Key 1991 – Philippians (Introduction)

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1991

A discussion of the political environment that served as a background for the book of Philippians and its practical governmental applications for today.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 28, 2019

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:30:03] Oregon’s Governor Brown a felon according to Oregon’s constitution
[00:44:56] You are already a militia member
[00:49:51] The militia organized by Christ
[00:53:02] Pious duty; Praying to Augustus Caesar for daily bread; Are Christians idiots
[01:21:36] Virginia Governor, guns and Julius Caesar
[01:22:53] Modern church following the steps of Brutus
[01:31:04] Paul wasn’t a citizen of Rome

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and again we’re going to be talking about the kingdom of God. And since the Kingdom of God is at hand, it’s here now. It’s in present tense…

Don’t you want to know what the works of iniquity are?

[00:00:35] I actually was talking to somebody up for hours yesterday because I had to travel with them they go to church they think they understand the Bible to some degree they know they’re not the some kind of scholar anything but that they listen the ministers. They listen to ministers on the radio and TV and on the Internet and they think they understand it but that they were asking me questions about different things that the mostly doctrines in the Bible and ice as well how can that be you know if that’s all the why does it say this and why does it say that. And he said, “Yeah, I wondered about that yellow would you ask your pastor well he’s thinking about doing it but then he has done in the past but he says and I said so what did he say why didn’t really get an answer and so you still keep going back to the sky he doesn’t bring up the contradictions in the Bible to the doctrines he preaches. Well, of course he doesn’t. Because he doesn’t want to think about what he how is wrong he only wants to think about how he’s right you have to be desirous of knowing how your wrong you have to be willing to admit you’re wrong you could be wrong, and willing to listen to the other side. The people who want to shut up people who have a different opinion, do not love the truth. You know, people who are against free speech do not love the truth it doesn’t mean that everybody else speaks is saying the truth but you had to give them the opportunity to say what they think is the truth. And be able to engage in that. That’s another thing the lobby with her they don’t want to engage don’t argue we don’t want to get we don’t have a conflict here we will all be in agreement. And the way we get into agreement is by asking serious questions. Or talking about serious subjects. Or controversial subjects. “We don’t want to be controversial!” I don’t know where it says in the Bible, “Thou shalt not be controversial.” the truth is controversial in a world filled with lies to write that down but that’s a good quote but that’s the that’s where were at today’s world was filled with lies and nobody really wants to know the truth and the whole truth and provide for that they just don’t want to know that they want to believe they already know what to believe. And they want think that what they believe is there salvation that saves them. Christ taught something different. Christ said, you know, its not just what you say. His name what you think I’m in the many who are coming in his name doing great things evidently in his name. But he says. “Get you from me I know you’re not many they know him not the day they thought they did they said they did. They did stuff in his name. But he’s a giddy from the workers of iniquity that would be really important I would ask what is the works of iniquity that is causing these people to be cast out. Cast away. You would want to know that when you would want a preacher who actually tells you what those things are that gets you cast out after all this time you thought you were saved. You thought you believed in Jesus that you are doing things in his name and that you are you know you are already you know you had the Ali Ali Olson free, I’m saved. And your pet pastors are saying you have your save don’t worry about it. You want to do anything you have to think you have to look into your own heart and soul. Or, you know, you can look into it you know but don’t get down to the deep stuff we don’t want to talk about deep stuff. we don’t talk about controversy. We just want to feel good now want to go to church it makes us feel good.

Indian tribe getting tribal status will be its downfall

[00:04:55] I had to number of conversations in the last week or two with different people I was in and in a government building—in the hallway of the government building—and talking to some people and somebody brought up the impeachment after which I guess is that’s in the news we like to go to things that are in the news and relate them to the good news and what is the good news the good news is the kingdom of heaven is here now within your reach your disposed to be reaching out and seeking it but what are you reaching out for what a mostly we deserted the new just before the show began their talk about some Indian tribe the Montana that had no tribal status and now they’re getting a tribal status so now its members can get benefits as Indians. And they think that’s good. That’s their downfall. That will bring their destruction. They get 200 acres from the American government which is bankrupt.

US bankruptcy

[00:06:03] That’s another thing they were talking about in the news is early since someone else’s news I was listening to somebody else talk about were headed for bankruptcy we were bankrupt in 1933. We are bankrupt in 1929. Which is why the Fed stop loaning money into circulation because we ran out of collateral and assets and that we weren’t a good bet to loan us anymore money to pretend that that money is actually money that what they loaning into circulation’s notes that notes Federal Reserve debt notes they’re not real money is to say I’m redeemable in lawful money if something is redeemable in lawful money it’s not lawful money that this to scan a basic English you know you can exchange this for orange juice if you can exchange it for orange juice it’s not orange juice is something other than orange so it is something is redeemable in lawful money is not lawful money it also uses say on is legal tender well okay what’s legal tender attender is an offer is a legal offer that is not lawful money so you etc. I but you don’t think these things out to you know I don’t want to what services that make now I was on have anything to do with my freedom, My liberty. My rights. Well has a lot to do with it but if you want to know what can I say no I guess they are I could tell you exactly what it has to do with it but if you don’t want to know I tell you your desire not to know has more to do with your lack of liberty today than anything else. The desire to think you already know that has more to do with why you’re back entangled again in the elements of the world and the bondage of the world. That’s why you’re under tribute. That’s why your nation is already bankrupt it just has not yet hit the sidewalk it’s already in freefall it just has not hit the sidewalk. And they’re talking about, when he gets to a point that you can earn enough money to pay it off they ought the debt I’m in the interest rate is so great all the people in America can’t pay off the interest right now about 30% if you divided up the debt with everybody in the United States at least 30% hundred percent of what they produce in a given year goes to the debt and that won’t even pay off the debt percent of what you make 30% of Americans, if you just divided it up equally. Of course you don’t want to divide up equally you want to make somebody else pay more than you which is another reason why your bondage because your selfish Christ was willing to pay at all if you’re not willing to pay at all you’re not coming in the name of Christ if you’re not willing to lay down your life daily for the sake of others you’re not coming in the name of Christ. Because that’s that’s the way Christ gain that the character which Christ came. So you think about that some of you aren’t even willing to stick it out with your family be there for your family in order to be a real Christian you have to be willing to be there for your neighbor’s family as much is for your own family.

Virginia gun confiscation

[00:09:45] We see a lot of people in Virginia… this is in the news to about Second Amendment counties, I guess they call them… and a lot of them are up in arms literally up in arms about the fact that the Virginia legislature is going are wanting to outlaw certain guns and magazines and stuff I don’t know all the details but you know it’s just another attempt to cut back on the amount guns you can buy an infringement you know what what is a lady a military weapon for well obviously he has a ready Constitution and that you get this from guys he was mostly sworn to of all the Constitution.

Nancy Pelosi and impeachment

[00:10:29] It’s like impeachment, you know. We got Nancy Pelosi third in line to be president of the United States in the case of the incapacitation or the deaths of the president and vice president the speaker the house becomes the president of the United States so she’s third in line and she’s trying to dictate to the Senate what they can do what they can do in impeachment if you look on a copy of the Constitution, and one is a big slot right there in the Middle East this help you find it to the left of that ink spot that’s right there in the middle it says Senate shall have the sole power of soul so power doesn’t say the Senate has sole power and last Nancy wants some of that power doesn’t say that that’s not in the brazier but nobody reads the instructions they don’t they don’t know what they swear an oath. 80% of the people in that obtained office in the state of Oregon are in violation of the oath and but Christians United know of any of those Indians who wanted tribal status Christians. or claim to be Christians I know they’re not Christians know they can be Christians.

Real Christians would want to get benefits at their neighbor’s expense

[00:11:52] Christians would not want to get benefits at the expense of their neighbor real Christians wouldn’t want to do that’s not some Christ would do Christ is willing to take on the debts of other he doesn’t want to put others in debt at that the way he works. So if you want to force your neighbor who’s already in bankruptcy to provide you with extra benefits, you’re not a Christian. That’s just not the way goes enough following Christ dummy maybe following some Christ but were told over an organ be careful of those who preach another Christ other than the Christ will be Christ wouldn’t do that and this is the problem is these people think they’re nice people a lot of them you know I get along with them I to play cards with them if I played cards I don’t play cards, so I probably wouldn’t. But the reality is is a very nice guys and we could joke around and we could talk you know things along as well get too serious but if you point out the fact that Christian Christian you’re a follower of Christ you’re not doing what Christ said this I can do this with most of the pastors out there I can prove in five minutes that they’re not followers of Christ just by what Christ said and they want to argue it I can show you Paul said the same thing but a lot of people think Paul said some different than Christ. No, Paul preached Christ first. He just was talking to you things that are about things that are hard understand. That’s what Peter said.

Study on Peter

[00:13:31] I was going to start this show on Peter, but I realized hard on Peter first second Peter we are to have audios up that there on the website are preparing you go there and I think all the audios are up there I should go and double check that all of them are in place sometimes I don’t get back to putting them in place. You know, so that you can you can read it you hear them it while you read that them in the side panels but I thought I’d maybe go to Philippians that some kind of think and now you will get there causes a lot of things going on the news and I wanted to go over that but were literally everything that’s going on the news to the kingdom.

Indians and the problem with tribal status

[00:14:10] There’s actually tribe, and I was trying to look it up, I noticed that the number of tribes that don’t have tribal status the largest number seems to be in California which I thought was kind of funny because the reason they don’t need tribal status is everybody in California are already on welfare don’t need extra tribal status. why do so many listed in California but there certainly you know according to and I just went looked on Wikipedia all the ones that don’t have tribal status but I know there are several tribes in the Midwest that don’t have tribal status and I don’t want tribal status now you can find some people in the tribe that want tribal status they want to get those extra free benefits at the expense of others and you know the there’s plenty of people in the tribe but that the people in the tribe who don’t want tribal status they’ll form a delegation to send to Washington DC to say we don’t want tribal status is don’t want tribal status of the ones you want tribal status, they form a delegation and send it to Washington DC…

Omnibus Bill

[00:15:20] And of course, Washington is really good at giving away other people’s money. That’s pretty much what business they’re in. Of course, they always take all skim off the top. I’ll tell you little bit how that works. You know that they’ve just pass this on this bill 22,020 some thousand pages they had like two days or less in two days to read it and pass it they passed it president signed it anything like what Senate one nobody knows what’s in it entirely in all bits and pieces and everybody takes their turn to put their little piece in there. And everybody is all done in back rooms of Republicans and Democrats alike that that’s only time they get together at it and they cooperate is one they all want take and slice up a piece of the pie the American pie. YOU! You’re in the pie by the way here you’re all mixed up in that pie and they want slice out you and so they can come up with a 22,000 omnibus bill of slicing up you and your children and your children’s children by overspending what they are already taking from you so that you not only are going to have to pay and a lot to them there to put you farther and farther into debt and I can keep going on somebody pointed out that the trump studied balance a budget eight years drums is a lot of things and he exaggerates he’s prone to exaggerate is it like a car salesman. You know, he’s always trying to sell you on the deal. And he exaggerates that scan of a habit with him at and he might still balance the budget but it won’t get rid of the deficit it may slow it down but it won’t get rid of it so far the budget that he submitted was certainly not a balanced budget. But that it’s only the first four years but then Congress is the one who goes into the back room and organize a budget. So how does all that work? what you like Planned Parenthood was funded in the budget and trump signed and feel so well that money doesn’t go to abortion goes the other services that Planned Parenthood provides well the fact is that money goes into an account you know where that money goes to MEA if it’s $10 million into an account that’s got $20 million into it, when they take money out of that, you don’t know what’s going for what. is coming out of a common deal what it where does that money really go to LA if it depends on how you want to divide it up you could say that all that money that comes from the federal government goes back to the federal government, in the form of campaign financing. They give it to this candidate they give it to that candidate and of course they get to the candidates who got weaseled into the omnibus bill that they get millions of dollars and so then they get put into their campaign-finance enemy goes directly into their campaign finances… if they decide like Bernie did, not to run anymore, when he before you know when he was running for president last time all of a sudden he’s out is out of the race he dropped out of the race when all the money that he had put into his campaign account to run with this as I go back to the people still has can borrow against it and that’s why you see some of these guys, they say well that were actually in debt up to this amount everything you’re in debt up to that amount because you borrow the money. Sometimes that’s the case you have to look at a case by case but all this is like Israel gets millions and millions of hundreds of millions of dollars as aid to Israel from the United States. What they do that money? They by US military weapons and that stimulates the Economy in the United States. If you didn’t do that with all the countries that we do it don’t just do it with Israel do lots of countries we give that you give Saudi Arabia aid would like what that those guys are rich why we giving them a but you give them a nature around and spend money here and that stimulates the economy. And if they didn’t do that, the economy would collapse. Because you have tens of thousands of people laid off because they’re not making all those military equipment.

Eisenhower’s brush wars in Vietnam to stimulate the coal and steel industries

[00:20:02] I know the guy who sat with Eisenhower when Eisenhower decided to have a series of brush wars in Southeast Asia which we ended up calling Vietnam for the purposes of what stopping communism no this stage that stated flat out for the purposes of stimulating the coal and steel industry in the United States now they didn’t just stimulate the coal and steel industry they also stimulated the military-industrial complex because somebody was gonna have to make those bombs somebody was going have to buy the fuel for the Jets somebody was going have to buy all those uniforms and that put people to work it’s not the way to run an economy’s not the way to run a nation.

You become a worker of iniquity because you don’t want to know the whole truth

[00:20:55] If you were following biblical principles, you can even do that but you’re not because you go to pastors you don’t tell you the whole story. Which is where this story all started with. He hears this that the other thing that’s in the Bible and he says will this it must be the doctrines of Christ and I said yeah but Christ also said this and I think contradiction to your conclusion. See if you if you remove the inconvenient facts and words of Christ… you just take those out and ignore those… you can come up with a doctrine that is diametrically opposed to Christ and follow that doctrine and actually be opposed to Christ doing contrary to Christ to be against Christ and think you’re for Christ. This is how the many become workers of iniquity because they don’t want to know the whole truth you need to know the whole truth now most people we talk about you don’t know the whole truth and you need to know more their vanity kicks in and I think like Hudak is this telling me that I don’t know Christ because the rate you’re a humble person’s gonna say while you think so what what what you got to tell me what you can tell me that I didn’t know already or I said I thought I knew but he didn’t actually know they want to find out.

Purpose of HHC websites

[00:22:32] Well, that’s why we put up and websites have all these books and audios online for free you can find out what you’re missing and that some of the things that will be going over today and we been going over him and there’s lots and lots of them and I’m still working on a piece that I’ll be sharing with the ministers getting farther and farther along but have to go back over everything and try to put this out in a logical way backed up by the words of Christ in the testimonies in the Bible to find out, very obviously, what you’ve been missing and you been missing it because your ministers are more interested in tickling your ears warm in the pews than the are in preaching the truth of Christ. We’ill be right back

Why organized crime loves welfare, scam the system

[00:23:23] Well, welcome back. So we talked a little bit about the Omnibus Bill that was passed while everybody was looking at the impeachment or doing whatever it is they know of your interest in politics you’re probably seeing in the news or interest in the news things about the impeachment and that omnibus bill passed behind-the-scenes. Now some people, like Ted Cruz, came out and talked about a little bit you know he pointed out that house he said that this bill increases our deficit and increases our debt he goes on talks about a fact that encourages human trafficking anything and an MS 13 out legalized illegal even to get ID but literally voter ID and so that’s going to create more voter fraud. And, you know, like the whole idea of giving the right to vote to prisoners like is that you know when you out to elect people to the presidency, was that high on your priority I like this guy because he wants to give criminals the right to vote young felons in prison the right to vote you want to give them the right to vote that’s really high up on my list. Why would they be doing that? Well, they have a Democratic majority in a lot of places and 70 to 75% of the people in prison are Democrats. They would vote Democratically. because they’re the ones above all these free benefits you know of MS 13 there are lots of MS13 people getting government benefits and that’s that that allows them more money for drugs and guns and everything else. There’s a lot of prostitutes that are getting those benefits. Actually full-time prostitutes. And their getting government benefits because they have no visible means of support no employment because they’re not declaring that home take checks it out so all that drug trafficking and everything is going on these people are you all these homeless people that you’re seeing others actually up a deal that goes on and lots of icing it up and bend here in Oregon but it goes on all over the United States is that there are people who offer addresses to people that are homeless. And they do that so that those people are homeless can get a government check no welfare or maybe a food stamps or they need an address in order to get this stuff sent to them so they give me an address and there’s like 20/30 people living at this address supposedly of them actually live there they live in those tents you see along the side of the road in Los Angeles covers a lot of minimum loss and discuss if you try to live on the streets in not a Lake County at one at mile high that’s like lake views a mile high city try to live on the streets there he gets down to 0° so most of our homeless or couch surfers and then they’ll live on the streets or they head south a snowbird it down south and they go down to live in a tent in the Los Angeles until summer time again but the reality is is that these guys want to get a check so they there’s guys who actually make a living giving these guys and address and some run down little place that nobody hardly lives that but that’s where they get their track and then he gets a cut of whatever they collect because he’s providing them with a PO Box, basically. You know, it’s you can always use a PO Box but the that he actually has a residence with an address and set a music is a scam their work in the system but everyone to think that is good and that you know we have to take care the needy of society will you do but Christ for bed taking care of the needy of society do men who call themselves benefactors you are going to give you all these benefits food stands welfare Medicare Medicaid all these things are the benefits that come from the benefactors of your society.

Christians should be striving to get free of government benefits

[00:27:46] Christ forbad us as Christians do you take those benefits from men who exercise authority one over the other those men who use force they force the contributions of people that Antichrist is really clearly you know you have a disabled son or daughter or your you’re over 65 and you eat you want to collect Social Security I’m not telling you you can’t come to selling you Christ told us not to be that way. You might have to be that way to even survive but what and I’m not judge but God wants to see you turning your thinking around realizing that that’s the wrong way to go like those Indians in Montana want benefits at the expense of others from men who exercise authority one over the other and borrow against the future of everybody. Instead of wanting that, they should change their thinking… that’s called repentance… and say there’s a better way to do this.

Why Indian kids are suffering from malnutrition

[00:28:49] Like those Indians… I can’t remember the name of the tribe seems like it started with a “P”… Stossel did a report on them. John Stossel. So you can about the look of John Stossel and Indians and he will see some of his reports and that is not the only tribe but they’re very successful most of them are very successful but even amongst Indians you’ll get some socialists and that’s what happened that’s was destroyed the Indian reservations it destroyed the Sioux Indians. It destroyed many of these North Dakota Indians what I mean they get all these free benefits and their kids are almost all suffering from malnutrition. Not because they don’t have food or money for food, but they don’t even know how to take care of themselves anymore. They don’t know what good food is they don’t know how to because most of the problems that they have in the diet could be solved just by changing the way they did but that they’re not in the business of thinking about what they ought to do that just thinking about what they can get for free not yet on a lump sum everybody but the problems of their and you can see them manifesting themselves.

Oregon’s Governor Brown a felon according to Oregon’s constitution

[00:30:03] So this omnibus bill is actually going to… its welfare for politicians is what it is. because they’re gonna be getting you this why Gov. Brown here in Oregon I just use this is an example of the law pick on her there’s lots of other governors and lots of other states but she received at least $20 million in donations to her direct account art and $7 million right there on the websites it came from outside the state only $2 million is allowed to come from outside the stake as you only take 10% from outside of the voting district that is electing you which would be the state and her case because it’s a statewide election so that means she’s $5 million over what she is legally allowed to do because she’s violated that she is a felon according to the Oregon Constitution and she forfeits her office it doesn’t mean it doesn’t say she shall have to forfeit her office it is that she has already forfeited her office but she still in that office so that means she’s trespassing but somebody with courage is to go up there and say your trespassing you’re in violation of Article 2 Section 22 of the Oregon Constitution. And it’s not supposed to be me. I’m preaching the gospel of the Kingdom.

If you’re accepting government benefits, you’re not keeping the commandments

[00:31:31] But I also have to preach things like where you’re not following the ways of Christ. Because Christ said you have to keep the Commandments it is all the Commandments hinge on two things: Love God. Love thy neighbor as thyself but he didn’t do away with the 10 Commandments Paul never did away with the 10 Commandments when he’s talking about the law is not talking about the 10 Commandments EEC telling you that people are keeping the 10 Commandments in one way or another James does John does the same thing have nothing to do that no inheritance in the kingdom of God so if you’re coveting your neighbor’s goods something that all the apostles warned us about Peter especially you’re not keeping the camera Commandments if those Indians who wanted tribal status in Montana did not picking on Indians does display have to those homeless people out there want benefits at the expense of their neighbor asking men who exercise authority to take from my neighbor so that I can have more stop they’re not Christians if you want the government to take care of your parents you’re not a Christian you’re not doing what Christ said Christ said pray to God your father in heaven for your daily bread if you’re praying to the gods of the earth for your daily bread to the fathers of the earth because he said call a man on earth father so what see me well that’s that’s how you got free bread and wrong is you put prayed to the Petronas of Rome the father of Rome our father who art in Rome and we pray to our father on Rome for the year your daily bread or your benefits or your monthly check nor care for your kids or care for your parents or your grandparents… in your plan to them those men who exercise authority in the those men who are the fathers of the earth… Don’t tell me don’t recite the our father that’s a lie you’re bearing false witness you don’t pray to our father are in heaven for your daily bread if you’re applying to your fathers of the earth for your daily bread. You’re not a Christian now that that’s good news to know that because now you can repent and start doing what Christ actually said to do.

Your preacher says you’re saved, but you’re doing thing Christ said not to do

[00:34:08] The doctrines of Christ… When that conversation, traveling with this fellow thinks he’s a Christian I don’t mommy times I said you can’t be a Christian do these things because Christ forbad destiny forbad that right out of his mouth, he forbid this told you stories why he would forbid it but you’re doing it but your pastor says your Christian Christ as you’re not he says your actual worker of iniquity but your pastor said your aggression we are pastor is a false prophet. He’s preaching another crises operator like I said and that’s the thing is that because I went back and looked I can pull these up and that’s what we do on the website, in article after articles, we pull up those quotes.

Earth’s magnetic field decreasing; coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

[00:34:56] We’re going to shift gears now is when talk about other things therein in the news not mention this before… Christ said to look for signs and it in the sun and the moon and stars is not talking astrology here he’s talking the actual sun and moon and the stars and when he says the stars in those days that would refer to the planets as well. One of the planets that is in space is us! The earth’s magnetic North Pole is shifting at a remarkable rate in the number of stories came out this week about that and it’s also weakening getting it was very strong at the time of Christ but it’s been getting weaker and weaker and weaker and some other things have popped up you and this magnetic field of the earth has do the magma core and when I say core there’s a magma layer in the earth if you go down deep enough eventually gets hotter and hotter and hotter eventually get to love and occasionally you see places like volcanoes where this lava pops up above the surface. ends will sometimes do it violently and explode but in that love a lot of times there’s a lot of iron down there and that iron at different temperatures and at different pressures and moving along underneath the crust trace this magnetic field and it creates it because were also in orbit around the sun and all the stuff. Well the sun’s magnetic field reverses every 11 years. North become South and South becomes North. as it happens often on the earth but it does happen and so there’s talk that that may happen again what would happen and that happens well a lot of things but one of the things that the magnetic field decreasing increasing and decreasing and I read an article that came out John a tour do know who is a professor of geophysics at the University of Rochester was talking about coronal mass ejection’s and that’s always been a pet thing of me have been watching for the last over half a century and the coronal mass ejections occasionally says occur on the sun slowly signs in the sun and sometimes curl directly towards earth that I’m just reading his direct quote some of the particles associated with CME’s can be blocked by the Earth’s magnetic field and I talked about this in great detail how it’s compressed the magnetic field and how the energy that’s in these toroidal balls of massive particles he talks about particles were talking about billions of tons of particles hurdling to space in a toroidal ball that actually speeds up as it leaves the sun which means that it has some sort of propulsion and it was going faster and faster as it goes in pulses to space but anyway it they heard a loud and sometimes a hit earth is an and these particles billions of tons of matter in the four state of matter will hit the earth and I’ve done it before with that’s when you see auroras and things like that. And it just astounded me when I was reading about the time of Christ in history or know of Rome and everything there were auroras so bright at the time of Christ you can read newsprint you know paper him it wasn’t like printed paper but you had written it like we do with our private present newspaper but you can read books, scrolls, at night in Rome with no other light then the Aurora that’s and that’s down in Italy Rome you can actually am it would light up Jerusalem by the lights in the sky that’s how big the CME’s were back and now we had those now power would be shut off in Lotta places cell phones would work a Yemen in the navigational satellites should be in trouble everywhere but that’s how did the amazing thing was that it was at the time of Christ that was taking place that you had volcanoes going off like Vesuvius and stuff shortly after that and earthquakes in one Christ either earthquakes felt for miles and miles and miles and vast areas low rumbling deep earthquakes so are these all associated well you also had a period of global warming just before all these things took place and the which is why Roman and the Tutans were prospering so much so says history repeats itself I look at some of the parallels that were taking place back there and I look at now another one of the big differences is back then there is magnetic field was extremely strong. Now it’s going down.

Schumann resonance

[00:40:02] One thing that I studied in geomorphology classes in way back I took night classes when I was going to work back in Los Angeles for a while and so you know I just because I was fascinated and thought I would look into some of these things were those that think all the Schumann resonance. the frequency electromagnetic field of the planet so to speak, as a whole. That’s been 7.83 Hz for thousands of years and no ancient are Rishi Indian priests you know in India that this number was had a special meaning has some sort of sacred meaning and everything in the Hindu religion while there any way that the point of it in the news and some looking at a few things in the news is that it’s changing its must be the 7.83 well as actually it has been for a long gated periods of time and jumped up to 8.5 Hz wishes they thought it was a constant snack it’s actually gone up and hit as high as 16.5 and nobody knows why so the sciences and settled so you have volcanoes going off under the sea which we talked about under the Arctic Ocean under the Antarctic and this is connected to the sun is this connected to that magma area that’s affecting and weakening our field and in a campfire talk that I had recently was somebody off the record talked about how that magnetic field haps helps hold 13 certain things in a constant state. And if it decreases too much blood just like this professor was saying it could make us more and more vulnerable.

When America ceases to be good it will cease to be great

[00:42:07] So anyway, those are just little things in the news. But let’s go on back to you know we mention the Constitution and the impeachment and all that kind stuff but there was a quote that came from John Adams that he knows it most a lot of people are familiar with I quoted in the book Contracts Covenants and Constitution, which is available free online, have quoted a number of articles and that quote was basically basically from John Adams where he said the United States Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it is holy and adequate to the government of any other. So you have to be this moral and religious people and you go look at the I put up another page on Thomas Sowell at PreparingYou this week. I’ve added to the other pages that we have a page on Alexis de Tocqueville talks about one America was great when America’s is a great because America is good when America ceases to be good it will cease to be great. The Constitution is not your salvation. And that’s something were trying to make people understand. These people looking for their Second Amendment rights and wanting to fit defend their Second Amendment rights if they’re not interested in their neighbors rights is much as their own and not just their Second Amendment rights but their First Amendment right there the right to be secure in their person and it was not before she vaccinations all these things that they are allowed to have homeschooling that’s protected right.

Davy Crockett and welfare


One that things that people talk about… this freedom of religion… and religion, of course, is mentioned by John Adams in this quote… religion at the time John Adams mentioned that quote… the United States government was not in the welfare business at all. There were no benefactors that exercise authority handing out Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps… that was not coming from the government. As a matter of fact, the few times the government tried to do that in Washington DC, they were called out by the people… That’s not the job of government. Go read our article on Davy Crockett which you can also find at PreparingYou. Find out what Davy Crockett thought of the idea of government being in the welfare business. When he was a congressman. So anyway, you’ll just have to do that on your own because we’re going to keep on going. Because I want you to see, before we get to the end of this hour which is not very far away, what context John Adams is writing this letter in.

You are aleady a militia member; militias built the first public schools

[00:44:56] You can actually go to read as some of this stuff that John Adams wrote. And one of them is this letter he wrote on October 11, 1798. And he was writing to an officer of the Massachusetts militia. Now, people don’t understand militia today. If you went to public school you probably don’t understand a lot of things. If you’re between the ages of 17 and 45 and a citizen of the United States, you’re already a member of the militia. You don’t want to sign up for anything. Technically, if you’re between the ages of 17… that’s the law. I’m not making it up… between 17 and 45 and a citizen of the United States, you’re a member of the militia. The militia is the ones who built the first public schools in Massachusetts. And that’s that was Jefferson’s idea. He wanted to make it law, but they said we don’t need to make it a law. We’er already doing it. And so it wasn’t passeed. But the militias were built… And what of the militias? Voluntary army of people who would do these things. They’re just your neighbors doing these things. Well, anyway, he’s writing to an officer because you have a right to a well-regulated militia. That doesn’t mean a militia that’s regulated by the government. It’s regulated by you. Because you’re the government of the people, for the people, by the people. So you get together… I mean, what’s a militia? You’ve got a platoon. You’ve got four platoons and then you make company. And then, you know, then you get several companies together and you makebattalion. But you’re supposed to be doing this from the ground up. And not just doing it… You know, go about there and fight some battle. You don’t have to carry a gun.

I mean, there’s an Oregan militia over here in White City and Eagle Point, reaches over to Grants Pass and stuff. I mean, they’ve done things like expose that the county commissioners were taking bribes. And they exposed insurance fraud. And they exposed the fact that there was a criminal hanging out with a local newspaper saying that he was one person when he was actually another. They weren’t out marching around with guns in the woods. I mean, they probably did do that sometimes… they are probably all hunters. But the militia was the voluntary people in the community that were going to be attending to the weightier matters. What’s the weightier matters? Well, what did Christ say the weightier matters was. Law, judgment, mercy, and faith. In other words, they were out there protecting the rights of their neighbors. And, you know, if you couldn’t afford education for your kids, they were building schools and paying teachers out of their own pocket to make it available to your kids could get an education. They knew it was your responsibility as a parent, but if you couldn’t meet the grade… maybe just didn’t make enough money, maybe you were in poor health, whatever. Maybe you had some bad luck. They were out there volunteering to make it happen. This is what was making America great.

It wasn’t the Constitution. The Constitution was written to keep the government from meddling in things like this. Which is religion. Christ said… He condemned the Pharisees because they weren’t attending to the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy, and faith. That’s part of the religion of Christ. Religion was how you took care of the needy of your society. Now those people couldn’t afford education for their kids… you helped them. You did it voluntarily… as a group. Well-organized group voluntarily helping one another. That’s the key to a free nation.

And just to get onto it really quick here, I’ll read it in the context of what he actually wrote this head of the militia: “But should the people of America once become capable of that deep stimulation towards one another and towards foreign nations which assumes the language of justice and moderation while it is practicing iniquity and extravagance…” That’s where at. Iniquity is coveting your neighbor’s goods. Extravagance is living beyond your means.

But we’re not going to be able get through this before the end of this section. So we’ll take this up again in the next half of Keys of the Kingdom. And you’ll see how this relates to what’s going on today. We’ll be right back.

The militia organized by Christ

[00:49:51] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So anyway, we were reading this letter by John Quincy Adams to the head of the militia. Actually I’m not sure… It says in some places that it was the 1st Brigade. But in other places it talks about it being the 3rd Brigade. So I’m not sure, did he have it wrong or whatever? But it was the 1st or 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Division of the militia in Massachusetts.

Now this is not appointed from the top down. This is appointed from the bottom up. This is the militia. This is the well-organized army of the people who are already sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousands. Because they actually used tithings back then… 10 families. Now, the exact number is irrelevant. But the point is, small groups would get together. And then they connect themselves with other groups. And those groups connect themselves with other groups in an organized fashion in ranks. That’s what Christ says. That we’re supposed to sit down in ranks of 10, and ranks of 100, and ranks of 50 in order to take 5000 men and their families and organize them so that they can act as a body. But they’re organizing from the bottom up, not from the top down. They’re not like when they elected Saul… he was going to appoint them from the top. You pick them from the bottom. Now the apostles were supposed to make the people organize in this fashion. We see Peter doing the same thing. He says look out amongst yourselves, you pick the menu trust, and then we will appoint them over this business.

Now, in that particular case, that wasn’t the tens tens hundreds and thousands. That was the seven that you were supposed to pick that they mention both in the Old and New Testament. And they had a particular role to play. But the principle of the fact is that you had to pick them. And then we appoint them because they’re actually doing church work. They’re actually providing a service to the church so the church can do the religious—pious performance of a religious duty—which is to take care of the needy of society. That’s why Peter was asked, “What are we gonna do here, because some of the needy of society are getting neglected in Greece. And he says, “Okay, well, we have to get funds from here to Greece sometimes when they have a real problem there. How do we do it?” Well, we pick seven men. Actually, the Old Testament says pick seven men, even eight. And this is to help with these calamities where you have problems in other areas that the locals cannot meet. And you have to be able to do that. We should be doing that. We know how to do that but you aren’t sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousands yet the way you should be. Becaus you’re all out there following your own personal doctrines or the doctrines of some preacher you believe in rather than believe in Christ.

Pious duty; Praying to Augustus Caesar for daily bread; Are Christians idiots

[00:53:02] Anyway, we’re going to look at this historical document of this letter from John Adams to this general who evidently was at Lexington one voice and so anyway nowadays this general he’s talking about highest duty in this letter you’ll see where he mentions it because all I’ll read over it but he’s talking about this pious duty in and I want to understand remember this pious duty… That’s what religion was. it was a pious duty a performance of a pious duty to God and your fellow man now when we use that word pious not only the word religion is changed from the last 200 years because I was the definition 200 years ago or a little bit more. But then the definition of the word pious was different back into a pious duty was the duty of a son to his father and of course our father, those 5000 men, they may not have a father over them their father may have passed away already and their families so who’s their father those 5000… that’s our father in heaven. and they were organizing because these men were following Christ they were no longer going to pray to Augustus Caesar who was their father in Rome. they were going to pray to Augustine Caesar for their daily bread is Augustine Caesar was providing daily bread, or at least weekly benefits often on a regular basis to the people of Judea he even passed laws and we mention this in some of the books that we put free online, passed laws that if the free bread giveaway day fell on a Jewish holiday juicy come on another day he actually wrote those laws out passive and he was praised by the Jews because now they can get their free bread from him now if they were getting free bread from him which was often an increase in the amount of flow free bread there was already a free bread giveaway program going on in Judea set up by Herod and the Pharisees and if you wanted to be eligible for that free bread in Judea provided by Herod in the Pharisees you all you had to do was sign up with them at the Temple or the local synagogue. Synagogues were 10 families. That’s basically all synagogues were. Basically 10 families. And we quote showing you historians it and make that very clear as in the way we see it today but that’s the way it was at that time and that’s you read the Bible you have to read it in the context of that time if I change the meaning of words in your dictionary and you go back and read the Bible you will get a different opinion as to what the Bible is telling you because you think the word religion means what you think about God it doesn’t. It means a pious performance of your duty to God in your fellow man you like thinking that religion is what you think about God because you’re worshiping the image of God you crated in your thinking in your mind that’s what you’re worshiping and she worshiping the God you’re worshiping the image of God created in your mind. And you hire pastors to help you create those images and I come along and say yeah but that now what you said and I can show you in the Bible sit in Europe you that you’re not doing what he is sad you’re doing contrary to what Jesus said they way if religion is how you take care the needy of society in a pious performance of your duty. And pious being the duty to your father. Then why are you having to take care of one another to force contributions by men who exercise authority one over the other why would you have to have welfare and social security and Medicare Medicaid will and first as. Why you have to have that in your society those are all socialist programs and of course you’ve heard me say if you encounter regular quoting somebody else he said it before me socialism is the religion you get when you have no religion socialism is public religion. That’s what the Imperial cult of Rome was it was only socialist programs run through their temple where you signed up if you didn’t signed up sign up you are unregistered and you are taking care of the needy of your little group are your friends your family this idea of going to the government for your benefits was around at the time of Herod it was around at the time of Augustus. But Herod and a guesses exercise authority so if you signed up with the Temple built by Herod in the Pharisees you were registered with that temple. And they would write your name down you would do it probably to your local synagogues in the local synagogues are all connected to the Temple most of them not all of them because some people didn’t go along with this plan it seems most of the Essenes did not.. I don’t I should say most I don’t have the statistics on it but a lot of you think did not sign up with the Temple in Jerusalem for the benefits of the Temple they took care of their needs in their local networks. Some did sign up. And they were referred to in some writings as the lovers of soft things. That’s the literal translation of what they were called the lovers of soft things. But they were signed up but there were so there were clearly some people in the community that did not sign up for those benefits they didn’t register at the Temple and they were referred to as “idiotis” they were unregistered people now that there different translations in the modern Bible when that word shows up in the Greek but that’s what they words they were unregistered you go read article, “Are Christians Idiots,” because that’s where we get the word idiot is from EDO Otis which actually means unsubscribed or on unregistered. Peter was considered unregistered that doesn’t mean that he was on learned it means that he his name wasn’t written down in those books his name was Ray and he was separate from that world. And Christ kept him separate from that world. They didn’t sign up but they created a social welfare system based on faith hope and charity to meet the pious performance of a duty to God and their fellow men to take care the widows and orphans and needy of their society this is what Christians were doing and we show you an article and in books that’s why Christians were persecuted. That was legal at the time of Christ it was absolutely legal that you created a private religion to take care of the needy of your society and you did not have to sign up with Caesar or Herod or any of the Temple of Roma or the Temple of Saturn. That’s where you register your bursa to because why because that’s how you could prove that you are eligible for those benefits for the free bread for the healthcare they had healthcare to it wasn’t really necessarily good but some of our healthcare today just had a neighbor dive from medication that he was receiving from a doctor. Killed him. so anyway back to the point of this is this is the vision between Christians and everybody else the Christian the first Christians were just use Peter was a Jew Paul was a Jew all the apostles were Jews they were going to be called Christians for another hundred years or more young first on their call Christians is in Antioch. They were called Jews there kicked out of Rome by Kylie as they were called Jews but they were following this other king one Jesus who was the Christ. “Christ” meaning the anointed. The kings were anointed that’s what they’re doing but they had an organized system of social welfare that took care of the needy of their society to charity to what the Old Testament calls freewill offerings. That’s just so immense and that’s how they performed their pious duty.

John Adam’s letter about militias

[01:02:06] So back to John Adams. He says in this letter: “But should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another and towards foreign nations which assumes the language of justice and moderation while it is practicing iniquity and extravagance and displays in the most captivating manner the charming picture of candor frankness and sincerity while it is a rioting in their ripping and insolence of this country,” or insolence, “this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world will actually face telling us that we will become that most miserable habitation and that’s what were doing this rioting this term rioting we see that in Paul’s writing rioting the idea that you can use the government to force your neighbor to contribute to your education public schools, social security, the care of your parents… you’re supposed to be taking care of your parents as part of the Commandments the idea that you can do that through government force that’s rioting that’s going to get that’s rebelling against Christ rebelling against the teachings of God in the Old Testament and the New Testament to Christ dear rioting that’s what you’re doing the riots you see like at Ferguson and all… that’s just evidence that you’re already rioting you know the places where the welfare is the most we give the most money to the suppose the needy but you’re giving it to men who call themselves benefactors but they just take away from others that is exercise authority over others when you do that wherever you do that the most that’s where you see the violent rioting you’re already violent. If you’re forcing…

Levy in Oregon county to raise more money for school

[01:04:17] There was just a levy in the county where I live… there was a levy it’s up in the north part of the county’s not in this part of the county and it was to get more money for school and one or more money for the school so they force everybody in that district to pay more money in taxes the property taxes all went up to provide this levy. That’s the antithesis of what made America great. What made America great is all the people got together and volunteered to build the schools like the militia volunteered to when you do that together that creates bonds in your society where you become a real body that will back each other up. That’s one of things when you train an army today even when you’re draft all the guys into the service or whatever you try to create bonds between the men said that they will not desert the front lines when the enemy attacks because they don’t want does serve their buddy. Because they become a band of brothers. That’s what makes them strong but if you really want to be strong as a community you start that building those bonds together like by building the school that we have a school down here it’s been lots of paintings we have it you’ll see pictures of it in the are a prepare you to look up “Schools as Tools,” you’ll see pictures of the school night was really run down it was all gray and everything and fall apart and I fixed it out I didn’t fix it up by myself I did most of labor my sons and I did most of the labor but we were actually paid but we are paid by funds that were gathered from a lot of other people we didn’t do it alone other people donated funds. And those funds to pay for a lot of the materials in and pay for hours there and we don’t we always do more work on jobs like that they were paid for so everybody kind of pitched in to do that will ask how the school was originally built. It wasn’t government funds. Everybody pitched in to build that now later on they started and they built another school later on and they abandon that when I was built back in 1910 I think and they didn’t use anymore sit in on private property now it was on fire property back to that sick is that private people build it they build another school and they eventually banned in that school and I have another son living in that school he started into a house but the then they build a big school down and in Paisley. Now they build a bigger school up in North Lake County. And that’s where the levy was. But they’ve gotten into the habit of forcing their neighbor rather than voluntarily going out and everybody pitching in building the school the old school and Paisley was built way back in the 20s. They actually used horse-drawn Fresno’s to dig out the basement underneath the gymnasium and they but they were volunteering on they build a community center back in the 70s or late 70s and was and all the wood was donated most all the labor was donated. They had to hire a few people let electricians that she has some volunteer electricians as well but they did hire some people. But they did it with funds that they voluntarily collected and they built a really nice community center. We still have that here and I point out before that you World War I bought they needed ambulances and people donated money to buy 2000 ambulances and pay the drivers of those ambulance for the war effort was all dominated was a government money we don’t think in those terms now now your kids all being graduated from those public school thinking socialism is good. He’s saying, when we get to that point… where we’re starting to do with all these other countries are doing…

Central government changes the dynamics of marriage

[01:08:33] We talked about it in our marriage documents.. our articles on marriage… you where that came from who had the idea that the marriages were to be performed by the state Rosary internets brother me it was around we can take yellowy back to Jerome that they can Justin Justin encodes came up with that idea as well before that it was always a contract between families and religious institutions such as churches or temples would witness it and record it for the families. But this is one that was the government of the people for the people by the people once you have a ruling elite that you lack are no longer representatives, but lawmakers, then the tables are turned. it’s a different and what should have been for your welfare will become a snare that’s what David and Paul say your preacher probably didn’t tell you that he said that what should have been for your welfare will become a snare and will. And Peter tells you what will make you merchandise did your prep pastor quote that to you that if you eat at the table of rulers that you will become merchandise you will be snared you will be trapped tells you that the Bible over and over again in Psalms and Proverbs and Paul tells you wonders a Inc. explicitly explains that. But the preacher that’s constructing the image of Christ for you is not telling you these things. John Adams lived in a time when there were still some preachers run because all social welfare was taken to care of the charity back then. And that’s why America was becoming so prosperous. And you have to turn run your thinking go back that way and that’s what were trying to teach people here but they have to be willing to learn it.

John Adams letter continued

[01:10:24] So anyway, he says when we get to that point we will become this miserable habitation in the world he goes on to say because we have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion avarice ambition revenge licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. And so that’s what Adams was trying to tell us at that particular time he wrote another letter to Thomas Jefferson that where he talks about the his analysis of different people who were talking in you read this 12 volume set of which was of French guy and found that volumes those volumes I’ve looked and looked and looked and there’s others that are more modern written by somebody but almost the same name it anyway he had an analysis of the Bible and Adams was reading it and is same with his interpretation didn’t seem to be accurate he egos and he says that none of these writings and Eulas a long list of writings I will go through the whole list of writings that he had been reading trying to figure out what is the actual accurate interpretation of the Bible. He was trying to figure this out.

John Adams was not a fan of “organized” religion

[01:12:09] He [John Adams] was not a big fan of religion. I shouldn’t say religion. Organized religion. But that’s deceptive because, literally, the militia was a part of his organized religion because the militia was doing things like building schools and taking care of the needy of society all the people in show went to some local congregation or church all those were not some homogeneous group there were a lot of different categories of groups they were not dividing people by these religious denomination or churches and we try not to do that we don’t want to divide the we don’t tell people you can go to this church it can only go to our church are in those things that were not big for cathedrals or big buildings and play music and try to give you a feeling of righteousness we just tell you what Christ said righteousness looks like and say if you want to pursue that will help you pursue that that’s what the early church was doing and Paul warns against you like you know are I’m of Apollo’s and I am of Paul and I am of no we don’t do that we want divide people that way we want to bring people together the way Christ said to bring people together. But we can bring them together were not tickle years to do it I’m telling you that if you think you’re following Christ and you don’t have a system of social welfare and daily ministration entirely run by freewill offerings network together by the tens 50s hundreds thousands, you’re not doing what Christ said as he commanded that we do that if you help reach your doctrines those ear doctrines they may overlap here and there with Christ but if you’re taking elements of Christ’s doctrines and not dealing with them not mentioning them not him implementing them in your own life your preaching ally you can’t take out part of the truth of Christ doctrines and then operate truthfully. If you take out parts, any part, what you’re doing becomes a lie. And so, until you’re sitting down those tins hundreds 50s and thousands and organizing yourself in a way so that you can actually attend to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and pay that, shutter what might happen in Virginia when people who are just interested in their right to bear arms all get together to stop people from taking the arms of so their neighbor that’s a recipe for disaster you need to have the full armor of God you need to care about those people’s right to home education those people’s right to not get vaccinated those people’s right to practice their free religion now what is religion? Free religion is taking care the needy of society to faith open charity not through force and fear and violence not to fealty and force and fear which is the way most people do it you signed up now you have to contribute to the welfare of your neighbor that’s contrary to Christ is contrary to liberty that’s contrary to the religion taught by the early church you should be able to take care of one another without signing up for Social Security, Now you’re not ready for that. First, you’ve got to sit down the tens hundreds and thousands. We’ll be right back.

Starting Philippians

[01:16:05] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So anyway, Adams goes on and in the letter to Jefferson talking about Juden and Peter because Jude and Peter… there’s parts of the Peter that look like they’re almost from the same author while they don’t really look the same author but certainly the same source the sum of the style of the Greek is quite a bit different in Juden and Peter but there’s definitely parallels in the still we talked about an hour and our study of Jude and that’s up or will be entirely up I don’t know it’s entirely up but at preparing you have all the Bible up there and you go to the studies good it when you get into groups to go to that individually go to that but what we were to start today and we won’t get to it, of course, is Philippians. And I start out with these other topics before we get into Philippians because I’m relating it you are just related Adams to what’s going on today we have abandon those things that Adam Stott was making America great what Alexis Taco Bell was a Frenchman, coming years later, thought was making America great all of our social offer was taken care by charity and almost most of it today there is some charity in all these churches and all these is a lot of America’s initial charitable…

Imperator = Commander and Chief; Beast vs Image of the Beast

[01:17:32] But the largest portion of what we provide for the needy of society is done by men who exercise a force. And they’re doing it to buy influence to buy votes. Which takes us back to what we were originally talking about their that’s white voter fraud is going to determine who their next rulers next Emperor is you know what an Emperor is TV you don’t know what an Emperor is… Imperator tour in the end the Latin means commander-in-chief that’s what it means commander-in-chief and Augustus was a commander-in-chief of the Army and the Navy. Trump is a commander-in-chief of the Army and the Navy and the Air Force and now, evidently, the space force. He is able to make fire come down from heaven in the sight of men so it those of you who have study revelations I just quoted itself that’s a different thing the beast and the image of the beast.

[01:18:36] But I’m not worried about the Beast because I have Christ on my side. And I’m struggling daily to put.lay down my life and to put on the full armor of Christ and God you should be doing the same thing and that doing that putting on the full armor means you have started doing what Christ actually said not just some of the things that Christ said. You have to be trying to do all the things that Christ said which include sitting down the tens of hundreds of thousands and started caring about one another as much as you care about yourself that that is just building an Old Testament and New Testament measured two witnesses.

Background on the epistle to the Philippians

[01:19:19] But anyway, we are going to talk about the epistle to the Philippians. It’s not very long one and will probably get through the rest of it this afternoon and this will be a part of one series on Philippians but this Weber time together this epistle of Paul and Timothy to the Philippians is often referred to as simply Philippians. It is a letter written concerning the people gathering in the way of Christ in Philippi and it may be counted as the 11th book of the New Testament Paul and Timothy first visited Philippi in Greece during Paul’s second missionary journey which is believed to have occurred approximately between 4951 80 and does some estimate that the letter was written like and 6280 but for by what will, town was that it you know it was a city in Easter message Macedonia established by Philip the second of Macedon in 356 BC who is, of course, related to Alexander the great it was important because of the discovery of gold mines near the city which brought it prosperity in value so there were a lot of people mining gold but that, of course, they got eaten the bee people building close and houses and everything else but there what they were exporting was his goal made the city rather wealthy back in the days of what is zero Rome was originally Republic back in 400 BC 500 BC it became a republic with throughout the Tarquin in Kings I was there their Roman revolution essay throughout the game and they didn’t have a king over them and they created a Republic and the along comes Philip in 356 BC and starts this Philippi. And partially because the fact that they found this gold. But Mark Anthony and Octavius who became a guest to Caesar defeated Marcus Junius Brutus and Guy S Kasha’s allonge in the house at the battle of Philippi. Who are these guys?

Virginia Governor, guns, and Julius Caesar

[01:21:36] Brutus… Et tu Brute? You know, Brutus killing Julius Caesar who was trying to become Emperor of Rome. He was already the commander-in-chief of the military. But he brought the military across the Rubicon which meant that the military can now be used against Roman people. That’s what that try to do the governor of Virginia wants to use the militia not the militia but the National Guard that’s not the same thing National Guard to take guns away from the American people. That’s tantamount to Caesar crossing the Rubicon… Using soldiers to enforce the will of rulers on the people. They were Republic you can do that now allows people speaking out against us in Virginia think they’re still a Republic but they’re all members of the democracy they all asked the same government to go and force their neighbor to contribute to their welfare and to take care of their elderly and provide them with Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and all these things. Now I admit that amongst these people there may be people that are not far from the kingdom. But they better get a lot closer before they start rioting in the streets. And that’s what we’re teaching people how to do. They have to start thinking a little bit different way.

Modern church following the steps of Brutus

[01:22:53] But Brutus… and Gias wanted to restore the Republic and get rid of Julius Caesar course he did in Mark Anthony and Octavius came to the defense of Caesar and they were able to feed Brutus and Gias catches long genus because they didn’t have the full armor of God you need the full armor of God the cannot restore the Republic and unless you have the spirit of Christ is what Christ was redoing that Israel was considered a meeting to his readers and encyclopedias was the one of the first republics leaving before will Rome was actually fashioning their Roman Republic after many of the principles that they knew about in the original Jewish Republic. Most Christians today don’t understand how the Jewish Republic, back in the days of Moses, even operated. Because they think that the alters were places where you piled up Iraq’s killed sheep and set them on fire that was not what they alters where they were living alters originally they were the dead ritual alters that we think about the summary constructed that idea nearby and in the course we have a whole book that goes through it step-by-step shows you that these were actually systems a social welfare that operated by faith hope and charity rather than fealty in force and violence. And this is what John the Baptist is preaching what Christ prays what Paul preached what the early church was doing but what the modern church fails to do. They need to do that before they go and earn the fate of Marcus Brutus and Gaia’s allonge Enos and the because they were destroyed in 42 BC. They delivered a deathblow to the partisans of the Republic of that suit you Brutus was wanting to restore the Republic. They tried to do it again it under Caligula but another long story. Veteran soldiers of the Legion, which was 28, colonize this city Philippi in 27 BC after Octavius became Roman Emperor and receive the title of a Gustus which means Savior from the Roman Senate that’s a game that title he settled more Italians and veterans including some from the praetorian guard in that city and it was renamed several times colonial victory ask Philip in and see you have all written down there you go to preparing you and read the article there was no real church buildings until the Constantine’s influence began to grow and this new form of Christianity…and we have links there do articles on Constantine to because this is where the apostasy started to be come in and where they started to create a new image of Christ and a new religion of Christ. And that wasn’t until 343 because the Christian churches was built of living stones the same as the alters of the Levites was built of living stones as well. And we explain how you can come to that conclusion and at the time of Christ the same people I mention the Essenes knew that that’s what the Torah was saying. They disagreed with the interpretation they came from the Septuagint and the Pharisees that they knew that what this Hebrew language was really saying was talking about a system of social welfare built with living stones where the people organize themselves in the bottom up. Because that’s the only way to be a free nation…is to take care of the needs of your nation to freewill offering to soon as you go to forced offerings you can guarantee you will not be a free nation don’t believe me go ask Samuel because he says it over and over again… explains it to the foolish Saul who thought you could foresee offerings the people force the sacrifice of the people and still remain free. You cannot. Saul told you this Enoch told you this Jeremiah tells you this. But your pastor’s not telling you that is telling you that you’re already saved even though that you’re not.

Don’t throw out “church” because of the misrepresentation of the modern church

[01:27:19] So anyway, we talk about a number of other… this idea of this public ministers… and that’s what the church is public ministers is a guy on Facebook and I’m going to eventually confront him with this again buddy he says all we don’t need a church we just need Christ in our life know what how do I know Christ is in his life will then I should see what Christ told the early church to do operating in his practice of religion. I don’t see that. But I do see East is so anti-church well the thing is don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater yeah the modern church is not doing with the early church was doing but we don’t get solved that by just throwing out everything called church use all that by starting to do with the early church was doing. If nobody tells you what they were doing you don’t even know what to pursue. You don’t even know what to repent of.

The 70 were Christ’s Sanhedrin

[01:28:14] Anyway, there was a Bishop in Philippi who… we can call Apple Pro Titus and those also have Pilatus list of the 70 disciples mentioned in the Gospel of Luke 10 the 70 which we tell you about I should put a link in here maybe Harry have should check and see if that’s in here but to our Sanhedrin article because that’s what Christ was doing he was appointing a new Sanhedrin. And then I uncovered the writings that talk about the fact that there was a Sanhedrin the Jewish writing stock about us and had her and just about the time of John the Baptist that abandon walked out of the Sanhedrin because of corruption and that’s a course what a necklace he is is it it’s the called out they were called out by their conscience to leave the Sanhedrin and of course they evil filled the Sanhedrin with other guys another were some good guys in the Sanhedrin but there was no longer the majority were run in things now were the good guys the majority that was running things was the bad guys and they that’s why Herod was able to create a system of social welfare based on socialism. Forced offerings. Where you sign up. Which is tying that back together which I talked about earlier so anyway the these guys were writing about this and talking about this but if you don’t know that the 70 was Christ Sanhedrin you don’t know the role of the Sanhedrin in the kingdom of God’s grace and I want taking them away from you and appointed to this other group that’s going to bear fruit and see what’s happened now is the modern church is not bearing fruit they say all this is broken we had all these altar calls. But everybody goes back home and prays to the men who exercise authority one over the other for their benefits and then they wonder why those men have gotten so powerful they can come and take away their guns and a lot while you where guns well that they will probably get away with it and last you put on the full armor of God to be put on the full armor of God they won’t even come down your street I’m telling you you’re in a spiritual war here. I’m not against her for you getting guns you go do it God put his outputs on your heart but you better babe make sure you’re listening to the God of heaven and not the God of the modern pastor is a modern pastor is not preaching the God of Christ and the Christ that I see preached in the Bible. Because they leave out important elements of the Gospel. And the church is not doing what the early church did a natural right and show you over and over and over and over again.

Paul wasn’t a citizen of Rome

[01:31:04] So anyway, Paul was under house arrest in Rome. Paul was that was a topic that came up yesterday to see what wasn’t Paul Roman citizen know Paul was Romeo’s ego read articles on Paula and find out what romances it meant that he was in possession of his rights. It doesn’t have anything to do with being a citizen of Rome and that’s a mess information he was Romeo’s citizens of Rome were not called Romeo’s eventually Christians call themselves role males in Antioch and in the Byzantine Empire but no role males is a Greek word that means whole. His rights were intact anybody who is that century and was automatically a citizen of Rome. Here you have the head of the core coming in saying your role males I had to pay a great sum for that while he would net the pay anything for it if he was in this he was a century and interviews the head of the century when at a bad time bored he would automatically be a citizen from the not talking about citizens of Rome. They’re talking about being in possession of rights. And a lot of these people in Virginia think there are possession of their rights they have sold their rice they’ve sold their birthright for a pot of porridge—a pot of benefits. Now, they can get back with a half turn around their thinking actually start doing what Christ said as Christ is the only way Christ way is the only way you call me a shoe even called Jesus in Gaul but you have to go the way he’s talking about you don’t know the ways talk about you probably won’t hear about it in your local churches you will hear about it with us. But we are not your salvation either. The spirit that was in Christ that spirit of willingness to sacrifice for other people’s rights as much is for your own that is where you’ll find your salvation that is where you’ll find the spirit of Christ if you are not willing to go that way Christ will not be in you. I don’t care how many times you repeat the word to say words. It’s not what you say it’s what you do. Christ said it.

Paul’s famous relatives; What is His Church?

[01:33:16] So anyway yeah and then we also talk about Paul and I will go into here but I evidently have to fix them the stuff that this Claudia that they mentioned in the Bible who was named by the Emperor Claudius was originally named Gladys and she lived in the platinum Britannica him along with a king from Great Britain Caradoc and that so that she actually was married to Paul’s half brother’s son named Rufus and hit she they had two daughters who later play a prominent role in Christian society. If you don’t know all these things you don’t really understand the relationship of these people and what was going on at that particular time and where the conflict was… Because eventually, they outlawed private religion that’s what Christianity was his private religion as opposed to public religion almost all the public religions at the time were operating by force. Forcing the contributions of the people so we know Rome would not stand the same as Saul would not. His kingdom would not stand as long as he was using force lookup article on foolish that PreparingYou. is long as you’re using force your neck in the state and so understanding that and then going back and really pretty reading the letter to the Philippians, is going to give you a different image of what you’re reading. Because were giving you the context in which it was written that a lot of people talk about this a particular puzzle having a high developed ecclesiology but then what that is ecclesiology Emily comes from the word ecclesia which means “called out.” That’s one of things whenever you say the word church so I went to church the word church means the called out so you went to the called out know you think you went to church went to this building, sang some songs, and said some prayers. that’s not what the word means that’s it that’s one of those words they don’t actually properly translate that the word church comes from churcha which actually could mean Temple. It had a number means throughout but church is not a accuracy doesn’t mean Temple means the called out called out for what to help you practice pious performance of your duty to God and your fellow man to help you take care the needy of your society so you don’t have to eat at the table of rulers which is a snare they serve you deceitful dainties they will cause you to run towards death that’s what it says in Proverbs how you will be snared like a bird who sits there in season and still flies into it. Because you’re greedy for gain you want benefits at the expense of others me how many times is a repeat this over and over and over throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament. If you’re covetous, you have no inheritance in the kingdom of God we desire benefits for menu exercise authority you’re doing contrary to Christ write it down think about now that’s good news to know that to accept it because now you can do something about it you start doing what Christ said to do about and not what your pastor’s been saying to do about it there’s only one true denomination and that is the denominator of Christ what Christ said. The church, if he preaches any other doctrines other than what he preached, if not his church. That’s what makes it his church is that not only preaches his doctrines but it helps people perform the duties associated with those doctrines that’s what the accuracy is called out to do it’s called out because it’s supposed to be separate from the world that can’t you may be taking the benefits of the world and in the process of turning around seeking the kingdom of God but the ordained ministers of Christ, the apostles, were idiotis. They were unregistered they are not taking the benefits of the world and in our book we have free online free church report and join the network and start learning new things asked the questions of the ministers on the network and they don’t have the answers will show you where they are they’re all available but the real answer is Christ what is showing you that what you’ve been taught is not true and if you want to know the whole truth you have to pursue it yet to be willing to see it. You have to be willing to realize that you have been deceived and sometimes under a strong delusion so that you believe a lie in one of those lies is that it is okay to take from your neighbor and still think that you’re following Christ to covet your neighbor’s goods is not following Christ is doing contrary to Christ.

Corpus of Christ

[01:36:35] So this ecclesiology presents at least two questions: Is the church a visible or earthly corporation or an unified and visible society or institution appointed by Christ himself. Well, we talk about the body of Christ if you’d said that Latin would be the corpus of Christ which is what a corporation corporations to more people gathered together is if there one person the Levites were called out they were the call out in the wilderness and they had a number of criteria placed on them by Moses to be those Levites wasn’t always of the tribe of Levi but it was always adopted into this tribe of Levi by one means or another but anyway so because most of the guys who came out first were Levites of that’s why that became the Levi tribe. But they had to meet these qualifications as they literally belong to God they are the representatives of God on earth. That’s what the Levites were supposed to be doing. They weren’t to rule over the people. They operated whatever they were doing entirely by freewill offering is a repeat that over and over again the Corbin of the fair of the Levites was freewill offering the carbon of the four Pharisees was not free will offering because heritage created the system where you sign up and you had to pay in. And that’s why Christ condemned them for their Corbin because it was making the word of God to the fact the other thing is is is is the church this body of all believing Christians. Now we’ll have to take that up this afternoon and this afternoon show and then we’ll get into Philippians but join the network start finding out we got lots of recordings lots of books all free to start figuring out what it what the kingdom looks like children piece on your house and may God be with you. God bless.

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