare system for the needy of their society and their society was way different Christian society those people who said there is another king one Jesus were decidedly different than most of the other societies of the world at that time that word world that I’m using there would be the world that means constitutional order system of government and that government would mostly be the government of Rome although the government Rome was composed of lots of different governments.

Technical difficulties

[00:02:20] I just realized that I have not turned on my recording to the switchboard was being very sluggish so what we I was having trouble getting it going and to some places that you all/recording off of the station and you’ll see the difference between the recording that I make here in the studio and the recording that we make from the station itself and thus though the one we make in studios one we released everybody else I’ll probably try to enhance it to make it a little bit better on the first part of the show but that I didn’t have it going during the first part.

The difference between the modern church and the early church

[00:03:07] We’re basically talking about our entire series on Corinth. Now have a series on Romans and other epistles that anybody can go to and download for free you don’t have to send away for DVD-R units in a way for our books are all there is you can download for free because we’re doing the mission of Christ but unfortunately for most people when we tell you about the mission of Christ it’s not going to be with you here you know from a lot of the ministers in the regular churches out there in the world today. Because somebody along the way has crept in and water down the gospel so you don’t actually hear the gospel in most churches. I’m sure there are a lot of great people in your church I’m sure that some of your ministers are great but the first-century church was taking care of also welfare for network of congregations usually 10 families in the congregation and those congregations were linked together in ranks of tense 50s hundreds and thousands and they were helping one another out as a sort of a faith emergency ministry auxiliary and that’s what you see Paul doing in court is going out there and providing an and we see in print the insect credit inset 1011 and 12 that he is scolding the Corinthians because they give so little to the contributions that are going to go on to Jerusalem and then be redistributed now eventually church had several redistribution points and the one that was in Jerusalem left Jerusalem and Jerusalem was destroyed but because it’s a network every other place every other active church could become a central hub for redistribution and this could change overnight and of course it did because that network of charity that they were creating help to Christians survive so they became the dominant culture in all the area of Europe where the Christianity had been preach a lot of other countries a lot of other religions are being preached but they all collapsed because most of them were public religion.

The difference between public religion and pure religion

[00:05:28] What’s public religion? Instead of the church take care the what is in or Vincent needy of your society the governments of the world take care of the needy of your society and the difference between the two is that the church operates by faith open charity in the world operates by four spirit and violence they do this lawfully because you sign up you make an agreement giving them the power to take your neighbor to provide you with what the Bible calls the wages of unrighteousness but if you do that you may be counted by Christ as a worker of iniquity and cast that because those programs are covetous programs they’ll make you merchandise and as we see just by watching the 6 o’clock news it will curse your children with trillions of dollars in debt and that’s what’s already happened. It’s happened while the church at your going to now Pat was watering down the gospel are preaching a false gospel of preaching a crisis other than the Christ that Paul was preaching. Because we see Paul taking care of the needy do this international network of charity. I don’t see churches doing that the day in the churches that do that you know maybe they sponsor some mission society in South America or Africa or maybe in the Philippines and they help out some poor people they can always find some poor people… Jesus said. “The poor you will have with you always.” And that’s great that they help them out but let’s not kid ourselves that’s not the church and last year doing it all because pure religion is doing it all on spotted by the systems that use force and that’s what the Christians were doing they were ridiculed for this they were called atheists for that reason and they were persecuted for that reason.

False gospel to creep in unawares

[00:07:31] And we can show that very clearly if you’re willing to see the truth. We talked this morning about a lot of people are not willing to see the truth there they listen to the irrational news reports that don’t really deal in facts say the same lie over and over again and people believe them. We see that it going on in congresses and not parliaments all across the world there seems to be a fashion that just lies, lies, and lies. And not that the other faction that’s not lying doesn’t like to when their power but what were seeing you the old joke how talking you tell a politician is lying his lips are moving in so anyway that’s the then you know it I don’t be like David who said in my haste all men are liars but word and we do lie to ourselves we do lie to others we do we are self-deceived we have allowed a false gospel to creep in unawares and lead people away with a false Christianity. So what we’ve done and we’ve done a number of things see if I was going took some notes listening to the news and I send them onto myself get checked because I’m out moving about in a I see an interesting article and I copy it over to an email that I send it to myself so that I can have some notes.

Trump whistleblower/sycophant

[00:09:07] And I was talking about whistleblowers this morning and the of just was like fingernails on a chalkboard anytime somebody was calling this guy whistleblower who was mostly saying that Trump did some terrible thing you know quid pro quo kind of thing which of course anybody who read the transcript of the call is not the case and I know is not the case that’s why you want the guy cross-examined because he had no firsthand knowledge. They just invented this to great this drama in the press and the press goes along was just unbelievable but what this guy was is not whistleblower but a sycophant. I was trying to think of what word would you call this guy is a false accuser because the a was it we have treaties with Ukraine to help each other and dealing with corruption we know the Ukraine is full of corruption we know the United States for corruption is why the Pentagon doesn’t pass their audit that that house I have this week that’s why we have congressmen and senators on fairly small salaries becoming militant multi-multimillionaires and in just a term of two as a senator or congressman how are they doing this and making deals and as we can show with Article 2 Section 22 in Oregon, that they’re taking millions upon millions of dollars from people outside of Oregon that want to see them get elected because they want favors why because they run budgets that are billions of dollars and they will give contracts to these people outside of Oregon, they will give favors to these people outside of Oregon, because they gave them it millions of dollars for their campaigns. If you are real investigative reporters they can see that this is a matter of record you can look it up on the Internet and find it in their records I’m not talking about some guy in Montana thought about in their own records by law that they published you see millions and millions of dollars were the bribes going into the hands of congressman, govenors, senators. And I can show two point…

Most in Oregon’s government are felons according to Article 2 Section 22

[00:11:26] Go read our article, Article 2 Section 22 at We’d like to see Oregonian citizens American citizens Australian citizens standing up against this kind of dishonesty does bearing a false witness these people who swear to take an oath to uphold the rules of their office and then they just totally disregard of 80 to 90% of the people holding public office in Oregon are felons because there that’s what it says that you violate those rules your Fallon and they are felons and they don’t call out their fellow felons because they are felons and they you know if they call out even if they don’t violate the rule it was a guy that was just visiting in the valley north of us and I heard from somebody in the know we have lots of connections all over the country that the he’s one of the only senators in the state Oregon who has not violated the Oregon Constitution and is lawfully entitled to his office but he doesn’t say anything because it was coming out you want drain the swamp pull the plug. And the people they’re going to go after them for this there I actually going to go after they’re going to try to enforce it.I encourage them go after hold people accountable for the dishonesty that they’re doing. You have to hold them accountable.

When people aren’t held accountable

[00:13:00] That’s one of the reasons why, in Congress and Senate today in the United States, they’re getting away with murder there with the breaking laws left and right there calling on sycophants people and: whistleblowers and defaming characters ruining people’s lives and the falsifying data and information I now care when you have truck for your president reading I’m not interested in that. I’m interested people falling in love with the truth and telling the truth, The same when they read the Bible. You’re not supposed to be like the governments of the Gentiles who exercise authority one over the other but call themselves benefactors. In other words, take from their neighbor in order to provide one another with benefits. You’re not to be that way. They are that way. Yet they say they’re still Christians. Yet Christ said don’t do that. So it just doesn’t fit. They’re not being honest. And we read this morning, in Corinthians, how Paul was saying to examine your faith, your actions, and what you doing. James said the same thing… that if you’re violating the Ten Commandments, if your works are not those of the early church, your faith is dead. It’s not real faith. It’s dead faith. Dead faith is like fake news. And that’s where people are at. And they shouldn’t be that way. But there they are. That’s the way they are. And so, we’d like to change them…

Virginia gun confiscation and Caesar’s mistake

[00:14:33] We have this Democratic Congressman McDonald… commented about using the National Guard to enforce governor Ralph Northram’s proposed gun control laws in Virginia. Which are clearly a violation of the Second Amendment. You’re not to infringe upon the right people to keep and bear arms. It’s not keep and bear hunting guns. Keep and bear shotguns. It’s keep and bear arms. Yes, military-grade weapons. The people in America are supposed to have the access to military-grade weapons. And the governments, including the state governments, don’t have a right to keep them from it. According to the rules of the Constitution.

Now there is a way around that. But I’m not going to tell you that. I’ve written a four-part series on that: Does a Christian have a right to self defense? And, of course, a Christian does have a right to self defense. But he approaches it much different than a lot of other people. But the problem is, you guys are being Christians out there. Because you can’t be a Christian and disregard the commands of Christ and do the opposite of what Christ said. And make the word of God to none effect by what you’re doing. Paul said that. Jesus said that. John the Baptist said that. James said it. Peter said it. That you will end up… you can claim that you’re a Christian… You claim that you’re following Christ… But you’re actually a worker of iniquity. Because you’re cursing your children—and your’e cursing your neighbor’s children—with debt. And you say, “Well how do we change this?” Well, repent. Think differently.

But anyway he says he was going to call on the National Guard to enforce these new draconian rules that are coming out of this Democratic Senate in Virginia. Well, I thought it was interesting… I glanced at the article… it only took me a minute to get good over it and everything. And I copied some of the paragraphs and sent it on to myself so I can talk to you about it. Because I think it’s important to tell you what’s really going on in the news. I thought it was almost prophetic that the first TV station to report this—what I’m going to share with you now—was WSLS TV in Roanoke. Roanoke. That’s a place of destruction. That’s a place where everybody dies. They’re alive right now, but if you know history you know what I’m talking about. But anyway, there were some comments by a Major General Timothy P. Williams. I don’t think he’s any relationship to us. But anyway, Timothy P. Williams made this comment and I thought I’d read to you: “We have received multiple questions regarding proposed legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session, in the authority of the governor of Virginia, to employ the Virginia National Guard in a law enforcement role.

Now any of you who’ve listened to a lot of our other broadcasts… you’re probably up to speed a lot of history… What was Caesar’s big mistake? He crossed the Rubicon. What does that mean? He was crossing the Rubicon with troups that were supposed to be national defense. Which is what a National Guard is. It’s supposed to be national defense. Now they’ve called out National Guard there’s floods and everything. But now they just want them to do like a policeman on the roads. And that’s why Caesar was bringing his troops home. To use them as a police force and, also, to guarantee his power.

He says, “Please make sure you share this message with all your personnel. We understand and respect the passion people feel for the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment rights. We will not speculate about the possible use of Virginia National Guard. I encourage everyone to be patient while we allow our elected officials to work through the legislative process.”

What does that process include? Well, it should include the Supreme Court which would overrule these rules as an infringement upon the rights of Virginians to keep and bear arms. What’s happening is that counties are declaring themselves sanctuary counties and saying you can’t enforce those state rules the state statutes in our county. Because we’re going to stand by the Second Amendment which is a part of the Constitution. Which is also law. And these two laws seem to be coming into conflict. You can spend two years in college studying conflict of law. But it’s very clear, the supreme law for all the statute makers—all these lawmakers in the state—is the Constitution.

“We have not received any request from the governor or anyone on his staff about serving in a law enforcement role related to any proposed legislation. I expect our soldiers, airmen and members of the Virginia defense force to be professional and respectful in their discussion about this subject. As a private citizen, our personnel are free to express their opinions to their elected officials. But they should not engage in any political activity while in a uniform status.”

Because this is National Guard. They’re on for a while, they’re are for a while. But they can be called up in a second, because they’ve taken oath and they’re bound in that. That’s another whole story. But when they’re in uniform, they can’t have a political opinion. They want everybody to figure out this conflict. Because what you see here is groups within the state legislature trying to line up the military against the population of Virginia so that they will be in a literal Civil War with each other. Now it probably won’t get that way under this particular event. But the idea that this this idea is entertained in the minds of some of your legislature is a frightening concept. That’s Civil War…. We lost more people in the Civil War than all the other wars combined. The Civil War in America was disastrous. It is the beast turning on the beast. It is a bad thing. And it should be avoided at almost all costs. But not the cost of righteousness. But what the problem is is that people don’t know what’s going on. And were going to get into that in the show before were done.

“We will provide regular updates when appropriate during the General Assembly session. Please utilize your chain of command to direct any questions or concerns to my office and we will do our best to address them.”

So anyway, that was his comments. And he was making those comments because of the fact that you had these ridiculous statements coming out of legislature’s mouth. “The law is the law.” “They have to obey the statue we pass these laws.” “They must obey it.” “If they don’t obey it, they should resign their office.” No. If the law you passed in the legislature of Virginia, or Oregon, or any other state… this is the rules you guys setup.

The Kingdom of God operates by higher standards

[00:22:36] The Kingdom of God operates by higher standards, higher rules. It’s not that that the church established by Christ is not part of that world real church we can’t regulate what you do in politics you want to vote for this guy going vote for that guy you want to go for that game do you want to support this guy you go do that we’re not advocating that you support any particular political guy or group or party. What we’re advocating is that you don’t bear false witness. that if you like if Jesus said to be all the taxpayers tax it if you all allegiance to have allegiance if you’re bound by the Constitution keep the rules of the Constitution do not bear false witness but a day pass along Virginia that they get a round of everybody with orange hair and send them to a gas chamber you don’t have to obey that because that’s in violation of the Constitution. don’t have the power to make that law you have to do that because it’s a boy he’d from its inception that’s been ruled over and over and over again.

Income tax is a bad idea, but legal

[00:23:51] Now you have to be careful because they can they can say there’s income tax and will charge you think of – and you say last night constitutional in the reality is income tax is actually legal it’s a bad idea I agree is a bad idea it is evidence that you have made your government to powerful they can come in and impose that income tax but the process of how that came about that’s mostly your fault or the fault of your parents is a game about your grandparents but was their ignorance.

May be too late to turn the US ship around, like Rome

[00:24:25] All you have to do is stop being ignorant and start having the knowledge of God and you can turn the ship around and go the other way. And that, of course, is what Christians are doing is what you see happening in America today happen in Rome 2000 years ago 2000 102,200 years ago and Christianity came along and said all those one thing differently than the way that they’re going you can join the Christian faith and operate according to what Christ was saying. If you would do that you could possibly turn the whole ship around. I don’t know. It’s getting kind of late will it is getting candlelight is a lot of people don’t want to turn the ship around in there a lot of crazy stuff going on so it it in history completely repeats itself Rome will fall the US will fall. And if the US falls, who let the dogs out?! Because a lot of the rest the world will go crazy.

Somalian gangs in Minnesota should be kept in check by good Somalians

[00:25:29] I have friends in Minnesota I have relatives in Minnesota and they’ve had a lot of trouble with Somalians in Minnesota all Somalians are not there I’m troubled also lines so I don’t want anybody think that I’m against Somalians but there’s games that are mostly Somalians as games all kinds of different racial and ethnic groups but there are Somalian gangs are doing unbelievably wicked and horrible things in there getting away with and if the good Somalians would wise up they would make sure they put the kibosh on this and stop it and drive out that wickedness that their drum talking serious human trafficking abusive wickedness they need to stand up for what’s right and stop that in their community because in the Somali community the very tight. They know each other in a setting where Muslims. There are some really bad things going on in the Muslim community and there are some really good Muslims. The good Muslims needed yet the bad Muslims in chat now what’s right is right unfortunately a lot of people use religion to justify their wickedness. Christianity is doing that today modern Christianity is using their faith in a great guy Jesus the Christ the greatest of all profits as far as I been able to find out the founder of His Holy Church, the one I serve. you just go on is got you that they have a big long list of all the titles that he would have Prince of peace etc. etc. I agree with all the but a lot of people say they agree with all that but some of what they do is contrary to what Christ said is only there to examine their faith and their practices they take a look at what Christ said and say am I doing in my really following Christ or my phone something else because the reality is, there’s an awful lot of Christians that have gone the way of the Pharisees and are following the Corbin of the Pharisees up and it will be right back to keys of the kingdom.

Consoldation of the schoolbook industry

[00:27:47] Welcome back. One of the things that I was trying to get across to people is that once you turnarounds are going to sell the way it will change you the same as when you went the way of the covetous and show you all kinds of philosophers, historians, religionists have told you that if you go this way it alter you you like it if you go to public school you send your kids a public school there there be altered by that experience not only because the fact that they change what they used to teach you know most of the schoolbooks that are being created in the world today are coming out one single company. that the name of the company right now I heard it actually just just before went on the air but it owns all the subsidiary publishing companies always down the minutes there’s been this massive consolidation. I’ve seem the same thing the week markets in the cattle market is in the chicken markets that you have everything gets massive summary becomes very successful and they buy up all the competition and annexing other controlling everything these to be hundreds of grain buyers along the Columbia River now there’s like to you know there’s two. Because they cornered the market they just squeeze everybody else outside the market and so in the case of schoolbooks they can have a tremendous influence of you got your people in the company they have a tremendous influence over what your children are learning in school to say nothing of the fact that you know all your colleges are extremely liberal colleges so all your teachers are coming out of those colleges. They are affected by that your children are affected it’s gonna be hard to drag people back and I think the only way to do it is to hard times and fortunately the way God sets of the universe, that’s what we seem to be headed for.

You are the “salt” of the earth

[00:29:47] Somebody sent me a message and they been asking about sacrifice I didn’t get back to them they’re asking about some of these quotes as you see like Matthew 5:13: “You are the salt of the earth but if the salt have lost his flavor wherewith shall it be salted where will get his flavor it is thenceforth good or not the good for nothing but to be cast out and to be trodden under your foot of man I I went back in the Old Testament to see if they use salt in the same way he talks about unsavory being eaten without salt and he’s using a particular Hebrew word there that does mean salt but again those of you have listened to our studies on Hebrew almost every single word in Hebrew language that has a do with a particular objects of the obvious like salt or liver or heart or even something that you ashes it will not deliver and it also has a double meaning it has another more abstract meaning is the same word they use to say on with a father and the mother would it also be translated liver now for safe at all kinds and nuances to the way they use these words because they add letters they just juggle them around a little bit. Put them in a little bit different positions. in order to create nuances of meaning that you can go to study all that I have studied all that I’ve looked at that I go look at the Hebrew I read things in Hebrew all time and I get hints that way but ultimately if you were to be salted with the Holy Spirit, you would know something is wrong with my interpretation of that. Ore the interpretation I’m given a private interpretation given by some minister and the know the Bible is not given to private interpretation does it says that it’s pretty clear translation and every minister who translates the Bible and tells you what it means, that’s the private interpretation everyone including the private interpretation. Now some of us that do that on regular basis might be inspired by God. I might be inspired by God. I could tell you I was, but then be boasting that would make me a fool.

Corinthians gave least amount of donations; Modern church has similar lack of saltiness

[00:32:29] We just talked about Paul saying, “I am boasting to you which is makes me a fooll but you like listening to fools,” which is Paul sarcasm. But he was trying to make a point about the fact that they the Corinthians had the least amount of donations to help out the rest of the network of churches and that was of serious needs going and we could be doing all kinds more things but we don’t have that serious blood flow were still trying to get the bones the dry bones to come together once you sit down and attend city centers and thousands then the flow will start so I worried about it we don’t where the burden to the people that support this ministry because you know what what we we don’t survive on what you give us your I don’t live in a million-dollar mansion driver on fancy cars the stuff that you guys give we turn into service we depend upon our own labor to support us we have no salaries of any of our ministers no salaries whatsoever and that’s way should be now if we started getting to do really what the first century church was doing which will depend upon you and whether or not you come together in that valley of dry bones and then the flesh comes on you and then because God breathed into you and then then with that flesh and sinew in blood we can go out and do more things but until you are willing to sit down the tens fifties hundreds and thousands like Christ commanded what we don’t expect much from you fortunately God is blessing us but the you need to give because if you are giving your the salt that lost his flavor you lost your flavor and your good for nothing because you’re not taking care of the needy of your society to faith, hope, and charity. If you’re a master of his church and have a congregation is looking to you and you’re not contributing to the rest of the congregations you have no flavor yet you are your you’re not the salt of God’s earth the salt of the world and you lost your flavor and that’s what he’s talking about here in Matthew 5:13. Like Mark 9:49 for everyone shall be salted with fire and at every sacrifice shall be salted with salt notes again flavored with salt is that what is talking about that the reality is most of the sacrifices that were sacrificed on alters back in those days was actually turned into a meal people ate Passover that they’re fixing a meal they probably salted the me with real salt but as a metaphor being used here he goes in the very next verse: salt is good but if the salt lost his saltiness wherewith will he sees it have salt in yourself and have peace one with another gathering together when he’s talking about this salt one with another peace one with another salt yourselves euros and in we see again in Luke he says salt is good in the salt as losses savor his flavor wherewith shall it be seasoned. Well, that’s what’s happened to the Pharisees they lost their flavor they didn’t care about one another as much as they cared about their religion their robes their prestige you know they did take care the knee but they did it with forced offerings because you gotta remember the Temple was a government building all temples of Rome or government the and they were providing for the needy but they’re doing it to force Christ would not do the two forces the common theme. And we see that the he says you’re actually going to look at listen to James James talked about the fig tree my brother bear all of berries either of vine fakes so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh water denies using the word a little bit different but this idea the salt having his flavor do we have the flavor of Christ are we doing what Christ told us to do are we being the children of our father in heaven however we come in the name of Christ. Because many of us have not done that.

How HHC ministers are chosen, disciplined

[00:37:34] Right now, the ministers on the network, I saw that they were having a conversation about how the network works. And it’s good to have those conversations how the early church work to see the step-by-step process but we have some ministers don’t even participate in the step-by-step process loosely discipline them. Well, we will certainly let the congregation know but you know we the congregation takes the minister we don’t send ministers from the top down Christ created a system from the bottom up. The responsibility of the congregant is to pay the minister who is the best servant of servants of servants. That’s the rank of the kingdom. That’s one of the things I pointed out this morning when reading Paul… 2 Corinthians chapter 11 and 12 and 13 Paul is talking about that idea of being you know where he ranks is the cheapest amongst them because he takes the lowest position of serving all of them and that’s it’s this reverse the rest of the world is the opposite, mirror image, of the government as the world. You’ve got elected and you get got rule over this guy rule over that guy ruler I tried to break it up a little bit with the in the United States with the separation of powers but it’s really getting hand why because you’ve lost your flavor. You’ve lost the salt, the flavor of Christ, in you now all you have to do start gathering in Christ will bring you the Holy Spirit will bring that flavor back and start showing that start gathering yesterday for it you won’t be able to gather less your full of forgiveness i.e. you won’t continue to gather less your full of charity giving so that this is why Christ emphasized those things. Because that’s the only way for love to exist is what it was love love perseveres. It’s long-suffering at if you come in a congregation and you’re there for six months, then you disappear… Now we’ll welcome you back when you come back is just a free assembly but you don’t want to go away…

The Band of Brothers movie analogy

[00:40:01] I remember flashing on this image of in the movie the band of brothers at his very exceptional movie was mostly directed by that medicine is named is dropped right out of my head, thanks okay mostly to but there’s one one episode that was not directed by Tom Hanks kazoos off making another movie during that particular I think he didn’t want to direct that one because of what they had written into it but anyway it’s a pretty good because real-life true story about real soldiers during World War II. And it’s called “The Band of Brothers.” But there was one guy fire alongside everybody he got wounded and injured went to the hospital they went to rehab and then he finally got outfit again and went back to his company I fought with the guys we came back he was had to start all over again then trust another guy that was in the company he fought with them got wounded escape from the hospital and limped his way back to the front lines to be with the band of brothers. He didn’t have to start over again the other guy was following orders but that meant his loyalty to the officers was greater than his loyalty to… And these men are putting their lives on the line for each other there’s a great scene there would the officers winters is going to run out ahead to check and see if this is an ambush and he puts out a smoker and a nieces and when it goes off you guys all start going and coming up behind me and then it’s an ambush they will know to turn around and run back and I’ll get back to cover quack and that likely did you get ambush won’t be so he’s he’s putting his life on the line so he wasn’t supposed to do he was officer he was supposed to have somebody else do it but that wasn’t the kind of guy he was so he goes running out the and smoke grenade and go off all the guys know but the guy left in charge is saying no we have to wait for smoke get a to go in there looking at winners running out ahead of everybody getting closer and closer to the enemy and they want to get there Debbie going running towards danger but then I get there to back him up before he gets over that hill because it can be all kinds of Germans over that hill he’ll be all alone and sure enough there world guides Germans and if I got there but they were dashing across the there’s a lot of people going on in there and wars at hellish thing. But that loyalty that they had their willing to lay down their life for their for winters because they knew winners would lay down his life for them you need to call debate that salt the labor and your congregations and you cannot do that if all you’re going to do is tickle each other’s ears and tell them that they’re saved and that their wonderful. Paul says we are supposed to be perfect in Christ you’re not perfect in Christ unless you’re doing what Christ said Christ said that and Paul P preached Christ first. We need to preach Christ also.

[00:43:30] I was actually looking for another email that I got from somebody I thought I probably have a phone waiting for the phone okay. Over here but I don’t get to don’t have the time to look it up I’ll be creating a kinda dead air time and looking for some just try to deliver memory.

A congregation should be serving one another, washing feet

[00:43:52] I was a talking about the fact that people have this communion where they start to just little things care about one another to be there you know, whenever they need a little bit help, then the little bit of counseling you go to then they go to you and you try help one another if you come over you Maybe there is a big stom. Maybe there’s a famine. Those are big things. But you have to start somewhere doing the little things that guy in a congregation out there in the kind in the Midwest over in Pennsylvania area he always wanted to be a part of our doing everything we said what we had this little lady that was in the congregation he was supposedly a member of and she couldn’t change a lightbulb because you had to get up a ladder to do it so she needed help he is only working like 20 hours a week as it was he could not find the time to go and help her later on he got himself at all kinds of your financial trouble and wanted us to help them out. Well, we didn’t. We help them out he was never there for anybody else he only came the only to have his own ears tickled his own feelings of self-righteousness you always have trouble with his employer was always the employer’s fault the trouble with the governments always the governments fault know you want to cultivate you know Christ to you know when Peter gets his coat stolen, Christ wants to give him his coat. Christ want to get out wash their feet. That’s the low job in the house. washing feet. Because I was a custom in Israel of the days of Moses if you go out you might be stepping in some of you know somebody else’s pig poop and then you come home and you have tapeworms on your feet they need to wash set off you not track and around the house because of a test that tapeworms those little segments and pick up eggs and they get take so they had to wash every time a washing feet with a gay man is not, dirty job and so that was the low job. Thehe lowest servant usually ended up doing that job. Christ took the low job. If you come together in a congregation you need to be taken the low job you know and and doing service for one another.

[00:46:20] Here’s something that I also got: a set of study participants were given an option in the study participants were given this option of having the earth flooded by massive tidal waves or listening to virtue signaling they called smarmy lecturers by environmentalists for the next decade. Over 87% of the respondents selected said, “Bring on the tidel wave.” some they want to hear anymore that now probably be moving the global warming is a problem we talked a bit about that this morning pointing out the fact that there are new storms showing up huge hurricane storms they’re coming up that could just be absolutely devastating to the world’s population the problem is or maybe the good news is there on Jupiter not on earth there on Jupiter Jupiter’s having these tremendous storms and innovation they see it actually being created what’s creating is that greenhouse gases that are creating new storms. No there’s something else going on in the universe that is going to create all kinds of havoc.

The havoc happening in men’s souls

[00:47:44] But what I’m concerned with is the havoc that is going on in men’s souls. That is going on in the hearts and minds of the people that they are willing to believe lies lots and lots of lies been going on in the news media you know you watch CNN and in NBC and ABC and they just live with Endicott you know killing stories and hiding information and then you know all and mics if shown this but they don’t show it you have to be watching another new station find out is there I got I got messed up. But that’s important… that people start realizing what they’re not seeing what they don’t understand what they they are not comprehending or are being how they’re being misled will I do that old time that that that’s mother’s milk to me. But you know I’m a mediator so I’m going to be sharing these meaty diets with you I can also be a vegetarian in one speak specifically. But we should be willing to see the whole truth no matter what that truth is or how that truth is presented. Or how that comes into conflict with what we thought was true before. We need to be willing to see that truth and face that truth and accept that truth and unfortunately a lot of people when you start telling these things and showing them that that’s is not Christianity that you want here and of course Christ had the same problem is that they don’t want to hear it. They they don’t want to be a part of what what Christ was saying that he is raising the dead I don’t have that event are not usually raising the dead though we had bad feelings and some miraculous things happen, but it’s not public. So you don’t have to believe and in a one Christ first date his first miracles he actually concealed it. He told Mike that you’ll go tell the high priest don’t tell anybody else keep a secret while house that house I work widely doing that you want to believe by signs and wonders you want you changing your heart you don’t know how to change yourself in your heart. Only God can change you the way you need to be changed the things you all kinds of messengers to help you change. Sometimes they’re in the form of your children maybe there in the form of your wife or your husband. They create stress on your ego and you need to do something about it. Well, the first thing you do is you forgive your spouse and because you swore to God that you’re going to stay with this woman of this man until death do you part so you need to do that and honor that agreement. It’s for your good. Now, unfortunately, they all both the gray somebody might continue to want that ended Dave you’re married legally they can force you to have a divorce even when you don’t want to have and that’s but I tell you to put on the full armor of God… But you have to know what that is and most people don’t know what that is a is about you know what I think about religion. What I think about God that that I read the Bible and so therefore I’m I’m not a bad guy. But were all bad guys. Somewhere were all bad guys somewhere were not doing something that God wants us to do. If we were doing that we would become would be to be doing all the things he did in greater things than those you would also be doing. But you’re not because you’re not really as good as you would like to think.

You’ve got to be there when your brother is in trouble

[00:51:51] I know a lot of guys who say, “Well, we’re all sinners.” was not easy what is your say go back to what Paul was saying there in that he was in in second Corinthians 13 examine yourself Goto you I she put a link on that page about our warning page because Jesus had lots of warnings about the fact that you need to examine yourself and examine what you’re doing Paul was saying all these people that are doing these things have no inheritance in the kingdom of God What Way, Paul that sounds like works you I love you to see but that accepted Jesus into the heart as their personal savior so there saved right now he says that no inheritance in the kingdom of God of the doing these things because the statement that they’ve accepted Lord Jesus Christ into their heart as their personal savior is I you know it’s a lie to themselves not that I don’t lie to myself sometimes I might I need to examine myself you need to examine yourself because if I became and get you in making even if you join our network and some of us thinking his individual walk but you have to walk it with others if you’re going to be in the business of forgiving and giving you have somebody to forgive to have to have somebody to love if you want to be love you have to have somebody that you will hear the problems of if you want God to hear your problems. If you want God to send somebody to you to hear your problems, you need to sit down tens fifties hundreds and thousands and hear the problems of others I all kinds of people call me up want me to listen to their problems they’re not in the network are they listening to the problems of the other people in the network that network is his only charge that how is it done that’s outcry stated no you wont do it like I say you got your back all I was going to be nice to the people I know but call it somebody living thousands of miles away and I expect him to drop everything and listen to me and help me with the problems that I have are you helping anybody in our network with the problems that they have? When I first started going public I was invited to talk over in another city and I listen to the people complaining about this you at and that that towns DA was a drug addict and mixed up with the Mexican Mafia. Many of the cops were. Some of the cops were murdered and tried to stop the corruption but last I heard it still has a certain amount of corruption at it was bad having children died people were put in for wrongfully imprisoned it was horrible but one of the things I finally stood up and walked her out among semi said, “You gotta be there when he’s having trouble and you gotta be there when she’s having trouble looking at different people and they find out said I don’t care about their problems I only care about my will now you know the problem the problem is you don’t love your neighbor as much as you love yourself and so therefore you will not have the armor of God he will fall with the rest of the self I recommend repent. Join the network until you do piece in your house and may God be with you. God bless.

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