Key 1990 – Hey Jude

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1990

We look into the book of Jude and its practical application to the politics of today. The first half of the show deals with various forms of corruption.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 21, 2019

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Notable Segments

[00:41:28] Moses never talked about killing sheep
[00:48:54] Corruption of the Way of Levi

Well, welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and we’re gonna be talking about the Kingdom of God. And we’re going to look at a lot of different things here were going to start another run book of the Bible when the actually the shortest one will be looking at that little but it things in the news and I been pondering the most of the night today we have a huge windstorm out here and you hear way in the background the window hopefully will get on to the recording but the hopefully it also will cut off our power in the middle of the recording but will see what happens to me when we say wind out here talking serious when it really say if you’re not having trouble standing up it’s not windy you know it’s the going to be a windy day all day today.

Rudy Giuliani, Ukraine scandal, News corruption

00:01:41 There’s alot of wind blowing in the country today too, and in the news. A lot of things going on. And I actually fell over the time last night looking at the news feeds from a variety of different news media outlets and seeing what each of them had to say about a couple of different stories that are in the news, to make a comparison of what was being said and what was not being said and how you what they call the spin is being put on different to new story and it was quite interesting to see you compare CNN, MSNBC, ABC news, NBC news, ESPN, CBS, and Fox News, and they all were showing themselves in the light because that there’s been a particular narrative going on during the events and in the United States concerning profit and peach manage and corruption in Ukraine and and that than the other Rudy Giuliani going over there to Ukraine and supposedly gathering information and evidence and having he’s back he’s holding up the information he showing the information is willing to share with anybody who wants to see it it’s based on actual affidavits actual bank records actual testimony sworn testimony by people who are high up in the Ukrainian government and and don’t want to expose the corruption I mean they just had a presidential election or prime minister election there in Ukraine where they elected a guy who was actually a former comedian but he ran on one simple thing clean up the corruption. Because the there are many good good good good people and you the crane and there are many corrupt people in Ukraine. And there many good people in the United States and their many corrupt people in the United States. Of course all you people out there listing none of your corrupted but actually run take a look before were done and find out whether or not maybe somebody has crept in and corrupted you unawares. You didn’t even know they were corrupted you because is a couple of different definitions of corruption. But anyway and looking at the stories you Giuliani appearing on CNN with Chris Comeau of Cuomo and going over some of these things even before he did this particular investigation he just come back again and has a lot more evidence but the you know Chris Cuomo is biased. I’ve watched him for years now and and he is totally totally biased the evidently yet it Marie your Mitch who was the ambassador for the United States to Ukraine I saw her testimony like our testimony about this woman is not telling the truth coming she probably tell the truth from time to time but I knew she wasn’t telling the truth Valley she got fired pressure to be fired by Rudy Giuliani and the most of the TV networks are news network is not just on TV now goes out on YouTube and everywhere else most of these guys are saying that this was a terrible thing he did this career politician, well-respected, was fired because he had to force her out to do what he wanted to do. Well, that sounds terrible and that’s what they are doing is making it sound terrible he says flat out I she had to go because she was corrupt and according to testimony of numerous numerous people who were investigated the present corruption which we know it’s been going on for years in Ukraine. Millions and millions and millions of dollars… Billions of dollars is gone missing and was misappropriated and this is why the new leader was elected and she this is the evidently what increase while she was the ambassador there and she appears to be… he says he has documentation and evidence sworn statements that she was interfering with the investigation of this corruption and we know the Biden. on film. he said I if you don’t fire this guy investigating the corruption of of this company that clearly was corrupt and has been corrupted everybody knows is corrupt, that they were going to get billions of dollars from the United States government and he was all that they did not fire that guy and why because he was he doing the wrong way was investigating. He was gathering data and information. and maybe wouldn’t do any good job maybe he was corrupt to I don’t know but he didn’t say we got to get somebody in there to find out what the truth is this guys not doing a good job is one I got fired and he did it on camera and are you seeing that on CNN, MSNBC dear all these other letters and the news network no I have not seen it on most of those you do see it on Fox because it fits their narrative. Now, is Fox corrupted? wealth the fact is corruption isn’t always over sometimes you’re just to see and you promote that which you have accepted is true that just ain’t so but sometimes you are actually criminally trying to deceive others is a variety of reasons why the media is become corrupt but I’m not I’m not here to save the media I would like individuals to be saved well in order to be saved you have to repent you have to think differently and the it seems like a lot of the media want you to think a particular way that just ain’t so that should be you should not be thinking that way anyway that going to play out in the news in the next weeks or months if somebody doesn’t get assassinated. But he’s supposedly got all kinds of information and I know there are investigators going on behind the scenes and and a lot of people voted for Crump because they wanted to somebody would stir things up well things are getting stirred up and of course people are choosing size and the a lot of people are listening to the news and they really just believe what they want to believe. They hear what they want to hear. They have ears to hear this and I see that. But they don’t have ears to hear this over here. And the reality is you have to all be like Patrick Henry wanting to know the whole truth and provide for it.

The song, “Hey, Jude

[00:09:29] Now, the book that we’re going to be looking at is Jude, which is the last book before Revelation. And it’s the shortest I think is shortest in the Bible is the shortest New Testament only 25 lines long know no chapter divisions but when I’m thinking of Jude I thought will this morning I got up I thought what about that song hey Jude what was that all I could remember some of the work will aid you don’t make it bad take a sad song and make it better that sound like a, positive note he says remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better you have to let her what whoever her is in your heart to make it better know mostly want to hear that song and you know what it was all about but it sounded good, melodic ballad and something you get a lot of people behind it saying it and get you good feeling he goes on to say hey Jude don’t be afraid good advice you allow me times in the Bible does it tell you to fear not you are made to go out and get her the minute you let her under your skin then you begin to make it better will again whose her health you you can put at you like with the wisdom is mentioned in Proverbs more than anywhere else in the Bible and wisdom is a her a refer to it as a hard look at the wisdom love could be a her can represent the idea of love let the love you know in your heart and under your skin and then you’ll start making a better what that song could mean to you in on he goes on to it and and anytime you feel the pain a Jude refrain don’t carry the world upon your shoulders.


[00:11:31] Well, how do you carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders like she one of the ways you don’t forget were going to tie forgiveness into this over and over because it’s very important forgiveness releases the chain of bondage if you don’t forgive neither can you be forgiven that was one of things I want to look up and talk to you more about what what is this word forgive what were where does it come from the Hebrew word forgive is a Greek word forgive forgive is letting go letting go of judgment. If you want to be free of judgment, you have to let go of judgment. who hope that that you people always say while I don’t know I tell them they need to forgive somebody and I have to remind them your forgiveness is not their absolution. You don’t absolve them of the responsibility of what they’ve done wrong. If they’ve done wrong there responsible for what they’ve done wrong and you don’t make that go away when you forgive what you doing is getting out of the way of God allowing God to judge got knows what he’s doing when it comes the judgment it built into the system yell and we live in a survival of the fittest cause-and-effect universe if you don’t forgive neither will you be forgiven. That’s the way it works that’s what Christ said if you believe in Jesus you have to believe in what he taught his doctor and not one of his doctor if you’ll forgive neither are you forgive so you forget so that you may be forgive and not that may not be the only thing you have to do to be forgiven but that at least a big part of it. And that means that you can’t judge. You can’t assert God you have to let God do the judge he he will nobody get away with anything built into the system you jump off the building the sidewalk awaits you.

Like a song, the Bible can be interpreted differently by different people

[00:13:33] “And anytime you feel the pain Hey Jude refrain don’t carry the world on your shoulders.” means forgive so you can let go of these chains the Morley change that you’re dragging around. “For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder.” In other words, not loving. You need to love now really does that is that you think have anything to do would love actually the song was originally written by Paul McCartney to Jules who was the five-year-old son of John Lennon Julian Lennon known as acting Jules because John was getting a divorce from his wife which is the mother Jules and getting mixed up with a new wife, Yoko Ono, who was an artist from Japan. Another whole story but what the song means is what it means to you what the words mean is what it means to you that’s what it meant that then but you take the symbols of the song and it may mean something different to you. And that’s okay. It’s just a song. and may speak to your heart but may not be what the original author intended and the Bible, written that way it’s not written for private interpretation is written so that you can get the message of the Holy Spirit now the Bible being to finally inspire the authors were divinely inspired to write certain words that you need to be divinely inspired to read those words to hear the message of that divine source where that divine source is the discourse moving throughout creation this this divine designer who has design creation there’s some sort of a plan here and we say that God made that plan and we call evil a diversion from that plan a variation of that plan and all three of that plan we were made in the image of God but we are remade in the image of same when we follow Satan or his ways rather than the ways of God. What we should be becomes corrupted.

Distractions while trillion-dollar budgets are passed

[00:16:06] Look out in the world today. Just talking about all the corruption going on… Who’s corrupt is Biden taking bribes is that Democrats taking bribes are they are they receiving millions and millions of dollars are laundered through they just passed a budget you’re looking at all the stuff about the about the you know impeachment in all the supposed corruption in the Trump administration meanwhile trillion dollar budgets are being passed without anybody anybody in Congress actually reading the budget it’s all been arranged in back rooms by both Democrats and Republicans sat down back room and says okay you put in my porkbarrel project in outputting your porkbarrel project and suddenly trillions of dollars you spent lots of money goes changing hands lots of favors it done politicians get to become a millionaires. And your children are cursed in greater and greater debt. There’s no way to turn that ship around. You can’t do it. It’s too big a shift that was just in the news a couple of these cruise liners one of them ran into the other one didn’t hit really hard but, you know, when you’re away thousands of times and you just pump something else away thousands of times anything you bomb is broke. and so that’s what was happening. You can turn down around the ship.

Salvation not found in electing new leaders

[00:17:51] Trump can’t turn around the ship. You drain the swamp, somebody downstream is going to get drowned. You can work on it. and of course that’s what they’re doing but Trump is not your salvation you’ll find from salvation by electing a new leader of the Bible is against you electing leaders it warns you that if you elect to have rulers over you and rule over you and your neighbor that they’re going to end up taken and taken and taken and taken that they cannot all drums are you millionaire billionaire is probably not in this for the money but you don’t to be there for five more years at the most and somebody else is going to take that office. An that office will have as much power as he leaves in that office. And you create offices of power minutes the car will seek office you can’t change governments by changing the leaders old kingdoms do not change until men change you have to change. That’s the good news. You can change you can be change you can repent you can think a different way you can do things a different way and you will be changed in accordance. If you continue to do the things the way of paying the way of Nimrod, the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, you will be changed. And that’s what’s happened is that people have crept in and changed a lot of you. Now the question is who wants to change back.

Real love, not touchy-feely love

[00:19:24] Well, Hey Jude. don’t make it bad take a sad song make it better this corruption if you let love in your heart real love emotional love not you know touchy-feely love but real love real fellowship summit was stalking me about fellowship they love the Fellowship of the large group like to go to church to make them feel good it doesn’t make them big and make them feel good I’m not guess when you go to a large church that I’ll a lot of people but if you want the Fellowship of Christ you need to understand with the Fellowship of Christ it in the Fellowship of Christ might make you feel a little uncomfortable at times but no pain no gain know and the you may have to heat things up because that’s what it says in the song at any time you feel the pain hey Jude refrain don’t carry the world upon your shoulders forget yet forgive yourself for being fooled the world’s been fooled a lot of different ways all the foolishness easy going on the media. That is the tip of the iceberg. It’s a big iceberg. We’re to get down to take a look at that iceberg and see if we can’t warm things up a little bit and melt some of that iceberg.

Melting ice won’t flood the coastlines

[00:20:47] Don’t worry about the coastline flooding. If you melt all the North Pole the ocean water should not increase at all big all that floating ice it will actually go down you know you can watch it you have a glass with ice sticking up in it and you melt all that ice and water doesn’t overflow why because ice is expanded now contract as it melts. But anyway I yeah have you know that all the South Pole and maybe the water go up probably cream and might go up but what’s melt the is a global warming or is it the earth heating up in its core because volcanoes under preliminary volcanoes under the Atlanta Arctic and is volcanoes under the Antarctic and that they don’t even know how many is found an extra 91 we talked about this so we can so ago extra 91 volcanoes under the Antarctic and we don’t know how many are going off and so we know how many are warming the soil underneath the snow pack. We know there are some but we don’t know we certainly don’t know all the ones under the ocean there’s thousand and we don’t know if there were not even looking at nobody’s looking at them Nobody knows what they’re doing it you think they might have an effect? Well, yeah. There’s a lot… the science is not settled. We haven’t even scratched the surface.

Metaphors in the Bible

[00:22:29] But anyway, back to this idea of corruption. One things that we’re to look at is metaphors. The Bible for metaphors the Bible many of the Bible stories are allegories even ones that are true and they’re not just allegories made up fictional stories to try to impart some idea due but many of the events are told because there’s an allegory message in the the whole language of Hebrews full metaphor for what what is English metaphors derived from a 16th-century old French word the metaphor a which I don’t have a French pronunciation of it but which comes from a Latin metaphor means to carrying over you on this actually a Greek word also metaphor storming the Latin and the Greek are very similar but a way that it has to do with carryover transfer but the actual meaning of metaphor today is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn’t literally true but helps explain an idea or make a comparison of metaphor states that one thing is another thing it equates those two things not because they really are the same but for the sake of comparison of symbolism and that’s like in Hebrew language, you have so many words that have two meanings: a physical meaning and abstractly is just full of metaphors and of course the Old Testament was written in Hebrew about so what would you need to look at some of that be right back to show you what you’re missing.

How the transition between king Saul and David may reflect on today’s politics

[00:24:38] Well, welcome back. We’re going to talk about corruption and… liars. Who do you believe? Were watching were seeing what’s going on in our country can do the same thing astray do things ain’t candidate is same thing in Great Britain and people are trying to filter information to you and put a spin on it so that you believe that things are certain way. And this goes all the way back to you know second king of Israel which was David Saul was the first Saul was corrupt it’s always a great guy but they gave him his power is corrupted by one thing that will eventually point out your module do it right now is that David came up and people want to make him king by Saul was canes I get resolved well David Kozak she seeks up on him and leave the dagger there by him shows a I could kill you but I’m not gonna do it that way I would be a corrupt way to do it not what could happen here in the scenarios that we see going on the United States. There certainly has been assassinations in Ukraine. And attempted assassinations in the Ukraine. And has been assassinations here the nine states and there’s billions and trillions of dollars at stake.

70% of people holding public office in Oregon are felons

[00:26:05] Just here in the local government of Oregon, 80%… or at least 70% like I have to be careful I don’t exaggerate but 72 pretty high percentage of the people holding public office in the state of Oregon are Fallon according to article 2 section 22 of the Oregon Constitution they are Fallon now and if you easily prove it proved in a matter of minutes with each one of them you can show that there balance and they forfeit their office so there occupying the office that they have illegally there actually trespassing the governor Brown is trespassing in the governor’s office she is not the lawful governor of organ but somebody at the caller out what you need it David you need somebody who’s honest and says no but I’m not I’m praying that she repents incomes and confesses I I’m a felon I have no right to the office and I’m stepping down and forfeiting the office if she doesn’t do that you need to have citizens go make her do it why because they’re all sworn to uphold the Constitution of Oregon. I’m not sworn to uphold the Constitution Oregon. But I read it and they are and they should keep their word because people like David said I said in my hey all men are liars he said that in Psalms 1 1611 goal of data well all men probably are liars but I’m not gonna say I want all men to repent for all the citizens of Oregon need to repent stop being slothful and actually hold their leaders that they have chosen for themselves to the very rules that they have applied to them because Article 2 Section 22 was voted into the Constitution by the people back in 1994. They did it because the people that were corrupt in the government of organ before that at back in the 70s removed all the restrictions on campaign finances. So the people voted in restriction. And 70 to 80% of everybody holding office elected office in the state of Oregon are in violation of those rules and it’s a matter of record you know then media should be done but the media… Statesman Journal and these other media outlets there corrupt to him will will show that in the days to come but the reason were showing that is not to manipulate them we want you to repent. We want you all to start telling the truth.

Contrary to sound doctrine

[00:28:56] And not to look at when we look at Jude in the next part of the program is to find out what is the truth at you know if you go to Timothy and Titus Titus one of themselves even the profit of their own said that creations are always liars evil the slow bellies. What does that mean well in Judaic they’re going to talk about the so what what all the things meeting and Timothy 110 it says for mongers for them that the file themselves with mankind for men stealers, for liars for prejudice persons and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.” He’s talking about people that will have no inheritance in the kingdom and that we should stay away from. that are corrupted when it’s pretty easy to see that that although some people have difficulty seeing all that but that that that is a corruption of what should be… of the image of God and the way things should be.

Gender confusion

[00:30:21] Of course, today, people don’t even know if they’re male or female. You know that this is people that are being defamed because they say there’s not 76 different genders will actually biologically speaking there’s basically two genders occasionally you’ll have some strange events but very very rare words somebody is actually neither male nor female or its confused biologically. Usually though that the chromosomes are there but it that that because of you know that genetics can get the code can get mixed up occasionally that happened most of what you see in the gender dysphoria is psychological it’s a social construct has to do with often trauma and lack of forgiveness. Wnd we go to that another time but at does having to do with condemning anybody when you say send nest is not something that’s not natural not the way it should be you’re not the event is not the thing the event is evidence that there is something that isn’t the way that it should be now why is it that way because the intent is very important what you could be… Christ goes and there’s people out there on found in scared people often attacking people and he healed and are not doing any bring them into the fold are there people with all kinds of maladies and difficulties in their field and their brought into the fold and he cares for them and he washes her feet and and their centers they betray him and he wants to wash their feet so it is about condemning other people even the nickel Athens which we will talk about because the error the Nicolaitans is the the arrow follow and it’s also the way of Cain and Nimrod and fees are and the and the FDR of the guys which will tile together and forward the but the point is is that the talking about the idolaters a liars for mongers and sorcerers which I mentioned in Revelation 21 eight these are people that are not the way they should be I don’t condemn then they can in themselves. I’m not the judge. I want to get out of the way of the judge, which is God and it’s built into his creation that they will suffer for their unnatural proof the behavior if if whatever it is but if they will awaken they can repent of that it be changed and be happy get where one to go be happy I want make somebody miserable because their centers they’re going to be miserable anyway they’re going to be depressed to be confused and yelling and screaming at me weeping and gnashing of teeth. I want them to get better I want them to be healed. I want them to be whole. In order to be whole you have to be willing to see the whole truth about the so I’m going to end up saying things that are not comfortable for people. But hopefully, it will heal. People get better. That’s the goal.

Defining corruption

[00:33:51] So, has somebody crept in and deceived you? Because besides the corruption corruption is defined as dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power typically involving bribery that at the basic definition just look that up read that the basic definition. But it also can be the actions of making someone or something morally depraved or the state of being so so you can ask the corrupt other people of course we see that all time. I’ve had people try to force me to drink with them in the bar… I was in there repairing things in there they were trying to I’m actually literally strong-arm because I know I mean out regular wine now them but I’m not an alcoholic or drug think like that I have my problems, but that’s not the and the day they think that and they wanted to corrupt.I saw that way back when I was a kid in Boy Scouts there were always kids around one of the corrupt you and I’m not going to say that I haven’t fallen to some of those corruptions but the night and I forgive them and myself and I get better because the power of God can now get into you. Hey Jude. Let it into your heart can’t let it in your heart you can’t let forgiveness in your heart if you don’t forgive others that very important but there’s another definition of corruption the process by which something typically a word or expression is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased. Well, we talk about bad all time somebody I was again talking to I get people call me they get a hold of me really you want to talk to me you should go through the network you should you should not be taking up hours and hours of my time and taking me away from my family, taking me away from my work, because you want private counsel. Now be here for a lot of people but I would like to see you join a congregation in the network and or and you come in the name of Christ know was you come not to feel better when you come to do good for others that others might be say to help others to serve others that’s why Christ Kate you’re not going to church for that reason you’re not coming in the name or character of Christ. You’re just saying words. You’ve gotta come to help other people clean up their act and in the process you have to be willing to take an examin your own error and felt followed fallacies of all frailties in be willing to see the forgive yourself of them and allow yourself to be changed.

Which version of the Bible is not corrupted?

[00:38:20] But they were talking about the Bible is that it is God preserve the Bible out well for me which one which translation because not all the same for something going on with that and nowhere does it say all translators are inspired by God but the word of God is witness to in the Bible the Bible itself is not the word of God the Word of God wrote on the hearts of men men wrote it down and paper other men came along and translators but if the word of God is in you you will figure it out it will be your private interpretation will be the interpretation of the Holy Spirit working through you know that maybe a process.

Meaning of the word religion has changed over 2000 years

[00:37:00] But I can tell you this: I don’t have to change the Bible to corrupt you all I have to do is take words that are in the Bible now and change their definition when you read the Bible you will apply those new definitions the Bible one jot, one tittle, one word but you will see it differently because I changed the meaning of the words that you’re reading in the exact same Bible that was 500 years ago. Didn’t change the Bible the state change the meaning of the words for you take a word like religious change the meaning toward religion into meeting what you think about God is your religion but the meaning of the word religion 200 years ago was the pious performance of a duty. It wasn’t what you think about God may involve what you think about God but it was actually the pious performance of its duties to God and to your fellow man pure religion was to take care of the needy of your society around about you even foreigners in your man to take care of their needs in a righteous way to charity unspotted by the men who exercise authority one over the the other. The world the fathers of the year the benefactors to exercise authority unspotted by their their things that they have to because they force the contribution of the people. Because the forced contributions are things sacrificed to idols. You know, in Leviticus 22:25 it says, “Neither from a stranger’s hand shall ye offer the bread of your God of any of these. Because there corruption is in the the blemishes be in the they shall not be accepted for you. What corruption? The strangers are those strange estranged from what Moses was teaching.

Moses never talked about killing sheep

[00:40:07] Moses was teaching the people how to take care of one another through free will offerings by loving your neighbor as yourself. That’s Moses saying that. I know you have a picture of Moses, but that’s because somebody already came along and changed the meaning of the words in the Hebrew. They are more the metaphor from its meaning and got people to actually think that God wants you to pile up stones kill sheep and set them on fire and that will make him happy when it actually has nothing to do with that and we’ve written about that extensively. We have recordings on that we take people to step-by-step that like I say the Essenes at the time of Jesus Christ would have nothing to do with the animal sacrifice that we see the Pharisees doing because they said it was a fiction and a fraud yet they read the Torah they knew he they followed Moses but they they thought differently than the Pharisees. Did they see everything right? Probably not, But they they knew that the animal sacrifice was wrong. Now they did have Passover, but that’s cooking a meal. And the reality is is all those sacrifices was to provide for the needy of society to faith open cherry and if you don’t understand that you go read our Sacrifices Sophistry. You can go read “Thy Kingdom Comes.” The whole book is there free online. You can listen to the audios. Join the network. People will explain it to you. But we can get off track…

What is a graven image?

[00:41:54] Deuteronomy 4:16 “Lest ye corrupt yourselves and make you a graven image, a similar to of any figure or likeness of male or female.” Now you think that as the do with making a statue people will let their kids install the flight was fine and that your kids. You can do that but the graven images is something created by your hand to substitute the way of God. Over and over again, they talk in the Bible about the way you want in Psalms 53 first one the fool hath said in his heart there is no God corrupt are they and have done abominable iniquity there is none that do with good. Doeth good? theater talk about that doing again and they talk about in the New Testament don’t let anybody tell you that you you just have to say Lord Lord you don’t have to do the will of the father is Christ says saying Lord, Lord is not enough heat you make it very clear that if you’re doing works of iniquity you can come into the kingdom that you have to be a doer of the word. That’s the gospel of Christ at the doctrines of Christ the apostle taught the doctor the crescent will see that you Psalm 73 eight they are corrupt and speak wickedly concerning oppression. They speak loftily the way to they speak loftily in the speak wickedly concerning oppression were not supposed to oppress one to love one were not supposed to come at one another’s goods that were not for the higher somebody to take away from our neighbor so that we can be socially secure. We should not do that if you’re going to follow Christ you can’t do that. Socialism is the religion you have when you have no religion but if you think religion is what you think about God you don’t understand the religion you’re supposed to have is that you’re supposed to be the government of the people, for the people, by the people, taking care of the needy through free will offering stop or stop if you created a system that uses force offer and then you will go under force F built-in as you judge so shall ye be judged.

Corruption of the US

[00:44:21] But you can read over and over again… They keep talking about the way the other way this way that isn’t based on force this way is based on love Ezekiel 16:47 yet thou not walked after their ways. Whose ways? Cain. Nimrod. done after their abominations forcing their neighbor to contribute to their welfare, putting their children and the debt, that paid package that was passed that Tom Sen. Sen. Cruise is talking about that trillions of dollars in debt. Your children have to pay for this. But guys will be making millions and millions and millions of dollars it is corruption beyond imagination you can’t even see in a cloak of corruption. in corruption both sides are doing it’s not just one side and you’re not going to elect him solids can solve this problem even if you elect David himself fell prey to the temptations of the power also. Although he did repent of it after David gone there will be a real bomb. You have to go back to the ways of Christ and that’s with the state yet hast thou not walked in their ways Knorr done after the abomination but as if that were of very little thing thou was corrupted more than they in all by way so there’s lots of different ways to be corrupted Ezekiel 20:44… I just added to our Ezekiel you references in the Bible added something to Ezekiel 1 to try to get people to see how you can read the same thing and get different use based on the knowledge you have already made will go to that this afternoon but and ye shall know that I am the Lord when I have rock with you for any name for for my name say not according to your wicked ways Knorr according to your karate doing all the house of Israel. There’s wicked ways of the righteous ways and if you’re repenting you have to seek the ways of righteousness at Wickersham was called righteousness it isn’t righteous to covet your neighbor’s goods. Or send men who exercise authority one over the other to your neighbor’s house to force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare. That’s not what made America great. What made America great is we took care of all social welfare this country through faith, hope and charity. And it worked for hundreds of years. But with the more we get away from that the more were changed.

Corruption of the Way of Levi

[00:47:32] Malachi 2:8: “But ye are departed out of the way ye have caused many to stumble at the law ye have corrupted the covenant of the Levi saith the Lord of host and of course when Jesus comes on the scene, most of the Levites have been corrupted… actually there was a huge die off of Levites under one of the previous king which we talk about it in thy Kingdom Comes, Aristotle is and that is that cousin or relative there they were both buying for the kingdom to be the king and the the people didn’t want king and instead of on Palm Sunday what we call Palm Sunday they they supposedly put the halo with palm branches they were actually hitting them with a he had all kinds of who killed so many of the Levi skilled was nobody to say grace that the mission as they and then of course there was the sand had we talk about the Sanhedrin huge number of them left because the corruption to the fan at her and that we see sitting in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus Christ was those people who were so corrupt that they didn’t leave they did walk out they didn’t become a necklace but fortunately Christ appointed his own sand header in the 70 use the referred to the sending out that his and hatred in his kingdom because he was taking the kingdom away from the fake Levites and going to appointed to the ones who would actually fill the role of the Levites. And, of course, we see Levites like houses became Barnabas doing the job of the Levites. And this is what the early church was doing they were taking care of the widows and orphans and needy of society to pure religion including major dearth major depression’s paper major famine and allow the Christians to survive during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Corruption can only be overcome by the people, not a leader

[00:49:26] So, right now, we’re seeing the present day Roman Empire struggling to survive and their people trying to overcome the corruption, but you cannot do it with the leader. You must do it with the people. The people must turn their back on corruption and turn their faces towards righteousness and seek the ways of righteousness and everything and one of those is to be honest, to be telling the truth and to hold yourself. If you owe the tax, pay the tax. That’s one of the things that Christ taught. If you taken the oath keep the oath you know abide by the rules that you have subjected yourself to be righteous in the unrighteous mammon. so that you will prepare yourself for more righteous habitation so anyway you can go read Matthew 6:19, Matthew 7:17, Matthew 12:33, which says either make the tree good and his fruit good or else make the tree corrupt and his fruit grout for the tree is known by his throat so you have to straighten out your own life. In order to do that you need to understand what that gospel is really talking about. And that’s why what did you do see what you is really talking about and will do that when we come back in the next part of the show will go through that word by word line by line. There’s only 25 ohms should take the whole hour but will take a look at what Jew is really say and unfortunately may be a little painful at times. We’ll be right back.

Getting into Jude

[00:52:33] Well, welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re going to look at Jude. The epistle of Jude which is just a single chapter. There’s no multiple chapters there. There are only about 25 chapters. It was written again around 70 or 90 A.D. the night really sure who wrote it means you but you know there’s a there’s out of juice mentioned in the Gospels but there are some that think it’s one of them some that think it’s not one of them out one of the amazing things about the extremely similar to what was then the second epistle of Peter I mean there several lines that are almost identical always translated identical but had their their very similar in the Greek it’s very clear by the uniformity of the Greek and the scholarship of the Greek and Jew that the guy who wrote it wherever he was Knew Greek he was well-trained and great and so it was well-written and it was kind of written is what you’d call an encyclical letter was written to a particular church was kind of circulated around and you know it’s like a short list which is kind of prophetic because that’s what were going to talk about in the weeks to come when we get into the new year were going be talking about the short list the least the new year according to the calendar that’s out there that are ready you think is this is for coming up right now on Christmas. This is actually the shortest day of the year. And the so this is a turning point supposedly so maybe is gonna be a little bit of a turning point in some of our message that we have to really get serious about taking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and not just seeking a little comfort in some comfortable church or comfortable philosophy or comfortable ideology or safe place. We’re not looking for a safe place. We’re looking for righteousness.

2 Peter and Jude agree that coveting your neighbor’s goods is forbidden

[00:54:34] In the epistle, he talked about mockers of those ungodly souls who live and the word mockers there we also see in the Peter except for the fact that translated in 2 Peter as mockers when we see it well we we see it in the Peter 33 first chapter 3 verse three knowing this first that there shall, in the last days scoffers walking after their own lusts and then we see in Jew how that they told you there should be mockers in the last times who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. Why these translations are not or similar because clearly that there is there the same line and even the Greek the very similar but they can shift around they don’t say that they last times in Jew but last days in Peter. They say mockers instead of scoffers. But they’re clearly talking about something you laugh walking after their own lot and but then what is left we say the word lust today your thinking you know some sort of guys all involved with porn or women or what have you but what does lots actually mean the Greek word that the translating into loss is also translated concupiscence but I can be to simply desire craving longing for something you want that should be forbidden to you well it’s forbidden that you, your neighbor’s goods through the agency of men who exercise authority one over the other Christ forbad it, Moses forbad it, God forbad it. And unfortunately today that’s absolutely okay about the churches that offer you shop fellowship and want to make you feel good. It’s okay to covet your neighbors good as long as you do it you men like pain Nimrod Caesar Obama Clinton, Trump… as long from falling to them you’re okay you, your neighbors good not so that’s not the gospel that the deception that the corruption of the gospel. Anybody’s telling you that that’s okay. That’s not okay there their profits of St. and you get into talking about that.

Jude, Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls

[00:57:14] So anyway, we element of a picture of Jude. Now, also, some of what you wrote they suggest that the do with the Enoch which could bring you into the Essenes gives the things knew about Enoch in the book of Enoch and all his stuff and are saying that he’s quoting and we found now since they’ve uncovered the Dead Sea Scrolls and some of the things that you wrote is very similar to those some of those books that were written… that we know are because they were in the Dead Sea Scrolls. and he is making reference to this I was clearly a learned individual. But he could have gotten some of the stuff from Deuteronomy and some of these other places.

Book of Jude notes on

[01:57:59] I thought I put those notes as I probably do the Romulans site value get read that later but it was get into Jew not sure we don’t take too much time you want to get through it we go look at the site panel and see what some of these things mean not put a lot of links in our copy of this that You just go look at the Bible, book of Jude, and that’s what that the page I’m on right now I think this a few more things I’ll be adding to this but this will help you as a study guide and the recording will eventually be there on that page too.

Supreme Court agrees that ministers of Jesus are “called out

[00:58:34] “Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James to them that are sanctified by God the father…” Sanctified meaning separated by God the father and preserved in Jesus Christ and call well that Jesus called men how to be separate to be sanctified that would sanctified meeting this means everything but the word separate there by God these are the ones I have kept out of the world the constitutional orders and systems of government they are separate the church is separate from the state to do the ministers called out they have one King, Jesus. That’s recognized in the law. is recognized by the Supreme Court but most churches are really separate but that’s another topic and we can we can talk about that if you have questions join the network asked asked those questions you probably already answered that but somebody will show you where the answers are all just come right on the network and I’ll answer for you if I know the answer got for bed make it up myself but anyway the work Jesus Christ there… I’ve linked there, Jesus is a guy Christ is the title is not a last me is Jesus the anointed every place you see Jesus Christ your seeing Jesus the anointed king of Israel anointed king of Judea and this is why they say there is another king because there is another Christ and that is them now there are a lot of other false Christ, false kings, false people who say they are anointed you are not taking away the Jesus they might use his name but they’re taking it in vain you don’t want to be one of the but you will talk about that.

The Way is a seperate system that operates on charity.

[01:00:29] “Mercy unto you and peace and love be multiplied.” Love multiplied that same word love is also translated Jerry so Jerry be multiplied beloved when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation it was needful for me to write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints where the Saints again the Saints are those that are separated there called out they are sanctified to perform certain tasks preserve the way of Jesus Christ was way is that if the system of social welfare through faith hope and charity not for sphere and violence using force or fear or violence towards the contributions of your neighbors so that you can feel safe and have your safe place care what church you go to what song you seeing what prayer you say you’re doing contrary to the will of Christ and you’re probably actually a worker of iniquity you want to repent of the you want turn around and actually seek what Christ was talking about and according to his doctors if your pastor…

Technical difficulties, power outage

[01:02:00] Okay, we just lost power here. So we’ll see if we can get everything running again. Get the power back on and it him I still connected. use okay so I air the final click all lights went out certain equipment with death it’s come back so anyway will get back on.

[01:02:30] We’re down here in this verse 3 where he talks about blood when I gave all diligence to write to you and he talks about this faith which was once delivered unto the saints right that I must take the kingdom away from you I’m going to appointment to others who would bear fruit these are the things he’s appointed to so the new Levites. They’re supposed to do with the Levites were supposed to be doing that stop doing became corrupted and he’s going to help them do it the right way.

“Denying Christ” means doing things contrary to the way of God

[01:03:10] In verse 4, we see, “For there are certain men crept in unawares who were before of all ordained to this condemnation ungodly men turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness and denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” Now the bad thing about them denying him… they’re creeping in they’re preaching they’re preaching Jesus Christ is Lord. But, in, actuality there then not a Jesus Christ because there denying the doctor of Jesus Christ what he said what he told us we had to do what he told us we could not do you want it says the word ordained their it’s actually a particular word that normally not translated or that he does not affect it appears half-dozen times it’s only translated ordained one is translated right or right aforetime are right before so they were being is the old set forth a designated beforehand the meaning is that which he could be the Old Testament they depicted or portrayed the Old Testament in a particular way or particular light that was contrary to the ways of God so what is that other way that was contrary well was the way the Pharisees were going that was and wasn’t very road was actually making the word of God do not affect Christ owes you their sacrifice, their Corbin—that’s what that means—was making the word of God to non-affect how could that be to the word of God is so powerful and you’re making me never reading the Torah but they were making it cannot affect because it onboard the metaphor they change the meaning they to something other than what it was supposed to mean or be. So that’s what we have to do is turn around and go back to what God originally intended. And Moses knew what it was. That’s why you see Moses and Elijah Jesus altogether because they all knew what the truth really was and how it was to operate. And this was the way this is the way we were supposed to be that we don’t go that way we will be altered. We will be turned into perfect savages. We will be changing go the way sent so now you find out you somebody is cunningly coersed you into going down wrong way. Now you get to turn around repent they get different way and start going that way that will lead you away from condemnation, away from lasciviousness… I have that were there as well link to an article on what lasciviousness means. Wantoness. It’s also translated to unbridled loss of desire outrageous slang shamelessness well, but this is lasciviousness. Wantonness is lasciviousness. Those who love filthy lucre, bribes, corruption want the wages of unrighteousness… to ship a link and that that probably do already have it on the page. And that’s what we’ve done got yet we say we’re Christians. And you may be in a lot of ways that you you know you don’t kill people the murder people…

News story about couple who murdered mother for her baby

[01:07:19] There was just a story in the news about somebody who wanted their neighbor their best friends baby they pretended to get pregnant when their friend got pregnant eventually different had the baby and they killed them evidently killed them and stole the baby that they fake being pregnant so that nobody would wonder where their baby came from well anyway they been found out the babies okay but that mother evidently was dead in the trunk. So that that’s bizarre that people will go crazy, that insane, to injure and hurt and kill other people, and to steal and rob.

Coruption doesn’t happen overnight. It creeps in.

[01:08:00] But you don’t get there overnight. It creeps in that it’s okay to take away from your neighbor in a way and then maybe a little them our way and that’s what happened a lot of the people in the government offices there taking these bribes and money laundering and all the stuff… You’ve give them so much power they got more more corrupt they might got more more careless than I have corrupt men catch and men who are even more corrupt but if you can’t them all and put those all in jail the one to put them in jail they still work around you you down here all about down here where the rubber meets the road… We have to change we have to go another way not what the gospel is all about going that other way.

Meaning of “bondage of Egypt”; Reserve fund, one purse

[01:08:54] Verse 4: There are certain men crept in unawares who were before of old ordained according to his old corruption. What old corruption is he talking about? “I will therefore put you in remembrance though he wants knew this out that the Lord having saved the people out of the land of Egypt word Egypt means bondage. Afterwards destroys them that believe did not there were people rebelled against Moses and wanted to go back to that system of Egypt get the people to take their wealth and put it into this common purse and then they would melt it down into this vault that they call a statute life told you these golden statues you found a lot of the city states they were referred to in the Greek as a reserve fund was just a way of depositing everybody’s wealth but with your wealth and money your gold and silver in their treasury you’re not going to flee the rest of the people when attack was a way of guaranteeing loyalty but it gave all the money and power to the government and they became corrupted by the power power corrupts and he goes on to remind you so I need to be didn’t want you to ever return to the bondage of Egypt where 20% of what you produce HAD to go to the government. That was the bondage of Egypt they went all out there get with by guys you was stuff that taskmasters but they were just under 20% income tax that was the bondage of Egypt got worse to craft the state by it that’s all it was the corvee system of statutory labor. Your labor and Longview belonged to the government and you can keep some of us and was only supposed to be 20% but through other means you know you pay 20% in social security and income tax now. But you also pay property tax gasoline taxes and fees and fines and what have you and the then they are also borrowing trillions of dollars against the future of your children. And they’re taking and taking and taking and taking it taking exactly like Samuel 8 said.

The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah

[01:11:13] But anyway, in verse 6, he says, “And the angels…” He’s reminding you of stuff which Not the first estate but left their own habitation he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day pulling on ancient Hebrew literature to state that but then he goes in verse seven even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the city about them in a manner giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh and set forth for an example suffering and vengeance of eternal fire was a set of Sodom and Gomorrah was a set of Sodom in time of affluence they did not strengthen the poor. They were social welfare state that that’s how they do everything belong to the keying in the King control the other people had to pay in to the system and then they got the protection of the king but the protection of the King did not protect them it was Abraham who had the other systems of alters based on free will offering and a network of charity. That’s what Abraham was setting up. You don’t know that because used your Christian ministers are teaching you the ways of the Pharisees as if those were the ways of the Old Testament you seen knew the way of the Old Testament was not piling up stones killing sheep and setting them on fire but was actually the alters were system of social welfare through charity. That’s what made Israel great. When they got away from that, they fell in the bondage again. you get that what made America great when they get away from that they fell into bondage and nothing in the United States and the same the people of America that’s what made some Indian tribes great that’s what made some immigrants here are great. Because they love one another as much as they love them so they cared about one another that’s what makes the nation great people great all nation and the people. Governments are bureaucracies, and corporation and what have you. I’m interested in the hearts and souls of the people.


[01:12:38] So now, in verse 8: “Likewise also these filthy dreamers to file the flesh despised the menus and speak evil of dignity despised Dominion you’ll find that also in Peter second Peter this idea of this by using the menu but they don’t say despised Dominion translated different and secondly how do they translated in 2 Peter and second Peter they say despise government. and to see another word pop up here in the course of things that the old friend asked to see a because Jude uses that word as well but anyway so he talking about them that despised dominion and speak evil of dignity. And I have yell for footnotes in that one phrase and and links to other articles as well.

“Body of Moses”

[01:14:42] He goes on in verse 9: “Yet Michael the Archangel when contending with the devil he disputes about the body of Moses thirst not bring against him a railing accusation but said the Lord rebuke the. That is a huge story of Moses body of Moses that evil wants to take the body of Moses and claim but in and now he supposedly dead. But, no, it doesn’t allow this to happen in the dispute to talk about Michael the Archangel poorly understood but don’t on more the metaphor. Because there’s actually something very very deep going on there You want God to defend you, as well, and rebuke evil from taking you away. This part of the armor of God.

Brute beasts

[01:15:48] We’ll go into verse 10 here: “But the speak evil of those things which they know not.” They don’t understand but what they know naturally as a group be in those things they corrupt themselves where the brute piece and link there also that will take you to the definition of those words and find out what that all means as well.

Technical difficulties

[01:16:14] but the yellow like anyway will just keep going here and things that locked up now because the power blanket again but anyway yeah as the wind howls outside but anyway…

Brute beasts are all around us.

[01:16:32] Brute beasts…. The beasts… This beast they talk about a revelation of the very next book and not in the Bible it the Bruce beast is composed of all those thousand will be Steve all those covetous people that want to take a bite out of one another and create an image of God in the form of government and that government… some harlot tries to ride the beast and control it you can control it gets out of control you got the all these other symbols and their we’ve gone through revelations to have recordings on that a lot of writings on and on the market beast and all that stuff but the beast you need to be concerned with is the brute beast in your own heart that their part in your own mind that want to make excuses that it’s okay to covet thy neighbor’s good and that you think you already know the gospel in the you’re already walking in the ways because you got this emotional good feeling I’m showing you that the early church took care of all the social welfare not just you know if you items for a few widows here and there and you know and we we went helped out somebody poor in Africa or Mexico or are something. And maybe we distributed a little food to the homeless and maybe a couple blanket know they took care of all 100% of all the social welfare of the people in their congregation and if they work doing it they weren’t striving to do that, persevering in the doing their work following Christ. They weren’t Christians. Are you following Christ are you going in the ways of Christ that would just keep asking yourself and then in the New Testament tells you to examine and study deceive you’re doing or not. Because a lot of people are not doing it they have corrupted themselves by those people who snuck in a watered down the gospel. We’ll be right back.

Same message in Old Testament; Way of Cain is the way of today’s governments; Lurk for the blood of the innocent

[01:25:06] Jude is telling us… he’s rebuking the people, warning the people, trying to put them in remembrance that from the beginning that there is a way of God and there is a way that is not of God. In verse 10, he goes on to say: “But these speak evil of those things which they know not they don’t understand really what God is always been saying from the beginning but they but what they know naturally as brute beast these covetous people who take a bite out of one another that all this is mission over over again in the New Testament it is clearly the message to the Old Testament but that clearness has been clouded over because individual after individual has crept in and changed the meaning of words… they didn’t have to change the text… they say the meaning of the Hebrew word that you don’t understand he goes into verse 11 same woe unto them for they have gone in the way of Cain what he Cain do started the city state where people went under the authority worth they invested their their imperium in the government the right to choose now the government is going to make choices for them. This is the story from the beginning. He goes on to say, “And ran greedily after the error of all of for reward for benefit and perished in the gainsaying of core which was rebelling against Moses Arab all of them is equated and very next blood within a collaborative the Nicolaitin and other Concord people ball means conquered people what is conquering them there lasciviousness their lost their wantonness, their desire for benefits, where they gather together to have one person lurk privately for the blood of others. For the blood of the innocent. They want to take away from somebody they don’t even know they’re absolutely willing to run their children and their children’s children into a debt they can never pay into a bondage they can never escape—except by the grace of God—they’re absolutely willing to do that you want to feel comfortable now. If you’re looking for a judge to make you feel comfortable, this aint it. it I’m not here to make you comfortable I’m not here to tickle your I’m not here to make you think you’re in fellowship with Jesus while you’re doing works of iniquity and doing contrary to the ways of Jesus.

“Spots” in your religion

[01:22:11] Verse 12″ These are spots in your feast of charity is not. Religion it’s spotted religion charity religion is the taking care of the wood of the over the needy of his society to charity nothing for your feast of charity are spotted because most of the people in your congregation are taking care of by men who exercise authority one over the other you’re not a real Christian church. You want me to write a letter that tells you you are you are not I cannot do that until I see evidence that you’re actually preaching the gospel of the kingdom and you’re actually teaching that to the people in a popular message with a lot of people who say they are Christians but it is the message that we are trying to give to the people freely give to the people it is when they feast with you feeding themselves without fear clouds they are without water carried about of when trees whose fruit whether it with out through twice dad locked up by the roots. Outside, right now, on my window that when this write up old trees up by the and it goes on to say in verse 13: “Breaking waves of the sea foaming out their own shame wandering stars to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.

It’s not enough to “believe” in Jesus, you have to be a doer

[01:23:54] He goes on I hear you talk about uniting out some of the quotes Vardy had a little bit to do with some of the things you see in some of the book of Enoch talked about the book of Enoch they’re not all real but anyway some are the Enoch and Enoch also the seventh from Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord, with 10,000 of his saints. We would love to come together with those things those called out who want to walk in the ways of Christ. I don’t find very many people claim to be ministers of Christ who want to meet the criteria of Christ which was spelled out clearly in the gospel. But people don’t see it because they’re not told because they sit in a pew and wait for the minister to tell them his private interpretation of the gospel the Holy Spirit needs to awaken into you. And we’re talking about that when we receive it back that’s between you and God to execute judgment upon all and to convince all that are ungodly amongst them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed.” They’ve been covetingg their neighbor’s garden and driving their neighbors and their children and their children’s children into greater and greater debt and they these are ungodly deeds you cursor children with your covetous practices. It goes on which they have ungodly committed and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him because they say oh no you don’t have to do what Jesus said you just have to believe in Jesus but Jesus said you have to be a doer you have to forgive to be forgiven because he says my father will not forgive you if you don’t forget and you cannot become free if you don’t forget these are murmurs complainers walkers after their own lusts they want their minister’s salary they want the prestige of the pulpit that they were they they they want to live in million-dollar mansions. Or $10 million mansions and their mouth speaketh great swelling words having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage. We can look at all those words when we have time, but right now will keep on going I may add some more to this page and like I said we may revisit this because of all the wind interruptions. “But beloved remember ye the words which were spoken before the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ how that they told you there should be markers and in that be scoffers in the last times who should walk after their own ungodly lust their owned ungodly desires their own vanity these be they who separate themselves sensual having the spirit meaning the Holy Spirit but ye beloved build up your cells on your most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost keep yourself in the love of God looking for the mercy of our Lord Christ unto eternal life. How do you how do you get forgiven you forgive others how do you get the mercy of God you have mercy on others how do you have mercy on others you hear their prayers you answer their prayers. And God will answer your prayers. This is walking in the way you cannot find salvation unless you turn around walk in the ways of Christ.

Unspotting your religion

[01:27:57] It’s not about earning it. out not blocking out the spirit of God from the ways in which you walk and of some have compassion making a difference and others say with fear pulling them out of the fire hating even the garment spotted by the flesh…” God doesn’t hate the Nicollet then creates the deeds of the neck Goliath and the spots in their religion. that the other beloved that they helped out somewhat of a lady one day a week with a little tiny donation they don’t even need but what about the rest of the week a year these are the rest of the week. You’re spotting the religion of Christ. Because you’re not taking care of all. Do you have to jump there. No, you have to seek that. And you can’t find that unless you come together and start being like Christ and it will change you will open up your eyes and you will know those things that right now you don’t seem to know.

Savior was a common word referring to Roman rulers

[01:29:17] “Now unto them that is able to keep you from falling and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy to the only wise God or Savior.” Augustus was called Savior. Tiberius was called Savior. Caligula was called Savior. The people tried to overthrow Caligula and kill him which they did and reestablish the Republic but there was so much corruption in Rome the Dorian guard put Claudius up there is what bad yelling like at the exceedingly Christian but he wasn’t quite like Nero just willing to kill anybody in order to get himself off the hook but later on markets are really is received by a really nice guy a lot of things but he hated Christian because true Christianity is a shifting of the power of righteousness to the power of the people and in verse 25 we see the only wise God our Savior are softer arcade be glory be the credit and majesty and not word dominion and power what word power is that. Exusea: the right to choose God is the power the in Romans 13 that the word they put in Romans 13: “Let every man be subject to the higher power what priority.about the glory and majesty of our God and our Savior, our government, our dominion. That’s who we should be looking to walk out of that work the writes upon your heart. any right upon your mind and tell me what you’re supposed to be doing it does tell me that I’m supposed to make you sit down the tens hundreds and thousands he does tell me I’m supposed to preach his doctrine which is to love your neighbor as yourself. Not to engage in covetous practices. To turn away from the ways of unrighteousness. And seek the ways of righteousness which are the ways of God. Which have been the ways of God since before Cain, before Nimrod, before Caesar, before Pharaoh. We are not to go back that way.

Breathing life into dry bones

[01:31:49] He’s talking about keeping you from falling. I come, you have already fallen. Now I’m trying to help you up I want to see all these dry bones out there who could hear the words of the Lord like sheep in the field of you the little bones out laying in the field I saw one the other day yesterday was my without taking care of cows I started bonus it was that in there and I thought was about land in the field out there in the dry meadow. Were run the valley about you don’t have the flesh and spirit of God living in you but in that prophecy of Ezekiel he breeze on the boat people breathed on them again at first he breeze on the bones so that the bottoms, to gather this is why he commanded that you come together in tens hundreds and thousands sit down in the ranks of tens hundreds and thousands and start caring about one another it will begin to give you knowledge you do not know you will begin to awaken you and as you do this together I saw this image of a lighthouse yesterday excommunicating the picture of the lighthouse and I saw the picture. And I would they asked about you what color they should make the lighthouse. Well, what light is in that ? Is it carbide light as it is it the lights we have now that you have multicolor’s all day they had candles and small flames and they decide lots of them reflecting together to make this lighthouse and then the light would go around a point in the mirror we go around the point in different directions and then people would say okay that’s where that harbor is. Or that’s where that harbor so this is we need to be looking for that light and drawn towards that light and weak but we also need to become that life that’s thousand points of light.

I heard an interesting story… We don’t have time to tell it but the well now I will tell it now I won’t tell you now save it for later but the baby that you gotta stay for a campfire talk. But anyway…

Walking in the way of forgiveness

[01:34:02] This is what we should be doing is the actually repenting thinking a different way and I just told you the way that God is one it is the thing from the beginning that our sacrifices were to take care of the needy of our society the same as your sacrifices if your parents if your father or mother you sacrifices take care of your children even when they’re older you know there are 1618 20 and are on their own is still your children you should not be pursuing things that you should not be pursuing you should be pursuing to continue to be that parent for them. That that rock for them. That “Hey Jude” was written because that five-year-old little boy Jules life was crumbling about him because his parents were divorcing the devastating trauma to but he wants to love the come in to him he has to forgive to be released of that people who don’t take the time to sit down at the tens hundreds and thousands… When you when you have to forgive your neighbor and give your neighbor in that the ranks of congregation you don’t run off because he didn’t like what somebody that you forgive them and you continue to be that salvation of Christ for others. You you get to choose how to do it but you need to be working in that direction. Walking in that way that forgiveness helps you with all the other trauma that you have to forgive the go slowly back to your childhood. If you don’t deal with those things, they will come back to haunt you. You will you will repeat those errors you will become the center that sinned against you. You will become like that which you hate.

How you were made merchandise, surety for debt

[01:35:59] We have lots of articles on Balaam, the Nicaitan, and the on the daily ministration were supposed to be praying to our father in heaven for our daily bread how many Christians say the our father but when they actually need daily bread for their parents or for themselves are your medical care or whatever they all pray to their father in heaven they pray to their father in Sydney Australia with her father in London… I guess his mother on the I get to the Prime Minister there is an awakening taking place all across the world but there is also evil story in the mold door of our society where the evil is rising up and there is a battle taking place. And beginning to take place. and as I tell you this the wind is dying down outside but it will come again you just don’t want to be tossed to and fro by you need to start actually doing what Christ said and not trying to satisfy your own comfort your your to have your ears tickled. You have already in your parents and your grandparents if eaten at the table of rulers who exercise authority one over the other. And their welfare has become a snare and as Peter tells you you have been made merchin… you he says you will be now I can say you have been made merchandise. Surety for debt. And now you have to be like the aunt post longer than start getting busy seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And in the meantime you may have to be righteous with the unrighteous Mammon. Fulfill your pledges to that. But turn around and glean in the field at night for your benefits. Learning to take care of one another. Learning to seek the righteousness of God.

You’ve been given a reprieve, it’s time to do the deeds of righteousness

[01:38:12] The modern Christian has returned to the bondage of Egypt. They are not saved from that. If they actually repent and seek the ways of Christ the doctrines of Christ the righteousness of God they can be saved from that and not go down with the image of Rome which as now become pervasive throughout the world. There is a stirring going on. and and you let me that’s why they like to Trump and they elected another yellow haired guy in England. I thought I’d tell you that I saw him out serving tea to the year the press and I thought like, he looks a little like Trump. But that those men are not your salvation you have to change you may have or kind of the eye the word keeps escaping to keep the bay keeps escaping me but anyway you have a reprieve here for a short period of time but very short there is no time to waste. There is just enough time to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And you need to turn around you need to realize that you have been taught a watered-down false gospel that allowed you to feed the brute beast in your own heart this law in your own heart and not why you’re under tribute. Why you become merchandise why your children are cursed with us trillions of dollars of debt. There is no dispute that they haven’t been cursed with that at all some people say is not real that you got real stuff you know people are really getting fed by this know you have to really turn around yeah it’s a little scary but, Hey Jude, don’t be afraid. We can take this sad song and make it better all you have to do is let love into your heart I’m not gonna thing is I don’t want him out one of the that way but you get the message the method of ball him your conquered people you’re the Nicolette that God doesn’t hate you he loves you hate the deeds of the so what you have to do is start doing the deeds of righteousness you have to sit down in the 1050 thunders in thousands start taking care of one another start hearing the prayers of one another start forgiving one another not strain off we had a number of people come back to the network they were here for a while and then I got distracted one away and now they’re kinda coming back while great that you can do that 70×70 or until the time runs out. Because we will forgive you. But you gotta really come back to the ways of righteousness because our forgiveness is not absolution only God can actually have give you absolution. I’m just telling you the way it works. It works by you forgiving others. You have to forgive yourself. You have to forgive others. And that makes it easier to come back and sit down in the tens hundreds of thousands you want a big cathedral with loud music and everything feels real comfortable and cushy feet we don’t have to wear building living stone Temple were building stone that a living or were building few the rebelling Temple that a living and we want you to be one of those lively stone at least lively alters of clay and and there are some people that are starting to wake up to this but this is the message of God. And the message of righteousness. And the message that has been preached from the beginning you just have to turn around and that and if you don’t go that way you will continue to be made perfect savages and you will be continuing on the road to condemnation. But join the network. Go to or you die, his elixir start or join the network start getting to join actual congregation start organizing yourself in the tean hundreds and thousands. God bless.

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