Key 2001 – Philippians 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2001

Paul’s letter to the Philippians offers tremendous practical applications for today’s politics and provides insight for participating in the Kingdom of God.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 4, 2020

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Notable Segments

[00:02:25] Singing in church is not the true definition of “worship
[00:29:34] The slothful will be under tribute
[00:57:44] The word “conversation” means “citizen
[01:11:14] The modern church doesn’t tell you how to work out your salvation
[01:32:00] Differences between the early church and the modern church

Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re going to be talking about the Kingdom of God. And we have a number of different things which will probably look at Philippians we’ve done the first chapter of Philippians the last weekend will be doing this the second chapter against today. And the trying to get things organized here always seems to be the last minute that I’m coming to do the show but I’ve got a lot of things going on this week a lot of things that happen in the news. A lot of things have happened here. And so will touch it seems to becoming a tradition that we always talk a little bit about the news at the beginning of the show on this morning part of but what will be broadcasting today will broadcast at least three hours today and two hours in the morning another hour this afternoon if you want to know more about her scheduling good and go to And you can join the network and then you’ll get notices you’ll you hear the recordings as they become available and the get announcements about new articles as well as you can actually start doing what Christ said to do because he actually specifically commanded that we do certain things. And he even said over and over again, “Not those who say Lord, Lord but those who do the will of the father. If you’re not a doer of the word, then you’re out. You know you’re not the brethren of Christ if you’re not doing what Christ said is not about earning salvation it’s about just identifying if you are really Savior not now there’s a lot of ministers out there making lots of money telling you that you’re already saved.

Singing in church is not the true definition of “worship”

[00:02:25] One of the things that I saw in my newsfeed this week that I considered to be one of the most disturbing views that I’ve seen all week, anyway, is that someone on home church group was showing a video of some children, evidently peers in China that were at a home church group and the little children pretty pretty small children were crying as they were singing songs that would be considered a praise and somebody refer to that as it it was such a delight to see such unbridled workshop of God are of Christ and they were just ecstatic about the fact that they saw these young girls worshiping will I know people who lived in China during Mao’s revolution and they did the same type of singing and crying for Mao that we see these girls little girls doing supposedly for Christ and they think that that’s automatically put praising Christ and everything to doing doing the will of Christ which is required for true worship true worship is damage is not enough to bow and say yes I have a king one Jesus you actually have to be doing what Jesus said and the reason why is the mind of man is fickle somebody can draw a picture of Jesus for you mentally draw a picture of Jesus by describing the gospel of Jesus Christ and then you do what that picture identifies what that picture suggests and you think you’re a Christian/ But if it’s not actually what Christ was saying doing and preaching is not actually the doctrines of Christ then you’re not actually paying homage or worshiping Christ. Because you’re not actually doing what he said you’re doing something. You may be doing it fervently. You may be doing with a lot of emotion and dedication but it’s not actually what Jesus said to do. Well, you’re not actually worshiping Christ you’re saying Lord Lord you’re saying I love Jesus you’re getting all emotional at some church group 1st gathering or service what they call service. No service is actually being performed for anybody is certainly no services being performed for God God is not so insecure that he needs your praise to feel good. God is good so the promise is there’s a lot of false religion going about claiming to be the religion of Jesus Christ and it just ain’t so it’s not the real Jesus Christ is not the real doctrines of Jesus Christ. It’s not what he said to do is not therefore is not real worship very emotional may make you feel very good you may go to a big group church. Some people like to go to a big group church because it gives them of feeling of fellowship. I mean you can join the Mafia and get a feeling of fellowship.

The root cause of gangs

[00:06:10] That’s what kids do. why they join gangs they tell you right out you’re more likely to join a gang if you come from a broken home. Why? Because you didn’t get something in your home using it to the influence of a caring father and a loving mother the nurturing of a loving mother in the discipline of a caring father using get data at home you didn’t have the brotherhood and family feelings at home so you went out and joined a gang because in a gang that’s way to get you is that the and I like your one year you know they get one of us you know and were here for you in the casino they got you doing stuff you shouldn’t be doing it in order to increase your loyalty but it’s a substitute for the family. That’s why you have a gang problem in the country today. You have that game problem because you have a family problem. And that family problem is that you’re not staying together the family.

Breakdown of the black family

[00:07:17] And you have people in the news like Candace Owens. She’s a real outspoken lady who talks about father absence in the homes of the black community. Well, there’s father absence and the home of the white community. But it really hit the black community hard. to meet used to be like at the beginning of last century the millennium that the original of the on the 1900 there’s only maybe 1/2 to 3% of the homes in the black community that were single-parent families and us about writing us from you know somebody died. One of the parent family members died in Allah then we have World War I World War II more died in World War I and World War II and so therefore they need the percentage went up a little bit which is always a problem. But in the 60s, with the war on poverty, that figure leapt for now or at like 75% of the homes are filed you are at least missing one parent in the home and usually the father and the welfare system incentivizes not having a father in the home. Sometimes the father comes and goes with that’s just as bad as not dependable in a divorce is rampant. And the same statistics that we saw in the black community from the 60s to 70s and 80s and now up to the present day is repeating itself in the white community and even in the Asian community. Their numbers are starting to rise as well. And it’s all due to this socialist approach where we pray to the government apply to the government for benefits and the government will reward you if you come from a broken home incentivizes, as Candace Owen says, the the division of the family. So therefore you’re you’re guaranteeing that you’ll have more gangs are more like if you come from a single-parent family are more likely to end up in prison these are just statistics you can get them from numerous sources including the black spokesman like a Mr. Elder. He points us out on a regular basis that Thomas Sowell these guys are very outspoken you’re not probably going to get from Al Sharpton but he’s part of the problem that you are like rain used to say government isn’t the solution government is the problem it’s because you’re looking in the wrong direction for the solution so what you’re seeing the abortion rate the the gang numbers, the broken homes… these are symptoms of the fact that we turned away from what has traditionally, in the law of nature, been what made community strong which was family community is born in the family the stronger the family the stronger the community. But Christ knew, it’s not enough that the family beast strong and you know where you know you’re loyal to your family that you had to be loyal to a larger community group now the problem is with that larger community group, a lot of times, that community becomes tribal. They care a lot about their little small town, their little community, or their little community within a larger town, but they don’t care about other people outside of that small nit group.

Divisions within communities built around fake religions

[00:11:14] We just I just heard was at the Lutheran Church I think is the dividing over the controversy concerning gay marriage. And so that tribe, the Lutheran tribe, is dividing England becomes something else we seen the same thing with the method is that you know different reasons over the years you have this sonata that’s sinad. And, of course, you had it with the Christian church you had that or what was posing as a Christian church in the 1500s and the had the Protestant revolution where the Protestants broke off from the Catholic Church and they were still the daughters of the Catholic Church but they broke off and became separate and they started forming their own out the reality is in all these movements, there are some genuine and sincere people seeking the righteousness of God. And that’s what were supposed to be doing is seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness with all these movements there is corruption just as there was corruption with the early church was creeping in right away and they write about it. Creeping in and you had the epistles trying to get people back to the gospel of Christ Paul always wrote that he preached Christ first but a lot of people read Paul and they skip Christ. They actually remove the teachings of Christ. When I point out that Jesus said not those as a Lord Lord but those are doing the will of the father actually had a minister tell me what he said that before the Christian crucifixion once the crucifixion came then all you have to do is believe in Jesus. You didn’t actually have to do what Jesus ahead – they tell me that right to my face. And I’m on say like that is you I was actually I was dumbfounded he didn’t know what to say I mean I would just shows so shocked this is a nice preacher is a really nice guy how can he be so deluded so far from the very basics of Paul much less of Christ because Paul says over and over again the people are doing this and this and this and this are not doing this in business in this town not to do with them because they have no inheritance in the kingdom Paul says that. But here’s this guy saying that you know is you have to do it you have to say it you know and supposedly believe it you know so many people have these altar calls are these the experiences where I was saved on such a such a day because they had these emotional experiences. But you look at their life and they’re not doing what Christ said most of them don’t even know what Christ said. Even though it’s right in the book. You can look at even poor translations often tell you. Halfway decent translations…

Translations and emotionalism

[00:14:12] I use the King James on a regular basis. For consistency, not because it’s necessarily the best translation. I don’t not gonna say what the best translation is because they’re all have problems. But with the Holy Spirit, all those problems should be overcome. Because it is by reading the book that’s a flesh and blood activity and is not flesh and blood that he builds his church’s revelation so what you have to do is figure out how revelation, it doesn’t come with a lot of emotional lysing in some sort of church service whereby his cry and weep it that you can find that probably in the church is saying so that is in it it’s got to be something else. You don’t see that kind of service going on with Christ. He’s talking with people. and that they’ll go over separate from everybody else know pray about it and ponder it in and then come back and try to apply what that God is putting on the heart because that’s best revelation of God writes on your heart in rights on your mind not with some preacher gives you all worked up and you feel this surge of emotion and you mistaken it by the Holy Spirit. It’s not. You see these guys out there supposedly you out knocking people down in waving their arms around that’s all emotionalism that’s not the Holy Spirit that what Christ was doing ale Christ was very, even just reading it you should be a letter tell that he them even Hollywood got a lot of that I hate where Christ is going around just speaking to people. There occasionally is a emotionalism that comes out when you do some real soul-searching but you can see the same emotionalism that I could see in those children praising Jesus you can see that when they were praising Mao. You can see that loyalty and comrade a reading called comrades in Stalinist Russia as they went about taking a bite out of one another expanding the communism and socialism in Russia taking from those that you have extra because they worked hard and giving to those who didn’t work so hard so that they can have benefits at their neighbor’s expense. Totally, totally contrary to what Christ taught. It is the antithesis of what Christ taught.

Recognizing a minister of Christ

[00:17:09] Now, some of you know that I’ve been working on a document… it’ll probably be about 10 pages long and has to do with recognizing who is really a minister of Christ and who is not really a minister of Christ who is actually gathering in the name of Christ and who is not actually gathering in the name of Christ as you can tell because they use the word Jesus if I say Jesus I’m gathering the name of Jesus at may be true and may not major how do you know whether I am in EMI doing what Jesus said to do. If I’m not doing what Jesus said to do, it doesn’t matter what I said. That I could be a liar and say I’m gathering in the name of Jesus. I could be under a strong delusion and say that I’m gathering in the name of Jesus. How do you know if I am.

Jesus: If you love me, you will keep my commandments

[00:18:17] More important than that question, how do you know you are gathering in the name of Jesus? You say because I love Jesus if you love Jesus argue keeping the commandments of Jesus because he said if you love me you will keep my commandments do you love your neighbor as yourself you he broke all the commandments down to two Commandments love God which everybody can say I love God was a look-alike how you how do you know that you really love God. Well you know you can actually do anything for God he doesn’t need your help.

Joke about the three ministers deciding what money to give to God

[00:19:04] It’s like the old joke within that the Rabbi in the priest and the minister met a Methodist minister Lucas make it Lutheran because they’re the ones that are dividing, I think it is, but anyway, a Protestant minister… and they said will how do you decide what money to give to God and what money they keep for yourself and though one minister said while I draw a little circle in the middle of the church Apple and I throw the money up in the air what falls in the circle I keep for myself and what falls out of the circle I give to God. And the priest says I do something very semi-draw very big circle in the middle of the church and I told the money up and what falls outside the circle I keep for myself what falls inside the circle I give to God so that all sounded okay when the Rabbi says and I’m not picking on rabbis is just the old joke the Rabbi says I take the money to the synagogue and a throttle in the area figure what God wants, he can keep. It’s a joke, okay. But the reality is is that guy that money. You actually mail it off to God.

You give to God by helping the needy of society

[00:20:30] You fulfill that obligation of loving God. Or at least we see you fulfilling the obligation of loving God by the second commandment: To love thy neighbor as thyself. So when you give to God you’re actually giving to others the needy of society and practice of pure religion helping out the needy of society through faith, hope and charity. That was the mission of the church that’s what the Pharisees were doing they were helping out the needy of society that a system of social wealth welfare run to the synagogues that were members of the Temple and you would send the money under the Temple at Temple would send back the money to help out you know if somebody was crippled or somebody was blind or if they had some seal fell on hard times you could go to the local synagogue and they would help you out with daily ministration. You know food and assistance that way. And sometimes shelter, what have you. They would offer that to you and that was the social that’s what religion was in all nations to go up to the Tetons and they had precept in the two times and you would they there was their job to make sure that people who are good staunch members of the community were not starving to death in their homes.

Local man found dead due to unvented propane heater

[00:21:58] A local police just came on somebody who was dead in a little cabin he built on his property built his little cabin on his property and he was dead and because his evidently his parents or his girlfriend somebody reported that he is not answering his phone and they don’t know where he sat so they went out to the property and he wasn’t in the house he was in his little cabin out there and he was dead. The reason he was dead is that he had been growing illegal marijuana had a whole container of buds and he went into this little room that he had built, this little cabin that he built took in about four or five of his dogs into the cabin and he was smoking his marijuana and he was smoking his marijuana and he was running a little propane heater that burn up all the oxygen. And he suffocated. He was then all the dogs were dead so there he just died from marijuana come because he didn’t have the sense to get out you sit in the chair dead and all the dogs are laying around on the floor dead because it just burned up all the oxygen in the room. The point is that you have to start looking at reality and seeing reality and in doing these like smoking dope to avoid that reality is not the answer. The same as getting all emotional and church to think that your saved is not the answer either of you have the oxygen of Christ are you breathing in the Holy Spirit and breathing out the Holy Spirit for others are you on a one-way ticket to destruction will talk about that when we come back.

Charity comes in many forms

[00:23:53] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So what is the what are some of the other things that are in the news besides that what I considered a disturbing view that people actually think that getting all emotional it and it wasn’t so much I’ve seen this in lots of churches over the years and I’ve got a lot of years behind me where they mistake the Holy Spirit for emotionalism. And you like I said you can get you can see people get emotional at a football game you get emotional watch a movie just because you get emotional about something doesn’t mean that it’s the Holy Spirit emotional about all kinds of things how do you know your faith is real how do you know you’re actually worshiping God the father in truth and in spirit. It’s by what you do because you’re going to be lobbying your neighbor as much as yourself that’s what you’re going to be doing. I know people say all I got my neighbor is much as myself okay but what are you doing to manifest that love remember again that the word love every time you see Jesus say it they usually translated love. But most the time when Paul says that they translate the same word charity. Which is why Paul can say if you if you give everything you have to your neighbor are given way to the poor, but you have not charity, then you have nothing. let me give everything away you have everything you have a way to the poor anything but if you have charity wow could you not have charity views gave everything the way to the poor because giving away stuff is not necessarily charity. I was talking to a minister last night and I said you know giving to you the people you serve, or the people you come across, what they need… it might be money, it might be food, it might be shelter, it might be a kick in the pants it might be a scolding a rebuke that I don’t know what it is that God wants you to give them but that’s the key is that what you’re giving what you’re doing has to be what Christ said to do and is not specific as some people he rebuked and some people he scolded and some people he gave to you know you you tell me nothing I can do nothing. not to so ill what does it look like to really worship Christ really give to Christ what portion of the offering that you need to get Nepal had the right to either the altar all the Levites had the right to eat at the altar. Peter had a right to either the altar but here was a man service so he was constantly serving wasn’t you know he didn’t sit on golden throne like Constantine or the pope or somebody like that even do that kind of stuff silver and gold have I not even saying things like arise and walk you and get them all worked up with an emotional thing on getting somebody to come out of the wheelchair supposedly, then two days later there there there not walking again. Which is mostly what you see because it’s not real. It’s not really the Holy Spirit.

Seeing clearly in the wilderness, then distracted when back home

[00:27:45] I was also talking to a minister last night about this… There many times over people, and we did in the environment out here away from all the distractions of the world we can talk to them about things and they seem and I agree with them and I think this is like this is so amazing and life-changing and all the stuff. But when they went back home… first time, I remember this, way back years and decades ago, when they went back home… I didn’t hear from for a long time but then when they came back to this country they lived in another country came back to this country they made a point to come and visit me I wasn’t there friend originally they just crossed our path and in Long story but they made a point to come and visit us and then we course will talk about the kingdom again and kingdom principles and their saintlike I remember this now you know I knew the area you told me was really important but will back home I couldn’t remember what I tried to tell other people but he couldn’t remember what you said and if you like it didn’t stick in his mind while he could see enough to agree with that but he couldn’t see it enough to implement because it’s not by flesh and blood that you learn the ways in the kingdom is by inspiration is by revelation so I talk about you listen the rate of that’s another thing we talked about last night is the fact that people have to chew on what were preaching because it’s so different than all the other churches out there that havw lead everybody else back into the bondage of Egypt.

The slothful will be under tribute

[00:29:34] We got a lot of people on the network that talk about, you know, the loss of rights in the take away our rights and the taxation is staff taxation is justice. It’s what comes about when you’re slothful. to the Bible the salon will shall be under tribute so if you have to if you owe taxes, you have to pay taxes which distribute the same thing it’s because you’ve been slothful according to the Bible right there that you’re going you know the and is another way you could be which is part of been slothful to slothful in the ways of righteousness, you can end up under tribute is that you become covetous of your neighbors you desired benefits at the expense of your neighbor. You wanted to have healthcare welfare Social Security yell national insurance where it is at the expense of your neighbor you want them guaranteed by the government will government is not taken out of it by I neighbors pocket. That’s covetousness. By definition, that’s covetousness. So you should be merchandise. You should be collateral for debt. You should be surety for debt. It tells you that in the Bible. Now the modern church is telling you that they’re saying okay to covet your neighbor’s goods as long as you do with the government not someone bring up a lot of times by bringing up people here that people can argue against that you don’t hear anybody arguing against it at you I I’ve invited people to come on the program if you got an argument against the list was due a program a podcast together just you and me and you can argue that it’s okay to, your neighbor’s goods in the agency of men who exercise authority one over the other and I will tell you you can do that but that ain’t Christ. That a what he preached that is what he was telling us not the gospel that’s at the end is of the gospel yet that’s why your church ministers in the modern church is telling you it’s a strong delusion it so that you might believe a lie. Because it’s a lie. But were saying no you gotta think differently you better pay and go back the other way. And people can you know some people agree with this but then they don’t implement it. It doesn’t become yours into you implement it.

[00:32:18] And that’s what the minister and I were talking last night is that he wanted what he says to be he wanted on it I think that was the term he used yeah you get in the way you own you’re owned by Christ you surrender the false doctrines you’ve come to accept as true that just ain’t so. You let go of that blah you have to implement what you now know as the doctrines of Christ. What he commanded. He commanded you sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and share with one another to faith open charity rather the way you been doing their fealty force and violence to do that you want you to force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare he wants to learn to love your neighbor. When you start to do that you start to do that start to turn around and go in that direction. Now you will remember what I say now that at that point you’ll start to see it for yourself you won’t need me telling you the same old same old. John the Baptist… the whole time John the Baptist is preaching what he say make straight the way of the Lord that same work straight the way of the Lord has to do with make a right just the way of the Lord make just the way of the Lord how is it justice to force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare. How is that righteous how is that like Jesus I mean Augustus was doing it Harry was doing it Pharisees thought it was great the corban of the Pharisees I thought I was great they were forcing the sacrifice of the people we show you this in books and articles with hundreds and thousands of footnotes to look it up yourself that’s why nobody’s it take her to argue with me on this is because were telling the truth is an argument against the truth. I can’t say heard every form of lie, because there’s always some invented but we been doing this for over half a century and we’ve we’ve covered the ground and explained that I just added to page after page this morning alone. And I went back to some of our page on righteousness our page on the way you know Alec preparing you you go there looking I was making sure will today connect this in this you know from these different eat and I did although there’s dozens of more besides all the quotes you’ll find from the Bible to say these things just absolutely clearly I still am finding almost every day found in some today quotes that are making it even more clear. But there’s enough there that you should know that the way you have been going, it ain’t right. Ain’t righteous in a what Christ said to do and if you really want to worship Christ you have turned around your thinking and then you have to start going that other way you have to implement it into the real world and advance that this is where the quantum mechanics of the kingdom of God starts to take place because now you’re opening the sacrifices that you make what you’re really doing is sacrificing your own vanity sacrificing your own pride sacrificing a part of what of what has become a part of you your shedding the blood of your unrighteousness and making room in your heart for the righteousness of God that’s where the Holy Spirit’s going to come in no pain no gain you have to sacrifice you have to forgive in order for the Holy Spirit to enter into you. And you have, not just fellowship with other people, but fellowship with Christ. Fellowship with God the righteousness of God you’ll need the self-righteousness of the modern church you need the righteousness of God. And this individual thing with you. I’m not going to make you do it I’d only to do for me I want you to do it for you and your relationship with God to actually start doing what he said if you’re not doing what he said… James said it, John said it, Jesus Savior came in the Commandments including one of our covetous Paul said that Peter said that then you have no inheritance in the kingdom and you ain’t saved I don’t care what you think… that get you into heaven. That doesn’t get you into the grace of God what you think is what you do and you want to know was righteous until you surrender what has been on righteous in you which is greed and avarice lost all the things that we count as vices all those things you can devices that just shows that you’re missing the Holy Spirit. The righteousness of the Holy Spirit is not dwelling in you. Because light is a positive force in reality truth virtue these are all positive forces by ace is the absence of those positive forces darkness is the absence of the light. It’s not positive force it is a force just like a vacuum is a force if you’re missing your blocking out the light… see that the things you’re blocking out the light you’re not willing to admit you’re wrong you’re still committing the same sin as Adam. When God said, “Adam what have you done?” What did Adam say my file it your fault Lord forgive me this woman is her fault is not my fault so if you’re going around saying it’s fraud it’s the affections of law it’s those darn politicians it’s those darn bankers it’s the international bankers than the Jews in the Rothschilds I know I can go down all the small long list of people there was a boy that was their fault your message to let the old things that when your point other people in history more fingers pointing back at you. Okay, bless their heart that strode you not paying attention to the fact that it’s your fault you been slothful you been covetous you been willing to be deceived rather than see the truth about yourself. So if you want to join with us to be comforted, that ain’t gonna happen. We’re not here to tickle your ears our comforter at his Oley church is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit comes in when you’re willing to set down the lies that have comforted you in the past and seek the kingdom of God’s righteousness.

Texas church shooting; In defense of defense

[00:39:54] So the other thing that was in the news was this whole shooting in some church down in Texas. Freeway Church or something. there anyway and White city or something to remember where it is but that we had have a little article I you know in defense of defense is that preparing you and we send it out to the entire network so if you’re not on the network you can probably get it notice of it but it was going to an article that was put out by somebody in Arizona. I can’t remember, but a way it is put out by them and it was saying I what was the other was great that somebody stop this mass murderer who came in with a pump shotgun killed two people and then somebody stood up and you know actually notice the stance of the several of those people who stood up with pistols they’re all in this new stance easy when I was a kid many meal more than half a century ago they were they would tell you that you know what you’re that that pistol in your hand and you cup it into the other hand and you bend your elbows in and your know that’s not the way they teach people to do it now because a lot of times people have semi automatic pistols so now use when you see them with the arm fully extended in hand not just cupped underneath the other hand under the butt of the pistol but actually wrapped around a hold that pistol that’s the new method there’s actual name for them but I’m not an instructor but all those guys clearly had recent instruction in how and of course somebody dropped the guy who was gone nuts and killing people stopped him. Right then. And people you like a really argue with that but the actually there still people argue that why is anybody bringing a gone to church is shut over only the police should have a gun and the of course that’s nonsense because if you waited the 10 minutes for the police to come which is probably minimum who knows how many people he would’ve killed because he could walk around the church is shooting people one after another in a pump shotgun he could escape pompano shells and killing people one after another but good men who had taken the time to learn how to use a gun stood up and stop them and that fact is you don’t know how many other people were stopped by that because that’s giving notice that a lot of churches have people in them with guns if you go in there to do harm somebody’s libel to put an end to you. These guys don’t go down to the rifle range and shoot people they go to places they think nobody has a gun yeah they’re crazy, but they’re not stupid. So anyway that guy was a little crazy and a little stupid it didn’t work out for but what the article is saying is they were they were terrified by the fact the six other people they don’t even know they don’t even know had guns. And I’m thinking, that’s terrifying to me that you actually think that’s an argument you’re actually so brain-dead so deluded so brainwashed that you think that’s an argument. You don’t know the policeman that’s common you don’t know who he is you don’t know you know you know was in the military. They all got guns. Well, actually, that all of guns and they asked me questions like why don’t any of the soldiers on the Army bases have guns why you can suddenly go on to an army base and shoot guy after guy after guy nobody stops and because none of the soldiers have guns on an army base. What what is that? Why is that? Because the people you have elected to rule over you have signed trees which is why they want to take guns away from all the people who are hunters in Wisconsin and Virginia and everything else is because that’s too many people in America armed the treaties they’ve signed said they can have that many armed people but anyway that gets into another whole topic won’t have time to get to it but anyway we put up that article on in defense of defense. We have a number of articles up on the fence and in self-defense as a Christian have the right to self-defense and we go through this and show you the law we also related to what Christ said so that you can understand… Most people understand the law invalid that this person is saying that they don’t have a constitutional right for everybody to have a gun there is no constitutional right to do that that there is no constitutional right of the government to limit anybody from having a gun, a clip, or semi-automatic read my God there is no constitutional right granted to government by the Constitution because that’s what the Constitution was doing is granting rights to the government which are actually not rights but privileges granted to the government.

Why an armed revolution won’t work for the sinners of the US

[00:45:28] I had another discussion yesterday was somebody who’s things that he understands the Constitution he doesn’t he doesn’t understand the Constitution he doesn’t understand the Constitution of the state or a things that were common to a point where we have to get armed and fight off this suppression of the government to use word as a patient but is talking like he can write some sort of Declaration of Independence. No, you don’t know the facts. You don’t have any right to insurrection at this time does the government really isn’t breaking his many laws you think now they are some breaking laws and there are some breaking rules and there’s a lot of things going on that shouldn’t be going on. But you need to know what the real problem is we we teach that we have a whole course on understanding the biblical significance of Constitution what’s a biblical Constitution what if missing in the Constitution makes that Constitution nonbiblical… You know what those are? Those five points are? we explain in detail we explain in a book that is available free online along with multiple audios that take you through this step-by-step hundreds and hundreds of footnotes he can look it up we make all that is available to you for free at our own expense but if you don’t avail yourself of it you will probably remain deluded and deceived. And what I fear is that some of you will go out and do things that will get you and your families in your communities and lots and lots of trouble. The last thing Americans need to be thinking about his armed revolution. That is foolishness and stupid to be thinking about because there is a dozen things you need to be thinking about and implementing first in your life before you ever go in any kind of direction like that. And if you are really implementing them in your life today and yesterday you wouldn’t be going down the road that you’re now headed like a freight train. And all those things that you need to apply are actually in the gospel of Christ. now all you are probably listening now and heard me say things that seem contrary to the churches out there but those churches out there and many of the people that are in many of the ministers in them are the many that Christ says will be saying Lord, Lord but will actually be workers of iniquity in the same order iniquity that you see sometimes in the Bible is a number of different words in the Greek and Hebrew. But the same word is actually translated unrighteousness. Well, it is unrighteous to covet your neighbor’s goods. It is unrighteous to pray to men who exercise authority to take away from your neighbors to make your life more comfortable. That’s just unrighteous that is not the righteousness of God is the antithesis of the righteousness of God.

[00:48:50] So anyway, that’s what we’re trying to show you is what that early church was doing because early Christians became free because they began to implement the teachings of Jesus Christ in their life on in a daily ministration of righteousness instead of the daily ministration of unrighteousness. Which is what most churches are doing. So you need to rethink things that we we we give you the evidence for free you can just go and examine it yourself and we will discuss this with a B join us in the network and the individual congregations. We’re not a central, some kind of controlling group or anything. We know that the sought search for salvation in a relationship with Christ is an individual one.

Former Prime Minister Australia saying we’re cursing our children with debt

[00:49:39] I also heard the former Prime Minister Australia talking. And that was a very fascinating conversation. I didn’t get to hear the whole thing but I was traveling and somebody was playing interview with him and Dave Rubin on the Rubin report it’s called. And he was interviewing this former Australian men at the was the Australian Prime Minister during starting around 1996 so you probably look that up Google it but anyway he was saying that were cursing our children with hey was saying that you know that that this is having repercussions and we need to go back to the basics and but anyway we won’t have time to discuss that right now but it will start getting into Philippians and start correlating what we just talked about into Philippians to see if we can understand Philippians. We’ll be right back.

Everyone was armed in the Roman Empire because that was their responsibility

[00:50:38] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re looking at Philippians and were going to get into Philippians 2. But a quick brief synopsis of chapter 1 of Philippians. And the that as you know Paul is writing to the people at Philippi we talked a little bit about who was at Philippi me it was a liar Romans at Philippi even though originally Philippi was a part of the Greek province but a lot of Romans and a lot of retired soldiers of Rome centurions were there and was a gold mining town and it was like the old West gold mining towns and they were very sophisticated in their gold-mining. That was a very important thing with the Romans and the soldiers know about that because soldiers had gone up to places like what is now Spain and mine whole mountains out of existence with amazing precision of getting that gold out to hydraulic mining and building dams and long runways and shoots and moving huge amounts of water to aqueducts to mind that goal they were very good at what they did and the centuries were part of that because the centurions did more construction and building of roads and bridges in aqueducts and dams and of all these different kinds of including docs all these things because they were builders and they were just fighters they were armed but everybody was armed in those days. That was the way what because everybody was everybody’s responsibility to defend one another all the church ministers were armed if somebody said what you like what we talked about begetting some you saying do you really think that people should bring weapons to charge luxury is that if you don’t have a sword, go out and buy one. And one I actually had two swords. He told everybody to go out and buy one. Because of the fact that you have a responsibility to protect the instant you stand by and do nothing while murderers robbers and thieves and scoundrels are raping and pillaging and murdering your neighbor, and you refused to do anything that, in itself, is violence. But now if you think you’re supposed to go out and start insurrection and a revelry, you shouldn’t.

The king was in rebellion, not the colonies

[00:53:31] Now, just make things clear, that I believe that in the American Revolution the one who was revolting was the king and we explain this in great detail in another book that we make free online and show you how… Contracts Covenants and Constitutions in and explain how that come about even we make references in the book the Covenants of the Gods and Thy Kingdom Comes to the same kind of principles and we have articles up on it showing you accept that the that the tale of two Alamo’s and I think that was the name of the article originally appeared somewhere but you know talks about the you know what was going on in the Alamo and what really happened there. And why it was happening. in and so I can tell you all these things about history if you don’t know history you probably can’t tell the Fuchs but if you do know history, you probably can tell… if you understand the principles involved.

Review of context of Philippians

[00:54:40] But anyway, back to Paul’s letter to the Philippians at Philippi. He is tell a little bit about himself he says that him into medias there are you know and he’s writing to all the saints that’s the separate ones the ones are separated out that’s actually the called out that would be the church the word church means the called out every time you see the word church you should be saying in your mind the called out and that’s actually the Disciples of Christ were called out trained up and appointed a kingdom and exercises authority one over the other but a kingdom that actually takes care of one another to faith hope and charity they don’t operate by force they operate by violence like everybody else was doing at that time and everybody else is doing today the real church operates by charity, by love, by hope, by faith. But anyway he’s writing to the saints the called out and to the bishops which the that’s a word that needs to be studying I have live links to footnotes as well as two other articles on what a bishop actually is what a deacon actually is a minister of 10 and that he’s writing to them now they will in turn share this particular letter with the elders which of the heads of families in their different congregations this is what some people call it an encyclical letter because it wasn’t necessarily just written to the people at Philippi was written kind as a general letter to a lot of different people to a lot of the same throughout the network that was the kingdom of God the kingdom of God is within the hearts of those people but the people come together in a network as commanded by Christ. They sit down and attends hundreds and thousands and 5000 and they sit down in these ranks upon ranks, not of ruling over one another, but of serving one another. And this opens the door to the Holy Spirit entering into your heart and awakening you to revelations that you know things that you could not have known a by flesh and blood because flesh about but didn’t reveal it you knew it by revelation and that’s what you really want to do and that’s an individual thing. You know, I cannot give you revelation only the Holy Spirit can do that but if you want the Holy Spirit in her hand and you have to stop blocking the Holy Spirit with your covetousness. With your unforgiveness. With your selfishness. Because even selfishness is covetousness to covet your own stuff so that I don’t want to share with anybody else of keep my stuff I’ll need my stuff you want to be that way and you know a lot of people are that way.

The word “conversation” means “citizen

[00:57:44] So anyway, Paul tells a little bit about his sacrifice and that. And then we get down in here in the chapter 2. But I did say in verse 27 only let your conversation be as it be, the gospel of Christ the good news of Christ the good news of the Messiah the good news of the anointed the good news of the King…” All the same thing. Because Christ means anointed in the Hebrew B Meshack and what that means is that Jesus is the King there is this other king one Jesus who is anointed to be that King and he is both King and I pray so we’ve explained why say that whether I come and see you or else be absent he goes on but what is he saying this conversation. That word conversation there. That word specifically means to be a citizen and to administer civil affairs. To manage the state why is Paul talking about being a citizen and managing the civil affairs of a state what state is he talking about he’s talking about the kingdom of God in the kingdom of God, the state is not a capital STATE. Because in the Kingdom of God you’re in a state of freedom you have the right to choose is another thing we talked about with a minister last night is that were not about taking away choice directing people telling what they have to do except in principle if you’re not doing what Christ said then you we have to preach what Christ said how does that translate into what you’re doing is you should be managing the civil affairs of the kingdom. The elders of every family the deacons who are ministers obtaining the bishops who are really overseers of 10 ministers and the minister of 10 ministers in ranks of tens hundreds and thousands. And the reason why is this how they help with the daily ministration this in and by picking seven which is another story that we have an article on that you can go look at. But that the what the Christians were doing were managing the civil affairs of a free state. Binding the people together with love rather than fielding contracts in rulers we want the people to be ruled in their heart by God that’s what you need to defend against tyranny you don’t need more tyranny to defend against tyranny. They tried that South America used to do that pretty regular basis you know that have some revolution you punch Avia and they would revolt and overthrows one group of people only to find out yell that Castro was a tyrant and you help Castro overthrow the tyrant that was there before so that Castro could be the tyrant and that’s what you’ll get if you don’t learn these other lessons first.

Benefits of having a mother-in-law cottage

[01:01:00] So let’s get into chapter 2″ If there be there for any consolation in Christ in the Messiah in the King if any comfort of love if any fellowship of the Spirit… “Because like as they were not just trying to get fellowships amongst each other but fellowship with the Holy Spirit if any bowels and mercies now the bowels has to do we look at bowels what was that well that term back then is like any heart that would be the same thing today the metaphor you know you got habits of heart you have to have some compassion and so by saying bows that’s what they’re talking about is that any in any compassion using this metaphor of bowels and mercies, caring about others. “…fulfilling my joy that he be like-minded having the same love being of one accord of one mind like-minded with her what he thought about the previous chapter all his willingness to sacrifice to die you know and the French have a same potato Morte the little death and what the die that he’s talking about you have to you’ll jump on a hand grenade. But every time you sacrifice every time you give of yourself your time your energy maybe your money some food that you have some shelter you have another little place we recommend that everybody tried to create extra accommodations you know where they can set up maybe accommodations in their garage or maybe an extra trailer or something outback you know so that you can actually take in somebody as we do want central locations maybe it’s an a you know what they call a grandmother cottage or mother-in-law cottage where you have this little cottage in your backyard that has its own little bedroom and bathroom and you can put your mother-in-law there. And you can build those old velocities allow you to build those if you have enough room in your lot and they give you special tax allowances to do that but once his belt maybe your mother was in a baby you can put somebody else in and help them out but then you have to learn how to do that and you pay to join the network so that you can learn how to do that. Because there’s a lot of users and abusers out there and you don’t want to be inviting them in you want to be helping those who really want help but will talk more about that later but so you’ve got this idea of the sacrifice. And you give of yourself. You die daily and then you can pick up your life more abundantly what happens when you start going down that road of -wise sacrifice in a network of people that want to follow the ways of Christ, then the Holy Spirit can enter in and started awaking you to more things that you did not see before. And it then you do like that that minister was saying you start to own it you start because, now, you don’t need to hear me to tell you what to do that’s not why I preach I want you to hear from the same source that I depend upon.

Covetousness has led to being born in debt

[01:04:28] He goes on to say in verse 3: “et nothing be done through strife and vainglory but in the lowliness of mind that since the humbleness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves when things when you have a network of charity 70 was talking on the organ group about how did he put it to you know that the economy of love I think you referred to and of course the same word love and say more charity when you’re really you don’t want to fall on the good graces of other people you don’t want to depend on other people to bail you out if you find yourself on hard times you we want to carry your own weight you don’t want to make other people suffer at your expense across the covetous nature of the Bernie Sanders socialist state is just the reverse of that you definitely want to covet your neighbor’s goods especially arrest neighbors those dirty rotten rich people worked real hard for their wealth they obviously took advantage of other people to become wealthy not necessarily so maybe they did work there their fingers at about for years and years if accumulated some wealth. And now you want it. to you somehow think you deserve it that’s the opposite of the Spirit of Christ is absolutely the antithesis of Christ but he and with that if you go that way that’s the other way that the opposite way of Christ if you go that way you will see less and less. You will have more revelation you will have last revelation you see the reality you will you will take all student loan pool you know when you graduate hundred $50,000 of debt you’re already been born $150,000 that night got another hundred 50,000 on top of that you have to pay out the hundred 50,000 just to get back to being broke and in debt to the state the you will see that you what you because that covetous nature blocks out the light, You have to see you been covetous you have to see you been selfish you have to see you been self-righteous, proud, vein. When you see that the light can start filtering in. It’s sometimes a little painful to see that no pain no gain.

[01:07:07] So anyway, if we continue in these verses: “Seeing that you’re not to have you’ll let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” What mind is that? “Look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others what what what was Paul talking about this idea is that you’re not going to be coveting your neighbor’s goods is so unique in Christ ever Paul is trying to tell you, Christ came to give. Give his life. To lay down his life but he knew that in doing so he would pick up his life more abundant didn’t say it was gonna be easy then say that there wasn’t to be pain or sacrifice there has to be it’s the nature of things life does not come without sacrifice who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant.” So here, Christ is taking on the form of a servant he actually the lowest sermon the house the one who washes his feet Jesus came from a rich family love people don’t know that I’ve said it many times people say what differences that make while a huge amount. Though he was rich he made himself poor. That’s what it tells us. And we know that he had other relatives that were extremely rich but he made himself this humble servant this foot washer this guy who could be king and rule over the people but chose to serve the that that’s what you want to have that spirit in you then you might find out what it means to worship. “The form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient even to death.” Even the death on the cross. He was willing to go that also remember that the death on the cross was for somebody who was a surfing or for somebody you was in this insurrection against the government the rightful government across people argue whether this the rightful government. I’m telling you that the government you have today is because of the sloth that you have you I think it’s because the degree that they have while I admit there’s greed and there’s a swamp and there’s corruption and all that. But the reason about that is empowers you been slothful in the ways of God and you have been covetous of your neighbor’s goods and your parents as well is not easy for a lot of people to accept. them I think that they want think that were great and were wonderful and more all the stuff that’s pride and vanity Christ was great and wonderful but he took on the position of being humble we need to be doing the same thing. We need to be going that other way. “Wherefore God also has highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow of things in heaven and things in earth and things under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father.” But what kind of Lord is Christ. He’s the Lord that comes to serve but he is not conserve wickedness he’s going to serve the righteousness in the people.

The modern church doesn’t tell you how to work out your salvation

[01:11:14] “Wherefore my beloved as ye have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” What’s God’s will be working in you you got to work out your salvation he’s talking to people that have been faithful in the way he’s not talking the most the people in the modern church because they are entangled in the yoke of bondage they been slothful in the ways that we in this country when America was supposedly great all a lot of people want to debate that there was an America that was great there were people in America that were great. They took care of the needy of their society to faith hope and charity they took care of the education they built the schools they with their own hands they with their own contribution freewill contributions. Not with forced levees and their community. But they actually went out and built it themselves. You know, like is going to build a barn for somebody loses a barn they’ll get together go build a guys a new bar they and they know that if their barbers he’ll come and help build our bar there self-insured to the nature of their community they don’t need public insurance to the state who exercises authority. They actually take care of one another through voluntary means you need to be doing the same thing the early church did that and I have over here in the side panel we talk about Justin Amaro wrote Antonius P as the Emperor of Rome and explained to him back in hundred 50 A.D. what Christians were doing. to said it yell they met every week and the wealthy among us thus the ones that have among us help the needy they who are well-to-do and willing to give what each thing thinks fit. They decide what is fit that as they the Emperor you take away from the people you think have too much and you get to the people you think don’t have enough they meet every week and do it themselves this was Christianity is that what you’re going to your churches or you going to the manual exercise authority your churches are just there to make you feel comfortable during apostasy. You got the wrong way you deserve tyrants and we show you philosophers historians who explained that exactly where you go you will become of you will degenerate as a people. And if you decide while I don’t care that I degenerated as a people and I’m selfish and I don’t depend upon faith open charity take care me that I go and I even the table of the King. But if the king does am I know like I would overthrow you’re going to end up with a nether tyrant worse than the one that you had before. Because you haven’t learn the lessons of a wise society you are doing and you go my will go over that crocuses more that quote because that’s what they’re doing is helping out the needy of their society to faith open charity after the early church did that’s not church does. The modern church send you to men who exercise authority because the modern church believes ally is under strong delusion and is in apostasy. And I need to repent think differently and go the other way.

Polybius warned Rome and warned us

[01:15:18] “Wherefore God also has highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name.” The character which is above every character. He’s not like the Emperor of Rome. You go right down the Emperor’s room of justice Tiberius Caligula Claudius Nero there killing each other one after seizing power menus one power seat those offices of power that the people have created to their slaw this night created him hundred and 50 years after Polybius said that this is exactly what was going to happen. And now we’ve done the same thing in American Australian in Great Britain and we wonder why the corrupter running things you want to drain the swamp. To where? The fact is the people don’t want drain the swamp they say things like that but when I show them how to do it like here in Oregon they go like all Guatemala want to do that at no because you have to change in governments will not change until you change men have to change first you have to eat you have to have good me and him and we don’t have very many of those wherefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only.” That’s the problem modern church is not obeyed not doing what Christ said so in these last couple of verses hopefully we will begin to see what we should be doing and so be right back join us at Keys of the Kingdom.

[01:16:58] Okay, welcome back. So were down in verse 14. We just saw in verse 13 where he said that it talking to those people are actually doing what Christ said to do is a saying that God either able to do this for God worketh in them, both to will and to do what is good. That’s what he’s talking about that they not only desire to do what is good to actually do it is what Christ this is what Christ said you don’t just say you want to do it. You actually do it. He had whole parables about that were yell to sons one said he was going to do it but then one said he wasn’t going to do it then repented and went did it which one was the real sign was very clear as the one who actually does what his father says and that’s repeated over again if you love me you will keep my commandments and I can become in your neighbor’s goods can be actually loving your neighbor as yourself. Which means being charitable to your neighbor you’re going you’re gonna share what you have so your neighbor doesn’t starve or suffer unduly but he goes on in saying this inverse third 14 do all things without murmuring and disputing in is murmuring and disputing these words actually means you secretly in your head arguing about like ologies have to give again all I have to send them something. Oh, you know, I have to share with my neighbor. I have to help them out don’t do it be joyful in the doing that so Thanksgiving is thankful for the opportunity of giving that Eucharist of Christ is you want to receive Christ in your heart you want to see the revelation of Christ you have to be the Eucharist of Christ. Thankful for the opportunity of laying down some of your life daily for the welfare of others. You know this you have to want to nurture your community in righteousness. Which means you don’t just as a gift everybody you know sometimes you may review and it goes on to say that that he may be blameless and harmless the sons of God the children of God. That’s what we’re supposed to be without rebuke were not going to get rebuke because we’re actually doing it in for not doing that I get to come along and rebuke you, saying why are you doing and why aren’t you taking care of one another faith open charity why are you going to men who exercise authority why he going to Maine want to take away from your neighbor… All the churches are doing which is why they are so confused and they don’t know. LGBT weddings, abortion pro-life Pro unit you’ve got to the point where people are bragging about the fact that I have boarded my child that those people have song out of reality so much they can even see the sum wrong with that in and you can see is a many many different levels everybody who is partially woke up sees all will look I’m not as crazy as these guys I’m not as crazy those guys how crazy are you I’m saying you got turn around and head back to the rock in the ways of the rock who is Christ, You’re not gonna get there through force and violence not to get to get there to flesh and blood. You’re going to get to the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Modern church doesn’t tell you the true meaning of liturgy

[01:20:32] So, he says, “Without rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation amongst whom ye shine as lights in the world.” Is that what you guys are doing are you really sitting down to tens of thousands of taking care of the needy of the society to faith open charity I’m an Amish gonna do it but I don’t think you have to grow a beard wear suspenders and right around or something you do it exactly where you’re at right now but you cannot successfully do it unless you said down the tens hundreds and thousands like Christ commanded. “Holding forth the word of life that I may rejoice in the day of Christ and I have not run in vain neither labored in vain yea and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith I enjoy and rejoice with you all for the same cause also do ye joy and rejoice with me but I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to send to medius shortly unto you to this is kind of a letter of credence, a letter of introduction. So that you know that when he shows up he’s got this letter and is all of your to meet his area is the letter I got from Paul introducing that I also may be of good comfort when I know your state. This is the state. He’s managing the affairs of state. Remember back there that were conversation this is the state of freedom though A disc is not going to take anything from you don’t freely get like the other states do he’s only going to be taking what you offer freely as a matter charity week it does footnotes here on the page that you go to and look at but he says concerning on account of because of around or near that’s what that word actually means the same as the word before that that we saw there which is leitourgia. It actually means a public office which assistant undertakes to administer at his own expense any service even the military services service of workmen that would let G comes from the Greek word liturgy and there several other words, leitourgia, etc. That has to do with to serve the state law and in Christ’s kingdom the state is serving as the state of freedom that’s what were serving as the state of freedom we we need to understand that if you’re going to understand what Christ is talking about what Paul is talking about is that he came to set men free and so we see yell this word service back there in verse 17: “Yea and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service…” That word is the liturgy at Sergio the service to the state the state of your freedom of your faith you have your allegiance to the ways of Christ instead of the allegiance to the ways of force which is the ways of the world were not supposed to be living by that you’re in the world but not of the world unit dependent upon the free bread of Rome. And all these guys in Philippi were no longer depended on the free bread from they were taking care of one another. They were administering the state of freedom if you want to be free you have to do this for I have no man like-minded who will naturally care for your state for all seek their own not the things which are Jesus Christ but you know the proof of him that as a son with the father he has served with me in the gospel.” He’s talking about Tometheos, “Him therefore I hope to send presently so soon as I shall see how.”

Letter of credence as to who is a minister of Christ

[01:24:52] So anyway, what he’s talking about is this serving the kingdom of God this ministers of the kingdom of God he said is really hard to find other guys who are men of service like this and I will profess Paul is right is really hard to find he’s seeing how things will go with him is what he says in the whole verse but that word “seeing how”… I put a link in there also was the look and see what word you know it how her concerning her anyway which I can do the safe and that’s what I actually been doing for the last few weeks as the working on a way which I can share with you how to know who is a minister of Christ and who is a minister of Christ. How we can put together letters of accreted such as letters of appointments and letters of determination what were looking for what is the process of that. In my heart I can see it right away but now I have to explain it to other people and if you’ve read some of the other books you see how I don’t just say this of my record I have to go back to the Bible and see what how did they say this then how did they do this and here we see this example, in Philippians, where he’s writing this letter of credence casinos to medius he knows what kind of guy he is. And they work together while our network reaches all the way across to South Africa and Australia and I don’t get to sit down and work with all these guys so I have to depend upon what other guys the testimony of other people in order say yeah okay I recognize that guy okay I know who that is good so and so I do know has met with that guy and so it’s just it’s doing her homework. And to understand that this is what you need to do to put together a network that is not only strong encouragement strong in faith you have to do this for all seek their own he says not the things which are Jesus Christ.” We have to deal with the ways of Christ and not be selfish doing her own thing so what were doing is creating offices of service. See, the world creates offices of power. that exercise authority one over the other were forbidden to do that we have to create offices of service and we can only give testimony to those that we see serving the ways of Christ serving that which Christ is said for us to do. “But you know the proof of him that as a son with the father he had served with me in the gospel so this is EEs got some personal experience him therefore I hope to send presently so soon as I shall see how and it will go how it will go with me what I can get away with it when I can go…” Well, remember, he’s back there and her house arrest in Rome and we explained in the previous deal why he went there to Rome why he appealed to Rome was because he was a Roman citizen he was a Roman citizen is romancing go look that up but I trust in the Lord that I also myself shall come shortly.” He is hoping to I don’t think he ever did yet I supposed it necessary to send to send to the pepper fruit diet this my brother and companion in labor and fellow soldier but your messenger and he that minister to my wants.” So anyway he is mentioning somebody else that he labels my brother and if you he’s brother then he’s also a brother in Christ this is what the brethren of Christ the Saints was referring to these people who were in this position of service for he longed after you all and was full of heaviness because that he had heard that he had been sick for indeed he was sick and I unto death but God had mercy on him and not on him only but on me also nest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.” So he’s letting them know that this guy had been sick and he’d survived and that he was you know that he didn’t want to see this guy lost in a he gives credit to God that the guy got better I don’t know what the illness was but there is a price to pay in the ministry let people see that all see the hours and hours of time in this personal sacrifice and your whole family sacrifices when you’re in a ministry. Totally dependent upon the good wishes and goodwill of others. And you are not soliciting everybody send me fund I want you to sit down on the tens of hundreds of thousands and take start taking care of your local congregations in faith hope and charity and do it in accordance to the way that Christ commanded. That’s what we do I sent him therefore the more carefully that when he see the ECM again he may rejoice and that I may be the less sorrowful. So he’s careful how is sending this guy because he had been really sick but he wants the people to know that this guy had been second sacrificed in sacrifice for them that’s what he was saying earlier that he suffered all these things so that these people might be free isn’t that what Christ did isn’t that coming in the name of Christ is that what your ministers do or are they living high on the hog because there’s good money in tickling the ears the people and telling them they don’t have to do anything that I have to do the will of Christ they don’t have to do the will of the father they just have to say they love them and their automatically saved. That’s crazy! Meanwhile, they are actually allowing the people to do the exact opposite of what Christ said to do actually doing what Christ condemned they encourage people to do what Christ condemned. Which was the Corbin of the Pharisees if you don’t know what that is you need to look that up. “…receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness and hold such in reputation because for the work of Christ he was nine unto death not regarding his life to supply your lack of service towards me. And so anyway, he come to serve Paul and help Paul.

Differences between the early church and the modern church

[01:32:00] You’ve got to remember that tens of thousands of Christians were no longer taking any of the welfare benefits of the state of Rome. They had moved away from that they were taking the benefits of the state of the Pharisees because the states lead you into bondage and made you merchandise. And cursed her children with debt. And, of course, those of you been following along in seeing you this is going to the time of Caligula who was running up that in an Nero who in Claudius even ramped at a local audience was a little bit more fiscally responsible he was kinda the trump of his day in some ways but a East they still were going downhill and then of course he was followed by Nero which was worse than Caligula and he absconded with the huge volumes of the treasury of the state and brought them to a horrible status shortly after that they had lots of troubles with emperors occasionally getting a little bit better one and then getting worse one. That’s the thing as long as you create those offices of power Menzie power will seek office and of course by hundred and 50 A.D. you had in Tony’s P is in there and he had Justin the Martyr writing telling them how Christians do it and what he was telling them isn’t what Christians do today what is what it 150 years ago in America and what they do today they the wealthy amounts of those that have amongst them were Sherry with the president of the meeting that she used the translation says president of the meeting but that the Principe’s see the pretty positive ethos of Rome was the president of Rome. But he had power to exercise authority one over the other contacts of people he was also the commander-in-chief peaked rule the Army amd order the army to go here and go there yellow and so he was this chief executive officer pretty positive ethos and commander-in-chief whether pretty positive the church he can’t rule over the people again for he cannot exercise authority one over the other Christ for bids with a different kind of government. But it is a nether form of government. That’s way the church is defined even today in Blacks Law dictionary that the church is one form of government that preaches the doctrines of Christ for his purposes. For what he desired we decided that you be free well if you’re not going to do what Christ said if you’re not gonna sit down in the tens of thousands take care of one another defend righteousness and that attend to the daily ministration, and attend to the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy, and faith. These are all names of articles weightier matters explaining what Christ was actually telling the people to do your modern churches and doing so you on until you leave the modern church until you turn around and start seek I tell you if you turn around and start seeking the kingdom of God start seeing what Christ actually said and then you speak up about it in your local churches most of your local churches will cast you out. Because they’re cults that want you to be loyal to them in the doctrines they preach just you to start quoting Jesus some of the quotes that we show you the Jesus says ask your pastor what about this what about this isn’t asking benefits from the government coveting my neighbor’s goods to the men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other didn’t Christ say it was not to be that way with us there to show you the door folks most of them if they don’t, praise the Lord! that if they say you know you’re right holy praise God okay that they admitted that there right. Now, do they have the will to do what is right. And that the process. And the best process to do that is sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands like Christ commanded—that’s why its’ the best, because Christ commanded it—and start taking care of one another.

The people, not the government, were responsible for the corruption and fall of Rome

[01:36:44] That’s what we’re trying to show. That’s why I’ve been working on this… I’ve been working on for months now. It’s amazing it’s really a struggle I was working on for hours this morning before the show and but I had a revelation this morning most my revelations are in the morning and I realize all of this so obvious I should’ve thought of as in so anyway I put a little note there that I will add that to it eventually will put it into the minister’s manual we now that you can’t get the minister’s manual online that’s for ministers that’s just for ministers and is not even completed yet is still a work of love and brought progress. But that this will be added to it because somebody who just read the minister’s manual for the first time was saying that it helped put so many things in place. And it’s full of footnotes just like all the other books, trying to show you exactly the responsibility of the ministers of course Paul is telling you that in Philippi and but what you understand these people he’s writing in Philippi and all the churches there are no longer going to the government that offers them free bread and circuses welfare me they would give out not just bread but cheese and wine in and have big feasts meet at the big feast you know they would be giving all the stuff out to the needy of society and that’s how they got the one votes that way now the emperors were voted into power they were there were voted in by an electoral college and then take an oath of office they didn’t always take that oath though sometimes they snuck around that oath but there was an actual oath of office on tablets that they would read because they were granted this office by the Senate which was their electoral college on his history repeating itself is not that different there are some differences but the reality was that Rome fell because of the slot in covetousness of the people. It wasn’t the government’s fault. Power corrupts. If you bait your offices with power resemble give you more power if you just fix things for me you’re going up a tyrant and see that’s one of the great flaws of looking to tromp to solve the problem I pray for drop everyday hope he does well same as I would pray for that prime minister who used to be the Prime Minister of Australia. I don’t know who’s there now. I can’t keep track all these leaders. I’m seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and that’s what the people need to do and it will change what you perceive and see and understand and it will also give you the full armor of God as you continue to follow in the ways of God. And the ways of God are not covetous ways. They are not selfish ways they are not greedy ways they are not slothful ways. They are diligent ways where you don’t get the condemnation the Pharisees because of your corban or because you failed to attend to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith.

Texas church shooting

[01:40:07] When those people shot that crazed murderer came in with a shotgun in that church that was a blessing on that guy he only killed two people before he died had he been allowed to walk around he may have killed 4,5,6,7… I don’t how many shells he had with the outcome pump shotgun and I guess he was gone for the pastor but they stopped him now would be a nice if they can to stop themselves of it was a we should wound the scattershot can he fire that again somebody’s libel to die yet and he had to shoot high in us all bulletproof best way to stop them you know save them he had to shoot high because were people running around he was very careful what he was doing he was he was a professional he was an instructor I guess he’s an NRA instructor but he knew what he was doing and he did a good job unfortunately the bad guy died fortunately no more other people died unfortunately the media doesn’t understand how that works. Fortunately some people are starting to wake up. But the important thing to you is are you willing to wake up? Are you willing to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness what you are join us on the living network. Join us in or and join the network. Join the living network and seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness until then peace on your house and may God be with you.

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