Key 2002 – Philippians 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2002

A discussion of the political environment that served as a background for the book of Philippians and its practical governmental applications for today.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 04, 2020

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[00:01:04] Details on Philippi and the attempt to restore the Roman republic
[00:04:55] Caligula and the fall of Rome
[00:12:10] Conversation = Running the civil affairs of government
[00:23:30] What is worship?
[00:40:50] Functional Kingdom of God

Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, were going to the talking about the Kingdom of God they get my microphones adjusted to having trouble getting into the studio and then do a lot of things to keep things moving here but anyway were off and the it looks like everything is connected so what were we to talk about today is the letter to Philippians we been talking about it for a couple of weeks now.

Details on Philippi and the attempt to restore the Roman republic

[00:01:04] Philippi’s this Greek city that became Roman after that and it was famous to the Romans partly because all the soldiers had been there during the Augustus’s writing course that was like 50 years before when the Augustus came to power and most of those soldiers who were in that great battler that was literally a revolutionary war in Rome where they were trying to go back and restore the Republic that it shifted away from some of the principles of the Republic Avenue for at least 100 years. Back in the days of Polybius he said that the people were becoming accustomed to living at the expense of others, their neighbor, and had employed the rule of force to obtain benefits and went to the Bible calls unrighteous mammon. What they also call the wages of unrighteousness the rewards of unrighteousness the iniquity of unrighteousness. They translate it different ways you don’t catch on, I guess. I don’t know why they had translated so many different ways. But what was happening Rome as they were moving from a Republic of independent capitalistic you own your property you owned your labor you own your family and you came together if foreigners tried to invade you came together if you had a big work project that you wanted to accomplish anyway will hopefully will get all the studio figured out the and will start doing videos but wrong move from a Republic to an indirect democracy and into an imperial power. Too much power was vested in the Senate and then eventually and a vested in the Imperator or the commander-in-chief of the pretty possibly toss the Chief Executive Officer of Rome and the also the apotheos of Rome. He appointed all the federal judges or Imperial judges throughout the empire a lot of local judges were picked locally but he began to issue where he was putting people on the bench to determine Imperial crimes. Well, you kind emperors over. Time Emperor office was in which was all three of those combined they were actually separate offices some years Augustine is did not win the election to be the president of Rome he still remain the commander-in-chief but he was not the president of Rome somebody else was the president of Rome because he wasn’t in Rome and Carthage have cell phones and all that stuff so that was reasonable it was probably a good friend of because he really held the power beheld the Army held the power it was at one time absolutely illegal for the Roman army day to come to Rome and be used for law enforcement. It could not be used against Romans.

Virginia gun debate

[00:04:07] Now we have people in Virginia talking about using, not only the U.S. Army and the National Guard against individual citizens to disarm them and with it the stuff that is going on in the news he then actually mentioned in more than one place using foreign troops actually invite stated that he thought about inviting in foreign troops to enforce illegal statutes passed the first they had been passed yet but this is again a regular course there are some people who think they are patriots that are talking about armed revolution. Which would be an absolute disaster. An absolute disaster for the same reason…

Caligula and the fall of Rome

[00:04:55] …it was an absolute disaster in Rome when they had an armed revolution to try to overthrow Caligula who is just a horrible horrible president of Rome and in Imperator he really was hardly even the Imperator the goal of little boots because you know he would have his little boots outside his tent because he wasn’t a very big guy and he wasn’t did the soldiers didn’t think too much of them and he was just terribly immoral and incompetent and everything else but he was Emperor so what do you say that’s what happened sometimes you get somebody’s absolutely dishonest in this position of power they wreak havoc and somebody got the bright idea to have a revolution to overthrow Caligula to kill him and they kill him and a lot of other people but eventually praetorian guard prevailed and they didn’t want the Emperor to go back to be in a Republic they wanted to keep their job security in the government they were part of the vast bureaucracy that had grown up when the people were being slothful in the necessary exercise of responsibilities required to sustain a Republic and so the Republic decayed away just like Polybius said. You can go to our website are preparingyou and look up Polybius and he will you will see what he said was going to happen Rome and being a historian he was also a profit because you know history you know the future because we repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over Again Lay Way, Augustus became the Emperor at Philippi at defeating the people who wanted to restore the Republic because the people who wanted to restore the Republic did not really understand the necessary requirements to run a free government they had lost the skills they had degenerated as a people and therefore could not win that battle in the Gustus prevailed. That’s exactly what would happen if people tried to overthrow the government today. Big mistake. Before governments will change, men must change.

Three branches of federal government

[00:07:11] And of course, Christ comes along… born about 25 years after Caesar Augustus became the first Caesar Imperator and president of Rome and a pointer of judges because those are all three of his office. Exactly what the president of the United States does today. That same thing doesn’t go on and every other country some countries at prime ministers and parliaments they don’t have you we have ascended in a congressman at you the Congressman. But both Senate and Congress are legislative branches of government. Then we have a judicial branch of government but the president gets to appoint the judges that rule federal matters he doesn’t appoint a local state judges but the federal judges he does exactly what was going on in Rome at that time. And so that’s what’s going on today. And there’s a lot of things that we have done wrong over the last 100 200 years and unless you start going back and finding out what we’ve done wrong, as individuals, you’re not going to be able to fix the problem with any violent revolution. So violent revolution is absolutely foolish and we’re totally against a violent revolution we set the stage I don’t know years down the road maybe it will be different I’m all for you having the right to bear arms. You should do that just because there’s a bunch of street gangers out the and people who rush in the homes and Robbie Bolan and the general I don’t know maybe there could be a foreign invasion or something like that and we would have to help out the military.

The fourth branch of government

[00″08:53] The fourth branch of government we talked about the three branches of government in the Constitution there were three branches of government the legislative the judicial and executive. That’s the president and his cabinet that the executive branch but that’s just within the Constitution that’s not the only branches of government. There is a fourth branch of government and that’s the people who so why did they mention the people you know in the ninth amendment the 10th amendment powers not granted to the federal government are retained by the states and the people and so the people have some of the power of government that it’s not granted to the government by the Constitution now you might have granted some of that power to the government through contract. Through making deals you know applying for benefits you the greatest destroys of liberty are the grantors of the guest gratuities and benefits so maybe you’ve applied to a bunch of benefits and lost access to some of your rights maybe you become a surety for debt because you asked to be taken care of by the government if you failed to do so. See, in a republic, the responsibility is with you you have the right to choose what the Greeks called X to Sia you had the liberty to choose that’s way it is in a Republic but if you have the power to choose for you to the government that I have the power to choose they can actually borrow money in your name and then you have to pay it back because you gave them the power now what you did or not…

Covenants of the Gods

[00:10:37] I would recommend you read the book Covenants of the Gods. And that book will tell you. You can buy it from us just what we actually put it online whole book free online and we have to put it on in HTML and PHP in and the PDF formats it’s all over the place you can read the whole book for free over 800 footnotes it will tell you how you winning to bondage how you became merchandise how you cursed your children with debt and how you may covenants with men who exercise authority to get those benefits and you yourself were entangled in the elements of the world and in the yoke of bondage. Just like Peter predicted Paul predicted and Christ predicted that you would do and so anyway we explain all that lots of other recordings.

[00:11:29] But were talking about this epistle to the Philippians. So what can we learn from the epistle to the Philippians. There is only four chapters, I think, in that. So we’ve done one into and so we are to do number three and so I’m on the page here at preparing you and got a lot of site notes now one of the things real quick brief rundown go back in the first chapter and you go down to, what is it, verse 21 see where is the verse I can find it here by that I think in the Hennessey 27…

Conversation = Running the civil affairs of government

[00:12:10] Verse 27: “only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ.” The conversation I want to suck you like us when we talk we talk we do we don’t use cuss words and stuff like that that what that means no that’s not what that means that were there, conversation, means running the civil affairs of government. So you need to run the civil affairs of government?! that we, the gospel of Christ of the gospel is called the gospel of the kingdom and the word church is still defined today is one form of government we don’t think of it as a government, because we think of a government is an institution and exercises authority one over the other. But that’s not all governments don’t do that some governments are voluntary governments. Some people even call them anarchies. But that term is got a lot of bad press over the last 50 to 100 years. So what it means is there’s nobody who can exercise authority one over the other. All the rights to choose are in your hands there for all the responsibility to choose is in your hand and the responsibility of running the government is in your hand because you’re the fourth branch of government. We have a little bit of judiciary in the church, but it’s all voluntary judiciary you will help you arbitrate disputes and disagreements and stuff like that. We’ll help you keep records and things like that. But we don’t make the laws all the laws that we need are already made young adults ~don’t murder you know don’t do mean they don’t bear false witness we got all those we don’t need 10,000 laws. But corrupt people do. Tacitus always said, “The more laws the more corrupt the people.” The more corrupt the people the more laws you going to get so yeah but we’ll need that because the kingdom of God only works for moral people. It only works for kind just people it only looks works for people were actually seeking the righteousness of God in their conversation. The way in which they run civil affairs. But the civil affairs in the early church were run by the people and they didn’t go to the courts of Rome dating go to the welfare from the and go get the free bread of Rome. They had to conduct their government themselves. That’s the only road to freedom. That’s the only way to freedom.

American Revolution had battles where nobody was killed

[00:14:48] You want to get freedom by shooting a people. That’s not what the American Revolution… You know a lot of the battles in the American Revolution, nobody died in. They took folk for Ticonderoga nobody died there and took a number of the forts along the Western frontier nobody died in numerous of those force that they took the late seats to them for days firing at them and all the stuff they made sure they can kill anybody because it wasn’t as violent a revolution… You know, most of the people died while there were battles against them where they died but a lot of the battles or a lot of the deaths were the result of disease and in hunger and exposure and stuff like that Valley Forge, it was rough. You can go to all that but will have to talk about that later if you have questions join the network asked those questions we will address them on different broadcasts. And if you really smarter you’re really brave one of the other maybe a little about and you want to debate some of the things that I say, get a hold of us and will bring you hundreds guess it will do a special podcast just so you can debate whether or not what I’m telling you is true or not. If you think it’s wrong you come in telescope we want to know if we’re doing wrong. If we’re saying wrong. But anyway…

Paul was not a Roman citizen

[00:16:08] So Paul’s telling the people in Philippi how to run a government of free people. That’s what he’s talking about. When they talk about G back to liturgy was how you ran the government and they had we talk this morning about one of the words here that you find in the text is actually that the word for liberty talks about naturally care for your state you know any ashy has a word there that that supposedly means state. But that but it actually has a do with this you christ set us free. If you joined the Christians in their network of faith, hope and charity, you are that was now your government there is another king when Jesus and of course now some you can say while Paul was a Roman citizen know he wasn’t I know that Sadie was something there and some people translated as a Roman citizen we’ve Artie explained dozens of times you have whole articles on the subject to showing he wasn’t what you would think a Roman citizen. He wasn’t going to be voting for the legislature of the local groups he wasn’t going to have a his representatives picking the Emperor he wasn’t that kind of Roman citizen. He was Romeo’s now their whole deal and tire so anyway if he had think it was footnote number 15 that always says here yea and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of our of your faith the service of your faith. There’s that word Latour Geo which means a public office which is citizen undertakes to administer at his own expense enough course one what Paul did Paul said many times that he did the things at his own expense. And that word actually shows up a couple of times in this particular appraisal. But we can go down and read chapter 3 we better cook along here fast if we want to get to chapter 3, and Aleve only chapter 4 Noble do it all today but anyway in chapter 3: Talking to them how to run a free government of the people for the people and by the people where their liberty is an attack where the ecstasy of the power to choose is in the hands of the people…

[00:18:43] And that’s what Paul is talking about Romans 13… the word there is exousia and that they translate power they also translated liberty it means right in the concordance and say the right to choose anything let every man remain subject to the higher liberty because all liberties of God there is no liberty but of God and anyone who opposes liberty opposes God. That’s actually what it says that is not the standard word for power is the standard word for right to choose is the strongest word in the Greek language according to Aristotle for the word liberty it was used by poets of the time to mean liberty or right to choose and for other authors at the time. We show all this in the book the Higher Liberty which you could buy from us but guess what it’s free online at my goodness we give everything away for free in that amazing! But what we don’t give away for free is freedom because freedom is not free freedom requires that you take back your responsibility and change the way you think.

Paul talks in metaphors

[00:19:49] So anyway, chapter 3: “Finally, my brethren is he’s Artie said all the things in some of the recordings are up yet is will be up in a week or so if you join the network you’ll the let you know when they’re up finally my brother and rejoice in the Lord to write the same things to you to me indeed is not grievous but for you it is safe.” It is safe. Wow, that’s an odd word there we can look that up to but Mesquite moving here beware of dogs he says beware of evil workers beware of the concision what did that mean let’s get down will take a look at that word was footnote on the page it tells you what that word actually means… “For we are the circumcision which worship God in the spirit and rejoice in Jesus Christ and have no confidence in the flesh now the flash was the flesh. Again, he’s full of metaphors. He’s he’s a Jewish person who knows Hebrew and read Hebrew is the whole language is full of metaphors almost every word has two meanings both an abstract meaning and a very subjective objective meaning which it has to do with a thing like the word for reins of control also means kidney. And the word for liver also means to honor so that this is the language so he thinks in these metaphors so that’s what he’s talking about anyway we have the flash we aren’t to live in the flesh we are living the spirit. Now, that is a mean we don’t walk around the flesh we live in the world we eat we help one another but we don’t live by wantonness. We don’t force our neighbor to contribute to our welfare. We gather together in a community of people that have we actually do need help they will be there for us. And we have the faith that they’ll be there for us. And the way we know they’ll be there for us is that we are there for them. We love one another we care about one another.

Protecting sheep from coyotes

[00:22:06] And, you know, many of us may have guns. You know, I live out in the desert. I herd sheep on the desert if coyotes come around I can try to eat my sheep I got a show no preference at the from negative they coyotes that you know I mean I don’t shoot them when they’re up in the mountains jackrabbits in my that’s fine but it they come down and decide to get a taste for mutton, I have to shoot them yell but I don’t make war on coyotes.


[00:22:42] But anyway, that word concision… he talks about it… Concision – to cut up to mutilate to spoil. Why, has anybody ever spoiled your Republic? you tell me anybody spoiled your Republic are you familiar with anybody spoiling your Republic cutting it up. Dividing it up. Dividing of the power of the people in and handing it out to others yell Paul’s not force or easy we would be circumcision of the heart. Circumcision of the flesh was a symbol. He’s talking about circumcision of the heart. And he talks about, “for we are circumcision which worship God.”

What is worship?

[00:23:30] What is worshiping? There’s a link… on actual out there is it tells you what the word means to make that word “worship” on that page a link that will actually take you to a whole article on what worship is and I talked about this morning they were talk about these couple of good Chinese girls and their crying and singing song if he was at what a wonderful worship service that worship that’s crying and singing songs. Worship is paying homage. You pay homage to the King not because you bow down and kisses ring but because you do with the King says so what did Christ say serve one another and that particular word we see translated worship there at actually means to serve for hire to serve to minister to etc. So even if you were to serve God, how do you serve God? Got don’t need any help from you you serve God by serving one another Christ told you that so that’s the worship he’s talking about that what and that’s what is necessary for free state is that people have to care about one another they have to check on one another that the be there for one it takes people of courage to do that. It takes unselfish people to do that it takes people who are more interested in law judgment mercy and faith than their own personal comfort they’re willing to drop everything and come to your you like me you know 11 the communities were attacked the Minutemen dropped everything they had and they ran to help other people. Americans learned to do that in order to survive. Indians already know how to do that. and they helped one another often an American saw the same thing they help one another and a lot of Indians in these Americans who came over got along real good. Some of them warred with each other is always selfish people around is always angry people around. But a lot of them did really well and we can go into that.

[00:25:41] But let’s go on to verse 4: “Though I might also have confidence in the flesh if any other man think is that he has whereof he might trust in the flesh I more circumcised the eighth day of the stock of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin at Hebrew on the Hebrews as touching the law of the Pharisees the law of Pharisee that’s what he was his affairs and concerning zeal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless…” He was doing all those things but he realized that he was worshiping the metaphor and set of the spirit of the law I was being unjust but what things were gain to me those I counted lost to Christ yet a doubtless and I count all things but lost for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but dung that I may win Christ.” So he say saying all the stuff he learned in all his rituals of religion you know like we talked this morning I guess the Lutheran Church is dividing over the gay rights marriage thing and everything weld they’ve already divided themselves from Christ because they said to the people that it was okay to covet your neighbor’s goods as long as you do the government and everybody signed up for government benefits and gave more power to the government and now their children are cursed with a debt that they’ve created by doing this and they themselves are surety for debt. We show you the actual technical way this all came about but we don’t blame it on the government. I mean, there are people and government have done bad things is certainly there were guys who came up with really bad ideas but the problem is you been so awful in the ways the kingdom because your ministers have crept in and taught you false doctrines that Christ didn’t say and they haven’t talked to that things a Christ and say so that’s what we’re doing so you haven’t heard about us before we have hundreds and hundreds of recordings and podcasts going out every week that you listen to and find out what it was all about you have questions, again, join the network and then there will be people on the network of the show you where the rate is a lot to look to the show you where the recordings are and where the information is that so that you can go through and find out what they haven’t been telling you and your churches are you didn’t learn when you used to go to church. You may have left church already because you found them all about you hypocrites I understand and I felt those I don’t see those Israel churches. I see them as people posing as a church because Christ said to be many people who said their cumin in his name and the and there actually workers of iniquity. I don’t know who they are not alone you badmouth all churches. Because you can find good people in all these places it’s usually the workers the people that are you know they read about Christ they see something there Christ and they want to follow Christ and they think will how do I find out about law go to church and they’ll teach me about him. You know, unfortunately there’s a lot of churches out there that are snare they’re not really telling you the truth or trying to get you all caught up in emotionalism that are really showing you that the power of the spirit they make great this artificial fake spirit with emotionalism and you note that they soccer people and then they get some good really good people, who are trying to follow Christ, to follow them. We want to follow us. We’d like you to gather with us and help us as same as we will help you seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and learn what we’ve been learning for the last half-century and trying to teach other people but that’s up to you.

Don’t read the Old Testament through the brainwashing people gave you with the New Testament

[00:30:01] But I can tell you this… If you want your rights back, you’re not going to get them back unless you take back your responsibility. Paul realized this. And all the stuff he been taught before as a lawyer for the Jews and he was a Pharisee everything he counts it is dung. It’s garbage and yet we have a lot of people genuinely see something wrong with the modern church. And so that they try different things you like they try to become messianic Jews and they try to go back to the Old Testament and and and follow all those rituals and everything like that. And has great messages in the old… Moses and Jesus were in agreement. The problem is when they go back to the Old Testament, they’re reading into the eyes of people who have been brainwashed by the people who deceive you in the New Testament. And we go through we have another book, Thy Kingdom Comes, you go and read why they were really talking about in the Old Testament. We have a couple of chapters in the early part we had those same articles up… And guess what that books free online to. Thy kingdom comes and that you go read “Sacrifice and Sophistry” that’s one names or “Artifice in Languageland”… there telling you exactly what the Old Testament was really talking about. What were the alters. What was an altar play well result of stone they were actually voluntary Institute institutions Jerry to help the people buying themselves together by love instead of by force. By caring for one another and honoring that care with one another rather than by binding contracts nobody was… No Levites kicked in your door and confiscate your property because you didn’t tie inside into died you should die because that’s how you run the government but the government isn’t one that ruled overview so they can force the contributions of the people. And you decide to help one another out they can start forcing contributions until they asked to have a keen meal they elected a president and then next thing you know that was this new thing on the block called taxes. and Israel that no taxes no real taxes in Israel for hundreds and hundreds of years and all of a sudden Saul does this foolish thing. You look up the article, it’s called Foolish.” And it tells you what Saul did that caused his kingdom not to stand. And that’s what’s going to happen with the world today the governments who depend upon force will end up falling on their own sword, just like Saul.

[00:32:45] But we’re going to read about what Paul is talking about here in verse 9: “And be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law and that law is not the 10 Commandments he’s talking about that’s the all the rules of the Pharisees… “but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith that’s the love one another to voluntary government rather than to force which is what John the Baptist is saying… “if by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead not as though I had already attained either were already perfect but I follow after if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before I pressed forward are toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” He used to do it like the Pharisees he saying anything now I shouldn’t be doing it like the Pharisees I should be doing I Christ said the Pharisees had Korbin a sacrifice that was compelled by Herod and the Pharisees signed up you had to pay in I was making the word of God and unaffected as it wasn’t a freewill offering anymore Christ went back to the freewill offering to everybody who follow Jesus as King stayed in the system of freewill offering everybody who said they had no pain but Caesar, they went under tribute. And that’s just the way goes. If you’re under tribute today it’s because you haven’t been walking in the ways of Paul in the lobby will say what you want dollars religious to this is practical knowledge you can strip away what you think is religious stuff, but you should read article on religion however legit just 200 years ago religion was completely defined differently than the way you define it today. You will not find the religion definition of 200 years ago if you Google the word religion today and less you find our site at preparingyou or hisholychurch and read the article on religion. Find out what it means that all this keep you in suspense on that will do now to take a little break as I know they always want me to take a little break said half-hour and we actually gone over a little bit and then will be right back to Keys of the Kingdom.

If worship is about emotional singing, then Sabbath is about the 7th day

[00:35:54] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re looking at Philippians and finding out what Philippians was really all about, what the Bible was really all about. The Bible mentions government more than any otherwise and say more than interventions righteousness more than anything else and that word shows up his righteousness or justice 70 Christ condemned the Pharisees because they were not and Jews in general are many of the Jews in general could then condemn all the Jews because all the apostles were juice Jesus was a Jew as though I you wait I against Jews I have something against unrighteousness of your if you’re doing unrighteousness I’ll give you loads render Joel witness are Seventh-day Adventist or Jewish or Muslim if you’re doing unrighteousness I’ll write you lightning down a strike aligned to get your doing bad things that you’re not on my side but if you repent and you decide to do righteous things… Okay, okay. this has them coffee together sometime much copy but you know you whatever you want to drink will will will Sam have a drinking loaf of bread or what have you but because it’s about righteousness and the Pharisees were not attending to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith the Bibles about doing that it’s about law it that’s why you see that Moses and the 10 Commandments on the Supreme Court. Because they already wrote down probably the most concise comprehensive statement of law is the 10 Commandments question are you probably don’t understand keeping the Sabbath you think it has to do count of days and see what day is it is it Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday… No Sabbath is about debt. It’s about staying out of debt because you work first then you take your rest back yet after the Sabbath is about is not a candidate if worship is about singing songs and maybe you calm seven days and sing all your songs on the seventh day it was about saying praises and repeating endless repeating of prayers okay but that’s not what Jesus said he made the Bible warns us about endless repetition. That isn’t it. is not about saying in worship is about obeying and obeying means you not gonna be coveting your neighbor’s goods to the agency of mental exercise authority one over the other. If you do that you will degenerate, that’s what Bolivia says you will degenerate into perfect savages. You can look up “Perfect savages” on preparingyou and you’ll find an article about being a perfect savage.


[00:38:48] So anyway verse 15: “Let us therefore as many as be her fake not perfect savages like the rest of you were taking a bite out of one another by taking away the rights of your neighbor and not letting him have the right to choose to help you are not based on about being perfect in the ways of Christ, and he says, “as being perfect be the minded and if any if it if in anything ye are otherwise minded thinking that way not wanting to live by faith open sharing the perfect love liberty God shall reveal even this unto you nevertheless whereto we have already attained let us walk.” In other words, ed on this list stay steadfast in this righteous way of taking care of one another to faith open charity if need be what happens is you have a lot of people don’t need much help if you make L available where suddenly it is virtuous to be poor and that’s what happened I heard her Ben Shapiro the other day I don’t know why I was listening to Ben Shapiro but some reason other people send me all kinds of things at night and asked me questions and so I have to look at them. But anyway, he was talking about it is history but he was talking about the hierarchy of this these people who think ill okay you you know you’re black, you get so many points, if you’re a black woman you get even more points, if you’re a black woman is gay you get even more at its intersection reality talk about their sexuality hierarchy so you hire a higher up in this intersectionality hierarchy again Arlene said is it just absurd. But the Kingdom of God is just to reverse.

Functional Kingdom of God

[00:40:50] If you’re a lazy, selfish, arrogant, irresponsible drug addict, you don’t have any hierarchy in the Kingdom of God. If you’re one that is repentant and wants to do the right thing by your family and yourself and your body in their flesh and all the stuff, hey, we’re all willing to help you but how do we know year that way well Christ showed us you buy what you do what one of the they did is they gathered in groups of tens hundreds and thousands and they formed a network to reach all across the Roman Empire if anybody really needed help they were there but they knew if they needed help or not because they had this network and those that had share with those that did not have enough. We show you that that’s exactly how the early church was organized to do that now it was a government voluntary government what happens is all the people who really want don’t want to be a burden to their neighbor they start gathering together all the people who are self-starters, industrious hard-working, they start gathering together and they become a viable force. That’s why the authors like the guy who wrote that “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” said that Christianity, the church, became a viable Republic in the heart of the Roman Empire because a Republic requires people of responsibility these are all people who are responsible for themselves and were willing to help other people when they actually really needed help. But they only wanted to help them in a way that strengthened because to do otherwise which is what the world is doing they want to help you until you’re weak, because they can control weak people.

[00:42:48] That’s why say these guys talk about armed revolution, that is nonsense. You’re too weak. all yeah you got a gun you can shoot it that’s not gonna cut it that is you is trading chaos you I get together in small groups it actually care about one another I had somebody I wrote an article for news and views and it’s up there can room which one it was but I was on the Article 2 Section 22 showing the that 70-75% of the people who run for office in the state organ are felons and have no right to the office that they have obtained including the government that we show this in five minutes article up you go preparingyou look at it. But the reason nobody does anything about it is all the other people run for office of violated the Oregon Constitution are felons and must forfeit their office but they don’t bring that up. So we’re just pointing out there bearing false witness and this is what’s this is scary to me that the zombie apocalypse is upon you. These people are just turn their backs on honor in truth and in less the people wake up and hold them to account for all man will break loose but I don’t want to see people fighting in the streets. I want to see people standing up and changing through the ways of righteous. Start bearing true witness start admitting yo yeah I made a mistake I shouldn’t have taken the money I can run for office for two terms now I will step down and everybody else needs to step down because that’s the law. If we don’t get people like that in Oregon organs illogical the problem is you find this in every state they don’t have that particular Article 2 Section 22 but you’ll find it everywhere. But amongst Christians, that are going to stand up and speak the truth there to bear true witness not was the problem of so many of our ministers have read the Bible they know Christ said you not to covet Paul said that you covet, you have no inheritance in the kingdom. They were not to have anything to do with you if you desire benefits the wages of unrighteousness at the expense of your neighbor from men who exercise authority you’re not a Christian. I don’t care what emotional experience you had in April 15, 1922, you’re not a Christian. You know, people always tell you that’s when I was say I’m not so that’s a strong delusion but it’s not so.

Cross of Christ

[00:45:37] So anyway, verse 17: “Brethren, be followers together of me and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an example for many walk of whom I have told you often and now tell you even weeping that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ. Many people say their Christians but they’re actually the enemies of the cross of Christ and put a live link there on the cross of Christ he can understand what that’s all about people they use that the people used to come claims is auto see you government to the cross across idle article up on mention the cross across all time in the book but I actually tell you what it means it doesn’t mean what they say those guys who delivered the whole nation in the bondage of Egypt is a worse today than the bondage of Egypt bondage of Egypt and contacts is never more than 20% of your labor. Lot more than that now. and if you count all the other taxes amended there to suck and you dry but you owe the tax and nothing you don’t the tax I’m telling you how you got to that point so you can change if you change there’s hope if you decide not to change it think that your fix it lots of luck with that.

Government is the problem because you’re the fourth branch that is being slothful

[00:47:04] Anyway, “whose end is destruction…” all these guys who don’t really understand what the gospel is all about… the gospel about righteousness and government not self-righteous arrogance, “whose God is their belly…” yoga they will fill their bellies with the benefits of the world and whose glory is in their shame who mind earthly things for our conversation as our conversation again, “is in heaven from whence also we look for the savior. Augustus Caesar was called the savior of Rome. That’s a guess this means savior of Rome but Christ was a different kind savior he was going to restore the Republic by telling you you have to take back your responsibilities of your conversation. Of your you know what you’re saying to one another. “he Lord Jesus Christ who shall change our vile bodies that it may be fashioned like unto the glorious body according to the workings whereby he is able even to subdue all things under himself.” Now that’s getting into the metaphysical, the quantum realm of an awakening. And that’s a different thing than most people will… yell we have articles up on that until we have recordings on that so that you understand when you start taking back your responsibility… admitting that you’re the problem is not got your that’s what the I mentioned Reagan’s speech this morning I think even that where he said the earliest in a conversation with somebody that he said that the government is not the solution it’s a problem well actually the problem is you being the fourth branch of government are slothful in your responsibility. So, yeah, government is the problem is you’re on the problem your sloth is the problem. You’re not gathering together to care for one another. And to guarantee righteousness.

[00:49:27] I was telling about the guy when I wrote that article for his views he rode up and he admitted all of what he didn’t understand some of the things because he had swallowed hook line and sinker the false narrative in relationship to Article 2 Section 22. Lotta people have him always overcoming at the article we wrote explains that that false narrative is falsely have to do is read the footnotes seek and find out where I’m getting this and you can actually read the ruling that it still in place it hasn’t been ruled as unconstitutional in any way shape or form. But he said well okay finally conceded he says but long as I have my right to bear arm that’s all I care about willing you’re doomed if that’s it you’ll care about your neighbor’s rights your neighbors children’s that you know whether they’re going to get force vaccinated whether they’re going to have their life liberty and an pursuit of happiness taken away by overregulation you don’t care about that is one make sure you have your right to bear arms you’re a loser. You will lose your head for condemnation but again that word there Polly Tuma it it’s slightly different than the one we mentioned before conversation the administration of civil affairs. That’s what it means. The Constitution of the Commonwealth. what your rice income from the Constitution the Constitution written to give rights to government your ice-skating from God and the Bible’s telling you about them Paul’s telling you about them that’s what he saying in Romans 13 we have a whole book on that Romans 13. It’s really simple to explain head is so drastically different than what you’ve been probably taught I don’t know what you individually been taught and you can order that from the studio but we got free online. You can read it online you can print it out online we have it in in several different forms in PDF for easy to print out but we also have a and HTML so that you can click on links if you have problems certain words we can show you greater explanation has live audios that you play right there at that explains these things. But if you want take a look at some of the things that’s okay but don’t expect to be free. Because freedom is not for the lazy is not for the apathetic if not for the pathetic hits for those who seek the kingdom of God to be ruled under God not undermanned and the righteousness of God. Which means you have to care about the rights of your neighbor all the rights of your neighbor as much you care about your own. So that this is this is just basic so you understand what this is what they’re talking about so our conversation is in heaven from whence also we look for the savior the Lord Jesus Christ who shall change our vile bodies.” Our vile nature this what happens when you start taking back your responsibility you start seeing things you didn’t see before I have watched this for decades now with people who you that some people listen to me for years and years and they finally started to participate in the started waking up now some of those people are backslid and are not participating as much as they were before. They realize it… Things which they have been awakened to they will forget I have seen this they will it will slip out of their mind and they will lose it because it’s a gift from God to really understand what’s going on and you have to apply it you have to as he said earlier will and do you have to be willing to not just say Lord, Lord. But actually do with the will of five you don’t apply it in doing you’re not gonna get you’re not going to understand you not going to be a part of your ear going you’re going to be you can head towards condemnation. Because you’re either going forward or your slip and back you don’t even realize it that you’re slipping back but you’ll be slipping back.

[00:53:53] So anyway, we won’t get into chapter 4 and have a couple minutes left of the show but chapter 4 kind of sums things up and touches a little bit on the metaphysical stop they were talking about that quantum stuff and again like us that we have articles up on quantum and string theory and all the zeal we talk about these different things in relationship to what Christ was talking about because there you know they are really connected it when it says our conversation is in heaven… they talk about Buckingham of heaven they talk about the kingdom of God was interesting to is there any know it just a matter of language and what were to use therefore have it that we translate heaven and he’s talking to a lot of Romans in Philippi. The word there that he would use would be all right’s what is the around me it means for the vaulted sky above to the center of the earth when you on your own land in Rome you owned it from the sky above to the center of the earth. The kingdom of heaven means that it’s the wholeness of you again Paul was role males did mean he was a citizen of the Roman Empire like you’re a citizen of the United States it means you were free from things public and but anyway we have an article you can look that up (use search engine on every page you go there and there’s article that will tell you was Paul a Roman citizen there’s outline page has all kind of articles you can do searches on there but anyway we make all that available for you for free but like you say freedoms not free you have to work at the one to gather with us there’s network links there and join those network links and you can find out what we’re really all about here. So until then, peace on your house and may God be with you God bless.

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