Key 1992 – Philippians 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1992

We take a deeper dive into the very tangible practical applications of Philippians for today’s politics.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 28, 2019

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[00:00:00] Why US isn’t a republic
[00:06:21] The many functions of the Roman military and early US militia
[00:14:08] Saints deacons, and other servants in the State of Christ
[00:22:04] Paul repealing his case to Rome was a brilliant legal strategy
[00:25:15] The real meaning of “worship Christ”
[00:28:04] Philippians doesn’t apply to Americans who have given up their rights by eating at the wrong table
[00:31:09] Results of Paul’s legal strategy
[00:35:33] Paul under house arrest in a Palace

US isn’t a republic

Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we talking about the Kingdom of God. And we’re going to talk about it in relation to the epistle to the Philippians where the Philippians well was a mining colony originally and it began 300 years before by the Greek Philip who was related of course to Alexander the great but then it was really successful as a city one it was settled by the Romans after the Civil War that took place between Augustus and Mark Anthony and Brutus and others who were part of the people who are trying to restore the republic there was a republic 500 years before Philip you was even founded and it was the Roman Republic with a throughout the Tarquin in Kings and designed the government with foreknowledge of what the Israelites did when they left Egypt. They understood what a republic was most Americans today don’t understand what Republic is they think a republic is a constitutional democracy but it is not you do not elect lawmakers in a republic. You elect titular leaders in Dallas have to go look up the definition of a Republic but that at all gone to the wayside because wrong hundred and 5200 years before begin to become accustomed to living at the expense of others and depending for their livelihood on the property of others and of course a Greek historian was recording this trend in society and was pointing out that the people would turn into perfect savages. they would yield like what Christ says in and the Bible tells us about be careful you do not bite one another less UB devoured same principle don’t try to covet your neighbor’s goods or you’ll become merchandise same principle we see Peter repeating same principle that we see in Proverbs 1 and Proverbs 10 about the common purse or one purse where people gather together in hopes of gaining and begin the process of forcing their neighbors to contribute to their welfare to their public school to their health care to the care of their elderly they force their neighbor to take care of one another and they become accustomed to that and they think it’s okay. Of course that’s a lie. That’s not okay that is covetous practices that will bring you into bondage and tangled you again the elements the world. It will be a snare to you. It will be a trap for you tells you this in Psalms it tells you this Paul tells you this a quoting David in Psalms that what should have been for your welfare will become a snare and course it has and you are snared and you are merchandise and you are surety for debt. Your children are cursed with that debt and you can go on to a website somewhere and look at the mounting American debt US debt and it is just zooming up. Everybody as being born hundred and thousand dollars in debt hundred $50,000 and 90 count your student loan us just you’re in debt because your surety for debt because your beneficiary of a system that uses force to compel people to contribute to your welfare. That is not the perfect law of liberty that is the opposite of the perfect love liberty you want to think you’re at liberty want to think you’re free you’re not. Paul is writing Christians who have realized that that covet this practice does not make you free and he is showing them the way of Jesus Christ which is to take our one another to faith hope and charity as opposed to fealty and force and violence. Which is the way the world does it. Which is foolishness Samuel tells you that over and over again all these people tell you that you’ll see it your pastors don’t see it your pastor don’t tell you you want to go to church and feel good think you’re saved well guess what you probably not. You’re probably workers of iniquity. You’re probably going to be cast out of the kingdom you have no inheritance in the kingdom. Paul says if you if you’re covetous and all these other things you do and then yet no inheritance in the kingdom. That is the good news if you will receive it that’s a good news can then your mind can be changed if you think you’ve already got I can’t help you change your mind. Ultimately it’s Christ working in you that changes your mind and that a daily journey an individual daily journey overcoming your selfishness and Paul is writing Christians in Philippi and telling them some of these are Christians who are actually following the ways not Christians like you see today these are actual real Christians were following the way and you can become one of those if you actually listened to what Christ was saying when the apostles write the Bible and Paul writes the Bible and understand it. Everything comes together when you start understanding this because it is the message that was told to you from the beginning. So all you have to do is go back to the beginning and start all over again.

The many functions of the Roman military and early US militia

[00:06:21] So anyway, this mining town that was settled with a lot of veterans, even Marine veterans, because Augustus was the Emperor of he was the commander in chief is what it remains of the Army and the Navy and a lot of people went to Philippi to settle you. What people did when they were in the in the armies of Rome is that they were drafted are usually not drafted but they were signed up for 20 years that was generally what was in my sign-up when you were 1718 years old you maybe younger if you have size on you and you would be signed up for 20 years and you would get a pension at the end of that time. You were not likely to ever draw sword in battle if you were a century and most centurions during their career never drew his sword in battle. Hard to believe, but that’s the truth. They were engineers there were builders they were going out and creating colonies and protecting those colonies but they were protecting those colonies at that had a purpose they were either harbors or they were mining towns as well and they understood how that was and that this pension allowed them to retire at 38-40 years old. And they still had a lot of their life or because he could marry during that period is a part of life on hold because that they got a pension but they also could they understood military tactics they did training for military tactics all time because it was a rough world and you never knew they were literally originally kind of the militia of Rome. And we talked about that this morning’s program what the militia was in the militia and Americas. Every man between the ages of 17 and 45 where they sign anything or not a matter of their US citizen there in the militia and the militia originally do things like build schools build roads and to contribute to the community. Make the committee healthier and stronger and they also protected it from you know Indians are from French making her for anybody all foreign invaders domestic and foreign or whatever and that they yell storms what have you they they were there that they were the local community volunteers that were helping defend and protect and provide for the community. And it brought people together by doing that actively. The idea while discussing the check off on April 15 and then the governments can make all my decisions for me do all these things were not I can work not to have a free nation.

[00:09:08] One of the things I just added to their page… if you go to to study this and we have a lot of other studies on the Bible we just have the Bible there and then but we put links to articles that we made we show you the Hebrew, we show you the Greek, and then you can go there and see for yourself and we use standards resources although sometimes we would everything has footnotes you can see where we get this information and put it all together, but…

What is liturgy?

[00:09:44] I talked briefly about Latoya Joe’s which is a word that is where we get the word G and how it’s used the term for minister was Latour Joe’s and it also means this liturgy in and have a link there to a whole article on liturgy exactly what liturgy is what G is is public service. A laturgos was a public minister servant of the state but in the case of the church was appointed by Christ it was the called out appointed by Christ I appointed you a kingdom he says they were the servants of the state of freedom and the state of liberty for all those who wanted to sit down in the tens hendreds and thousands sake that kingdom of liberty under God according to the perfect law of liberty of another link in their single read that article they were doing certain things and once you understand what they’re doing you’ll have a better grasp of what Paul is writing to those Christians in Philippi and what what he was telling them.

Paul’s highly-placed relatives

[00:10:52] Now Paul was writing this from his captivity in Rome and it in his captivity in Rome was really under house arrest them in his what would be his niece in law I guess it was actually the daughter of the King of England. And he had a half-brother who was Roman—a very prominent Roman and he had a son in that son married the daughter of the King of England one of the kings being the was a single king then we would see anything like that for 1000 years or more under William the Conqueror. anyway and the character was not the only king in England at both you understand that he only defeated the fellow who was opposing and had loaned him was supposed to loan them hay aid in service and in he put together an army to protect that King Harold and that King Harold there was actually another King Harold that wasn’t in on that deal but backing hero was defeated at at the battle of Hastings and he was now took his chattles and choses in action was the king of all of Great Britain was only king of those people who fought against them with Harold sided with Harold and thou he was King that. Over the years to come wishes only to about 300 years he pretty much consolidate his kingdom that then you also to consider him consolidating his kingdom in Scotland and Ireland because they were certainly a part of that. Then eventually it becomes Great Britain. Long story short, but these are progressions.

Meaning of religion has changed since the Roman Empire

[00:12:30] So when we use these terms we need to understand their context at a particular time in history. And when the use word religion then does Nessie mean what it means now just as we talked this morning the word religion doesn’t mean the same in the Constitution as it does in the dictionaries today. There’s a different definition back then so you have to understand whether talking about we quoted John Adams and his references to a religion but you have to understand what religion is and this idea of being a public minister of religion… they had those all over Rome and they ran religion into tables like the Temple of Saturn where they registered your birth so they know that you are entitled to the benefits of religion of Saturn where you would get free bread etc. as you are a member of that religion Christians were a member of another religion called Christianity we eventually called the Christianity they were still calling to Judaism at the time of Peter they were still Joe’s they were following Jews who followed Christ, but they took a lot care of one another in a daily ministration of faith hope and charity while the the system that was run to the temple by Herod in the system that was run through the Temple of Saturn by Augustus was operating not simply by charity there was some charity but they were operating by forced contributions. You signed up you had to pay in but when you have that system Samuel tells us that’s foolishness and you will be destroyed.

Saints deacons, and other servants in the State of Christ

[00:14:08] So we began so that we get into this a little ways we probably won’t get the whole epistle to the Philippians but will at least take a look at it all and Timothy is the servants does that word again that servants those are ministers of the State, but it’s the State of Christ is the kingdom of God is there is another King one Jesus those servants of Jesus Christ to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi with the bishops and the deacons grace be unto you and peace from God our father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.” Christ was not his last name. That means Lord Jesus anointed who was anointed David was anointed David was messianic David was the Messiah Jesus was the Messiah I received were Christ are saying Jesus the King. The Saints are those that are separate. Those that are called out. is not the average people it’s the called out who are to be the Latour Joe’s the servants of the people not yet servants of the people. You have your people today say the servants of the people but their salaries are based on forced offerings that the money they give out the free benefits that they give out really aren’t so free because they are based on forced offerings. Christ was talking about a government based on freewill offerings. Voluntarism. This is what Christ was preaching if you’re not doing that you’re not following Christ I don’t care what words you said that is not what Christ said to tell you had to do this by charity by freewill offerings. So that is really harbor a lot of people again they think I already say they arty know Jesus and had this emotional feeling in the go to church and makes them feel good and they think while I am a Christian does I say I love Christ. But the Christ you love has to be the real Christ it has to be the whole Christ and nothing but the Christ it can be a different Christ than the one preached by Paul we see Paul preaching this Christ bishops are overseer deacons are actually ministers of 10 there and elders they maybe Elder Zelizer had the family deacons are ministers of 10 bishops are also really ministers attend to but they using the ministers of 10 deacons taken to be the minister of 10 families but the deacons and bishops are part of the church they operate as a part of the church this body appointed the body of the church appointed by Jesus Christ’s separate sub your cell we only charge you more and I know what you say that because you look at their the church is the world what you know all those ministers they yell they take a layers and they love built the Luger and their lot of our getting in trouble for molesting and cheating and in all those things will that’s not the real church you can’t be that be the real church you know that they create a human Corporation and they say well worth the church you know where the Episcopalians were this note the the real church of those that are in compliance with Christ and they are the ones who are the Corporation of Christ. They’re not the Corporation the state there separate from the state very important to remember.

Difference between table of Christ and table of Caesar

[00:17:53] So we get out of verse three he also had a plant really quick from God our Father… he points out the word father that would be Petronas R Patri and of course a Gustus which means Savior also Octavius who is a Gustus the Imperator, or commander-in-chief, he was also called father our father Art room he had a table that you can eat at who is free bread and healthcare and analyses but that table was set by forced offerings in the table of Christ was set by free will offerings so the table by eating at the table of Christ rather than the table of Caesar, you are in the process of being set free you are also the process of putting on the full armor of God. And if you’re not in the process you’re not actually seeking Christ if you don’t willing to see what I just told you then you haven’t really repented. You’re still thinking the same way as Caesar that it’s okay to take care of the needy by forcing the contributions from those you think are to contribute that’s not Christ that Caesar. That’s not the Christ preached by Paul.

How public schools were built in early America

[00:19:06] So anyway, we go back to verse 3: “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you always in every prayer of mine for you all making requests with joy for your fellowship we have a link to an article on fellowship…” yet understand what fellowship is really is about communion is about sharing but in the Gospel from the first day until now being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Jesus anointed Jesus’s anointing that’s actually was talking about anointing you he understands that this is a process a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. It takes a while to turn around and depend entirely upon faith open charity in the perfect love liberty. Because we have gone so far away from the kingdom it’s hard for people to get back that way. It’s hard for them to even imagine that you use to in this country we take care of all social welfare rather well was amazingly well and we had prosperity at every corner because we did we took care of the needy of society to faith open charity. And it was done mostly to the churches, but also many other philanthropic organizations and even the militia as I was document militia building schools with their own hands in their own labor and their own effort they set aside land that, you know… Okay were to build a community to set aside some land just for education and yell they took the trees down there belt log small log cabins there was supposed to be a school within walking distance of every single community that was the plan.”Like I said before Jefferson wanted to make an actual lawn Virginian wrote it up but they couldn’t pass a law because they were doing it already did in the that you would need Obama care if you are Christians that I still need Obama care they wrote it in the Amish are automatically why because they’re doing it already you’re supposed to be doing if you’re not doing it you’re not following Christ. Because Christ in the early Christians they were doing so you know if you want to just do it just do it to what Christ actually said you want to be considered a Christian by me and that’s not important you want to be considered a Christian by Christ but he says many will say there Christians show me all kinds of things they’ve done but I’m actually going to say get you from you workers of iniquity is actually were doing it that’s why we’re always trying to show you what Christ in your church was doing so you can start doing it to.

Paul repealing his case to Rome was a brilliant legal strategy

[00:22:04] “Even as it is meat for me to think this of you all because I have you in my heart inasmuch as both in my bonds and in that the defense and confirmation of the gospel ye partakers of my grace for God is my record how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ. Now that you understand how he’s under arrest in Rome. He had a lawsuit brought against him by the Pharisees and Jews that were not Christians because he had signed up with the Christians and was doing with the Christians were doing, which were mostly Jews, doing what the Christians were doing which was taken care of one another to faith, hope, and charity and so therefore people seeing them receiving contributions of people who used to send them the contributions they said these guys a set of but they don’t have a right to do this there there some sort or renegade group and we have to stop them. And I took this case before grip on fast as he won his case they want his argument but he appealed to Rome anyway and you don’t don’t do that this can endanger you if you do that he said no don’t tell me that I have to do this why was he doing it because all across the Roman Empire new that Paul had appealed the case of Christian these Jews were following Christ he had appealed their case to Rome to Caesar himself nobody wanted to test the case while that case was pending all the time he was under house arrest in action can walk around the town he can walk around that area of the town anywhere you wanted but all time that he was under that restriction waiting for his trial with Caesar nobody would try those Christians over some persecution but it offered a grace of protection to everybody and that’s what he’s writing about is telling that in my bonds and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel which is the gospel of the kingdom that we have a right to do this in pure perfect love liberty in pure religion taking care of one another we have that right did you have the right to do that in the United States right now but you have decided to go the way of force and sign up with the men who call themselves benefactors but force the contributions of the neighbor contrary to the Christ you did this on the awash of the modern-day apostate church there in apostasy it was predicted that they would believe a lie that they would come to the point of believing Allied now you have to decide in your own heart individually if you’re going to turn around and walk away from that line start headed towards the kingdom start doing what Christ actually said.

The real meaning of “worship Christ”

[00:25:15] Verse 9: “And this I pray that you that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment your love your charity year the same word we see translated love is also translated charity and and over and over again and Paul when he says it is almost always translated charity when Christ says it is almost always translated love but he wants your charity your love for one another to abound more and more in knowledge and understanding and in judgment and actually what you do you actually have to be actually taking care of the ones in our vicinity of your society can just say oh yeah I I love you but I don’t actually do anything for is less at the pew music go home and feel like I have done something that they can call it a worship service is not worship if nonservice and less is actually service and doing what Christ said that’s how you worship Christ you pay homage by doing what Christ said you say all you know he’s my king but what if you need anything you go to the other kings of the earth the fathers of the earth… On a calculator that Christ acolyte that I’m just worn a heads up Greg and I do like to get you me workers of iniquity you said Lord Darby didn’t do what I said that that’s not a County tells you this of parables he tells you just write out flat out back Peter confirms it but your monitor minister said no you get to do both you get the pride of man to exercise authority and take away from your neighbors at but that’s not what Christ says so you know you do a lot of repenting to do.

Join the Network

[00:27:05] How do you repent? well that’s that’s what we talk about all time join the network find out that ye it when you join the network there’s no dues you have to pay anything she step to show up and sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands that’s a living network join email group to join the network it is joined email group we have email groups all over the world whenever country are in there’s an email group the covers that country and you can join it we actually have people in a single congregation from three different kinds has up you guys to fill in the gaps got a guy in South Africa guy guy New Zealand got a guy in Australia and other people. You have to you have to do it don’t wait for other people to do it you gotta do it this salvation is an individual walk. You must come together and that walk but that the individual operation with a process between you and God.
Philippians doesn’t apply to Americans who have given up their rights by eating at the wrong table

[00:28:04] That ye may approve the things that are excellent. That ye may be sincere and without offense until the day of Christ. Being filled with the fruits of righteousness. Why did Jesus taking away from the Pharisees because the corban of the Pharisees was making the word of God to none affect and he was going to take it away from them because they were not bearing fruit if you operate by force to provide for the needy of your society like socialist states you will actually divide the very bonds that keep people together as a strong community. They won’t care about one another they just care about their benefits. They may have their pet peeve you like right now we talked about the other members worried about the right to bear arms in Virginia and eyes I talked to a guy in Oregon when I wrote an article for news abuse in any says was long as I have my right to bear arms that so that’s what we need. No, that’s not what you need yet you you probably only really have a right to bear arms depending on your read articles on as a Christian have a right to bear arms you should have a right to bear arms but you may be losing that because they’re eating at the table but at you can argue that the point is is that you have to care about your neighbor’s rights. Not just his right to bear arms is right that to be forced vaccinated his right to teach his children at home is right to take care of his neighbor is right to take care of his family the right to practice pure religion. Pure religions take doing all the things that welfare does but doing it to free will offering you should be signed up, like the Amish, with a system of free religion pure religion and then you would have to sign up with the state to be a part of that religion. But you have in your parents have your all cursed with that bondage in your all cursed with the debt that goes along with that which is climbing at a rapid rate. So understanding, you are not without offense. He’s talking to the Philippians were without offense you can’t say that you can repent and turn around and then fulfill the fruits of righteousness which comes from taking care of one another to faith open charity rather than fealty and force and violence.

[00:30:37] “Which are by Jesus Christ,” that’s what he operates, “unto the glory and the praise of God. That’s what we need to be doing and the seed will actually I’m going to have to come back and she go and check my actual copy here since is for a okay anyway I think were at a break time you write and break time and then we’ll be right back.

Results of Paul’s legal strategy

[00:31:09] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. Were in verse 12: “But I would ye should understand brother and that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel.” Because he is in Rome now. He’s preaching the gospel that is just like Justin Martyr was writing the Emperor of Rome and Tony is PS who was that the guy who was going to train in markers release now Marcus Aurelius warred against the Christians. He really knew he didn’t have a case, but he didn’t like Christians he was a great guy had a lot of great ideas great leadership egg I don’t know you can call in the tromp just had truffle a bit different. But the reality was, he was really popular with a lot of people because he got rid of a lot of corruption by July Christians why because Christians were doing something different. And then of course by 200 A.D. that eventually the outlawed Christianity in North Africa but the course by then emperors they were dividing emperors more and more. in their times of unrest during this period of early Christianity where there was like six different emperors in the same year. ever there a role in him more pretty fast and the corruption that we see coming up in the world today the swap as they call it is going to lend itself to that kind of bizarre behavior in history but history will repeat itself and we will see things decay and crumble as where actually already seen for those who have eyes to see. But Paul was now in a position where even hard things his arrest and everything was furtherance to the gospel lots of people working with the was getting on Facebook and in the news because of who he was and P were hearing this idea and that a lot of people who can hear this or saying you know this actually makes sense that and it is relatively cheap with all of this is sitting down organizing ourselves… Something that was common amongst early Americans they organize themselves intend groups that had the tidings and they organize that is that organize themselves they picked up a guy would be that kind their leader and he got together with 10 other guys are nine other guys like himself and then they eventually ended up with a Brig. Gen. of a militia which is an all volunteer force there were getaways Oregon Asari one appointed from top to their appointed from the bottom up as they organize themselves and they didn’t do it just so they could carry guns around in the woods they did to strengthen the community they had a nobler cause and that’s what you need and you need to do that religiously. We use that word religiously as if you’re doing it automatically, regularly. And that’s what the kingdom was all about.

Creating offices of power creates corruption

[00:34:10] It was going to be a matter of survival because Rome was going to continue you they had a few good emperors who came in there can organize things Garrett is some corruption everything but and lo and behold he would get old and die in that be a new guy come along. And he always had more when you once you created those offices of power menu seapower will seek those offices and they were constantly be corrupted or being are corrupting those offices and we see this greater and greater going on right now for those of you can look behind the curtain of CNN and MSNBC… if you can look behind those curtains, you can actually see this going on you need to understand what Christ is telling them so you actually start becoming a Christian doing what Christ and the early Christians were doing because they survived and thrived the decline of the Roman Empire I’m not sure you’re going to do that even though you want your Second Amendment right you know you have to take it a step further and the Constitution is not your salvation. Fine document inadequate when it comes to a biblical document and we show that the whole book another book that we put free online for those who want to take the time to read it with hundreds of footnotes so you can see for yourself but anyway back to this if we were in C will I think we were in the.

Paul under house arrest in a Palace

[00:35:33] Well, let’s go to verse 13, it’s well worth reading again. “So that my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace and in all other places.” The palace? Why? Because he’s actually living in a pouch when he was at in prison in Rome he wasn’t on the ball and chain he that the King of Great Britain was in that same palace his daughter was in that same palace her husband was a relative of a Paul was in a safe that hundreds of sermons and they’re talking to people from Great Britain all Chinese kind under house arrest. We tell all about this you go study we have recordings on Paul and Romans if you go read are all there are so young Romans you can see all this what was really going on so he saying and all the palace is as voicemail present in the dungeon of the palace though it in about the water around he’s voluntarily taking this case to Caesar.

[00:36:41] Now there are lot of people who didn’t like this. And a lot of people aren’t going to like what I’m saying but this is where you gotta be going if you’re seeking the kingdom of Christ. We’re at the John the Baptist stage. on the voice of one crying in the wilderness to turn around make straight the way Lord you know what the straight way is because your preachers are not teaching you now hopefully some of them will repent and start seeking the kingdom but I don’t know you talk to you and guide to get this word out.

[00:37:12] “And many of the brethren in the Lord waxing confident by my bonds at 20,000 new bias bonds are much more bold to speak the word without fear.” Because his case is pending before Caesar. nobody wants to try a Christian with the particular case pending before Caesar is Caesar rules against them there and travel dates so he telling you why he went to Rome I told his other people back when were studying Romans and they’re going like God ever heard that because you didn’t hear it don’t make it so just as you didn’t hear it doesn’t mean it is not true here’s verification right there some indeed reach Christ even of envy and strife and some also of goodwill. So there’s different motivation for people coming to Christ and preaching Christ the one preach Christ of contention not sincerely supposing to add affliction to my bonds. In other words, they’re not really doing what Christ said to do the I get in trouble if I mentioned his knowledge of his Ottawa meeting to a church why because so many people calling themselves the church are not doing what Christ said to you what I don’t believe in Jesus what you probably don’t know Jesus. Well maybe you’re just a like being a worker of inequity I don’t know but all these fake churches false churches churches a fall short of the gospel preaching Christ other than the Christ that we see very clearly in the Bible for those who have eyes to see that makes my job difficult. Because I mentioned church and don’t like the Wantagh religion I want talk about Social Security benefits that is religion Social Security is public religion in the kingdom of the world Christianity is private religion in the public religion of the Kingdom of God. every government we don’t operate like they operate so you may get the picture I know it’s hard for people to get this lobby let the lesson over and over again because were serving me and sometimes get you on Emilio before you figure out what the heck is going before you swallow it – fine go ahead you but we’ve got lots to chew on down preparing unit is only church for those who want to know the whole truth.

Roman Caesar did just like Samuel prophisied

[00:39:46] “So some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife.” Don’t want to be those guys. “The one preach Christ of contention you won’t be that I got not sincerely supposing to add affliction to my bonds make in my life difficult but the other of love knowing that I am set for the defense of the gospel he’s defending the fact that the kingdom of God is at hand. Christ appointed a kingdom to his called out ministers and all those people who go to get that religion are not in the body to snare of the world through these covetous practices of public religion that had come along in Rome. Now, Rome didn’t always have that public religion by forced offerings it rose to greatness because it used to have a public religion based on free will offers just like Israel used to have Herod went to forced offerings you signed up he had forced offerings Augustus Caesar did the same thing he got a lot of the support for those forced offerings from guys he defeated like Brutis and the other guys when he defeated those guys extremely wealthy guys who got wealthy following the perfect love liberty but now he takes all their goods channels and choses and actions all their lands and property, he gives it to his men just like it says in Samuel he gives it to the guys who supported him and you go farther and farther into bondage. Now you have to do this down there in the grassroots level and congregations of 1050s hundreds and thousands like Christ commanded Christ commanded and then you will be on the road going a different direction and it’s all about direction. Aand that’s what he’s telling you in defense of the gospel.

[00:41:40] “What then notwithstanding every way whether in pretense or in truth Christ is preached and I there in do rejoice yea and will rejoice,” because he’s the guy’s doing it by love, “for I know that this shell turned to my salvation through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ for I know this shall turn to my salvation he says he’s what they do what they test he killed Christians. And this is by putting his life laying down his life for Christians this was to his salvation oddities earning it but he is now letting the Holy Spirit come into his heart because he’s following the ways of Christ which includes sacrifice. If you’re not sacrificing in a daily ministration take care the needy of your society you’re not making room for Christ in your heart you’re just saying “Lord, Lord.” But you’re not doing the will of the father and people say you don’t have to do anything you have to do anything to earn it but you have to do something to get the grace to site you have to forgive to be forgiven. “According to my earnest expectations and my hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed but that with all boldness as always so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body whether it be life or by death. In other words, that’s how the Holy Spirit comes in is you actually do the will of the father for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain to lose to lay down my life and I pick up my life more abundant but if I live in the flesh this is the fruit of my labor yet what I shall choose I won’t not he’s not not my will but thine for IAM in a straight betwixt to having a desire to depart and to be with Christ which is far better nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you he had to be there because it was going to be helpful to you. Because while he was there he gave a protection by his circumstance to all the other people seeking to be Christians. Nobody was going to try to try them in any great numbers as long as his trial was pending before Caesar. So that’s what he sees is telling that it was he needed to be there for them and he was willing to make that sacrifice. “And having this confidence I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith. This joy of faith… living by faith instead of living by force. “That you’re rejoicing may be more abundant in Jesus Christ for me by my coming to you again he wants to come to them again. “Only let your conversation be conversation afterward will have to look at it we have time but I want to get down here diverse 30 that your conversation be as it become a the gospel of Christ and whether I come and see you or else by absent I may hear of your affairs that were affairs that ye stand fast in one spirit and one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel to give one another through Beethoven instead of four standbys and in nothing terrified by your adversaries which is to them and evident token of perdition but to you of salvation and that of God. And in nothing terrified by your adversaries not terrified by your Abbasid for unto you is given in the behalf of Christ not only to believe on him but also to suffer for his sake. Having the same conflict which ye saw in me and now here to be in me so that you hear to be a make as I’m writing you about him telling you about it’s anyway that’s the first chapter and I said that there was a word in here that that we were coming across the sea vaguer remember exactly where that was verse 27 and ends that I have to go to verse 27 where that’s at and I don’t know this and try to watch the clock interesting I will get a little bit of time and

Conversation = Citizenship; Paul was Romeaos

[00:46:29] Verse 27 where he says, “Only let your conversation be as it become a the gospel of Christ which is the gospel of the kingdom. So what is that were conversation that were conversation has to do it’s it’s Ellie appears a couple times in the Bible and they translated live and they also translated let one’s conversation be. That’s the way they translated but the actual definition of the word is to be a citizen let your citizenship be in the habit that’s what he talking about was he talked about in other places as well that it is defined further defined is to administer civil affairs manage the state to make or create a citizen and this put that word in and not looking James is an translated citizen they say Paul was a citizen of Rome and I talked about that is one many times you lots of recordings of Paul was NOT a citizen of Rome all centurions automatically got citizenship of Rome the head cohort would’ve automatically got citizenship of Rome long before he became they had cohort but yet when Paul is about to be scourged in administrative court of Rome as a sin at as a is a Roman almost not a citizen of Rome he says I am Rome a house is it lawful to scourge somebody who is Rome. You have to understand the laws of time nobody teaches you these things except for me that you can find other places like as a we have hundreds and hundreds but does he go check it out yourself Paul was Rome a house which is the Greek word for whole. The head of the court was also Romeo’s but he was at Romeo’s because he was a centurion or the head of the court he had to pay a great Sammy tell you that text you to pray pay a great sum for this great sum of being hole free from what administrative courts you know what administrative cores most of you some of you do because you been listening for a while some of you may have done some homework on your own but most people don’t know the difference in the courts I was raised in the course my father was an attorney took me to work with them sometimes all the time but I went with many cases when he went out of town keep company or what that you was trying to get me to be a lawyer appreciate the long story there I will go and all that but it was good because it gave me insight into how things worked. And then when I start writing my books I took it to my dad and I you know he’s retired at the time and I said yeah he wrote law books I’m heat he understood the law. And he I said take away there is a reason it in it he took him three hours to get to just the first check because I know it is in there looking stuff up but the he came back and he said I was right as chapter 1 of the book covenants the guides he says rightly but what he said next was more important to me because and it was that I was I was really right because he said you’re right but they’re not going to like you. Why? Because I’m telling you the truth and the truth is power but it’s only power of you pick up the truth and act according to the truth that what Christ is taught teaching you how to deal with is to be a citizen of heaven. To conduct yourselves according the administrative civil affairs of the kingdom of God which doesn’t have when I say civil affairs you they go a lot like your talk about government you know not talk about force government talk about voluntarism. I’m not talking about anybody exercising authority one over the other that’s forbidden to us by Christ is all about right there in the King James Bible is not to be that way with us I’m not up on a pedestal talking to you. I’m not up in a podium talking to you. I’m a little stool in the middle of the desert talking to you telling you you need to think differently about the gospel of the Kingdom of God. you need to think differently about Christ and I know you think you’re right about Christ as most of you are doing what Christ said most of you preachers out there not preaching what Christ said to do you need to repent and when you are paid I will know you repented not you tell me you repented but because I see the fruits of repentance. I see you sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousands, caring not only about your congregation, but the next congregation as much as you care about your congregation if you are not taking the time to be concerned about their welfare on the other side of the planet I guess that we have people in South Africa we have people in Australia we have people in New Zealand we have and with the truth is I say we have people we don’t have them when you want to belong to the church we want to belong to Christ we know it’s an individual walk but his individual walk that should lead you together with one another and stop dividing there is not 1000 denominations. There is one denominator in the church, and that is Christ. If you’re not doing what Christ said you’re not the church of Christ you’re not his church as a corporate name that’s a description of his Corporation this Corporation is one of spirit and of truth. The spirit come for the Spirit gives life not that contract that the spirit that is supposed to be dwelling in you can’t dwelling the less you start walking the ways Christ said to walk you need to turn around and start walking the way Christ said to walk. He commanded that Wiese make you sit down and attends hundreds of thousands was 10 use it – your job figure out. Who you pick is minister that your job you figure out and you need to watch that minister to make sure that minister is gathering together with 10 other ministers otherwise you’re just an isolated little congregation United Kingdom. The kingdom is attends this these hundreds thousands 10,000 hundred thousands but your dry Bones scattered in a valley of corruption. You want those bones to come together I am breathing out the spirit of God he is breathing out his spirit upon the land but the evil is here to you need to come together because God is moving in together if it is a God moving you together will have a part of it. But it’s up to you to move the bones move together based on the spirit of the dweller them. Do you care about others is much you care about yourself sitting in the pew is in the other you have to come together as the joints of the body. The connecting joints of a body. As elders of a body

The elder and the family have different connections to the church

[00:53:54] The elder is the head of the family. The family is not a member of the church the general congregation of the people there remember the church there the they’re the ones the church is supposed to serve. The charges post be called out and belong to God. The congregation of the people are free assemblies. They walk, hopefully, in the spirit of God.

Most religion doesn’t allow you to leave

[00:54:21] We’re not trying to bind you up in another religion. You have some churches, you can’t leave the church. Well, I can tell you this the public religion of the world which is Social Security or national insurance wherever you’re at whatever country and that’s public religion. That’s how you take care the needy of your society that is how you perform your duty you when you are forced to pay any of you don’t pay and you haven’t performed your duty they can actually punish you for not contributing. You can’t actually leave their system. You can’t leave it now because you’re in debt a lot of people think the lie sign these papers and I can leave the system. Nonsense. What about that that you know you there’s a debt created and it’s a rail that got real stuff reeducation they took care your parents you can’t just leave you have to account for the debt you can leave Richard’s runaway slave they catch you they get to be so you need to think these things out now I’ve 70 was argue that the debate this what will bring on the show you’ll get a hold of the student at work and and will debate I’m not just going to take blank calls because there are too many trolls out there feel like to hear this evil does not want to hear this message evil does not want you to hear this message evil does not want you to repent those who have power don’t want you to know the ways of Christ that’s why I don’t teach you the ways across they want to keep you subject to them, tithing to them, tribute to them. I want you to love one another and that is the gospel of the kingdom and you’re not doing it you you’re not saved. Now, you can do enough to get saved you can still be saved by grace but you need to be going James said this Paul said this if you’re doing these other things you have no inheritance in the kingdom of God your Jesus at your workers of iniquity the CV can’t repent turn around and go the other way. But until you do I wanna say piece on your house and may God be with you so I have to find my El Toro okay here we go so and join the network and will see there. God bless.

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