Key 2003 – Philippians 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2003

We finish our series on the book of Philippians with its practical applications to today’s politics and instructions for righteous governance.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 11, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:45:12] Activists don’t realize they are fighting Goliath
[00:48:23] The problem with America in Irag (search transcript for previous mentions)
[00:51:13] WHOLE message of Paul can’t be seen the context of early church
[00:56:53] Paul in context continued
[00:59:44] Paul in context continued
[01:02:00] Book of Life vs Doomsday Book
[01:17:08] What a society of perfect savages looks like
[01:29:32] The temples were government buildings. You are worshiping at the same temples today
[01:31:51] Political context while Paul was in prison
[01:35:15] Environmental lies for profit
[01:38:13] How you find uncorrupted people to network with

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom and were going to be talking about the Kingdom of God. I want to share a lot of things with you this beginning of the new year we’re in our study of Philippians which we will finish up today but as usual I’m going to talk a little bit about what’s been in the news and…

First phone video of shark attack lead to skewing of media

[00:00:47] one of the big things it’s been in the news is the fires in Australia and everybody thinks oh my gosh this terrible fires everything what you’re actually seeing unfold is a little bit like what we saw a number years ago when there was a shark attack down in Florida and somebody had a video phone since the days of the video beginning of the video for taking pictures and they were photographing the shark attack and next thing you know, every week you’re a hearing about another shark attack. And P were the light what’s going on all the sharks attacking people into the world and we think that something bizarre is taking place and actually there were less shark attacks that year then there had been in several previous years but there was now a video film at 11 kind of thing where you can actually see it and that makes the news and you would everybody got the feeling that there were all these shark attacks taking place. There wasn’t this is an illusion created by the fact that somebody had a video phone. So we have these videos of showing different things going on and it can give you a one-sided view of things which is not correct.

Media purposefully creating illusions

[00:02:05] Now the really bad thing about that is that people who have a malevolent intent will take that opportunity to skew the narrative to make you think that things are happening that are not happening or that things happen that did not happen and as secondary aspect of that is you won’t see what’s really going on because your too busy looking at what’s not going on so the distortion that the media is allowed to create in your mind has captured the imagination of evil people in the world who are manipulating the media now some of them medias manipulated simply by greed you know they want you to watch your channel the more you washer channels the higher the rating is a higher the rating is more they charge for advertising is so is a monetary skewing of the media right there but we’ve seen recently that CNN has actually dropped in its listeners and and and viewers because the fact that it does present a lot of information that is simply not true they’re just so by well by lawyers but because of the Covington kids who were accused of harassing this poor Indian on the steps in Washington DC and of course he did nothing like that at all and they had an arrest anybody that that they were actually approached by others they had been fairly well behaved considers budget teenagers having their day-to-day in Washington and they were all having good time and the media knew it from the videos that were shot again by somebody’s phone that these boys were absolutely innocent and not not doing anything bad whatsoever they were pretty good kids pretty well behaved but they skewed it by showing clips of the video and adding a narrative where people were like Elizabeth Warren I guess it just been named in a lawsuit was saying that that that the boy had a punishable face. Which, of course, is hate speech hate speech and actually enticing people to do violence just like we’ve seen a number of fairly prominent celebrities suggesting to assassinate the president of the United States absolutely horribly irresponsible thing to say, whether you disagree with the president or not, you’re actually advocating that somebody assassinates him. And this all comes out of the fact that there was evidently an attack on military forces operating within Iraq against the will of the Iraqi government. And that you know that was set your form general had come there to help organize a militia that was trying to overthrow the existing government and that actually attack Americans. Now, personally, I don’t think America the United States should even be in Iraq but they made a lot of bad choices in the past and it is led them to this place. Now if they actually were to withdraw right now all kinds of bad things will happen if they stay there probably all kinds of bad things will happen. We make these choices and we go down roads and we create consequences and bad things happen. What I would like to see his people going the other way which is what repentance is all about turning around and going the way where you won’t make all the stupid mistakes and get into all this trouble so I bring up these things in the news so that you know that there is another way and that way is the way of Christ I don’t believe that any president or prime minister of the world is your salvation. I pray that they all wake up but I also pray daily that you all wake up and that’s my hope that’s my prayer is that you wake up. So we going to relate modern events and put them in the context of the gospel of the kingdom.

Skewing of Australian fires

[00:06:29] Anyway, so we have this power of the media to skew your thinking and we I mentioned the fires in Australia and people think all this huge amount fires going on in Australia and we and this is all due to global warming that Jennifer Aniston that some global wards or something some media awards event was mentioning that you know this fire is obviously due to global warming. Well, how is that. I mean is the sun setting things on fire is that how these fires were set was it drought that brought these about how bad are these fires are these are these the biggest fires that have ever happened in Australia are these the hottest days that have ever happened in Australia. Well if you watch certain media channels you would definitely think that that’s the case that it is you that there is this huge global warming is causing these fires. Well only about 6 million acres have actually burned. At least as of a day ago or so is actually a little bit less than that is 5.8 or nine or something like that well in 1974, which was the height of the climate change where the climate experts were predicting an Ice Age because of global cooling that gone for the previous 30 years… This is just a historical fact and they were predicting global Ice Age because of global cooling in 1970s. And in 1974 they had a fire in Australia that burned 117 million acres. 117 million acres of Australia compared to 6 million acres of a stray or 5.something million acres of Australia what on earth that was a far worse fire you know will win the hottest temperature in Australia was recorded… was it recently is in the last few years in the last decade last two decades is actually 1909. 1909 was the hottest. In the wintertime of a cooling. Overall cooling Perry because the earth went to her overall cooling. From about the 1940s to the 1970s in the astrophysicist will tell you that most of this and if they’s also study other sciences such as meteorology know that most of the global warming and cooling is due to the events on the sun and the amount of solar energy that comes into the planet. In just a few minutes you’ll get more heat from the sun then you’re going to get from all the fires in Australia. Maybe in a few seconds you will get more heat from the sun that from all the fires in Australia of this last century not a lot heat and that’s what’s coming in a regular basis we have a very stable son although there is fluctuation minute reverses itself magnetic field every 11 years that’s an amazing event in itself. It has solar storms it has grown my suggestions as all kinds of things and that affects the crazed hurricanes and everything. And climatologists will tell you that that’s the case. If they don’t tell you that they must be climate deniers is well-established. I’m not going to go through all of it right now but, basically, I posted on Facebook you I have a Facebook page and I posted there I really should separate my family Facebook pages the stuff out from these other things but the and I may do that eventually but right now I post things on there once a while because they see people anytime I see somebody expressing things that are not true and I had a lot of people asking me about what’s going on Australia because they know they can trust the media and then, of course, we saw Jennifer Aniston of their saying you know that is obviously global warming which it isn’t it has nothing to do with global warming if you don’t believe me you can ask another Jennifer who actually is much much smarter in my opinion then Jennifer Aniston much better informed then Jennifer Aniston that’s Jennifer Marohasy. That’s MAROHASY and she’s a scientist she’s actually a scientist in Australia and she has caught the expert climatologists foraging temperature data and re-at entering temperature data to get a different outcome they are altering temperature data from the past. They’re cooling the pastor changing data readings it came in in the past so that they can suggest that things are getting warmer and warmer and warmer almost all the models that predicted you know Arctic melting annual global warming and we’re all gonna die in 12 years and they been doing this for 20 years or more also all those models have proven to be inaccurate wholly inaccurate completely inaccurate there may be some slight global warming, but then the question is and we always get this when we talk about vaccinations and autism a correlation is not causation even though the statistical evidence that autism is connected to vaccinations excessive vaccinations that we get in small children… that correlation is huge. The correlation of temperatures rising and much less rising due to carbon dioxide the science is not there is that there, despite the Science Guy who is not a scientist either. It is now there are lots of scientists coming out and willing to say that now the science is that there is evidently according to climatologists and physicists and chemists that the rising carbon dioxide is more likely due to the rise in temperature not the rise in temperature due to the rising carbon dioxide Yother both going up a little bit but which one is causing a correlation is not causation what is causing and very intelligent bright PhDed scientists are now looking at the data they’re not only finding that a lot of the data has been falsified there not only finding that the computer models are completely incorrect—vastly incorrect—but that they have actually been ongoing late we’ve uncovered it before with the emails but now actually people aren’t on the ground—boots on the ground—looking at the data coming in and realize that that that there seen the data this reported by the climatologists are doing so incorrectly. They’re changing the temperatures so that you think things are getting warmer and there actually not getting warmer enough so me this is become really an embarrassment that all their predictions are false.

Various climate fallacies

[00:14:42] So what’s really going on in our minds by the media. Now a lot of people aren’t gonna listen to what I’m saying right now. And we don’t get out to millions and millions of people at least not yet recording all these things in their available I just put the last of all of our 2019 recordings on our page at preparing you audio seeing go there and you can see here any of our recordings that from 2019 an hour to start our recordings from 2020. And we’re labeling them. We need more workers more chief cooks and bottle washers to help organize these things I put them up there but we can put in titles and we have a number of people setting up podcasts and stuff like that. But it’s up to you guys how you want to get involved because were the free society were advocating freedom and liberty of choice and the rest of society wants to force a carbon tax on you for global warming threat that does not seem to actually exist and the reduction of carbon has nothing to do with the increase the minor increase in temperatures. Has nothing to do with the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic which are being melted from under from underneath because the core of the planet is actually heating up and there are volcanoes going off under the Antarctic icecap. And that’s melting ice. And there are mud volcanoes going off up in the Arctic and that’s melting ice. There is sees off the coast of Iceland there boiling and ships are routed around but the media doesn’t tell you this it so that you don’t know at and so you think because Jennifer Aniston says that she’s so cute. You know, she’s got me telling you the truth you believe everything she said that as global warming so I must be well personally I think Jennifer Rossi’s pretty cute to do so but she actually has the PhDs. And she’s not the only one with a PhDs are coming out of the woodwork and is a lot more and I can name a bunch of them and I may do that this afternoon show but we want to go on to some of the other things there was another PHC came out was’s been saying this for years warning about these fires at and that will be devastating fires because of the fact they’ve changed certain practices of the indigenous people years ago that burned off the outback, not in the season where it’s real hot but in the cool season, with what they call cool fires. But they are more thorough fires they burn up the excess amount of fuel.

Paradise, California fires

[00:17:32] And we saw the same thing here in California. Paradise. The whole city destroyed. Why? Because excess amount of fuel was available supposedly they’re not even sure exactly what started that fire in California built bird out the whole town but you know they’re blaming it some on the power companies but the power company’s hands are getting tied by environmentalists who are experts—they think their experts—that’s another topic that came up this week and they won’t let people go in and thinned the woods and cut out the deadwood in and all the stuff they make it difficult course of force or this is very badly managing the woods because partly because of just bureaucratic incompetence partly because of the environmentalists threatened with lawsuits every time they want to clear stands of dangerous fuel accumulation and we used to put these fires out. And, you know, I have personal experience to one of the fires were started in Austria or half of the fires that were started in Australia were started by people that they believe that is from 50 to 80% of the fires were started by people some by people who just disregarded the ban on open fires some by actual arsonists some by people wanted to start fires to burn off the brush. This isn’t the time you do it should done in the cooler. Not in the middle of their literal summer which is the middle of our winter but anyway it it could be as many as 20 to 40% of the fires were started by our sadistic cot they’ve arrested almost 200 people. But a lot of them are children in the not to prosecute. But that’s was a cop, and they catch is you know when I was fighting fires were living it was very hard and I can see the arsonists out there starting fires but we can get to a fast enough we were too busy fighting the fires and student trying to put them out. But that most people knew who it was but so that goes onto it and will talk a little bit more about why somebody startles fires has to do with why you invade Iraq? Wasn’t weapons of mass destruction. There’s a lot of things are motivating people.

False narrative in news, false narrative in church

[00:19:59] And after they discovered is that if you put the right videos and narratives on the TV screen a lot of people are just led like a lamb means down a path of thinking the same things happen with Christianity. You know, they present a narrative about what the Bible says and people have believed that they were taught when their kid or they heard it on the TV or whatever. They accepted as true and now to let go of that they feel like they are losing their faith with the fact is they have a faith in a false Christ false narrative of Christ. So that’s why, in our books, withdrawal free online and in many of our articles and everything that are all available at his soldiers died or were or add to preparing or near week because a lot of people putting them up and reposting they see these articles but they go down and read the footnotes we show you where were getting information and how it relates to the Bible.

[00:21:07] I just added several more Bible quotes to her article on Article 2 Section 22 of the Oregon Constitution. Which most people in Oregon, most constitutionalist in Oregon, completely oblivious of that have no knowledge of it and you will and you will not get knowledge of it by watching the news you have to create your own networks if you if you do a search on Google and might not even find it because they’re skewing what you get to see their altering what you get to see. I recommend if you if you want if you’re watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBC in all these different networks… if your watching them you need to watch some FOX. I’m not saying the FOX isn’t biased too, but you need to balance it out a little bit you need to look for other sources and really if you are doing what Christ said you would be in a network of tens hundreds and thousands.

Operation of tens hundreds and thousands

[00:22:15] Now we’ve had congregations get together, of tens, that’s the way the early church was organized. Ten families get together and that the congregation now they might occasionally get together with 100 families but that would be 10 congregations coming together and the ministers of each of those congregation would have a minister and he would be called an apistipo and we translate it as overseer or Bishop but what man was see he was a minister of 10 ministers and those 10 ministers were the ministers of 10 families so in a sense he’s an overseer of 100 families have any authority over them he’s not telling them what to think you want to believe he gets to speak as freedom of speech and the kingdom of God and all those elders and almost congregation which are elders just ahead of a family they get to speak this by exercising authority one over the other but there’s everybody exercising their freedom of choice which we call liberty and their working together in a voluntary society to take care of the needy of their society including themselves and that’s what the kingdom of God is. Its God in the hearts of every individual. And so but the world is trying to lead you away from were trying to lead you back. We’ll be right back to Keys of the Kingdom.

Medical kidnap of Kristin Kylee

[00:23:43] Well welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. There’s a number of the stories that are in the news and the one of them is the local one here in Oregon and the number of people locally as well as throughout their own personal network the individual he wants to work on this Article 2 Section 22 and he sees corruption in the government he’s young guy knew him back when he was a little kid is grown up now got kids of his own and he started to see corruption in the government he started to see that they all seem to be paying attention to our Constitution so you been studying and helping other people studying I don’t know these read our book yet on the Constitution, but I know you a good heart. And he’s come across a story of Kylee. And Kristin Kylee has a liver cancer. She’s young girl and she’s gone to chemotherapy and almost killed Rashid the killers she had to be resuscitated once because that made it was just and that’s often what you know what chemotherapy is it’s a race until the cancer kill the person we hope the cancer dies before the person does it often devastates your immune system and it doesn’t really have a really good track record but it’s all the modern medical society seems to come up with and if you block that idea your a lot of trouble that they don’t like it if you question their authority in medicine. But there’s a lot of doctors out to her starting to question this.

Vaccinations, Polio

[00:25:21] There’s a lot of doctors that are thinking what you know what we should be giving all the skids vaccinations that it it you know because correlation is not causation like we you go read your article on vaccines most of the information on our page on vaccines comes from the CDC site. They tell you that most of the cases of polio, occurring today in place like Syria and Congo, are coming from the vaccine that coming from wild viruses they’re coming from the vaccine they tell you that the CDC tells you that. The news media is not going to tell you that because it doesn’t fit the narrative. You know when there’s a shark attack they’re going to say how shark attack and they’re all going to say the same thing and all sharks are attacking people in record numbers. No they’re not. And polio was almost gone just the same is the Spanish flu was almost gone a few years after it came about started killing thousands and thousands of people and is a reason for that we go into a study on that but polio… 95% of the people who got polio never showed any visible symptoms whatsoever but developed lifetime immunity to polio. I’ll say that again… 95% of the people this is their figures who got polio never showed any visible symptoms detectable symptoms of polio yet they got lifetime immunity. Now that I’ve been going on for years in place like New York and all over the country where there were polio outbreaks. And you would see these horrible cases of polio but that was only maybe 5% actually the horrible cases is only like 2% of the people got polio had a terrible devastating, you know, effects of polio. I went to school with kids who had polio and the he got along pretty good to me at one leg that was really shrunk up and everything, but I see him we come to a fence we worked out in the woods and come to a fence and he had to prep her tremendous arms and he would swing his good leg catches bad leg and fly over the fence, But most people know she never shown any symptoms of those 5% the showed some symptoms most of them got over those symptoms and never showed any affect my friend he showed a no effect but he overcame it with really strong arms and determination but the reality is that 95, 97% that were not devastated by polio had lifetime immunity along comes a vaccine… they started administering the vaccine… and everybody was already in the deponent not everybody but a lot of people were already immune to polio even the guy who invented the polio vaccine says that, you know, after the he testified in the 70s and we show that testimonies a congressional testimony that most of the people getting polio after certain point were getting it from the vaccine. Getting it from the vaccine. The inventor of the vaccine was saying that. This is testimony. You can you can check.

Critical thinking and doing

[00:29:07] But you’re not here in the media. Not in most of the media. That’s why you need to look for other sources you need to develop an ability to have critical thinking in order to do that you need to be willing to listen to other people even though they might be wrong. Hear them out and then do your own research or get together with other people that are doing such research and find out I was mentioning it in the first quarter of the show that we had congregations were people came and they want to talk about preparedness and you are the governments doing this bad thing and that bad thing and there’s a place for that kind of conversation. But that’s not where you need to be all the time you need to be thinking about becoming a dorm will see that in our study of Philippians that you have to put the doing into place that you need to be doing.

Kristin Kylie’s case, medical kidnapping

[00:30:10] Now, in Oregon, the people that are dealing with this is Kristin is the mothering and Kylie is that the daughter and they have medically kidnapped the daughter the mother made lots of mistakes in dealing with things to me she’s a she saw her daughter die and be resuscitated in the debilitating effects of chemotherapy and they want to have another liver surgery but they want to have it in a hospital that cannot replace her liver if they damage it during the surgery so she could literally die on the operating table she wants a second opinion and go to another hospital that could also conduct a liver transplant if they’re unable to fix the liver with the operation. But she wants that second opinion. The courts are denying DHS is denying and they are getting away with because the courts are going along with this. The courts are mess in America a minute some good judges out there there’s there’s even a couple of good attorneys out there but is a lot of guys who don’t know what they’re doing and there’s a so I shared with them a website called a medicalkidnap and die, and I just gave him a story that same day that they were telling me about the story that the twins were taken away from their parents because they did homebirth the kids are okay they had another kid is okay the children being breast-fed but they took him away from the parents they could not breast-feed the children they took Kylie away from their mother and not even allowing Kylie to talk to them and we had a story number years ago the same kind of thing was going on in Massachusetts with a with a daughter. They took her away from all of her family was a loving family and it was just the decision of one hospital they wanted to go to a different hospital that was in another state than the one that she had been going to they would let her out they would let her go get that second opinion and another medical doctor, these aren’t radical people, they just thought that this other one was better the first one would let her go how does that come about and that we act like these are isolated events this event of these children being taken away from their loving parents just a test with the same day as they notify me I can’t find you these cases every single day going on for hundreds thousands of people all across the country but you don’t hear about in the media see you don’t know what’s happening. It’s like the shark attacks without a video camera it is but one of the things they close the information about these things so that you can’t see it. They don’t want you to see they filter what you are allowed to see you need to get in with people that want to see the whole truth and provide for one of the stories it that was on this medicalkidnap deal… and these people are associated with other people you know that have your health impact news and it’s a pretty well run website… again any source you have even us? I think that’s great to question and check it out but that the one story was unbelievable North Carolina man was being in and Gaston County of Gaston County social worker offered to clear his case and return his children so that you had the full custody of his children, if he would start to date her. And evidently sleep with their name that’s crazy know what I did that he recorded the phone call at a Amy’s afraid to come forward because he knows that what happens is that these bureaucracies, you know, they all you know gather arms and they go after that they even tell you that that official is no longer working at that facility. Didn’t say they were fire prosecuted for abuse of power is not working there in your country seen that with praise who you know blessed to children and the Bishop moves them to another diocese see where nobody knows about and he continues to do it the reality is these are all offices of power and you been watching your TV in your video feeds and your Facebook and your YouTube instead of finding out about your neighbor.

Gregory’s wife’s premonition about neighbor (gregbio)

[00:35:10] Just this week my wife got a premonition that she needed to go down check on a neighbor she started worried about the neighbors and I heard her mention it twice and suddenly she got a call from the neighbor sister whose is normally my sister called and she gets all cheating call me is she okay can you check on her she knew we lived nearby while we were my wife says I’m going down there to see her put on her coat to go down there it’s dark and it’s cold outside and ice I said no I it was sensing this before because my wife kept going back to this idea of going down and checking on her. And that I said you want me to go with you and she said, “Yes.” Well good thing I did as a woman fall and she was out in the cold for three hours coming cold and was doing nothing but getting colder and colder she could not get up and she was going into hypothermia and if my wife would not have been able to lift her I don’t know Michael left her alone without some of my wife’s help because she’s a heavy woman you are deadlift off the ground. And we got her in got her into the shower got are starting to warm up got warm food into her and probably saved her life. Because of the fact that we didn’t just sit there and watch TV we had this second sense that there was need to be help which I wonder about it we got an extra second witness from her sister and we ran down there we literally save their life. That’s what you need to be doing with all these people that are being medically kidnapped. and they’re getting away this is not new.

Dentist of Pergamos

[00:36:51] I just added to our article on the Dentist of Pergamos. So who’s the dentist of Pergamos. He was back there in the first century and he was martyred executed by the AMA of the day by them the medical institution of the day because people they went into for dentistry and he was a licensed Dennis and they went to them for their teeth but then they were being healed by his touch. And he was also a Bishop in the early church that meant he was the overseer of 100 congregations at least, been over 1000 congregation because a you know of your minister of 10 ministers you get together with nine other ministers like yourself and you will pick a minister and he will be a minister of 1000. This is the tens hundreds and thousands that Christ commanded that we organize ourselves into in ranks of 10 arranged a 50s the ranks of 100 arrange 7000 and that’s what Christ commanded that his ministers do that organize the people in that way you do know that? It’s because they’re filtering the information that’s in the Bible that’s right in the Bible and it’s right history. And the reason they did that is because what they were seeing the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and what was happening was everybody was going to the government for their free bread and this is altering the character of the people when you become a doer of the word it will alter your character it will change the way you think because the Holy Spirit will start to write upon your heart and upon your mind and receiving the Holy Spirit is not an emotional excitement experience. It is a calm, still voice. that speaks in your heart get up and check on your neighbor as your neighbors in trouble you know why she was there freezing slowly freezing to death outlay UIs that she does a printed and ask her but anyway God had us go down there and save her life because if she’d gone overnight I mean it’s it’s cold out and the if she’d gone overnight I don’t think she would’ve made it. She would’ve been you know popsicle by morning. And that you she didn’t have her she put her phone in the house already and she was walk around and she fell. And the fact is, she needed neighbors who would actually act upon what was being written in their hearts to come to her aid.

Good men who do nothing of the greatest allies of evil

[00:39:34] You know, one of the things that Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything and he would probably say watch them on media on electronic digital media without doing anything if it had been invented when he said that. But that’s been well understood for thousands of years. Good men who do nothing of the greatest allies of evil.

Many government officials prefer to operate in the dark

[00:40:06] But what is used to doing this these young people there and it is people that are want to come and help Kylee you can look up the story of Kylee and her mother Kristen… You can’t just type in Kylee, KYLEE, or you’ll get Kylee Jenner. You have to put in “Kylee Kristin” and “cancer” and you’ll start getting stories about it. But the that they’re going operate on her against her will over her objection over the objection of her mother there is going to do this what happened it’s my body landed what happened do I don’t want to have you cut me open and start slicing on my liver again do you don’t she doesn’t get to say that you and you know what they put her in foster care where she is evidently abused in foster care visited and what do they do they moved her to another foster care home. This goes on all the time folks. You’re just not allowed to video it. You’re not allowed to know what I mean the guy who recorded that call he was worried because there are laws in the state in different state that about North Carolina you can record the call of an official of the government they want operate in the dark that’s why judges put you know sealed orders on you know gag orders on their cases they don’t want you to see and I could go on about that for hours and hours I can tell you all kinds of stories.

Paul didn’t say, “All you have to do is believe.”

[00:41:45] But what these people don’t know is, you need the Holy Spirit to go in and you don’t get the Holy Spirit operating with you if you’re bearing false witness. If you’re coveting your neighbor’s goods. If you’re being slothful you’re not going to get you have to be a doer of the word and then the Holy Spirit will come to you and will see that in Philippians because he Paul tells you that in Philippians not raise as a know all you do is believe both the you’re taking Paul out of the context of Paul you’re certainly taking Paul out of the context of Christ that is a false media Gosplan is fake gospel and you should not be listening to the people who tell you that because they’re leading you down the road to perdition. You need to repent and think like Christ said to think.

Mercury vs digital thermometers in Australia

[00:42:37] But anyway, I’m looking here… I have tons of notes on Australia because I did a lot of research on that. But the idea the reason I bring this up in the news is that people are let down these ideas yell like global warming exists they believe to get this global warming if there was, why are they faking the temperatures? Why are they forging the temperatures? Even Indonesia when they went to digital thermometers they knew enough to keep the old margarita thermometers in the same boxes in the same containers and then they we compare the Mercury thermometers to the digital thermometers need to be calibrated from time to time Mercury thermometers are what they are now that’s important because in Australia they removed the Mercury thermometers in only put the digital vanity think that our new invention is better than the old not always the case not always the case.

Greg’s old cars (gregbio)

[00:43:43] You know I’m still driving 40-year-old cars because some of those 40 oh vehicles are better than what you can buy for 10 times the money. You have to keep them love but there is a mama or where it now but the guy we just I will go into that but it is working on a piece of equipment that was new and not at least in 1960 and is still working good but the with a so make parts for it anymore so I have to change it out.

[00:44:15] But anyway, the we need to understand that just because somebody told it to you in a necessarily so you need to and that’s one of the things in becoming a way requires you to awaken to your own error you can’t become a true expert until you are really good admitting you were wrong you have to be willing to see I was wrong I only had a degree of knowledge I may have been wrong and then you change what you’re doing. also tell you that the name Kylee and Kristin Christina is the last name is Dixon seek a look that up to as well so that’s what you can do your own research on restaurants in Oregon it’s going on right now I think is up in the Salem area is where the court take cases are taking place. And geta hold of people.

Activists don’t realize they are fighting Goliath

[00:45:12] That’s the thing is… these young people and over these people that are trying to defend Kylee’s case… I’m trying to tell him it’s been going on for a long time I saw you have a focus on Kylee’s case is understand because that’s that’s was there right front of you but you’re going up against a Goliath of spiritual evil that is pervasive throughout this country and the whole world today. You need to get a big picture here you can just wear out on one store you go and you’ll be absolutely frustrating you’ll say while I I wrote just a waste of time we never got anywhere nothing ever happened because you don’t know what you’re doing you know know what you’re up against and you don’t have the full armor of God to go in there into going to court and fight these things. Most the time when I went to court I didn’t do any arguing I came in and sat down and had a greater affect in some of the attorneys out there who are getting arrested speaking out against the corruption the court. When there’s a lot of money involved I mean most of them are doing this out of vanity and power and control like somebody question Christina question their authority they came down on her with both feet she’s all alone channel network of people back in or out now she’s mad Lindsay she I’m doing other people are madly trying to scramble and put together network and find on a couple people show up at the court case. You needed to have the network to begin with. And you should’ve built that to your churches like Christ commanded but you didn’t because you think you’re already saved because you believe an idea but you don’t believe the whole idea of Christ Europe or somebody has breached you a false Christ. A Christ without some of the gospel and doctrines of Christ. If you don’t know that Christ commanded that his disciples make the people set down in tens hundreds and thousands for the purposes of creating a daily ministration of sharing instead of the one of force that you depend upon from Caesar if you understand that you have even heard the gospel yet I try to her you don’t know what Jesus came to teach you. Because your pastors have believed the lie that is okay to covet your neighbor’s goods through the men who exercise authority one over the other through government. That’s okay that is not okay with Christ it was condemned by Christ it was condemned by John the Baptist it was condemned by Abraham and Moses. But you think it’s okay it’s not okay and that’s why Kylee isn’t in the hands of her mother that’s why this is come about the somebody went down the wrong road.

The problem with America in Irag

[00:48:23] Which takes me back to what I was saying I don’t really think that the United States forces, and Americans, was of the people that the nation of America Americans of the people who live in this area although there are other nations here now. But Americans should not be over there fighting in Iraq and less they voluntarily went over there and join the Iraqi army they can do that we were doing that before World War II. In Spain, there were a lot of Americans who went over and joined the Spanish forces to fight against the fascists. And Americans can do that. But the idea the United States gatherings forces to go over there and fight in these wars is a big mistake we should not have gone down that road they did so now you have to deal with life where you’re at and it’s a cake him is like now how to how do you get out of this hottie changing they turned back. Well, the reason whole thousands of people over there dying is because we became a collective the quest for the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness is not a collective activity. It’s an individual activity. You need to start individually finding out what is right in doing it wherever you’re at if your political office if you’re in the Army if you’re a policeman. If you’re a priest I don’t care what you have to start seeing the whole truth and providing for it.

[00:49:58] But anyway so we’re glad to get into Philippians next there’s actually a number of other stories of her in the news but will to save those for the afternoon program they will have a little bit of time because we only have one more chapter 1 Philippians 4. So if you want to follow along with us, you can go to and find it. We’ll be right back.

[00:50:17] Welcome back. So we’re going be looking at Philippians chapter 4. And just a brief recap just to remind you that in chapter 3 verse 14 he says I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus pressed towards the Mark that’s a process is seeking the kingdom of God is a process seeking is a process where and seeking the kingdom of God requires that you also seek the righteousness of God in a course like I just said in the previous is not righteous to covet your neighbor’s goods especially to men who exercise authority one over the other.

[00:50:59] And like I remind you that Dave I’ve added to our Article 2 Section 22 page up at more biblical quotes they are seeking understand what’s going on there the reason I refer to Article 2 Section 22 I don’t want to change the government.

WHOLE message of Paul can’t be seen the context of early church

[00:51:13] I want to change your hearts that you actually stop bearing false witness. And that you understand that you’re looking to men that are bearing false witness. And they will deceive the brethren. The same as we see in the ministry of many churches now some of those ministers have good hearts but they were deceived. But they also have to have the humility to admit that they were deceived so that they can think differently, which is what repentance is, and go the other way. I’m only saying this so that you MIGHT be saved. The same as Christ came that you MIGHT be saved but you have to repent, think differently, up to think like Christ according to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus that Paul is talking about. But you can’t cut out part of Paul and tell me your preaching Paul. You have degrees the whole Paul and everything that he said and put it in the context of Paul and because Paul creased Christ first yet the put it in the context of Christ and the modern churches are not doing that which is why you’re in Iraq, if you’re a US citizen—because I’m not just talking to US citizens and it’s also why Kylee’s been taken away from her mother because she was not prepared for the enemy Jen Opera now is that we can help or try to help her but you need to see the big picture you need to see what you’ve been doing wrong and what everybody else is been doing wrong is start doing what is right and that’s what Paul is talking to people that have started doing what’s right. And is trying to keep them in that process of pressing towards the mark. And he goes on to say no to be perfectly says let us therefore as many as being perfect B thus minded and if anything ye be otherwise minded God shall reveal even this idea and that’s what I’m trying to do is I know a lot of you are good people out there. But you are missing something. And I’m trying to bring you into remembrance of the wholeness of the gospel. And Paul goes on in verse 17 saying, “Brethren be followers together of me and mark them which walk so as you have some have us for ensample.” What were the Christians doing they had created a daily ministration of pure religion unspotted by the constitutional ordering system of government they were not praying to the fathers of the earth or the benefactors who exercise authority you know the people give you benefits by taking away from your neighbor they was not engaging covetous practices and that’s why Peter says that through covetous practices you will be made merchandise and curse your children who will become surety for debt. Which has all happened and why you are going to what you thought was the charge or your church is not a church Norford to be his church it has to receive and preserve doctrines his doctor and says it down in the 10 ventures thousands and love one care for one another don’t go to the men who call themselves benefactors to exercise authority be the benefactors who exercise love. This is why all these bad things you see happening in the world are happening if you don’t fix this that car’s not gonna run. Okay. Write it down so anyway he says brethren be followers together he goes on in verse 24 our conversation is in heaven conversation what are we talking heaven is that is a conversation that’s when you like to people talk is conversation right? No. That’s not what the word is that Paul put there in the great he put the word there that is probably too much politics, is the Greek word that means. I’m reading the definition now right concordance the administration of civil affairs or of a Commonwealth. That’s what the word means. The administrations of the charge was administering civil affairs what civil affairs the welfare of the people in pure religion. Taking care of the widows and needy.

More on the lady the fell (gregbio)

[00:55:55] You know, we didn’t call 911 when the lady next door needed to be…her life needed to be saved. We went down and saved it now I actually we don’t we at verse on call 911 because we know the guys going to respond we call him directly is always a don’t call me call 911 in the now, but we can actually handle it ourselves and we let him get a good night sleep because you know we live in a small community we know everybody drives the ambulances and all those guns thinks it’s a voluntary ambulance but we would call the I don’t know I suppose a police dispatch would’ve still been working where you live in such a small community, 911 doesn’t work 24 hours a day because they go home to bed. Y you know that that we just don’t have 24-hour coverage so we have a tendency learn how to handle things herself.

Paul in context continued

[00:56:53] But that “conversation is in heaven” means the administration of civil affairs is in our hearts and our minds. And we depend upon the God of heaven to write upon the hearts and minds to know what to do. You know, like should we invade Iraq or should we not invade Iraq. in oh what that’s what we don’t go and has some politician should we invade is a lie to you about weapons of mass destruction and I don’t pick on all but they did lie about weapons of mass destruction. So, the kingdom of God is the government of God is not like the governments of the world who exercise authority one over the other get you to take oaths and bind yourself to their rule and they can make laws for you God is Artie made the laws don’t bear false witness, don’t covet your neighbor’s goods, don’t rob, those steeled OG you know so we arty have the law how we enforce that law got asked right on our hearts and Christ said sit down in the tens of thousands of do that and that’s what you should be doing so therefore when you do gather together don’t just talk about preparedness and you know what the governments doing that’s bad and everything talk about what you can do that’s good. How can you do good to something of value to become of value to your neighbor to the year your fellow man that’s what you want to be doing in church and of forcing the churches both to go there to feel good they don’t go there to do good but that’s not what Christ said and that’s that we see Paul saying. In chapter 4 begins, “Therefore my brother and dearly beloved and long for my joy and crown so stand fast what you mean stand fast to prove it needs to persevere to persist so that’s that’s action word of continuing in that process of seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Like Jesus said attending to the weightier matters is not just what’s happening to Kylie so it Christ condemning the Pharisees because they were not attending to the weightier matters how many people go to church that will that’s the job of the government. That doesn’t have anything to do with our faith. That person’s gonna have a lot to answer to because they Pharisees were condemned for not attending to law judgment mercy faith and so people need to gather together for that purpose which is one of the purposes of Christ.

Paul in context continued

[00:59:44] So anyway, he goes on to say and hear lessee to drop off Erie says in the Lord my dearly beloved beseech any not at mentions number people UDS and the seat she said that she that glare here on my screen dry location does have this written outside it is rated around the block that they be of the same mind in the Lord say was you all to be of the same mind in the Lord wants to be following what Christ actually says that you cannot understand Paul of you take them out of the context of Christ. Because he wants to constantly bring you into mine with what Christ and Christ said not just be you know saying “Lord, Lord” but yet actually do the will of the father. That is the definition of worship isn’t saying, “Lord, Lord.” Worship is doing the will of the father that’s how you show homage to God to do what God wants you to do and he says and I entreat the also true yoke fellow were yoked to Christ but forcing most of your yoked to the world. But that’s another story help those women which labored with me in the gospel and Clement also in with other my fellow laborers whose names are in the book of life. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice let your moderation be known unto all men the Lord is at hand be careful to be anxious a says be careful says be anxious that the definition of the work for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, the word there is Eucharist the Eucharist that is the Eucharist of Christ being thankful for the opportunity of being able to give and help others let your requests be made known unto God and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your heart and minds through Christ Jesus.

Book of Life

[01:02:00] What he mentioned here, and I’m not go into in great detail, but he talks about the “Book of Life.” Was that an actual book the names of the book of life there’s a network of tens 50s hundreds and thousands and 10,000s and coming there was probably a couple million Christians all over the Roman Empire and they were all organized in his network which is why when Judaism fellow Christians who fled Jerusalem you they were allowed to come out and they fled they had a place to go anywhere ago because at his network and the names of those network are written down in the records of the people. And they found scraps of these deals and I thought I come up with the names away who they believe was in the original 70 that Christ pick which was the the Sanhedrin of Christ that these were people they knew they were they had their names written down the cult of book of life later on in history and you hear me talk about it we talk about William the Conqueror coming to England in 1066, which is a thousand years after the fall of Jerusalem he comes to Great Britain and the same thing was going on in France and in Germany with the bullion and Stefan all in the same timeframe about thousand years after Christ these kings were rising up they created a book called the Doomsday Book if your name was in the Doomsday Book you are subject to fealty of the King there were lots of lands who were not in the doomsday book a lot of people who lived in England on Landon feesimple who are not subject to property tax and there they were not in the doomsday book in 1066 but over the next 300 years just about everybody went into that book and they that that was now that’s not that the antithesis of the book of life it’s the book the doomsday book. So anyway, that’s is a little anecdote that I thought it throw in here. And I can explain it later to people who want to know but join the network and find out more.

Can’t overthrow tyranny with tyranny

[01:04:15] But anyway I’ve got a section here that I call sum up… did I get all that that yeah okay now or verse 8: “Finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise think on these things those things which ye have both learned and received and heard and seen in me to as right he says seen in me to and then he says and the God of peace shall be with you so I can only assume from that very clear statement of Paul, that if you don’t do, then the God of peace shall not be with you because that’s the way that’s written in the great it’s like if you do the God of peace shall be with you if you don’t do he will be with you one that goes in the face of some of the minor gospel that is really the fake gospel the people are preaching I’m not saying you earn salvation you do not earn salvation what I’m saying is that you still are keeping God away from your heart and your mind you not keep emotional way got lots of preachers to control emotional make you think you’re safe but you’re not doing what Christ said not a doer of the war you’re a hearer of some of the word but not the whole word is so you’re not a doer of the whole word and so therefore you find that the beast of the earth are going about devouring who they will and you say that marijuana stop that right I I love your righteous indignation but you need to he and got hear your voice you need to go in there were two that those courtrooms in those places with the power of God with you. If you’re not going in there with the power of God though judges are not gonna bow down to you. That I gonna do what you say guys you have no power but if you go in with Christ there will be a power with you and you will see a change you don’t understand how that works, then you should find out. You should press forward as Paul says. And learn what it means to walk in the ways of Christ is to walk in the ways of Christ you go up against Goliath your lot of trouble is you think I know slingshot you have gotten away defeating the people want the right to bear arms the to go somehow overthrow tyranny with tyranny no you’re not a not saying is not good to have arms I’m saying it’s not good to have arms but not have the Holy Spirit because all you’re going to do is so the wind and reap the whirlwind you need to turn around and repent and go the other way. And that’s what people don’t really understand.

Paul’s ministry

[01:07:27] So anyway, verse 10: “But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again wherein ye were also careful but ye lacked opportunity not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned in whatsoever state I am the there with to be content.” He’s okay. And, actually, if you understood his imprisonment in Rome, which we’ve talked about, wasn’t that bad that the as far as an imprisonment in Rome because he wasn’t in a jail cell he was under house arrest and he was staying with some very influential powerful people who also were under house arrest they could not leave that area and there is a serious historical question as to whatever happened to them whether they died there or whether they actually return to Great Britain because he was staying with people from Great Britain. But anyway, that’s another whole story and I can prove that all although it’s referenced in the Gospels and in the epistles led to you may not you know EE a I put some of these things together based on it and the historical documents but it’s not a question of faith what is very clearly in the text that you have to be a doer of the word, not a hearer only. And that if you’re a worker of iniquity another was coveting your neighbor’s goods the agency of men who exercise authority one over the other your worker of iniquity and God is going to say get you from me you workers of iniquity. And your modern churches and telling you that an IM so you see how popular I am with a lot of people but I’m not here at as a matter of a popularity contest. I’m here to telling you the truth. I am that voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Make straight the way the Lord and the modern churches say no it’s okay to be crooked to be deceitful to be covetous as long as you believe no they’re not there holding up a false Christ to you and they got you believing in that false Christ and you need to repent of so buddies is not is not really want is content with worries that at I know both how to be abased no he suffered I’m okay with that and I know how to abound everywhere and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry both to be to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Notwithstanding ye have well done that you did communicate with my afflictions. In other words, I think they help them out with it because he was liberty can travel around like you would travel around before the other member Paul was moving emergency supplies from one part of the Roman Empire to the other from Galatia to core the corn to Jerusalem to Ephesus he was moving stuff all around. He had a huge network that he was overseeing because he was a bishop of bishop of bishops. He was an overseer of overseer he was very influential in the fact that he had this status of Romania’s allowed him to travel around with impunity and also because he had the Holy Spirit that but at times it be that he would push the envelope and he was there and we’ve explained before why Paul even appealed the room whether he was a Roman citizen it was because he was Rhomaios. Different they so anyway says notwithstanding ye have well done so they’ve evidently been communicating with his affliction in helping with what was going on so the funds were coming in wasn’t providing him with his meal he was well provided for by Claudius and a Claudia and by Linus and by the others that were there in that same dwelling at that time. But he was able to do his work of moving funds around in the civil government of God which operates not by force but by charity and love that’s what he was doing this is this the kingdom of God this how they provided this daily administration in pure religion now ye Philippians know also that in the beginning of the gospel when I departed from Macedonia no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving but ye only for even Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. So anyway, he was complementing the Philippians on their generosity because they knew that the Eucharist of Christ was the willingness to give to this far-reaching ministry of Paul. You know, people wanted to belong under the 10 funders and thousands of Paul’s rule because Paul’s rule was gifting without strings attached he wasn’t he was sending a they were no Paul because of they needed aid Paul would be there for these are not lazy people these are hard-working people. But like I said, global warming had stopped at that particular time in global cooling had started there were crop failures for a number of reasons. And supplies are being interrupted and people needed aid in assistance in order to do things.

Grid compromised in Australia

[01:13:32] Right now in Australia, energy is in high demand. Their grid is devastated. One of the chief vectors of that devastation was a woman who used to work for Hillary Clinton who went to Australia to help them straighten out their grid and she has devastated their grid. I may talk about that this afternoon but she has devastated their electrical grid in a country that is abundant in coal both black: brown coal abundant in that coal could produce high-energy output of steady electricity with very little carbon emission in high-temperature furnaces that prevent that carbon from getting out there and doing any so-called damage. Which isn’t actually that was taking place like is that the reason there’s more carbon is because there is global warming again that science is on my side I’m sorry the science is on my side. That it is the carbon that is being released from the ocean where most of it is at. Because the oceans are warming up. And they’re not just warming up with energy directly coming from the sun but another story entirely.

Generosity of Christianity

[01:14:45] But anyway let’s get back to the gospel so you understand what Christ is saying because that’s where your salvation is. “Not because I desire a gift but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” It is in the nature of Christ to give to lay down his life to pick up his life more abundant it is in the nature of the tens hundreds and thousands that hard-working industrious people will share what they have most people you I was talking to somebody was a liberal and bury supporter and they were shocked to find out that per capita, per dollar… per capita Christian conservatives give more charity then liberals. yell socials liberals they don’t give charity these million-dollar actors multimillion-dollar actors got millions and millions of dollars have formed million-dollar homes you normally four different multi-million-dollar homes talking about we need socialism why don’t you guys give up some your wealth. and you got more money you know what to do with wire to starting charities wired to contributing 50% of what you got me Rockefeller used to do that. I mean that the original Rockefeller and me that’s probably part of his success is a tie he gave huge amounts away to charity. Now his children, they give away to charities to but some of the giving away to charities it is actually payback for favors and I can show you that another whole story but there’s a lot going on that you don’t know about and probably don’t need to know about. What you need to know about is Christ in you need to start doing what Christ said what Paul preached that’s what is telling is this account of a man with one talent is an example of what what is talking about that this is a spiritual accounting that needs to take place in your heart in your mind and in the way in which you conduct your civil affairs in the kingdom of God you can’t do that into you sit down and tends hundreds of thousands because you need that network in order to operate in. But anyway, that’s why Christ commanded it. But anyway we’ll be right back.

What a society of perfect savages looks like

[01:17:08] So welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So again were in Philippians were in chapter 4 were on verse 17 is really important for you to understand that religion has always meant the pious performance of your duty to God in your fellowmen media masterminds’s false prophets when everyone a call him have altered the definition of religion to what you think about God they probably use the epistles of Paul more than any other coursers more puzzles up all the than any other to do that but they could not do that without taking Paul out of the context of Paul. And Paul lends himself to that abuse because Paul is speaking to you about things that are hard to understand their way hard to understand because you’re not willing to really search your own soul. I mean, who wants to know that Social Security welfare food stamps Medicare Medicaid is identical to the corban of the Pharisees? It’s the very force forced welfare that John the Baptist came preaching against he and he was preaching against the idea of using force to provide for the needy of society. Whether it be shelter or food or any kind to care for the needy. You were not to use force. Christ forbid it. You not to be like the governments of the Gentiles who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other that is so clear it’s right there your be that way if you’re gonna be a Christian but they are that way the people calling themselves Christians today the people saying that there the church today the people that are writing books and making millions of dollars because they’re real popular today in the media of Christianity the false media of Christianity say it’s okay to desire benefits from men who exercise authority one over the other while Christ forbade it to be that way you like it you cannot like me all you want you can say hello easy for you to Paul’s gospel what you do with that because I said that in Matthew, Mark and Luke. And is really also in John all of the John is not following the same pattern so he said it in different ways in the Gospel of John says it in different ways but loving your neighbor is not coveting your neighbor’s goods to men are going to kick in your door if you don’t contribute. That’s not that’s the way of Nimrod. that’s the way of Cain that was the way of Caesar wasn’t used to be the way of Rome Rome was great in rose to prominence in the world was the policeman of the world wasn’t that way there but I hundred 50 years before Christ Polybius said because the people are becoming accustomed to living at the expense of others in the penny for their livelihood on the property of others that are going to degenerate into perfect savages. You want to know what it looks like to live amongst perfect savages? Go to San Francisco. Feces in the streets. Thousands upon thousands of heroin needles in the streets people doing drugs in the street mood it’s not a crime to steal 900 bucks for somebody in the streets to grab a person run with it is that a crime anymore you’ll get arrested for that at it you get arrested for shooting up heroin in the streets you don’t get address arrested for being naked in the street you citation break a car window in the street you don’t get arrested for that in San Francisco that that’s not bad enough to get arrested for having the avocado gets his car broke and he does he reported to the police. It’s not going to do any good. That you know the guy who shot those people in Texas that to shut the two people in the church in Texas and was killed for his act of violence in defense of other is the people who was about to kill had been arrested on a criminal charge in New Jersey and released. Because the DA didn’t want to prosecute. That is common.

Injustice system, laziness of district attornies

[01:21:55] Now there are probably good DAs out there, but what happens… You can make so much lawyer as a ups so much you can make so much money as a good lawyer as a competent lawyers but that was a competent lawyer that all competent lawyers are out there making big bucks so the incompetent lawyers, what they do they become DAs they become district attorneys and so you have a competent a lawyers become the district attorney’s and what do they do they’ll prosecute crimes that’s a lot of work prosecuting a crime putting the other case. They’ll plea-bargain. the 70 with 10 charges against him will plea-bargain them all away until there’s only like two charges and the guys amass the guy dangers of a guy is not drunk driving charges against the benign times drunk driving he is professionally doing gets away with it in our small community because the fact we have a lot of cars on the road but no at the present judge in this county-wide was killed by a drunk driver who just hit her didn’t even know use a bicycle any authority to eat out a lot does a deer Summit is what homeland bad guilder and yell so he very fond of drunk drivers and I I don’t really think incarceration is the answer drunk driver but you do something of these guys that are perpetually getting totally, totally blurry I draw can get in a car driver around like something walking down the street just shoot net houses left and right because he’s gonna kill somebody. So anyway, prosecutor dropped all charges. that I think we don’t need to prosecute him for drunk driving again. Like, no, that’s not the way it should work. But they’re so lazy they’re so incompetent. They don’t do anything about it. But because justice is not in them.

Why Greg’s dad became a lawyer (gregbio)

[01:24:06] You know, when my father is asking me just the other day what might I asked my father was a little kid Y became a lawyer he first asked him lighting going to politics as we knew people like the bushes in Hubert Humphrey Maday grew up with Hubert Humphrey early’s use is best friend was living in Hubert Humphrey’s house as best friend parents had died in Hubert Humphrey’s parents took him in. And so my dad knew these people and a lot of other people is prominent attorney done in Texas and so I assume I didn’t become a politician I told the story before but he said because I’m dishonest enough to be an attorney but not dishonest enough to be a politician. That’s my dad’s dry sense of humor. And so course being located eight years old I asked the next question so why did you become an attorney? except lady said I got in the wrong line at college you know and so anyway that’s when I was a ways and he became an attorney. Of course, because he answered eight euros. Later on when I started writing the book covenants of the gods it was is all about law and how you how you become merchandise by coveting the neighbor’s goods and how you waive your rights by swearing Osan techie taking oaths and all this kind of stuff which yelled is this dealing with legal issues and the law it’s got like seven 800 footnotes in it and is free online are rated covenants of the gods way way I took it to my data is the first drafts of it are the first draft of the first part of it to my dad and I said what you think? And he went east IEEE ready looked up stuff and everything and say word is my dad very very of you wrote law books and the he came back sat down next to me, not saying a word. And I’m still sitting there on his couch Don California and they could a gun down there to show what I’ve been writing how as busy as a sheepherder of the desert but anyway he says that I was right my conclusions were right. “They’re correct,” he says, “but they’re not gonna like you.” And then that’s what he told me a little bit more about why he had a genuine desire to attend to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith and it was in his heart but that’s not a thought while you become a lawyer while I thought the same thing back when I was 13 years old and I wanted to serve God and so I thought well you know I was being raised in Catholic family and I thought well then become because they’re the ones that are serving God right well you 13 where I know and so then I would go off and start becoming a priest and studying end up in St. Joseph’s College is still pretty young still teenager and studying to be a pretty said gone to all the always testing everything and was studying you know that actually offered to take me to the Vatican to finish my studies then I began to become awake and so then I ended up going out to the desert and here I am telling you what the kingdom of God is all about.

Finding out why the swamp is there to being with

[01:27:33] And in Philippians which is where we are at, its telling me to not because I desire gifts but I desire fruit that may abound to your account Christ took the kingdom away from the Pharisees said he was going to do it did it by the words of their own mouth and appointed to the apostles. The Kingdom of God was there. It was a government. It’s different kind of government than what you think of when I say government. But was a voluntary government faith open charity and he appointed to the apostles they made the people sit down on the tens hundreds and thousands as Christ command Ed and they organized a daily ministration and a lot more that Reese all over the Roman Empire that help Christians not only survive but thrive during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire because they understood that the Eucharist of Christ as being thankful for the opportunity of giving of sacrificing for the righteousness of the world. The righteousness in the world is what I should say because world is it righteous the world needs saving and your politicians are not gonna do it was why we wrote Article 2 Section 22… to challenge them on the fact that there bearing false witness is they’ve all taken oath to abide by the rules and that organ Constitution and there are 70 to 80% of them are in violation and they and others won’t speak up. Because it would literally drain the swamp and people don’t want it really drain the swamp. I really want you to know why there’s a swamp to begin with. And the reason there’s a swamp to begin with is because you’re not doing what Christ said.

The temples were government buildings. You are worshiping at the same temples today

[01:29:32] And Paul is trying to talk to people that are clearly doing what Christ said and trying to get them to be steadfast in that pursuit of the Kingdom of God. And the righteousness of God. But I have all and abound I am full I have received of at the front -itis was just another one of the ministers his name is in the book of life the things which were sent from you an owner of sweet smell…” That’s a metaphor… A sacrifice acceptable because it is freely given well-pleasing to God so that it’s going to bring you spiritual benefit but my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus nice talking to people that have a daily ministration entirely run by faith open charity is not talking to people that are eating of things sacrificed at the other temples of the world. You to remember if you know that the temples of Saturn and the temples of Minetta and all these were government buildings… Temple of Meneta minted coins the placenta stored birth certificates and other records such as diplomats records etc. If you are diplomat coming from another country had to notify the government… I’m pretty sure that Soleimani… whatever his name is… the guy was killed in Iraq did not notify Iraq that he was in the country diplomat from a from Iran but anyway that’s always been the law of your coming from another country had and I went to the temple like other government buildings and Christians were not dependent upon the free bread of those systems welfare of those is in the corban of those systems they had their own system and until you see that you’re not really seeking the kingdom of God that conversation in heaven that management of civil affairs to faith, hope and charity… You’re still seeking to force, fear and fealty. And that isn’t the way of Christ and you need to repent of your thinking and go the other way.

Political context while Paul was in prison

[01:31:51] So anyway, he finishes with, “Now unto God and our father be glory forever and ever amen and then he finishes with salute every saint in Christ Jesus know now why did he mention our father? He’s using or pottery there Rome had their pottery the Emperor was Petronas the our father that’s what that means Petronas. Patre was the title for all the centers Patre Cicero. Patre Tacitus all these guys who were sent to pottery Seneca they were the conscripted pottery but we article no man on earth father we were to look to them pray to them to those men who exercise authority for benefits we were to provide them to faith open charity this is what Christianity was not so he hasn’t told you that they’re not preaching the gospel of Christ. So he’s saying now unto God the God in heaven our father in heaven… “salute every saint…” Saints are those that are separated out the apostles were separated out they were rules a Christ lay down they owned all things, the people than on all things, and he was redrew return every man to his possessions every man to spam but the ministers were to own all things in common and we explain that elsewhere I’ve made up with some more links in there I think arty have some links on that page so you can read those articles the brother which are with me greet you all the saints salute you again that works like the separate ones suit you salute you chiefly they that are of Caesar’s household, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” Those of Caesar’s household? What’s he talking about? Paul was living in the area Britannia of Rome it was set aside for actually what was now in-laws to Paul Paul’s half brother’s son was married to Claudia. And Linus was her brother. And they were from Great Britain. Claudia was Gladys from Great Britain. Named Claudia by the Emperor Claudius Chris she was so impressed me there are poets who wrote about her. Juvenile wrote about her. Actually appears to have a little bit of a crush on her. By his poetry hard to tell anyway at he had two nieces who are well known in history that were there when Nero was making Christians suffer by his false flag of the burning of Rome. All these things are going on… If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to do some more study were the alternative good news people because we’re going actually tell you what most churches are not telling that’s what I’m saying you lets Weiser of the things in the news how people are being deceived because what they’re seeing as news is filtered.

Environmental lies for profit

[01:35:15] You think there is global warming and there is a slight bit of global warming slight bit not anything like a model say that’s why you know they have signs up in glacier national Park that said all these glaciers would be melted in the next 20 years will have to take those signs down because the 20 years are up and they’re still not melted effective they’ve in this last storm and storms coming that they seem to be increasing quite a bit anyway they the reality is is that the they have to go and change the signs is that none of the predictions are coming true yet the governor of Oregon is trying to press And trade through on Oregonians and tax 11 tar out of them and it’s the same kind of plan that we see has already implemented in Australia is devastated their grid indebted devs and shot the price of power them blackouts now for days huge damage to the economy by these blackouts every day some of these companies were running furnaces to melt down a little and the blackout came right at the height and the entire furnace just froze up solid they can get the power to generate the heat was another will be a backlash because all this in Australia. Some people may wise up enough to start their own plants, but they’re making it very difficult to do. or they may buy up some right now there are big-money people buying up the last of the coal-fired plants and destroying so that they can’t be used because they know once those are that chief source of power is gone they can charge more and more and more. And we saw the same thing California with their rolling blackouts we actually know actually know people personally contacted that the nuclear power plant in in in sit near San Luis Obispo and they were running it like 25% capacity. And he says, well were having rolling blackouts in California why are you doing them is a long conversation. He worked his way into the conversation led a time the rolling blackouts were simply to scare the people so they can hike the prices up. We know that now, after the fact. And some of the price went down but they’re continually going out because when you move up the price of these collages by a fraction some is making billions of dollars because were dealing with so much power. And with that money they can send a lot of kickbacks to the California politicians who are all getting to be millionaires while the people got feces in the streets. Corruption is prevailing.

How you find uncorrupted people to network with

[01:38:13] So what you do how do you change it get all mad and go down to the voting booth and change it. Your neighbor’s an idiot. Your neighbor does understand what’s going on he’s watching CNN and thinking that what they’re telling them is true haters that know you have no access to his mind there is a lot more of him then there are view you need to do what Christ said. You need to create what the early Christians did they formed a network of hard-working industrious honorable people who would watch each other’s back. Take care of one another. In the time of persecution in the time of drought in the time of Dirksen and disruptions to the economy unit that is the asset you need what you can’t get in with a group like that unless you’re like that too when you can’t fake that you can do say “I believe” and people believe you believe that James tells you you you know them by their fruits by what they’re doing post on they get roads not because I desire again but I desire from that may abound to your account. If I don’t see you sacrificing for others. I’m not seeing fruit. If I’m not seeing you willing to lay down the false teachings you have accepted as a child and put away those things and take on the things of a righteous Christian who is seeking righteousness… He’s not himself righteous God is righteous where seeking to do the will of the father if you don’t do that you’re not gonna be able help the Kylee’s of the world and the other people that are being chewed up one after another. And you even know about that will focus on Kylee and stay but the reality is you need you know you need to see all the other stuff is going to get a grasp of that of your and organize the people, you need to understand what Christ was talking about what Christ was doing with the early church was doing. You need to become a part of that kind of a process because you’re going to need the full armor of God to go… Because you’re not going up against a couple of people doing bad things. You’re going up in fighting in the spiritual warfare against the unrighteous spirits that dwell in the pagan temples of the world. Which are the government buildings of the world on a Singaporean government is bad or not the Roman centurion wasn’t bad he was a man of greater faith than anybody else and put Jesus come across at that time and he’s right in the government. He’s the head of us sent as a century I get I’d love to hear the other conversations that Paul had with the head of the court who came in and found out that Paul was role males and he wasn’t wasn’t being a Roman citizen again. We’ve explained that the ozone you’ve heard it many times before you get you have to imagine give me some allowances for the fact that so much of what I say people have not heard any part of it whatsoever so I say no Paul was in a Roman citizen is says right on the Bible he was. No, he was role males if you don’t know what that means comparing you read the article and find out but write what you really should do is join the network to down attends hundreds and thousands. So go to prepare you find the network links join the network and start doing what Christ said in preparing yourself for what is coming until then bottle exist piece on your house and may God Peace with you God bless.

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