Key 2004 – Media Madness

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2004

The subject of “Climate Change” provides a good springboard to demonstrate just how “mad” official news sources have become.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 11, 2020

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Notable Segments

[00:46:18] Miracle of the five loaves a fishes
[00:52:17] Oregon Governor Brown and Article 2 Section 22
[01:12:12] Scribes and Pharisees were political parties

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Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom and the switchboard is moving really slow. But anyway we’re here. And we’re going to spend the next hour talking about some of the things I talked about this morning on this one is broadcast which was about two hours long and we finished Olympians if you want to get notices of all the broadcasts as they go out and as they become available you need to join the network which is an email network. Not a lot of burdensome emails coming in, but it’ll give you notices. Eventually, we may start incorporating things like Twitter and all that stuff I do have a Facebook page have a His Holy Church Facebook page with brother Gregory page we put a few things out there but the key thing is the network itself and there’s two networks is one is just an email network and the other one is a living network the email network puts you on a on an email group based on your geographical location occasionally people are members of more than one group could have friends and in one geography as you are one state or something that is or there may be thinking about moving somewhere else so they wanted to know the people in that area but really the way to get to know people is to actually join the living network which is you become a part of the Congregation of Record. Now this was very critical in the early church and a lot of things are going on in the early church was global warming and then there was global cooling and there was tick dictators rising to power there was persecution by the medical system. There was persecution by the political system there were persecution by radical religious groups and the other was persecution by the government. And while this was going about… well that’s what were trying to let you know the Keys of the Kingdom so that you know how all that I went on back then relates to today and so but the problem is is that you get a lot of the information you have in your head from other people and from news sources and from books and from wherever they get them from that are misleading you it’s a how do you know if you’re being misguided or guided rep righteously.

Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globe Awards on Climate Change

[00:02:53] I am reading something here that I clipped out… Data collecting values have been forged at but yet promoted by the United Nations Hollywood superstars Bette Midler Bernie Sanders and they tweak misguided opinions back to the Australian Prime Minister and they have no idea of the extent of their ignorance. Now who was saying that? She’s a PhD person who is an expert in a number of different fields and cute including meteorology but mostly about why there are fires going on in Australia. And what I started with this morning nice talked a little bit about was that Jennifer Aniston up its Global Awards the global awards where they are head that you know that it’s a media thing you know where actors and everything they get these awards and they dress up in ridiculous outfits and go up and everybody has a great time at some sort of award ceremony and you get and they were told at the beginning don’t make any political speech is when just get your awarding gold out and I will say what he actually said but to. Anyway, Jennifer Aniston was up there and she started talking about the fires in Australia and that there obviously due to global warming we need to do something about this crisis and of course right now the governor Brown here in Oregon is trying to get her bills passed into law on integrating emergency deals they’ve she tried to do this before and they stopped that I know they’ll have the guts to stop it now. They could stop it easily but to it might cost them something to stop it and that is a lot of good old boy stuff going on in politics but the reason she makes it an emergency deal that but in this phrase about emergency is if they pass that you can the people can’t go and reverse it with a referendum or you know resolution. They’re not gonna let him do it if they pass it as an emergency and nonemergency and there really is no significant global warming it was warmer back in the days of Jesus Christ in and not Israel and Rome than it is today is my back like in Australia people think all drought and temperatures are going up and we just the other day they recorded the highest temperature ever in Australia because the global warming… No they didn’t! and what I said this morning instead of asking Jennifer Aniston who doesn’t know anything about siphons I mean I don’t really know what she knows but I know she’s wrong.

Jennifer Marohasy Research

[00:05:52] You should be asking Jennifer Marohasy. I need to say these things out loud a little bit before I go on the air to practice it. But anyway, she’s a very bright and intelligent Australian scientist PhD member the IPA and she’s Ashley gone and looked up the archives of the temperatures it in numerous places they had these stations all over Australia that will give been taking temperatures since way back in the 1800s with mercury thermometers which are very accurate murder either thermometers are very accurate. And they can be tested to be and they remain very accurate they don’t have to be recalibrated once their manufacture they’re very consistent and she’s gone back to look at the actual archives of the people who were writing down the readings and that warmest day ever in Australia at least at this one station which is that one the often is very hot was 1909. Well, if there’s global warming, why is the highest temperature way back there in 1909 and not now me we were getting this global warming Whisenant hired out and why didn’t they have that figure why don’t they know that why they say in the highest figure is now will they remove that from the record they removed that temperature rating from the records. And a lot of others, they’ve altered. So that their reading them as actually being colder back then that it really was it was hotter back to your much bigger fires in Australia back in 1974 when the climatologists that all these experts were telling us that were headed for an Ice Age at the Thursday in the back in the 70s we had 30 years of cooling and were supposedly headed for an Ice Age and it didn’t happen we have an Ice Age we still may and we still may have warming. But as a carbon dioxide driven. Well actually, that’s another thing that I will talk a little bit about some of the other scientists does mention their names Marohasy is MAROHASY asked why and at first name Jennifer and you can find her at And she got a number articles of the one numbers that she just wrote and the beginning of January is it has been hotter fires have burned large areas in Australia in the past 1974, as I mentioned, they had one that burned 117 million acres. The one everybody’s worked up about now the adding built Barnes six Mina probably will go more than 6 million reports done but the reality is it’s not that big a fire it’s a disaster for a lot of people and there and you see a lot of footage of flames and people screaming and yelling and people fighting fires. And it’s a great tragedy. But it could’ve been avoided and other PhD scientists who can’t get into the media have been warning for years what you need to do and why you are headed for these tragedies and the fact is you know the little aborigine natives that lived there before all that they’re necessarily little but their voices pretty little in listen to they knew how to solve this problem way back when they burn many areas on a regular basis during the cool periods where they burn off the excess fuel because Australia was made to burn the Burns things come back lots of animals died some animals survive and then the foliage everything comes back better than it was before is part of the natural cycle but if you’re going to be led to and fro by these limiting herders that we call media you really won’t know what’s going on.

Prof. Andy Pittman

[00:09:51] You know, for instance, Prof. Andy Pittman who is the director of ARC center of excellence for climate systems science now this guy hey believes there is global warming I don’t know all of what he believes I’ve read some of his material but he says flat out and he this is a matter of minutes, bombshell for a lot of people but he says as far as the climate scientists know there is no link between climate change and drought. No link whatsoever. You see, as things heat up more water most there that is covered with water more water will evaporate turning the clouds those clouds go up into the upper atmosphere and they will make rain and they will also shield the earth from the sun and reflect the sun back so you don’t have the warming of their the same way was snow’s white it reflects the heat back of you lose a lot of snow you get a lot of warmth going into the soil and into the water and the water heats up grace more evaporation, causes more rain, which in cold air are craving more snow now there’s a slight warming trend but actually scientists are now who are studying as they can get into the media because it doesn’t fit the narrative but that scientists are discovering the reason there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, detectable carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, is because there’s global warming. People always say correlation does not prove causation there the idea that carbon dioxide is warming the planet because were putting carbon dioxide into the air is not a fact there’s really very little science to even cooperate that idea. It’s actually the reverse. And scientists now mention some of maybe today our who are actually looking at the numbers just the same is Jennifer went down there and looked at the actual numbers. She’d get up early she would check the live monitoring of these weather stations and she would see temperatures get to lower temperatures than their reporting and they say well our algorithms are correcting them and then other words what you’re saying is it’s not the temperature that is actually recorded your altering the data. And she sees them doing this first-hand calls him out on but it doesn’t fit the narrative. And see in C know what’s happened is been going on Australia for quite a while. It’s happening now in the United States.

Coal vs Wind vs Solar

[00:12:40] But what they’ve done is, because carbon is bad, renewable energies are good, they’ve been destroying their coal-fired power plants. And power is zooming up. You cannot there is no scientific way in which you can produce power with wind generation that is cheaper than coal. And what you should have been doing is improving the coal plants. There is actually a method of compressing coal and mixing it with water… I actually have people I know in Australia—they could tell you in great detail where they can take brown coal which is kind of a dirty coal and will burn kinda dirty compress it with this water and it comes out it’s more easily transportable and it will burn hotter and give less omissions and is in abundance in Australia they should have some of the cheapest power in the world instead to have some of the most expensive power in the world. Because… somebody’s work for Hillary Clinton and a few other people went over there and was going to help him fix her grid and they devastated the grid and all people are can you turn on their heat in the wintertime they don’t turn on the air-conditioning they leave their lights off because it’s a constant battle to keep their power bill down because they can’t meet the bill. Because the cost of electricity went out companies are being destroyed because of the fact that they don’t have regular lectures to have blackouts for long periods of time. Wind generation is not cheaper it’s more expensive it’s not even last carbon emissions we see all of the have those wind generators is generating free electricity of the dozen pencil out nobody would be putting up these when generation plants nor these make you solar plants. I know people… I sat down with the people who work in these solar businesslike solar plants in opening of these big no hundred acres 200 acre solar plants. They are actually trying to put them up in our County and I’m not against people but not enough for people but not by just looking at the man it takes more energy to make those solar panels and ship them and put them up and keep them clean. It takes more energy to build those big wind towers than they generate. And it takes a lot of coal you do not fix you even make a spoon without coal you can’t make things out of iron less you have Coke in your furnaces that how you make steel with Coke you can do that without coal. Or charcoal. And charcoal just comes from trees.

Billions being spent on crazy

[00:15:35] So it’s crazy what but then not you not looking at the science you’re listening to the “Science Guy” is not a scientist and a few other people who get their funding get lots of money from people who want to spread this idea climate denier I know climate changes I’ve been watching the climate for almost 3/4 of a century. I’ve also been watching the sun which is really what is driving the climate. I have been watching the sun in detail why because the Bible tells you look for signs in the sun but what I want to do is start getting critical thinking. They are pushing this agenda to make billions of dollars. Billions upon billions of dollars. and actually strangle the economy of the middle class the middle class is surging ahead unfortunate a lot of it’s with borrowed money but they’re trying to reverse that process and they’re going to get away with because a lot of you refuse to wake up and you’re actually your thinking is being degenerated by these people.

Controlled burning prevented wildfires

[00:16:47] And you see people like Jennifer and some of the other people I might mention here today this evening finds a name that should put all the names together in one place… Dr. Christine Finley she’s the one is been studying brushfires for 20 years became she was been a whistleblower after applying the actual brushfires between 1880 and 1981 on graphs part of her thesis originally but she’s expanded her information on this that showed marked increases in the size and frequency of fires after 1919. Why would that be why are there more fires to global warming no as actually was hotter like is that in 1909. No it’s not global warming is they are there they stopped the indigenous practices that reduced the brushfires before by reducing the amount of fuel on the ground. And they did this with low intensity, cool burning, during a different season. She says catastrophic fuel loads accumulated since the 1920s particularly in national parks brushfires are bushfires a column in Australia service operation geared to allow potential dangers fires to build in extreme weather.

The Sun’s influence

[00:18:15] And they have extreme weather. In Australia it’s below the equator’s no were here in January as cold where appear in the northern hemisphere it’s cold I was cold last night I was telling we we saved a local person fell and was stuck on the ground and couldn’t get up for three hours and finally we to promote premonitions and warnings from other people went over there to check on her found out that she did not make it into the house and she was stuck out there and she was freezing week we got her and warmed her up so she survived the night otherwise she would’ve been out there is this not many people I hear you and I can recall and your neighbor they can hear you but anyway it’s cold here yet right now the sun is closer to me then it will be all year long with the sun is closer right now yet it’s winter here why is that because it’s coming to more atmosphere because the Earth is tipped well it’s closer to Australia right now Australia is closer to the sun because the planet is closer to the sun in the middle of our winter so in the middle of their son there at their summer there actually closer to the sun then we are in the middle of our summer and they have less atmosphere for her to go through because there at that angle as the earth tips and goes around and this’ll elliptical orbit around the sun. The sun is what’s moving weather. the sun is what is actually increasing the amount of carbon oxide in the air carbon oxide is constantly being absorbed.

The Sun’s influence on Roman politics

[00:19:57] The planet is actually greener now, just as it was a time of Rome. The planet was greener at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth than it was 200 years later. Because it began to cool again was global warming Rome rose to power 2 tons rose to power the two times defeated the Roman several times because you can go north it was warmer. And then that changed. This goes on all time.

[00:20:28] But you’re being fed a media line so that people can get control of money. The bill… the cap and trade bill that they got an Oregan that there this you can find this all over the country they’re going to try to milk you dry and they’re going because they’re interested in money and their interest in power their interest in control. You need to get interested in righteousness this that the key to the kingdom of heaven you have to be seeking righteousness. You can’t just go to church and read your Bible say a few prayers. You have to actually be doers of the word. We talked about that Philippians in the chapter 4 Paul saying the E if you don’t do you will not have the peace of God you have to be a doer to get the peace of God you learn it but you’re if you’re not going to bear fruit and do the things that Christ said, you’re not going to get the blessings of Christ. That’s all there is to it. And bearing fruit has to do with sacrifice get us the nature of Christ.


[00:21:33] Somebody that should be in the network and working with us on a daily basis but has been taken off on tangents… He posted some on Facebook and I listen to it it was about frequencies… How they noticed that you you have this sympathetic frequency becomes you have these two arms of a tuning fork and they’re both vibrating you you tap one and they both end up vibrating because as a sympathy frequency that comes to the other and that is people doing these experiments they make a big deal about everything we do this every day in your body you are frequency generator your red blood cells are white blood cells your body is generating frequencies all the time when you’re angry it changes the frequencies when you’re unforgiving it changes the frequencies. When you’re selfish, it changes the frequency of your whole body. Now when you’re forgetting and he really forget-me-not absolution forgiving but you just let go and leave judgment to God that alters the frequency in your body you know I am very hard on people I rebuke a lot of people but how are you forgive them I’m not angry with but I have as many as I love I also rebuke that’s what the Bible says and so I’m not holding it that them accountable. I am accountable to speak what God puts on my heart. in the fact is his most people who think they’re Christians are not doing what Christ said so they can’t be real question you’re not a follower of Christ unless you’re actually following where he led and doing what he said to do.

Kylee Dixon being forced into liver transplant

[00:23:17] I quoted, this morning, Albert Einstein is a lot of people have quotes like this Madison at Jefferson the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watched them without doing anything and it is so anyway I talked this morning about Kylie Dixon KYLEE Dixon you can look it up and her mother she’s being forced to have an operation by a medical society that it and that is dependent upon the courts to get their way with Kylie nevermind is her body never mind that she doesn’t identify was somebody waiting for an operation she wants not to have the operation you want to have a second opinion of another doctor and if she has to have the operations was to have it in our hospital that can actually perform a liver transplant the one that wants to perform this operation could killer the damage your liver shapes Artie had one operation didn’t work and she gone to chemo and didn’t work. She’s tried some alternative methods and she thinks they’re working there making her feel better but the doctors who want to have the operation say no they didn’t work. but when she asked for a second opinion, they won’t let her go get a second opinion is going on right now in organ with this girl.

Government taking children away

[00:24:50] The reality is that these kinds of things go on all the time. Today… or actually it was yesterday this was but they took to children away from their parents. They were twins and that the mother was breast-feeding and they snatch them out of their arms the will of DHS using the courts because these people had the audacity of having the children born at home. That’s not unreasonable have the chart you’ll know what the conditions are alleged to have another kitties looks fine is doing well but they don’t whether they should take it or not they will give you another example just the other day yesterday a DHS worker was threatening to take children away from a husband and the on a conversation on the call she said that she would expunge their the case and let go and he started dating her. To, evidently, sleep with her then he she would not yet she would erase it is the case it is threatening to take his children away from what I seems ridiculous nobody’s gonna believe that story well he recorded the call. Now, in some states that’s illegal. But these things going I’ve been watching this for 3040 years this been going on these injustices happen every day the people who now hear about they get all worked up in the all excited and they get mad I was listening to one guy is all angry and he’s cussing and swearing and all this stuff. You’re to win this battle that way EE yes be dedicated be sincere but you need to be seeking righteousness and no I also know these guys and explain to him how to do this if they want but I chased him around that why Gallup said run out and say all these terrible things go terrible things to happen a lot more going happen less you wise up start seeking the kingdom but they can’t think critically because they’re upset. They’re angry. You can’t be angry and defeat evil. You can’t get that angry you have to be righteous to defeat evil. I know up a blog and figure out what I’m talking about.

[00:27:16] But anyway, some of the other people… You can look up “Dr. Jennifer Marohasy” and “climate tricks continue” ninth I CCC and she shows some of these tricks that they’re doing and the you know the Australian Bureau of meteorology was a call BOM and the Berkeley University and she’s exposing what they’re doing you can look up on YouTube. Like I say she’s got a webpage but is also up Prof. Ian Clemmer who lost a book just recently not for greens is said that I because it’s facts… it’s facts-based he’s not in his noggin money from oil companies and coal companies are 80 know some of the people who bought these coal-fired plants up our coal companies there are energy companies but they know they can make more money with high-cost energy than they can with low-cost energy is low-cost energy creates competition. So there’s some coal people that are actually destroying… And then they’ll sell local the thing is they will come back eventually because this when generation solar generation is a crock you know the people will be billions of dollars poor when they come back they the clever people that are pushing these ridiculous agendas about global warming and we’re all going to be dead and 12 years {which they are predicting 20 years ago and it didn’t happen more than 20 years ago and it didn’t happen there all be richer Al Gore he has enough electricity going into his home to fire up a factory he didn’t have a 200 amp service he’s got way higher amperage services use a lot more electricity than we do but you guys your meeting until you these things. Because you have vague even Fox News is going to tell you these things but you have to do your own homework join the network and start sharing this information.

Ian Plimer – Not for Greens

[00:29:27] I’ll probably put together a little short article on it. And maybe I’ll attach this audio. But Ian Plimer. PLIMER… look him up. “Not for Greens” is his book. the ball of information these are sciences these people know what they’re talking about and they’re not dependent upon the funding of those people want you to believe that there’s global warming that’s threatening us because somebody burns a piece of coal. Quite the contrary. The carbonates in the atmosphere is probably not really most of it is not coming from man-made operations 75% of the Earth is covered by oceans and the oceans are full of carbon and as the oceans heat up from the sun and the effects of inner activities of the mechanisms within our own planet which most meteorologists don’t understand the most climatologist don’t understand—there’s possibly more carbon being released from the ocean than men produce with all of our powerplants. But anyway, there’s a lot of information out there the fact is don’t just accept my work for do some homework on your own. So check out Andy Pittman to because any payment in a row as he was right in his book he wrote it once then he decided not to publish it but then things are just getting so out of hand and he sees you like as a the electrical grid in Australia just being absolutely destroyed so he finally decided every was encourage them so that you know he had looked at what they call the skeptic can book that’s another book that’s a been produced out there and that’s a JoAnn nova JoAnn nova she skied to check her name out nova in OVA JoAnn JOA in any look for her on YouTube and what have you she she’s a smart gal and that she understands that if the global warming is happening according the way that they say there should be greenhouse signature you should see it in the upper atmosphere and ear not seen the hotspots that you need to be seen so the science doesn’t work when you look closely at it if you want to get emotional with Jennifer Aniston and little children from Norway you can go get emotional with them if you want fax you have to look for because the media is not a handed to you a silver platter and you need to get with if you can’t figure out the facts you need to join in with other people who can understand the facts and have them explain it to you also the ocean absorption and release with a rise in temperature drive CO2 up that’s a fact 1998 temperature pause okay it’s been 20 years now we’ve been in this positive positive none of the models have worked none of the models have accurately predicted the weather and the weather has not followed the models is drastically different from what they said was going to happen but yet they want to push through cap and trade because of global warming but it has a warm since 1998. So what’s the deal they know they’re running out of time people are starting to wake up they’ve got a push these things throw so they can make their big box there millions of dollars so anyway that’s that’s number three number four climate profiteers of monopoly science global bullies. If you don’t go along your climate deniers are not going to get the money or not getting it hired for some of these… where you’re getting real science from now is retired meteorologists and physicists and climatologists… they’re are the ones who are coming on saying hey things don’t add up but anyway when the Ian wrote his book in plumber wrote his book he was sending things back and forth to Prof. Andy Pittman and saying, “Is this correct?” and that there they’re having a dialogue back and forth the find out what is the case and what is not the case and help them write JoAnn’s skeptic handbook. And Prof. plumbers not for greens and but you’re not gonna get this in the news media. Most of the news media are going to tell this there to try to push to their cap and trades and milk you dry and destroy…

Burning off brush

[00:34:10] I mean, it’s gonna take years to build back the grid and empower infrastructure of Australia. They may not have it. I mean there’s a great deal of debt in this world. There is a great deal of things going on. But anyway, like I said, the fires in Australia people give asking me of a real and all the stuff so I can have contacted some of the people in Australia but I just did the research mice itself until about 3 o’clock in the morning going back for that I have some information already in my head I allows of these systems work because the fact that I’m a bit of a geologist in the mud a catastrophic geologist and so I’ve been watching these things for a long time. Also been washing like as a the sun I know how the chemistry works so I went look these things up and not one of the articles that came out was by a another one is hard names Asylum on ball and she’s written a number of things that come across her number times that she writes for money and Tracy to make but she saying yell climate scientists say that the summer is only a preview of what is to come and the bushfires season will only get worse each year unless climate change is addressed. Now that was her conclusion. But based on no real facts she says climate deniers immediately calls people climate deniers are obsessed with arson as the cause of the Australian fires will certainly ought half of the fires were started by men people mankind started over have to buy some estimate as many as 80% of buyers are survey people not all the more arson someone to stupid people the one cigarette Souders some of them were actually burning our brush is a common thing we do it out here and in the desert you burn off brush and the death of the Hammons got in trouble for but that the Hammons had permission to do it it was absolutely legitimate the problem is that when these people are brought to trial for what actually improve the soil did no harm and actually saved land and property and and and value on the range… Nobody came to the defense. Even the sheriff I’ve known for years and years knows his old family heating come to his defense because it didn’t fit the scenario.


[00:36:35] People don’t realize it that you’re being dragged into way of thinking. Or maybe even into a collective unconsciousness the reality is is that you and you need what wakes you up in like I was talking about these frequencies that the was being talked about on this the people think they discovered these unsympathetic frequencies that can actually destroy disease I I built a rife blaster 2030 years ago yeah I know how it works I built it out here in the shop with people who actually wrote the program for most of the rife equipment out there I have some of the handwritten in hand-tied notes of rife himself locked away in a safe place. I mean I were talking thick you phone with the phone book LA phonebook size notes letters personal letters between him and that the Secret Service then and the FBI and all this kind of stuff. I know what I’m talking about. People like this I am on ball she doesn’t know what she’s talking about today she does but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and gross injustices gross evil is going to take place because of you a but for the lack of knowledge the people are ignorant. They don’t know how did what’s going on. I always people so shocked by the fact that they’re going to force Kylie to have the operation that for stuff every day they there’s some horrible things that go on is not going to get in and the media to you hereabouts you think nothings happened you need to create your own network. and I’m gonna be able use YouTube and Google pretty soon because there they’re manipulating that. There I sought years ago and it’s got worse and worse and worse you know articles that would give you information I used to look up years ago doing research game find another still out there but searches won’t find me need to know exactly where the article find I’ve seen them taking data down years ago dated with that would tell you what’s going on.

Importance of the Living Network

[00:38:54] What you need is the Holy Spirit will Holy Spirit is in common is you the right frequencies in your heart and your mind what a national crisis telling you how to do this is why you’re a church could heal people and a lot of people don’t understand how that works they don’t understand the way that works and so anyway hopefully you will join the network and will start sharing more eyes you have a great deal of information about preparing you that can already tell you and but people don’t while there are people there reading people are studying I don’t get a lot of really good questions from people but if you join the network join the congregations I get people calling me who are not participating in congregations people want to go to church to feel good. That’s not the purpose of church to purpose of church is to get you actually to make you feel little uncomfortable because you have to feel and cover you have to look at your own soul you have to look at your own heart you want to go into battle with these guys that are stealing children the call medical kidnapping is been going up years we have a number of articles up showing it yell but I mean I could be writing these articles every day it happens every day every day it happens every day. having what is a medical I think you go look and you can find all kinds articles what I want to do is prepare you so that when it happens to you you’re forearmed. I’ve a bit and one of the ways forewarn you that it’s only going to get worse before it gets better is not bad for me it but it’s going to get bad for a lot of the people out there because they’re not taking the time to find out what Christ was really saying. Because the same thing happened at the time of Christ. The purpose of bringing up the climate I can bring up a lot of things besides the climate and the fires in Australia but show you how their minute file in your emotions they’re manipulating your thinking by manipulating your emotions all those poor, poor people. And even when you fight against the injustices like I leave you get all worked up in your yelling and your call people names and everything you’re not going to have the power to deal with the evil that you run into in these places. And I’ve given stories before but I’m not gonna tell him this time. Of how you can if you actually have the Holy Spirit they don’t have power you have the power.

Does your minister even know what the weightier matter are?

[00:41:30] Christ could have got down on the cross anytime you want he willingly sacrificed himself. And the actual reason… I haven’t heard a minister yet tell you the actual reason that axes start all way around they never really tested because 90% of the ministers I went out there and I asked minister after Mr. travel all across the country—Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, everywhere in the course I’ve done a lot of other conversations with these people asked him what Jesus list is the weightier matters at was in a room full of pastors the maybe 1000 years of study there and asked them what did Jesus call the weightier matters that we’re supposed to attend to the Pharisees were condemned for not attending to they can answer not none of them knew the answer finally one of them who had told just the day before he finally came up with the answer. But only because I told him now because of his studies and I went to him and asked him now I don’t know if we could even remember. Because there they don’t really know Christ they know little bit about the non-essay bad people really bad people but they are there doing what Christ for bed and they’re not telling the people what Christ commanded us to do and not to do they’re not telling because it’s not in their head is not in their consciousness and illness why Christ after years and years asked Peter and ice all of whom I own my home I know we read the Bible and ologies the Christ they know that even John the Baptist didn’t really know that John the Baptist had to send some of his followers to Jesus and them are you the one he didn’t know that when he baptized him when he said this the one to come after me he wasn’t saying he was the Messiah. He just is doing a really good guy really special guy in order when he was in the well why is the frequency of Christ. Because of the energy coming off Christ.

Local troublemaker

[00:43:47] You know, that’s another thing… Just in our own experience here in the community a minute every community you have no you always have a village idiot or village troublemaker village know it all I might be counted as a normal around teller by what to think but I have no problem telling them what I’m thinking. But anyway, I’m just adore I just go out and do things but that and then if somebody wants my opinion not glad to give it to them by the guy you I knew rooms his usual kid he is a total troublemaker he’s got a lot of trauma mental issues and everything we still people and that Chris gets off. I’ve see and do things that everybody else would die doing he gets away with it has a slight charmed life he gives me a wide berth I’ve never had a crossword with them I’ve written in the truck with them you know at asked if he’s coming down the road he’ll drive way over to avoid me not never had a cross word with him. What is the heck is going on? and while I know what is going on and I know what the heck is going is that you know well I’ll let you figure that other people you live two minutes with them I know this guy is full of problems and influenced by all kinds of trauma that makes you influenced by all kinds of evil. we gets drunk it really becomes pervasive if he takes drugs it really becomes pervasive and he’s been doing more that right now is in jail is in jail for the next couple years. Again. But he’s not an essay bad guy he just got screws loose and when he stricken he do bad things that he does a lot of bad things in Drucker drives people crazy. But other people meet him and they don’t see it. I see instantly. Why don’t they see it? And, you know, the reason why is there not awake. They might be woke, but they’re not awake they don’t really see what’s going on because they don’t walk in the spirit and walk in the ways of Paul and Peter. And that’s also why they don’t heal people. Because they don’t walk in the ways of Christ.

Miracle of the five loaves a fishes

[00:46:18] Most of you out there don’t know the ways of Christ. But I can tell you this: if Christ commanded that you sit down in congregations of 10 families… the elders 10 elders was an elder head of a family there were 5000 elders men who were heads of family at the lows of fishes at that that gathering in the wilderness of that the we call the lows of patients. Before Christ would do anything before you eat yet need in a while there was hardly any food left for the apostle if you fishes and lows and everything and that they were going to need to go get more because they didn’t have enough to stay there. And they were gonna go get food for 5000 people and their families. They were just going to go get food for themselves Jesus don’t know the word make the people sit down and tens fities hundreds and thousands because there’s 5008 talking about the heads of the families is 10 families he it says make them do this he says this more than once and so talented that take anybody anything during this time he just sat there waiting for them to do this and found they get everybody organized in these congregations of tens fifties hundreds and thousands. 5000 men and their families 20,000 people and he says okay the food patient we have food that we have given away given away I don’t tell everybody this but not essential and on the air C get to hear you saying give it away and they go given away and next thing you know there’s extra. When they go to collect up the extra, you have to see how that you know you get these people they it’s like a giant potluck everybody started sharing because Christ shared. And he didn’t eat anything. They knew he did anything he gave away what was there for him and his apostles were not going the word is gonna give it away and they begin to share what they had to all out there thousands of people out there with no food that food is worth sharing nest the miracle. To get people to actually sit down and organize themselves and start to share what they have with others even with others they don’t even know. They have to share lovingly in charity that’s a miracle that would be a miracle today is the day a race as well aware going on get food stamps will go on get welfare will go now get Social Security from a bankrupt government run by men who exercise authority one over the other. And you think you’re gonna solve this problem by electing a president or a congressman or a Constitution? No.

[00:49:34] You know, these people want to get violent… havoc on ale because her birthday take our guns away the party taken the minds of your children away over half the kids graduating from high school think socialism is good because they took the minds of your children away from you. Because you gave them to those schools you can read those… Did you read all the schoolbooks that your kids study before they studied him I did and I chucked a lot of because all my kids were home taught. And the one they did learn I went and sat down with them and said this is insult because I did my own research I come from an old school. I went and read… and actually, my oldest son helped me see the importance of this he didn’t know he was helping me but I had them do a report on the on the George Washington is pretty young at the time of nine years old 10 years old and the use must tell me about George Washington. read about George Washington tell me Bauman so he had George Washington wooden teeth at had actually a lot of different teeth but today he had false teeth yells teeth removed attack of a time with the state and then he married Martha. And they had this fake story of him and I cannot tell a lie chopping on the cherry tree and he was a general and he was the first president of the United States after they begin to use the Constitution there were actually several presidents before that but it wasn’t under the Constitution say was the first president under the Constitution. And so I said, “But you cannot tell you who he is what he thought, meaningless you know that some kind of obit you know but generally tell you you know when you really want to know who the guy is you gotta read what he wrote re-what he said. How he conversed. What he did what other people said about him so I said well what are there’s any that there well in those days was hard to find because we do have the Internet but we began to find things that George wrote. He wrote a lot of letters back and forth pondering different problems. He was really an interesting guy but that’s the only way to know history is to read the guys who lived it read what they wrote not some opinion of some socialist professor go read what actually wrote.

Oregon Governor Brown and Section 2 Article 22

[00:52:17] Now, just some of the things that I put up a put up: The Dentist of Pergamos. That was one article that I put up. I mentioned a number of things that you guys can check out but the names and stuff that you can go look for and you can play this back but I also put up all our audios for 2019 at the preparing you site and they are also at And see what else did I put up I worked on not the year Article 2 Section 22 of the Oregon Constitution showing how 70% of the elected officials in the state of Oregon should be put under arrest as felons and removed from their office they’ve already four for the right to their office and if you are saying we have to stop Gov. Brown she’s one of the worst all you do is get together said Valentin Sanderson thousands like Christ commanded and as citizens of organic you’re a citizen of organ take this to the court and say she’s in violation of Article 2 Section 22 we want to remove from office because not from office but from the offices of the state of organ because she’s a fellon. She it says this was put in by the people but it was a people back in 1984 and it’s a part of the Constitution is not some statute there and try to undo this in the medias back in them already but they you can remove her from office right now you don’t even recall her she’s already violated law. This is not a secret. it’s right there on the government website and other websites that show me she’s already filed the reports that show the she’s in violation of Article 2 Section 22 which is still constitutional. Some you say oh it’s not Constitution was overrule never if anybody tells you that don’t you go read the case we haven’t an article show you the case we show you links you go read the case know what they said it still constitutional is extremely constitutional you can remove her just like that but you know you’re too ignorant your two willful you won’t sit down attends hundreds of thousands your you’re scattered all over the place. And I want you to sit down just to remove Gov. Brown from office and the other guys your violation I want to sit down for the purposes of Christ. I want to start bearing true witness I want you to only look to leaders who bear true witness is a lot of problem with the Constitution. The Constitution of Oregon. but you don’t even follow your own rules you’re not friends of the righteous man you’re breaking the rules he will not paying their taxes nonsense yell the tax pay the tax but it took the oath keep the oath. If you took the oath and you violated the terms of the Constitution for getting elected to office step down. Get together with all the other guys that are there been elected under the same violation and talk them into stepping down as a group. And you will remove… See, the congress could remove said organ Senate could remove her all they have to do is say we have to step down she has to step down but if you can play like you’re still the actual center even though you violated Article 2 Section 22 you’re a liar you may be a nice guy I’ll give you a hug I don’t want to understand this to be mean but you’re a liar you’re bear false witness you to know and you’re not keep it the terms of the agreement. You have to start doing this and I get I could tell you what the solution is after that but why deal you on the air you need so you go to preparing you look up Article 2 and there’s the answer there’s a solution but the real solution is to follow Christ to do what Christ said to do. And if you don’t want do a Christ said to do your on your own because I’m not gonna I’m not gonna give away the secrets of the ways of the kingdom. of Dylan peace in your house join the network and will see you next week.

Kylie Dixon medical kidnap

[00:57:00] Well, since there was so much interest I thought I’d add a few words on this Media Madness recording where we’re talking about the minds of the people being herded by the masses and it literally over cliffs of perdition and foolishness why can’t people determine the truth that that’s that’s a big question that we all need to answer. What keeps us from seeing the truth? And it’s because we aren’t always looking for the whole truth and nothing but the truth in order to see the whole truth we have to often see that we have made error that we have been making a mistake. Some of the ideas that we have previously accepted in some of the roads that we previously went down have put us in a place where we are now vulnerable. I just listened to the video of the meetings outside of the state capital concerning Kylie Dixon and her plight with being medically kidnapped from her mother and her sister and going to be forced to take an operation she does not want and force to receive medical treatment she does not want. She’s already been literally killed and were resuscitated by treatment that they have been giving her she wants to go to a different doctor they won’t let her go to a different doctor. They won’t let her try other procedures they’re going to force her into this life-threatening procedure. Disregarding all the ideas that the Democratic Congress talks about in the Democratic and that social justice warriors and the pro-choice people talk about it’s my body she doesn’t get the make that choice she does even get us to get a second opinion and she is taken away from her parents, ripped from her parents, from her mother or sister family for months on end only allowed to see her sister twice in eight months is just inhumane. This is not new folks this is been going on and then she was abused in foster care and she was From the medication that the very doctors who were making this take place to DHS put her on which would is literally malpractice she was kept from the medication for like 6 to 8 days the reason this is going on is not just because there are bad and incompetent people in a bureaucracy that’s out of control the reason this going on is much, much deeper. I have been fighting this for 35 years I know what and how this works behind the scenes I know where the real power is. I know how to combat the real power. I just can’t be everywhere. People have to be willing to learn that they don’t know everything now. And be willing to listen to people that actually actually have some experience in these deals and willing to question things that they have previously believed was true.

Are you willing to see the real problem?

[01:09:05] And so anyway, the first hour of this not quite full hour of this Media Madness or audio will be put up tonight and I will share with the entire network and I will share with the people that I see already sharing this for this to preparing you page on Facebook. And so anyway, I just wanted run down some of these questions that should be coming into everybody’s mind the media has this tremendous power over our minds the people in and we talked about that I talked about that this morning’s program how they can regulate what you think by filtering the information that you are given. Even when they are exposed the people are exposed to the truth after they have accepted something to be the truth they cannot let go of the lie they cling to it will the fact is the the the lie that is now allowing these kinds of injustices… And this is the tip of the iceberg, this one little tiny case there’s hundreds, thousands of these cases that are going on all the time actually all around the world they want your children they also want your money, and that’s what this whole global warming thing that we were talking about on this page was when talking about just to show you the example if they can brainwash so many people to turn the belief in global warming into a religion… and they do it with fear and anxiety in and the use of children and they falsified data and but they get a lot of sincere people going along with this because of the fact that people in… you can’t get your job if you don’t accept this narrative your degree you can go out we see it with Finley we see it with the Jennifer. They will harass you they will attack you they will do with not just of ad hominem’s but try to take away your livelihood now Jennifer is doing good because people are coming to her support. Maybe Kylie will be spared this week, we don’t know. But house that this is going on all over the place people eat if they do have a success with Kylie then all of a sudden people think while we did that we show them but what about the people the hundreds and thousands 18,000, 20,000 people you never see… the children you never see that disappear into the system is and is not always just children but anyway it has his people want to think about this even mentioning this people are going to turn away and say all this crazy this is and going on most people are good. Most people wouldn’t have anything to do with this but we can show you the evidence you’re not reading your paper I’ve held up photos yo huge blown up evidence right before you of crimes committed by the government in Salem at some of the same places where these people are meeting Rhett right on the Capitol steps, and I’m showing it to the statesman Journal and right in the middle where he sees the evidence is starting to come together you see jelly is that he takes his pencil that he was taking notes with the puts both that the notepad in the pencil behind his back and he stops writing. And there were other newspaper people nothing got in the paper about this clear evidence of any courtrooms for 50 years I know what evidence is and they don’t want it got too close to the real power elite that is running things in the scenes. And they knew it would never be published later the camera people who are taking pictures they brought a camera crew some of them came to me and they don’t work for the paper anymore but they came to me later secretly and they said this will never get into print it will never go to the presses and the same with other media. They just remove it because it’s too close to the truth. The people are worked up about Kylie the people are worked up about that the fraudulent gathering of data to prove this false narrative of global warming by carbon dioxide they don’t see the powers behind there. I have seen some of the people I have talked with some of the people there in with the power of late have been in the past and you’re not seeing that they’re not the ones you elect even Clinton said, when he got elected the presidency on the day his real father died he said in Scotland that by the time you get to this place someone else’s calling all the shots. Now some of you may argue with what I just said because you know a little bit about history if you don’t know that everything I just said is absolutely true, you are missing fact too. Because I have the facts but following those conspiracy theories that are really theories even if the facts of what goes on behind the scenes is not going to solve the problem getting outraged at what’s happening is not going to solve the problem. In Proverbs 1724 says wisdom is before him that hath understanding but the eye of the pool are in the ends of the earth it means they’re looking far away. That they’re not looking at the real problem in to see the real problem you have to be willing to look into your own heart and your own soul.

Motivation behind Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech

[01:06:03] I have the story up about the Patrick Henry: why he wrote that original speech, “Give me liberty or give me death.” That he wanted to see the whole truth and provide for he gave it first in the Virginia assembly and then later on he gave it in front of the Continental Congress he wrote that because the minister was scourged until literally he died. He didn’t die right in the scourging but he died from the scourging because he refused to get a license to preach this is this was the motivation these kinds of events with the motivation of the Revolutionary war you’re not ready for that.

Modern society not mentally prepared for revolution

[01:06:47] I heard this gathering on the steps they’re talking about patriots coming together in NT fishy come together and all these people should come together and certainly a they’re really interested in justice they should come together because of this injustice to this young girl. But nobody mentioned churches nobody mentioned churches when you if you go down and listen to all the audios that are on this page that this audio will appear on which is the paged media madness you will see people talking about this idea of global warming due to man’s production of carbon dioxide is a religious belief. You can’t argue against them with facts they don’t want to hear facts they call you that that’s why immediately they start with ad hominem’s climate deniers that’s not going to not facts are going to get you anywhere they don’t want facts. This is a religious faith someone actually even pointed out in one of the recording that I don’t know of a clue to the recording on your added a great deal more since I did the original program but they said that may be the reason that people are turning this belief into global warming into a religion is because they have no religion they that they religions of the modern church are not satisfying well that’s absolutely true the families today are not like the families 150 years ago that worry or 200 years ago in the American Revolution the communities are not like those American communities back in the days the American Revolution. If you started a violent revolution against the government you will not get the same results you will get more tyranny because you’re you’re not ready you’re not prepared. You have already been changed by the Media Madness which includes your high school and college education you’re for a public school parochial school even education by the media for dozens and dozens and dozens of years. For decade upon decade, your mind has been shifting away from what a real free society is and you need to head back you need to think a different way. What they call that at the time of Christ was repent that’s what repent means to think a different way. You’re not going to solve the problem of all the kids being taken from their parents of being abused in foster care and being abused in the system and other people being abused in prisons and what have you you’re not going to solve this problem and less you look within yourself and do some personal soul-searching. So that’s why were talking about it at His Holy Church. That’s why were making at the keys in the kingdom because we know what needs to change in society governments are going to change until men change men are going to change because you get mad you change that’s the power you have. You can change you cannot change until you see what errors you have committed and willing to see those errors openly and honestly.

Misc details added at our website

[01:10:22] So anyway we’ve got recordings from Prof. William Harper John Coleman joined nova Ian at Ian Plummer who wrote the book not for greens the climate change book the facts 2017 we have video on that you can find these books available will which will show you about global warming will also publish for free don’t have to buy our book is free on our websites at his holy church to read “Thy Kingdom Comes,” Contracts Covenants and Constitution,” “The Covenants of the gods,” all these books are available for free online and you may start seeing things that you missed all our articles are free all recordings are free online there’s lots of links on this page Media Madness you find and go there and look for media madness M media M madness and the it you’ll find all these links there and these audios so you can go and listen those people get really a great education some of the things that are going on you can get their books and even get more because the major media is not going to pass this word out you have to do it shared on Facebook shared on Twitter share wherever you go share with your friends and your neighbors to awaken people to the fact that you’re being deceived en masse in order to to to harvest millions of dollars out of your pocket. Harvest your children out of your custody. If you question authority expect to be persecuted.

Scribes and Pharisees were political parties

[01:12:12] So anyway, I talk it in I’ve added a section on this “Blind Guides” because the Bible talks about that Matthew 2323 well and you scribes and Pharisees they were running the government at that time scribes or accountants or lawyers or both Pharisees were in political office Pharisees is a was literally a party a political party there were other political parties like the Sadducees you say one all those religious groups know those were political parties in a system religion was how you take care of the needy of your society that’s how was the find that out was the fine 200 years ago in America that’s how it’s defined in the Bible. Religion is only mentioned five times in the Bible. Most of time is talking about bad religion like the religion of the Pharisees was making the word of God to none effect because they were not taking care of the needy to faith hope and charity they were taking care the need to force fear and violence. Forced offerings they were compelling the offerings the people to provide the welfare of the people. And the priests were now living opulent lifestyles. But they were running a social welfare system to the stated this was no longer done to charity what made Israel great was they did it to charity. They didn’t do it to a system of forced offerings like you had in Egypt originally what when Rome rose to prominence, it rose because of the fact of the character of the people the dedication the people the hard-working nature of the people because their charity was all through freewill offerings. About 150 years or hundred years before the first Caesar they begin to shift towards systems of compelled offerings. First they compelled other countries that they conquered to fill their coffers so that they could provide for the benefits of the people but then and we have Polybius writing about it who also wrote about how they pillaged Carthage, took that money back and used it to create a welfare state—or the beginnings of a welfare state—in Rome but by the time Augustus rose to power is the first Caesar hey took the is safes of people like Brutus and these other wealthy men and he turned that back to provide the welfare of the people. The free bread for the people what made them great…

Ministers of modern church mimicking the Pharisees

[01:14:57] What made America great was the fact that we used to take care of one another in local communities to faith hope and charity usually depending upon churches to manage that charity. But also other philanthropic organizations that’s what made America great it was not presidents it was not the Constitution the Constitution was written to keep the government in line but the fourth branch of government the people voluntarily came together a torque of ill go retort a bill we have that honor website preparing you look at that look that up Alexis workable that’s what made America great so when they talk in the Bible they’re talking about that they were going to the same thing that is bringing us down that brought Rome down is the free bread offered by men who exercise authority one over the other. Christ forbid the early church from doing that. The modern church does that all the time what one to you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for ye pay tithe in Menton and is in common and have omitted the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy and faith. Why isn’t the church attending to the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy and faith in the case of Kylie in the case of the cap and trade which is going to rob Oregonians of millions upon millions of dollars shifted around in the slush fund that is going to make people wealthier and wealthier. But not you. The people are going to be made for wife because the people are not coming together as Christ commanded you want to know how he commanded go look at the link at preparing you because we explained that there he says that they’re not attending to the weightier matters. That is what you should’ve done he says he blind guides which strain at gnats and swallow camels well one to you scribes and Pharisees hypocrites for you may clean the outside of the cup and the platter but within is full of extortions and excess. That’s what’s going on… The modern church makes itself look good makes itself all were were were praying to Christ we love Jesus but you take care of your widows and orphans 90% of the welfare in your congregations is managed by men who force the contributions of the people through extortion and excess to force and excess. They take and take and take and take because you’ve gone down the wrong road and you can you can’t even go back now you’re you have been made merchandise I’ll add those links you have cursed your children with debt. People ascend and try to make the state your father the state is your father parents patria at these Title 8 Section 15 orbiters title 15 Section 15. Anyway, I’ll put that link into C can see this is why Christ they call mom and father used the word pottery which was the word used to describe all the Senators of Rome pottery Cicero pottery Seneca why because that’s where the benefits came from if you’re getting the benefits from the estate then the state becomes your father if they’re responsible for your welfare, for the taking care of your parents, for the education of your children, then that’s not your children anymore those children belong to the state now you don’t want to think that way you look into it. And were going to give you the links to look into it and you can find out for yourself.

Government based on charity

[01:19:06] Matthew 15:14: “Let them alone they be blind leaders of the blind and if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch.” We don’t have to defeat the world. We have to repent they can different way is start doing what Christ said this was it had to do with a complaint they came from the apostles complained about the Pharisees who offended were offended by what Jesus said they just like everybody today is offended as you say something is not politically correct the challenges their religion. I suppose people are going to be offended by the fact that I say most of these churches out here are doing contrary to what Christ said. But is not contrary to what Christ prophesied. He said many will come in many but I know them not their workers of iniquity why because they go to the men who call themselves benefactors the men who exercise authority who force the contributions of their neighbor who make you merchandise, collateral, surety for debt… all this is talked about in the New Testament because your pastor doesn’t tell you doesn’t make it not true. We have hundreds of footnotes hundreds of articles that explain this you just have to be willing to know the whole truth and provide for it. So Matthew 13:9-16: “Who have ears to hear let him hear for this people’s heart is waxed gross and their ears are dull of hearing and their eyes they have closed less at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and should understand with their heart and should be converted…” Converted by who? By me? No. Converted by the Holy Spirit because you’re willing to admit oh my gosh we’ve gone down the wrong road were not doing it the way John the Baptist said he said that even if you have to go to your neighbor to have a coat you doing the sharing he didn’t say your neighbor to have a coat pass a bill that the government has to provide them with a coat that the provide them with housing that provide them with food the government has to do it that’s the job of the government. Not in a government of the people for the people and by the people in the government of the people for the people and by the people that is a true Republic the individual does it to charity. Thought what Christ called love. Same word that he used for love is the same word for charity that’s what made America great that’s what you have to return to and if you actually were doing what Christ commanded… I use that word “commanded” again is a link there that you go find out what he commanded as you probably didn’t hear it from your pastor but you’ll hear from us over and over again at the be… “Having their eyes seeing not having ears here you know and do ye not remember this is the way it was this is what made America great think about it. “The lips of the righteous feed many but fools die for want of wisdom because they don’t want to hear and want to hear what will really solve the problem… of Kylie, of global warming, of cap and trade, of the fact that 60 to 70% of everybody in elected office in the state of Oregon is a felon which I can prove in minutes with every single one of those that are felons which is most of the majority of them and they know what many of them know it now but they won’t do anything about it because they have to they have this to Dave’s there sworn to do some about it but they won’t the governor is a felon. The governor is in violation of Article 2 Section 22. I have a link there for that and go look at but nobody does anything about it but then they say the government is corrupt in the government is doing these bad things that have the power as the people but they don’t have the eyes to see how to use that power that it doesn’t take a majority you don’t have to have a referendum and recall her a takes a dedicated minority who is sincere and full of the Holy Spirit to be full of the Holy Spirit you have to admit you went down some bad roads some wrong ways to turn around and actually start going the right way. Which is good to start with what Christ commanded. “Before is there a price in the hand of the fool to get wisdom scene he has no heart to?” It’s only going to cost you your delusions that’s what you have to do the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. But fools despise wisdom and instruction. I’m sharing with you you can be mad at me to be angry with me but you need to turn around and go the other way.

Addressing the madness

[01:24:37] So in Ecclesiastes 7:25 it says, “I applied my heart to know and to search and to seek out wisdom and the reason of things and to know the wickedness of folly even of foolishness and madness.” Because that’s what’s happened is the media has made you mad so that you don’t know what is true what is right and without knowing without your neighbor for the lack of knowledge without that knowledge of understanding what you done wrong which you have failed to do as a people as a church as Christians and less you address that there will be no freedom in the land but there will be destruction so I’m not a doomsday air because I know some people are waking up it is not going to change you know it did it it might say save Nineveh but it didn’t save Jerusalem Jerusalem was destroyed but the Christians knew it was coming in the Christians walked out they got free pass from Titus don’t touch them don’t heard him let him come out and they came out singing and they were spared but only those who have ears to hear and eyes to see that’s what you want to be so anyway we give you a lot of information on these pages on the website so that you can turn around your thinking to see where we’ve gone wrong but you really need to implement that by sitting down together with one another in faith hope and charity you don’t have to bolt we don’t want to belong to us are or to our church is not our church his church is the church the gathering of the people who are actually doing what he said wherever they are but you have to do the whole truth of Christ cannot preach half a gospel you cannot get by by taking Paul out of the context of Paul and certainly not taking Paul out of the context of what Christ commanded. So until then piece in your house and may God be with you I hope you enjoy the fact that I added this extra little bit will see you on the network. God bless.

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