Key 2005 – Similarities of Roman and US Histories

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2005

The are many conclusions that can be drawn about where the United States is headed by looking at the history of Rome.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 18, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:37:05] Is a Christian to live in the unrighteous mammon?
[01:09:47] Being friends with unrighteous mammon while gathering in the Kingdom of God
[01:32:17] Understanding history helps you understand the seeds being sewn in your own nation

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, were going to be talking about the Kingdom of God. And the there’s so much going on that is hard to figure out where we should start talking and what should we should address first one of the big problems is what’s going on most people don’t understand what it is that it’s actually going on day there easily led by headlines. And you see it in the used to be in papers but now it’s all on the Internet and made paper still do it magazine still do it where they’re trying to get your attention by stating something, get a photograph or picture something that draws your attention because they want to get you to look at their feed their newspaper their magazine because the more people that look at it the more money they get so they are driven by the money. This is what you call clickbait or people are trying to get you to click on their story the more people click on their story more money they make all of our audios and videos and books and everything we know make any money when you click on them look at them read them because we’re not interested in just were not interested in making money. We’re interested in awakening people on an individual basis and that they began to walk a different way.

Cursing the Darkness

[00:01:55] While I was waiting for this showing podcast is start I was gonna look up a few quotes in the Bible on darkness curse not the darkness and there are so many and he quotes in the Bible that talk about darkness and talk about lighting and you can walk in darkness and in light. You cannot mix the dark in the light, of course, one when light comes into the presence of darkness it’s no longer dark at it it’s over one darkness comes in the presence of light, which it really can actually do, light does not go away. Darkness is the absence of light that’s it is just the absence of light is the positive force darkness is the vacuum of space. Vacuum actually can have an influence on you you know it can pull you in but it is not of a positive force in the universe. Except for the fact that you know if there’s something missing there will be a current to fill in the gap you know a nature detests the void. And darkness is the void. And so understanding that this basic principle of science and how God is constantly in crisis constantly equating darkness and light you created in your mind get a hand to the mysteries of the universe how things work you might not get that he and because you may be dwelling in darkness. And you cannot see the truth about light and about the nature of things because your dwelling you’re sitting in darkness and that’s is one of the references and there’s all kinds of quotes in the Bible about that they’re trying to impart to you the way in which you fight the evil in the world the evil in the world comes about it is a product of this darkness of not seeing of not hearing you like I said, Don lemon had that quote that to somebody put up as curse people get tongue-tied I do it myself he was saying those people I something to the effect that those who have ears see it and it sounded absolutely ridiculous and he prides himself on looking calm and controlled and all the stuff he may be very intelligent but he is a very wise because he dwells in darkness. A lot of what the way he thinks is at that level of darkness and he doesn’t want to see the truth he can be very smart but you know that’s like that the snake is very cunning and very clever but he doesn’t really see the truth. And so, therefore, if you are using him as a source of news you will get a distorted source of nosy able to give you a distorted picture because he cannot see the whole picture because he cannot see the light. Now I hope he dies and I don’t pick on him there’s a lot of newsmen out there have the same problem there’s a lot of people out there. So we around we Trejo people what the truth is but they don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear they can see it they cannot even figure it out or talk about it or think about. So anyway, we still try but what we’re trying to do is put a light on a lampstand. Put a light on the hill. Those that you can see those who want to see they can follow a certain path and that light may increase in their life. They can’t see…

Story of guy who stayed with Greg and didn’t “get it.” Came back a year later and was excited

[00:05:39] You know, like I talked just a week or so ago about somebody who came here and saw all kinds of things we talked about Mornay first came here that actually became very almost morose and angry and it was, interesting scene were came with somebody else in the and that person told me that he was very upset and didn’t want to come out and didn’t want to see me again because of what I had done the day before. I had no idea what had done the day before I just talked to them both that met them for the first time they came out here and they were staying in extra house that was available to us. We put them up in that house. But we had a conversation and somehow or other he was extremely offended by the conversation and I was completely oblivious to it I do it Ya me night I sense there was a discontent in him and I spoke to that in a roundabout way, but I just made him more angry. But anyway that so I thought welcome just walk over there now I’ll see what’s up I go in and all the shades are closed the whole the whole house is dark amused is this is like 10 o’clock and they had Artie done all my chores and was back and he was sitting in the dark in this house that has all kinds of windows on the south side had all kinds of light coming in. One of those individuals actually lives in that house now but that individual that was upset he somewhere else exactly moved to another country wasn’t from this country originally. But he was very angry and upset and I was trying to figure out why we had a little bit of a short conversation. And I kinda realized why as he began to say why but what he was saying was not really what because he didn’t he really couldn’t see the problem you he felt the anger but he wasn’t able to see what was really making him angry. And he overcame that particular morose dark place that his heart was then and eventually a we had other conversations and, eventually, yelling he went back to his own country and but he came back again years later and he remember that he came back specifically you know I was just kind of the caretaker that extra house… and we know each other before we really didn’t know each other after but when he came back years later with his wife, he had to come and see me. And when we talked again he said that he realized he was all excited about ways hearing again which same stuff he was hearing before but she said 100 different ways are thousand ways I hope thousand because we’ve Artie got about 400 programs out there. And he began to want to hear more more more and he was just so excited about was what he was able to hear this is all new to his wife, but she was listening. And he was saying this is so important but when I went back home I couldn’t say any of it to other people I wanted to describe it and tell them what I had heard couldn’t remember it. And see that’s because it wasn’t his light you see if you don’t do well if you don’t walk in that light, you will lose sight of the truth. You will not be able to see the truth or the evidence of the truth as it appears to you in your life it’s it’s like you’re in a lower dimension than even just a different dimension not say lower but you cannot see what’s going on around you may see the events of things happening, but you will not be able to put them together in a way that you actually understand what is happening.

Getting to a higher level of consciousness

[00:09:43] So the question is, how do you get to that higher level of consciousness some call it Christ consciousness they the name for the how you get so that you’re actually born again and have a different perception of things and see things in a clear light so you can actually see what is going on if you don’t get to that place personally you get to that place you will be hell if I evil you will not be able to stand against evil and evil will be able to manipulate its way around you and actually cause your destruction. Bring you to destruction. Bring you to do things that will destroy you.

Madness caused destruction of Australia’s grid and army

[00:10:28] And last week’s program on media madness. I mentioned how the grid in Australia is absolutely devastated is been destroyed having an army might had trouble creating such a destructive damage upon their grid actually probably wouldn’t because Australia is almost totally disarmed now is incapable of defending itself against any real flow because they’ve gobble up all the guns of the people. I mean, some of them are coming back but that you know they don’t even make their own ammunition for their army in their country. Staggering. that actually have a country that has actually I don’t know what’s going on right now but a few years ago they actually awarded the contract to make their ammunition to a country that is openly preached its destruction. Openly know from the highest levels of their government preached the destruction of Australia… that country actually got the contract for making ammunition for their army. Of course, it was devastating that the ammunition if you understand how you know shall abolish all works what was happening is that the brass in each bullet was poorly manufactured and so let after you know so many bowlers and a member the numbers now I wrote an article about it years ago… even if it was1 in 100 it would blow the back when the gun went off it would sever the back of the shell at the thin part of the neck before you put the primary would sever that from the bullet and leave the brass still in the gun which makes it impossible for the next bullet to come in. So after 100 bullets are able to wherever it was the gun was rendered useless it would have to go back to the factory to get that brass out or create some sort of tool imagine of people will create a tool where they can get it out quickly but you in the field you would not be able to make that tool. And you know this is how volatile they became that actually there like equivalent to a PT boat that guarded their coastline, protected their coastline… they made with magnesium holes so that if they got hit by you know a hot round in, the whole boat would actually explode into flames that cannot be put out with water. Actually water makes it worse. Just huge, you stupid mistakes one after another that made them very vulnerable now they may have solve some of those problems now.

Lower consciousness blinds you to the bigger picture

[00:13:19] But the reality is is that I believe that those stupid mistake come about because you’re not conscious of the whole universe around you you may become conscious of you what’s around you and some things and you’ll this person is there and this person saying this the nappers but you can’t get a clear picture because your mind your consciousness will not take in all the information that’s coming in you you actually cannot see some of the processes that are going on around you. Therefore you are you know you’re blind to what’s really happening. Therefore, you can come up with a real solution because you cannot see what’s really happening. So it’s absolutely important that you raise your consciousness to a level where you can see all the things that are going on around you and then you can get that to me this is your view walk in a room and there’s a better light you still may bump into furniture and trip over things that are on the floor. And, you know, you can’t get your like I I came into the office and turn on the light yet is a little light coming from one the window and try to put my computer back a plug L the wires and I can see where everything was after all I see that’s kinda what life is like how you turn on the light so you can see things more clearly. I can talk about these things but unless you upgrade the light in your own mind and heart, you’re not going to see what I’m telling you. You will not be able put the information together will wear will make as much sense as it needs to make for you to see what you need to do personally.

Agner lowers light, insight

[00:15:21] One of the things that lowers that level of insight or site or light in your life is anger and I handle conversation with somebody who lives in South or Central America I guess down there and they’re very angry here in our everything that they post they’ve gotten onto a Facebook deal. I’ve thought about just don’t dumping them off because he is so negative so much anger all police are bad all governments are bad you know and is just it is likely social justice warriors are just complaining complaining complaining about the butt they’re just angry that is angry at what they see in the world know it’s the bankers fault is the you know the Federal Reserve’s fault it’s the Democrat fall that the Republicans fault it’s the is everybody else’s fault it is angry at all these people and what I was saying is hating unrighteousness does not bring light. You’re not going to see more clearly by hating others know I can talk about bankers, I can talk about the Federal Reserve, I can talk about some of the programs that different you’re like FDR’s program that is actually done more to destroy the United States then the German army. FDR’s programs that he started before World War II went on for quite a while and the tendency to follow such schemes in the future that is going on after his death has done far more to damage and destroy America than all the German army and Italian army and Japanese army put together. It’s much more dramatic to see Japanese kamikaze meatballs coming in and bombing Pearl Harbor. But more damage has been done by the socialist type programs of FDR because the damage is more subtle it’s not more dramatic. If you could go back in time machine and see America, talk with America, walk with Americans in 1909, and then walk with Americans today the contrast would be staggering. Be just stunning you’re very sensibilities. And you might not know why that the contrast is so great to to read the news back then and read the news today you will see some of that contrast. Except for the fact the news…

Dumbing down of history and education

[00:18:07] If you be go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson’s day… Thomas Jefferson was saying, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newspaper your misinformed.” And that that same principle applies the day weathers newspaper or watching TV here are of media on the Internet if you if you look at it your misinformed if you don’t look at you probably uninformed somebody was saying on Facebook the other day some actually no posted something about we need to teach history again in our schools. And some asset not yet we need civics being taught the fact is if you were to teach true history in school the day I know you’re going to get the teacher because your teachers don’t know it it would be unrecognizable to most people in our life I had a history professor who lived next door to us intermittently he had a place out here, not Harry’s best way sense and just in short little conversations helping him out with the construction of his house and doing a few repairs on the south he a thought EE thought I knew more about history than he did. that he was getting the huge salary to teach us to a pension eating and to enjoy getting died early that way younger than I am but the heat he did not know history needs from the old school. You know, he went to college back not too much different than it was a little younger than me but if the animal maybe actually at that time he was older and may say yes she went to college before I was college-age. I actually only went to college a little bit later. Well, I went to college way back when I was 13 years old I had classes in college but the wasn’t really getting full college credits for my because I was supposed to be attending high school. Anyway, later on, I did attend the college University of Minnesota, but to study forestry. but most of what I know I learned outside of school I never went to public school but most of what I know today if I have learned since I had nothing more to do with school.

Received a revelation on the definition of a word related to the census

[00:20:31] And actually, this week, I went back and did a great deal of research… going back to the early Roman census days. Because a census is supposedly mentioned in the Bible. and not as I want to look at that and an interesting thing course… I had done research for no more than a day put together all kind information notes everything and then actually something happen where the computer ate all the information I had to start over again from scratch. I had my track, so I went back and put it all together again, saved in several places I did not lose it again and will probably do a program on but on the census but I woke up and came out like I usually do in early in the morning and also I had a revelation that said, look up this word. And I thought I am that me and I looked it up and it was the key to everything that I’ve been doing and I knew that I would backing gathered much of the information that I was trying to find that I had lost because of this error… digital era of the of the computer and the I put together all the data but had rewritten you just put gathered up before I forgot everything knew where I was looking I was gonna put it together that morning was getting ready to do it and I had this revelation look up a particular word in the Bible. And it changed everything. You know I’m in the same history will be reported but now I can report it in a different light because I knew that particular word was not what I thought I was actually going down that line of inquiry from for other reasons and then I found out that the knowing the definition of that word corroborated. Now I’m kind of ambiguous in all this is will put it in in that study when we do it but will probably do that in another week what we’re to talk about a little bit today is some of the other things that I came across this week and they actually affect climate change because back in those days of Rome the earth was warm that was in this last century as Wright was warmer in this last century will talk about that when we come back.


[00:22:56] So anyway, we’ll start out by looking at 1st Timothy 2 and we’ll get into the first Timothy three and doing is to can set the things that you can understand how again you have to stop hating evil it says that Christ doesn’t hate the Nicolette and he hates the deed to Nicolette and the much different and so when I’m I posted an article about the fact that the Iranian government has since a woman to 38 years in jail and 140 some odd lashes for being a part of trying to defend women who take their his job a scarf on their head off in public. So she gets 38 years in jail while you aspire to be homosexual they throw them off the roof they killed and they think they’re doing them a favor by killing it see it and of course now some people who read the Old Testament think will assess the Old Testament says a week we’ve shown already that that’s not actually what it says. That stoning had nothing to do with necessarily hitting people in the head with rocks that’s not what stoning was about and it’s because people have twisted the translational you go into that we have go to our websites and look for that and find out about stoning and what the stone alters were with the clay altars were.

Must be a doer in order to get more light

[00:24:23] But you’ve been led down a path already and you have to be willing to go back so that you can walk in the light if you’re willing to accept some of these things that we share with you it’s it’s a sign that God is writing upon your heart and your mind. You have to keep walking in that way have to be a doer in order to get more light you cannot if you if you go back the other way you will lose the knowledge of God that has been given to you as a gift. Is understanding what were talking about is a gift doesn’t come because you really really really really smart. It comes because you’re willing to think in this area that Christ was trying to lead you to. In the light of Christ. And now you can start putting together the abundance of information that is coming in when you’re in whatever situation. Because is all kind information coming of the cell magicians work is their right in front of you they will deceive you by distracting what you’re seeing… distracting your eyes and making you look over here this is a problem over here look at the struggle over there look over here and they deceive you. Goes on every day and the new family they show you this they get you all worked up to get you looking over here and you don’t see what’s really going on. If you’ll see what’s really going on you can exit you can even avoid the evil that is coming. And you will go down with the evil because evil you cannot fight evil with flesh and blood. With the intellectual cleverness of your mind. You only fight evil with light with understanding once you begin to understand what’s really going on around you there will be an extra power in the room. You cannot understand what’s going on around you till you understand why you do what you do and if you hate people that are doing bad things… If you’re angry at those people of you I keep pointing out that those people are doing bad those are evil people that bad ideas and they are promoting people who have bad ideas. And you say somehow or other that they are bad, you’re gonna miss it. You’re cursing the darkness. They don’t see because they have not yet light that light into their own hearts. And so, therefore, they will promote people who will do bad things they will act evil leaders. If you think you’re going to overthrow the evil leaders with a gun you’re missing it.

Nobody died in several battles of the American Revolution

[00:27:16] We point out… American Revolution… a huge number of the battles in the American Revolution, nobody died in. A huge number of the forts they took, nobody died they took Fort Ticonderoga nobody died. I see one guy did die when there was one key and so big I told the story meant that one can was so big they could not move it and they want didn’t want to leave it there because if the fort was reoccupied they could use it to shoot boats out there on the on the lake and so they fillable a gunpowder and they stuff mutton everything into the mouth of the canon and they lit the fuse and they’re gonna blow the cannot make it on functionable well one idiot just had to look they’re all hiding way away one guy had to look a looked around the corner of the building if you wanted to see in all like maybe it was take a long time for the fuse or whatever but anyway when a blue so today and that’s the only casualty in taking the Fort Ticonderoga. How the world can you win a war and you don’t kill anybody in some of the major battles. In some of the major successes. Even the last when George Washington showed up he showed up with superior force taught him completely off guard and really there were almost no casualties most of people like a Valley Forge died of exposure and why did they die of exposure and stuff. Lots of stupid mistakes in the way that they were constructing the shelters and things like that and because they were being supplied by other people. And that is what young people talk about militia people are no Second Amendment people talk about this time for revolution. You have another revolution in the United States and the death toll will be in the millions upon millions upon millions of people and you will end up in with a worst dictator because you don’t have the moral character even though Second Amendment guys holding up you know it the right they do have a Second Amendment right that – you have a right free dating Second Amendment to defend themselves in the family and their neighbor is not just a right but it’s a responsibility but you’re missing so many other characteristics that are necessary for free society. That your society would only get worse with a violent revolution.

You don’t understand the Bible because you aren’t doing what they were doing

[00:29:51] Unless you begin to wake up, you won’t be making the right decisions. You won’t be able to see you won’t get up in the morning and realize oh I’ve got a goal here you won’t realize that you won’t have the revelation. Unless you start repenting. Thinking a different way and walking in a different way. And that’s what Christ came to teach the people. That’s with the apostles were teaching the people and Basil to be bored doing that Paul was writing to when he wrote his epistles. You’re not doing what they were doing. You’re not thinking the way they were thinking. So you only read the Bible you don’t get it. And one other people read the Bible TU these pastors out there know somebody also wrote that he was leaving the church that it was just so bad he thought viewers that we are losing the faith and in the isolate read all these comments down and it was terrible. None of these guys understood what the early church was doing not these guys that they all had run when all the lines were posting on the group had some sort of religious belief but not the churches that they were mentioning none of the religious practices that they were mentioned has anything to do with what the early church was doing they were completely ignorant of what the early church was doing. Because they’re actually all… I don’t everybody on that group but at least everyone that I can see Posey are doing opposite of what Christ said to do. And you know because they sit in darkness and even if you read the Bible if you sit in darkness you will not see it.

Open yourself to the light through meekness

[00:31:37] So anyway, in 1st Timothy 2, it says… in verse 25… “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves if God free adventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth.” Wow! That just shoes now we can you actually got back to this first as I read a verse I actually was looking a perverse way down in chapter 3 but as the one I got read the thing before that and before that so then I got into chapter 3 and I got verse 20 for our chapter 2 verse 25 and a sure thing all I can keep going back to in out in the beginning. So I had to stop somewhere but you can go read it yourself you want to read before that but in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves when you’re angry at the world because it’s not doing the right thing… You know, whoever it is in whatever country the Iranians there are the Jews or the are not all the Muslims if they’re not doing the right thing and you’re angry at the you’re not going to receive the instruction you need. You’re gonna miss something. vision not doing in meekness the instructing is not in meekness it’s in anger you have to put that anger’s I get anger draws you into the dark side right after you is that you don’t want to be sitting in the dark. You want to be getting in the light. You have to love your enemy. I mean that’s very careful very touchy area to walk in. How you’d love your enemy while you getting upset when you see what they doing I’ve done that got upset when I saw some of the stuff that people were doing and I found out what I saw them doing wasn’t actually what they were doing somebody had set up the scene to make you think that’s what they were doing. And I realize I fell prey to that and had to know go through a whole process of repentance. Which is changing my thinking and he says if God free adventures will give them repentance not repenting. God is going to give you that different way of thinking. And then you will be able to acknowledge recognize the truth and so that’s a guest if you begin to see if the gift is that is really, really smart.

Systems of the world are corrupt

[00:34:17] So anyway, when I share things he began to see certain things and we have lots articles that tell you about all kinds of things are going on behind the scene don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be afraid… receive instruction in meekness turn on the light verse 26 and that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil the adversary who are taken captive by him at his will the whole world to snare the whole world back in the bondage of Egypt is worse today than it was back then bondage of Egypt – 20% income tax that set the graphs to state that eventually increased you you pay almost 20% Social Security and you know right to the benefits of Social Security. We go that all that but just paying the tax gas tax and property tax and everything he buys that tax upon tax up on tax is getting worse and worse and worse exactly the way for same age that it would get as you look to have a ruler and so you go out is a will as well for ruler who is better than Saul we are going to end up with a Rehobaum eventually and that young my father went to the website you would be with scorpions and we look at Iran as they all allow 38 years of and 40 some lashes just taken off the star without a really bad what you doing in so many was doused with that one goes pointing out is that all your part of the other system. Righteousness is… the fact is that other system which is the same system in every country just you see different levels of the whole world of the systems and I agree that, you know, the United States government has done lots of mistakes. And because it’s very powerful me millions of millions of people died in the last century and in this next century and the United States been instrumental in their death. And World War II… our bombing of some of those countries over there made the blitzkrieg of the Germans look like pattycake party and we bomb civilians and we dropped a bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki I knew somebody was in Hiroshima when the bomb landed used to be my neighbor’s amazing neighbors and stuff like that are the got all these neighbors to come around in this almost no neighbors out here. But each one has a story that shows me more about the history of our times.

Is a Christian to live in the unrighteous mammon?

[00:37:05] But the reality is is that’s… the systems of the world are what we call the unrighteous minimum a ministry is entrusted well that’s what Mammon means entrusted wealth. most of them were to be talking about Rome before the show’s out today as they had an unrighteous Mammon to Mammon where they had entrusted wealth use treasuries they provided free bread for the people and took care of the needy of society. And they had had this public religion that provided for the social welfare of the people of the Roman Empire. Great! But that’s the unrighteous mammon because the money they had in their treasury to do that by the free bread and take care of the needy was obtained by force. Forced contributions. But they were legal contributions speak at most in most cases of is probably corruption and abuse but people had signed up for the system where they wanted the government to force their neighbor usually foreigners to contribute to their welfare. They didn’t care where the government got the money to provide the welfare that is one of the free bread and but it was the unrighteous Mammon because it was not provided by freewill offering to it wasn’t the result of love. It was the result of covetous practices in the and the practice of force. And it would eventually lead to the loss of liberty. And the Romans all heard that it would lead to the loss of liberty hired years before it really guy going by Polybius who we also quote often on the website. warned that this you’re going to put tyrants if you notice what one America went this way with FDR and many other president since LBJ. And and and all the Democrats are promoting this idea forcing the rich to pay for your welfare. And borrow money against the future to do it and it’s gonna lead to tyranny if they go that way. So now you have a choice in elections so what do I like the guy that’s going to take us to tyranny in this really fast express train. Or do I like the guy is going to take us to tyranny in his slow-moving conservative engine so those are your choices out there. But if you’re in the unrighteous Mammon, you have a right to vote. Hopefully about righteously you have a right to run for office because you’re in the unrighteous Mammon is what it in our study that we just finished on the Bible I mentioned towards the end because it was a quote that was actually towards the end of that particular study the household of Caesar. Household of Caesar and all those people that are merchandise in the unrighteous Mammon they can’t necessarily get out. And before you seek the kingdom of God you need to seek the way of the Kingdom of God, the thinking of the kingdom of God and that’s why repentance is mentioned first so Paul is praying for the household of Caesar. That’s all those people that are in the system of unrighteous Mammon. What did Jesus say about those in the unrighteous mammon? Did he say curse them get mad at them get angry with them, want to destroy them, say bad things about them, now that be friends with the unrighteous mammon. For when it fails if you’re friends with the unrighteous memo which means pay your taxes due righteousness in that system… I mean, it’s like the Centurion… He signed up he was a century and for the Roman government but Jesus said he had tremendous faith in the system he sworn to finish out his term. But Christ said he had faith. So I don’t care you know where you’re at when you begin to wake up but I can tell you this: you do not curse the darkness. You have to receive instruction in meekness and realize, “Oh my gosh! I’m in the system will do right in the system.”

Must have repentance

[00:41:44] And I can give you 100 stories about that because I have lots of people that are in the system that are dealing with the problems. And that’s why we brought up a 2S 22 and the organ Constitution we have an article on that and are explained because we want you if you’re in that system to learn to awaken to the instructions of righteousness. And when you do that, God will give you repentance. He will change your mind. He will show you things that you did not see before and you will be able to acknowledge the truth and to accordingly. But if you don’t have that repentance, you won’t even be able see what’s really going on. in your go out there and you’ll try to solve the problem. Get Kylie and save her. them and I’m haven’t heard yet if she said that operation this week we talked about last week but yell and this is what will be talking about when we get into the this next was probably next week this other series of been putting together that there’s a reason why you got to this point. And were to show you a lot history that will help you connect the dots but unless you have that spirit of repentance that meekness of heart you won’t see it and therefore you will not see a solution therefore you will not be able to find the solution of the problem which is in Christ. You think you know Christ, but you’re still workers of iniquity. And hopefully we will get you to the point where you that can be changed in you.

How men will act in the “last days”

[00:43:23] So anyway, when we get to verse 1 in 1st Timothy 3: “This know also that in the last days perilous times shall come is he talking about us not exactly talking about the last days of the Roman Empire not talk about our time but guess what it will fit our time because history repeats itself because you’re all back in the bondage of Rome. Back in the bondage of Egypt. you gone back to the ways of Rome and we’ve written dozens of articles that show you how parallel you have been you know history so love you don’t realize that you think now I’m in United States I’m in Australia I meant no you’re back in Rome. Making the same mistakes that Rome did. It so now you need the solution and the solution is Christ and what he actually did but you don’t know that history either so give you the history of Rome so you can see the parallels but we also give you the history of the church so you can see the solution and he tells you this in the next verse for men shall be lovers of their own selves that sound familiar you know I used to have a book in a magazine called Life. Then had one call people than you have one called us and yet one called me and another one called self we been going towards this lover of all their own selves for quite a while. And we’ve immersed herself and that we cannot see above the level of that selfishness. The next thing he mentions this covetous. Absolutely that. The entire systems of social welfare based upon taking away the property of your neighbor or borrowing against the future of your children cursing your children with debt and your all surety for that debt so you’re all merchandise. And that’s just facts. We show you in the legal system why it is we don’t show you that to get you mad were showing you that the show you that you’re falling into these perilous times of the last days in your time was the next thing he mentions this covetous then posters proud greatest country in the world. No. Well, yeah, you may be the greatest country in the world but that’s like saying on the sweetest militant skunk in the letter because you’re doing lots of things bad now truthfully I think great things are happening in America and a lot of Americans are going doing great things and there are some people in the US government United States is different than America Americas is people United States is a government. There’s a lot of people United States government are doing very very very very bad things in his lot on that are just lazy and slothful and covetous and selfish. And there’s some that are really good guys. But by whose standard? of who we going to hold up converted to impaired this guy you’re really good well is not that good to begin with compared to Christ a really good well maybe you fallen short of that and work were only pointed out because we hate you because as many as we love we also rebuke as we have to show you where you’re doing wrong. And hope that you get that repentance and only comes from God that changing of your mind. Blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection Troost breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despises of those that are good.” You see any of that going on anywhere? That’s very common. ICL diamond is in the news despise theirs of those who do good you know if somebody does a good thing you like a drum actually does that something that is good and I’m sure he’s done some good things they despise him anyway they don’t care. But some people who really do good, they despise. It’s just showing you the levels but the same principle applies and easy-going to all the different ways in which the darkness of your heart manifests itself all I can go away in a minute by lighting a candle and that heart. How do you light the candle in their heart by hating them you don’t do it by despising you know now that’s not going to bring light into their heart now you can’t force the light in. They will hate you if you try to do that. But if you bring it in okay great so was the other things verse four traders had a high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God they want their benefits they want to comfort them on their nice house in the region you know seats in the car. I was in a car the other day the guy had heated seats in and he says it did I turn the heat in the seat up too much I’ve realized all I do know that easy to guide you told me that I was getting sick worst wares always were becoming I said you could turn it off I own the way he turned it off. But anyway having this form of godliness but nine the power thereof from such turn away that’s going on all the time. When he says, turn away, he’s just talking about gathering with them and depending upon he’s not talking about push them over a cliff but you have to realize that you’re in that place and was turn around go back will be right back to Giza King

Info segment for The Living Network

[00:49:36] We talk a lot about the kingdom here. And we talk a lot about what most churches are afraid to talk about or don’t even know to talk which is what the first-century church was really doing but just talking about it is not an we encourage everybody to join us in their local neighborhoods in their local communities to find out more about what they can do to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Gather with others who are already starting this robe are starting to turn around and do things differently. Join us on or at go to the network links go to join the network there is all the same and will try to hook up with people in your local area they will not be perfect they don’t walk on water they are not necessarily Saints but they are talking about seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and join us on Facebook his holy church all one word join us there will give you updates seek to start doing some studying and thinking about these things and start looking into these things for yourselves. You must become a doer of the Word.

Many choose to walk in darkness rather than see truth

[00:50:57] So welcome back. So anyway, we were talking about first Timothy chapter 3 we just read verse five or six goes on to say the same people that have this form of godliness which is what you’re seeing in the modern church which is why that guy who had evidently been going to church was no logon to go to church anymore because he saw the church preaching a destructive doctrine and he didn’t really think it was the doctor Christ as the other people you know all the time because of different groups that I’ve I visit from time to time you know they hate organized religion, they think all churches are bad, they throw the baby out with the bathwater and but they’re not doing with early church did either and the home churches they sell in the early days a churches is gathered in all and yeah but what they do in those zones is that what you’re doing now that’s not what you doing actually most the time you’re doing with the Pharisees are doing when it actually comes to the practice of pure religion. But they don’t know but they could that the reality is many of them do not want to know because they want to sit in darkness. So we’ve been massing together these huge websites of data and information and facts and everything. And also creating a living network of people who will have the opportunity become doers of the work and that’s what the church was supposed to do was to Phyllis facilitate the people actually becoming doers of the word. We can’t make them do it because can exercise authority we had to be patient and loving and that’s what gets into in the next verses but it says these ones have the form of godliness to go to church to sing songs a talk about Jesus they talk about them loving Jesus but they’re actually still workers of iniquity in Christ said to be many such people and it actually sounds like it’s the majority of people claiming to be Christians are actually that way. But amongst every single one of these churches you will find people that are actually getting that repentance from God and will be able to eventually acknowledge the truth not a lot going on right now but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t need a majority to actually repent. And that’s where we need to go so it says that sort of person they writes this form of godliness that looks real good on the outside like the Pharisees and all the whited sepulchers look real good but really full of dead men’s bones.

Woman in Proverbs actually talking about the nature of mankind

[00:53:27] It says, “For all of this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins led away with diverse lust.” Now the word woman appears in Proverbs more than any other book of the Bible. And they talk about wisdom and they talk about silly women and their actually talking about the nature of mankind and I was the trying to pick up a bale the other day that was full of moisture it was really extra long bail and I was in precarious position try to put it up on the top of the truck and I got it out there and I was trying to push it in my grandson came along and he was helping me push it on to the very top of the truck as is usual stubborn there. And he says how do you know was that she referring to the battle says because it was a little stubborn. I was just chauvinist of me I know but that we just laughed about joked about it but the reality is that we personified these certain traits and a record might wife saying you men are often this way in on she was right about what you said but she was equating a certain characteristic with men and we do that without putting all manner all with these baskets but that when he says captive silly women he thought about man to eat not just talking about women is talk about a certain nature of people who want to feel good want the security of the Nast and sometimes are willing to sacrifice the truth to obtain and you want to be one of those silly women, which is men to, the want the same thing you want be that and the date diverse lust and that these colostomy what is the meaning diverse lust is its wanting those things that you know even if it requires that you take away from your neighbor.

Anger at the system accomplishes nothing

[00:55:38] Like one lady done there was a teacher for years she’s passed away now to what much younger than me but you know she heard somebody mentioning about government spending. And she says, “Not my PERS. Not my PERS. She didn’t want her retirement to be given out and the yachts amazing you want to look at that with a call PERS it’s the state retirement that a lot of government employees get this actually people collecting $700,000 a year on government retirement. Amazing! Huge. If people that he knew it was going on by noticing them to specie off and but they don’t know and they don’t want to know and in many cases there incapable of knowing and even they didn’t know they wouldn’t know what to do with the information some people are seems to me things they’re getting outraged. But if you don’t know the tactics of Christ you won’t win you just get angry at the system like in this system is the problem know you’re the problem because you haven’t received the repentance of Christ the real repentance if you did we would see you doing with the early church did we don’t I don’t see you doing the course many of you don’t know so when we explain it now do you want to do that.

Plowing Adamah, Using power to organize rows of people

[00:56:57] So he goes on, “Ever-learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.” See, I can give you facts. I can give you information people disagree with you I say I will not set-aside programs and come on and bake me show me where I’m wrong skill whole of us and will set it up but you don’t get to me takers on that. But he goes on now is Janice and Chambers withstood Moses so do these also resist the truth men of crop minds reprobates concerning the faith.” Now you can be in government you can be a policeman you can be a Congressman or Senator or even a president of the United States and be that man of faith. Righteous Mammon even came who is going this other way got said that you know you can still be blessed if you do righteousness in this way that you go on this plowing the adamah is with the world is doing the plowing adamah, it’s making them line up. If you do it righteously you can still be blessed but unfortunately, the power that they get in the systems usually corrupt Smith and they end up abusing that power. And that’s what you had with Cane and Martin Ferro and Caesar me one Ferro was a pretty good guy but then another Ferro came along and he wasn’t see you create offices of power and is a go well we got a president is doing all these great things… He’s going we got eventually in the same power rested in office for the next they were warning that in the sole ridiculous, circus, impeachment process that if we set out these rules like they were saying of the Democrats of these rules and do it this way when the Republicans get in power they will have those rules to use against you. They will have the precedent to use it against you and they were Gazette because it really doesn’t have anything to do the rules of the system of law that you’re under in this with the Iranians need to understand if you want to win against evil you have to raise the consciousness of your mind you can’t do that on your own have to be given repentance so in the fight I want people to constantly not dwell in darkness to turn around and repent because the corrupt minds reprobates concerning the faith are everywhere. But they shall proceed no further for their folly shall be manifest unto all men and there’s also was when you become a source of the light to walk in the room filled with evil man and they will lose their power because the light that comes in with you stops them from functioning stops them from being able to do the evil that they do it is the light that you need to be bringing not cursing the darkness cannot emphasize that more and that light will be raised in you when you see your own hearts and he says in verse 10 but thou hast fully known my doctor and talking to those people that are actually doing with the early churches was doing which most of you out there the world are not doing falling on my doctor and manner of life purpose of faith long-suffering charity in patients because that’s what love is.

Climate change due to man is not “settled science”

[01:00:16] So anyway, the other thing that I was going to point out is that we actually just went through another solar cycle and the magnetic field the sun has reversed as it does every 11 years and we’ve started seeing more sunspots as their which will bring more climate change the climate change every alarmists have been putting out there for a long time is actually driven by big money. Michael the Shellenberger, president of the Environmental Progress Institute, came out with a statement no credible scientific body has claim climate change threatens the collapse of civilization much less the extinction of the human species and yet some activist scientists and journalists make such apocalyptic assertions which I believe contribute to rising levels of anxiety including among adolescents and a worsening of political polarization.” This guy is not acclimated here this guy believes that there actually is some global warming and he actually believes that some of it is caused by man-made carbon and he is advocating nuclear power plants. And he is perfectly okay and doing that. He’s actually looking at the science and reading it but I can show you thousands upon thousands of scientists and even PhD people that are signing petitions saying they don’t believe that there is a there is any significant global warming due to the activities of mankind. I mean, we’re talking thousands upon thousands of scientists and even PhD— people of doctorates. not I I look for Shellenberger to see if he had a doctorate in the dosing dimension the article but he is a scientist and he is the head of a climate institution uses my colleagues and I have carefully reviewed the science interviewed individuals who make such claims and written a series of articles debunking them in response the intergovernmental panel on climate change invited me to review its next assessment report HarperCollins will publish our research findings this June so that’s nine to come out to the student buddies and there isn’t this call for you know what you’re hearing from people like AOC and other stuff. And he’s on the climatologist side you think that there is a global warming and that somehow or other it’s related to man produce carbon which is a huge yellow correlation is not causation. There is no evidence that proves that as a matter fact is a lot of evidence coming out the saying that the carbon increase is actually more due to global warming and I’m saying that global warming is caused and scientist say this I’m just quoting other scientist is caused mostly by the sun and the rotation of the earth how we operate in so he says is that mean we should worry about climate change. No, that’s not what it means but will we need to know what’s going on before we find a remedy and my powers are pushing this fear climate alarmists so they can get things passed in this unrighteous Mammon that will suck you dry even more and you so how do you fight that again it’s about turning on the light.

Magnetic pole shift

[01:04:24] You know that there’s a Maori tree that they just uncovered a New Zealand that lived for about 1500 years they look for a really long time but I live now their estimates is about 42,000 years ago that’s their estimates but that may or may not be accurate but it was a long time ago and then covered it and they’re looking at the tree rings and he says understand what happened to the tree during the event could provide an insight into what we could expect the next time it appears we will have increased cosmic radiation, it will take out satellites, it might take out other communication instructions. What event? What event is he talking about least talk about earth magnetic North Pole shifty to the South Pole just like we saw in the sun as last year because the sun does is like as a every 11 years the planet Earth doesn’t do it very often but does do it and they see evidence that it was doing it actually did it then reversed back rapidly back in oh thousands of years ago this Maori tree was growing during that period and they see this reversal of the magnetic field taking place during the its lifetime we know as stay in place many times in the history of theirs because we see igneous rock that has that switch of the magnetic pole well that’s the other thing that was in the news at the magnetic pole is rapidly moving from Canada Northern Canada North Pole to tour Siberia what that means I don’t know could flip yet what was that cause increased radiation all kinds of things if there were solar flares of the same time because all kinds of media can literally see fire and brimstone. Am I trying to get you afraid now saying there’s a lot of stuff going on that the science is not settled people don’t know.

Alternative news sources, Mark Levine

[01:06:28] One of the things I talked about last week is that, if you have place like CNN or NBC or ABC for your news, you should listen to other news is one of the other news sources is a Fox News but you can also look at for newsfeeds now of you have the Internet and examine them but of course what you really need is the Holy Spirit so that you can filter that information to the Holy Spirit and he can guide you in seeing what’s really going on. You cannot make a home for the Holy Spirit in yourself of your hating what you’re seeing going on in the world you have to be at peace with it. And be meek and humble and know that God is in control and let God take that control you’re not going to fix it you just have to do his will in your life. But there are other places you can look for nooses a non-I’ve known about this guy for a long time Mark Levine. And he has some very interesting perspectives. None of these people should be your single source of information you know he’s very critical of Israel for exam on Mark Levine you think he’s Jewish and I suppose he has but I don’t think he’s Orthodox you I don’t know doesn’t really matter to me but I listen to what he says filter to the Holy Spirit and I see them very being very critical of the fact that Israel is very this nation over there they call Israel… has nothing to do with Israel of the Bible. I mean it any more than the modern church has anything to do with Christ and they use his name all time but they’re often taking it in name and some not in vain and sometimes they’re blaspheming Christ because they’re preaching contrary to what he preached.

Doe Paul disagree with Christ?

[01:08:10] Paul didn’t do it. This fellow on the Internet that I was telling you about, so angry all the time, was in Central America. And how he says it would been better off if Paul would’ve died in prison never wrote his epistles will obviously doesn’t understand Paul to show you the anger that is in the sky Paul is easy to misunderstand. Because Paul talks about things that are hard to understand if you don’t have the ability to understand them you’re going to misinterpret Paul. And you’ll want take Paul was most church does, take Paul out of the context of Christ and guys I know they’re really nice guys very sincere guys very religious guy very close to the kingdom of God in what they do and how they conduct their life. They take Paul out of the context of Christ contradict what Christ said because Christ supposedly said this before the crucifixion after the change so now for we listen to Paul and not price are you kidding me mean when he was saying and I could hear hymns hearing himself saying it and thinking like, “Oh my gosh! Am I actually saying because I was there when I’m not there he probably says it without any reservation because there’s no light in him that will show him how foolish that is Christ said you had to be a doer not just to say are monitored says no you to say you believe in your saved that’s not what Paul said. He said if you’re doing these other things from such turn away.” Why? Because they have no inheritance in the kingdom.

Being friends with unrighteous mammon while gathering in the Kingdom of God

[01:09:47] So Israel, over there, in the Middle East now this country they call Israel heavily socialist country heavy progressive income tax they have tried coin they just have iron going now they have debt notes they chart charge property tax sales tax income tax all or use taxes, all are usery… that’s a user is used to they break every rule in the book as a matter of policy that not Israel Israel is a place where God prevails on not saying that there are a lot of great people over there I don’t know all I’ve met some that were you know over the years but to and I thought they were pretty close to the kingdom. But I don’t need to know about that mean you can you can live in Israel and join our network that is based on what the early church was doing. I’m not interested in the unrighteous mammon. I’m interested in you doing righteousness wherever you’re at. now they have a lot of things going on and there is what is Netanyahu he’s in a lot of trouble guys to try and take him down just like people are trying to take truck down of course I’m aware that Netanyahu and Tromp are not my salvation. My salvation is Christ. I pray for them every day that they do the right thing I pray for their enemies that they do the right thing which is to repent but not Yahoo doesn’t have some of the immunities that is a Prime Minister over there that are built into the system over here so whatever he does that may change according to where he’s at but what I’m preaching is that you raise yourselves of by the power of God by doing the will of God and he will give you repentance. He will change your mind so you see what the real promise and be able to deal with that real problem people don’t understand that. Some of the words that Levine said in one of his recent shows and at the is on 114-20, I guess that’s the way he identifies it shows, and I listen to it just to get another source talked though some you brought up the fact that what’s going on in the United States government and I guess also in Israel of sedition to try to overthrow the government by creating lies and all that stuff but it did charge with addition sedition means that you would actually send soldiers in there to arrest people and create that conflict. I’m warning you about any type of militia or military conflict trying to solve this problem if that’s what you look do to solve the problem you’re not going to fix it. Military is not gonna fix at the militias not gonna fix it even your boat is not going to fix it that doesn’t mean you can’t have a militia in the military and about even running for office will not fix it what fixes it is the light. The understanding of Christ. The wisdom of Christ in order to get that at the same time you’re involved in all these unrighteous Mammon and you still be a friend with the unrighteous mammon like a century and you can start walking in faith start doing with the early church was doing you have to leave the system and stop paying your taxes and throw away your number the mark of the beast or whatever. You have to repent think a different way in order to think that way that has to be given to you. In order for it to be given to you you need to become a doer of what God is showing you. You need to act upon one of the things is to sit down in the tens of hundreds and thousands like Christ commanded which means to create that network of people that love one another. That go to church to do good rather than feel good they’re not lovers of self their lovers of others. They go to sacrificed so that others might be saved. Ask why Christ came if you’re not doing that you’re not coming in the name of Christ so yeah you can still vote. Don’t think about the nature salvation. It’s not gonna fix things. But doesn’t mean you can’t do those things you just have to do them righteously with the reason your boat what is really going to vote on everything you want about anything you have to start following what God is putting on your heart but obese put if it’s coming on your heart and anger and resentment for the world. And the people in the world. Then it’s not coming from God. It’s not coming from Christ.

Layers of corruption in society without light

[01:14:45] And I’m amazed at the amount of corrupt people that are in government. And we can always point them out. You know, like Judge LC Hastings—think he’s from Florida—took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in order to give people you know what last sentences course we had those judges up in Pennsylvania on and he got disbarred and at bay as a judge but then he ran for Congress in Gallaudet again about but you know and then in the only reason he wasn’t criminally prosecuted they tried to criminally prosecute them but William borders exactly what his position was Buddy he was to testify but refused to testify went to jail because he refused to testify. But guess what? Bill Clinton gave of a full pardon on his last day in office and the guy let criminals get away with taking bribes because it there’s a bunch a good old boy stuff going on out there and the like a sentence of had those judges who were taking bribes to send kids to jail to keep the jails fall because the jails were run privately. The layer upon layer upon layer of corruption that you’re going to get one light is not ruling society is almost infinite… how dark things can become in these last days. So how do you fight against it? Cursing these judges people on and on the take those judges out and on and I go you know they just had a bunch a judge it wasn’t in West Virginia they were all and I did some may go to jail for a long time of some summit in part but they are all taking corruption of using funds and for their own personal interest and they’re getting away with it. And you know how many congressmen have become millionaires on Congressman Souris how did they do that the corruption is is extreme you will need to turn on the light one of the things that keep you from turning on the light as you continue to bear false witness. If you say you’re going to abide by the Constitution you need to do it if you say you’re in the system you need to, like Jesus said, pay Caesar if you owe Caesar. But you also need to find out what the church was doing in that first century and start doing that while you’re still friends with the unrighteous mammon so that you will be suitable for more righteous habitations when it fails. We’ll be right back.

Project Veritas, Gulags, Road of Bones

[01:17:34] Well, welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So what I was going to talk about the for the rest the show or least that will touch on it to come what people want the things that I was gonna say is this Project Veritas that O’Keefe James O’Keefe was the a part of where he goes in the actually takes people saying what they really believe and then sharing those audio and sometimes videotapes with the public is done interesting job and Hayes got into a lot of trouble doing that a lot of it been taken to court and everything because of what he was doing. And it’s been kind of a roller coaster rawhide for him at times. But I guess he recently got a judge who said the ads okay what he’s doing and so anyway one of the stories it just came out this week was about a guy who was a Bernie’s Sanders supporter, and his name is Kyle Gerard. And he was saying things they be counted on video tape and I guess is not tape anymore just digital fish and have ways is what I they can be addresses a lot of people that are having their because of repentance their consciences waking up and they go in because it was ruled it was okay that he actually take these things are again video make a recording and now I’m sure you will be attacked again in another court and another court and another court but anyway this is his way of fighting against injustice. Again, your salvation is Christ but you have and you only attain that salvation when you become a doer of the word you repent and become a tour of the ward you can even repent without the grace of God. But the grace of God will come to those who hear his word and do it. His sheep hear his voice and follow him not following him not his sheep you have to be following what Christ said to write that down I think it’s already written down but love people need to be reminded of it. But anyway, this guy… you listen to the things that he was saying it is shocking! You know, like in the gulags you know yeah she’s telling people this is who’s listening to him telling people in the gulags they were paid a living wage and they could go home on the weekends what are you talking about what universe have you been studying the history in. The gulags… the Road of Bones know what was going on the week you yells at some of the I’m in the stories of people were each other at times yes at an thousands and thousands of people died millions of people died in the concentration get real concentration camps and the suffering and the brutality is unbelievable why did all that come about the were a few people escape some great stories of how they survived escaping out the back door all the way to India. They will go amazing that they even survived these difficulties to escape those places but thousands of people died in the meat is died in the woods, and died in the snow, and died in the minds of the road of bones why they call it the road of bones in case you live I mention these things and I think sometimes I think in everybody knows what I’m talking about but their building roads out Siberia and Siberia the others like permafrost and everything in there digging out and building up the roads. And the way they did that they did the same thing or Minnesota they would cut Cedars of which is prominent area and the pile of dirt may put the cedars down and then they would put dirt on the top of that they can get growl they put on the top of that I thoroughly constructed these roads these long boggy swampy areas for miles and miles and miles. Well, when I work for the for service up in the Pacific in the north woods of Minnesota and Lake of the Woods in that area I would go long early in the spring and that you would see logs sticking up out of the road because the frost had turned these logs slowly been turning amino because it freezes on one side of the road roads went on straight line for miles and miles and miles and it would turn the logs up and then the frosty because it free so deep this in permafrost but free so deep that it would force the log of and you’d see these stops coming up in the middle of the road just coming up to the rough and I would go along with a chainsaw and saw them off at the road level. Well, the road of violence they have is so the cellular habit but it’s actually bones sticking up that stick up out of the mud and out through the gravel that are forced to gather more dance in the frost forces of because they didn’t have they didn’t have the time of the energy to bury people who died so they just buried them in the road. Just put them in the road and then there bones now are still coming up I don’t know they’re still coming up for years and years the bones would creep up with the frost. And so that’s why it was called the road of bones as you still see those bones images it’s just crazy people saying the gulags this guy… And then is just quoting a common history that mean in our lifetime he doesn’t know when riots took place or why they took place are either doesn’t understand what socialism is what communism is why it fails most people who are against socialism don’t know why socialism is so bad so should they just know it’s bad the was a work socialism doesn’t they don’t know they cannot see which goes back to what were talking about why it doesn’t work they may recognize it doesn’t work they may be against it but they don’t understand why because coveting your neighbor’s goods bearing false witness not taking care of your parents injuring your neighbor you know any of that weathers to commandments about coveting that can covet it anything that is your neighbor’s goes on in great detail borrowing against the future which is vile elation of the Sabbath making covenants with people who are not of the ways of God to get benefits from men who exercise authority one over the other was also includes covetousness and because those men borrow against future also is a violation of the Sabbath because that’s what the Sabbath is about is about staying out of debt doing the work first earning your way all those arrogantly violate those things it lowers your consciousness. Your ability to be conscious. It brings you greater need for repentance changing your thinking because it’s altering your thinking as you do that so if you take oath to abide by the Constitution of the State of Oregon and then get elected violating Article 2 Section 22 if you want to know what that is go to preparing you and look up Article 2 Section 22 and that will show you there’s explained to but bearing false witness lowers your ability to fight evil it lowers the level that you and the armor that you have to fight evil. You think you’re going to defeat evil by getting rid of the corrupted people at the top while you’re bearing false witness? Your full of yourself price is giving you the answer Moses gave you the answer pasted better but they were in agreement you need to turn around your thinking go the other way.

Dan Carlin – Hardcore History, Julius Caesar killed over 1 million Celts

[01:26:15] So when I mention things that are going on the news and people like Mark Levine and… Actually there’s another guy… Dan Carlin CARLIN in Ottawa but he has hard-core history Stelazine to musique and stuff like that you’d be better off listening to him telling you a little bit about history and show you how this destructive process works will go into greater detail but additional touch on the little bit of time that we have left Caesar Julius Caesar came to Gaul… “Gaullist part that stress test.” I think that’s what it says I translate it when I was 13 years old and going to St. Joseph’s College I I and your from the Latin and the English and I I just heard recently and actually I listened to a podcast that is Podcast 60, go listen to it of Dan Carlin, Hardcore… He was talking about the Holocaust of the Celts and a very interesting to goes by you if you listen to them you’ll probably miss a lot of what going but he’s very in-depth gives you a very good view and you if you’re careful and listen them you’ll see how many of the things that he’s says is going on at that time are echoed today in our own modern history although he doesn’t essay pointed out but he does say it enough so you can catch it either movies intentionally doing that but I certainly got it that Julius Caesar went into Gaul and killed over 1 million Celts I can do it with aerial bombing and artillery they actually did by sticking sharp objects into 1 million people and killing them. Now they did do some aerial bombardment they had these catapults and stuff that would fire firebrands and rocks at people and so but most of them were killed by the sword were talking 1 million Celts Hill before he was done and that this phenomenal eight there were people in Rome who wanted… Catoe as an example wanted when he came home to march to his triumphant you know and show all the great things that he did and everything with all his popularity… He couldn’t go back to Rome at first because he owed so much money but that yeah she could even leave Rome when he first went towards Gaul until somebody else paid a lot of his creditors but he was doing all this to make money as broke it overspent and I was very good at making money and a great deal of the money that he made was from this guy is that he sold. There was a lot of money and selling slaves of selling these Celts mostly women and children into slavery was making him lots of money Accorsi is financing his troops he was able to do all these horrible things… But like the and Kate alarm to be tied up in change and sent back to the goal so that they could do what they want with them because he was a war criminal Julius Caesar was a total, total, bad war criminal. But the people accepted and very clever how he got the acceptance of the people he bought their conscience and he bought it for a pretty low price. How was he able to do that? in this is around 58 BC this is still 50 years before the birth of Christ that he’s doing is this mass genocide of people to the north and on the was another one later on mass genocide of people in the north over by the Teutons that Gaul is the area of what we call France and Spain today why was he getting away with that because the conscience of the people generally speaking it already lowered. So they could not see the evil of it and they were sowing the wind and they would reap the whirlwind generations later how come they were doing because they fundamentally changed just a few things in society shortly before that with another guy who, you know, I mentioned in this article that I’m in a release next week hopefully I get it all done but do they call it the Marion changes reforms in the military of Rome it went from an all-volunteer army to a professional army. And it was now to be paid by the generals who were over those armies and that they would be financed originally their armor and everything would be bought by the government not by them in this and make a stronger army, but would change the nature of the people. Change the nature of the Army change the nature of Rome and slowly to a process degenerate Rome so that they when they had about they would vote like perfect savages. And it was changing them subtly, slowly, and they were worried about invasions from the North and will mention some of those invasions of the person they had invasions from the North way back in 390 BC were Celts came in and took the Roman city that intake to sit at all that and take the middle part of the occupied most of the city. And they took a ransom and they left. But this alter the psyche of Romans because they forever hated the Celts. They didn’t all just overtly hate them but they feared them. And hate and fear the same thing.

Understanding history helps you understand the seeds being sewn in your own nation

[01:32:17] The reason I’m going to tell you about all the stuff in the days to come is because the same thing is going on today. And by seeing I can talk about not supposed to attack your delusions you all think you’re good guys in the United States is a great government in country and all the stuff in there is greatness here. But you don’t see the evil. And I point it out directly people resist it and reject that they don’t want to hear it because it kind of attacks or sensibilities but I can tell you about history how they were doing it here and then you may equate all my gosh are we doing the same thing now and, of course, we are. And so won’t the same results take place yes we live in a cause-and-effect universe if you go the ways of Rome, you will reap the harvest of Rome. Which was destruction you go the way of Saul you’ll fall upon your own sword if you go the way of Christ will have life everlasting. So I want to show you in history what happened when they did a certain thing. And, of course, the arrival of Christ on the scene in the process of the decay of the Roman Empire which was the world to most people. I mean no 30% of the worlds population lived in the Roman Empire. That’s huge. Huge! And it many of the people that lived outside of the Roman Empire nearby some of the other kingdoms were vastly affected by what was going on Rome they knew it was going only heard about in some of the same things you see going on in Rome with the Pax Romana which was the result of this genocide and robbing of their neighbor. Manipulated, calculated robbing and decimation of entire peoples for personal gain and benefit to buy the support of the population of Rome which had been primed already by this degenerative habit of living at the expense of others. It degenerates your consciousness and your mind. So if you want to know the whole point the same thing goes on back in the days of Saul. The days of Samuel who says that if you go this way you want a leader who can do this this this business system make your life secure going to give him the power to make choices for you this is what’s going to happen is going to take and take and take it they can take it take including your sons and daughters. And when you cry out I’m not going to hear low-income way beyond the so now you want God to hear you how can you do that how can you reverse that process you have to know where you are how you got here to know how to reverse that process the way to reverse that process is you have to start hearing the cries of others. In order to hear the cries of others, you have to come together. It doesn’t mean is why Christ commanded that you come together it doesn’t mean that you jump out of the unrighteous mammon. You have to still be friends with the unrighteous man still have your job your house your apartment your position you can still vote you can still do all these things but you have to start thinking a different way. It will change the way in which you see the world guy God will give you that new mind. That new way of thinking. Now the result… Lot more to it. There’s a lot of quotes we here in the Bible in a born-again as to be born-again who is a born-again. Who are the firstborn of the born-again what are they doing were the firstborn for Moses who are the firstborn for Christ. Who are these people what were they doing what was their job what was their activity in the day. You don’t know that. You’re not being taught that in the churches. So you have to turn around. And so anyway, were going to try to give you a view of what was going on back then were going to correlated with the thing like that of the taxation of Julius Caesar. Not of Julius… of Augustus Caesar that is mentioned in the early part of the Bible in one of the Gospels. And what was really going on those big controversy about exactly when this was because it wasn’t a census at that time and so what was really going on you and Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem and why they had to go there but will shed some light on that not to argue over the date for the event. But understand how and why Christ picked that particular time to come that the world, including the world of Rome, might be saved. Of course, world of Rome is not going to have individuals who enter in a conversation and have it with God and now we talked about that couple weeks ago when they say our conversation Paul says our conversations and heaven. What did that word mean? What was it ever does that word everybody you do listen the program you know what that meant it man the operation of our civil affairs that’s what the word means is a specifically political term had nothing to do with just talking or converting conversing with God has to do with the operation of civil affairs and our conversation is in heaven and the way we can have that conversation is repentance is a gift at the changing of the mind your mind will not be changed unless you become a doer of the word. And becoming a doer of the work can be done in very small things at first and then grow in you by the grace of God. Because that’s where your salvation is. It’s not in the ways of the world.

The Roman Republic invaded the Teutons against the advice of Deuteronomy 17

[01:39:00] So you see how much time we have left and can we get into looking at some of the things that I could mention there was an invasion from the north it only got so far. There was actually one before that. Let’stalk about the one before that before the birth of Christ go back to even before Julius Caesar there was an invasion from the as are numerous of these and try and think of the year probably around 80 BC. The Teuton tribes are coming across the that some of the rivers there that had been, natural boundary between them in the South and some people say they were able to come across because the rivers froze over it was extremely cold there for a number of years why it was cold there that’s another thing was some sort of lowlands son evidently. And that activity would increase would see it increasing during the time of Tiberius through the auroras. But before that there was an actual global warming took place but back in all hundred years before the birth of Christ there was a global cooling and crops failed in the north. Food shortages in the north that when that their crops fail they had to hunt more the game became more scarce and the people most Sipes out they could get across the river was in the river froze and then now they just all us walk across rivers froze instead of where were to water know they had to go south because he needed to look for game. And they brought their families with them and they brought their horses with them in their armaments and they invaded to the South and the Rome was afraid that was going to invade them and this Marius goes up and eventually fights them and he’s the one who reorganizes the military of the Romans against the advice of Deuteronomy 17. They altered the nature of the government of the Republic way back then. And it would the process Artie begun but he got even worse with this and there’s several different elements that were changing that eventually change the nature of the people in the way they think which caused this need of repentance. But anyway then this global warming started this is why they went back because though the rivers now were thought and they could go back because the climate was improving at that time when it warmed it was 1° higher centigrade than it is and has been this last century young in the 1900s in the world. It was higher and it was actually a time of prosperity but anyway we’ll talk more about that one we return next time on keys they can God bless see on the network.

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