Key 2006 – Parental Rights

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2006

The rights of parents are eroded as people start coveting their neighbor’s goods and calling the governments of the worldFather.”

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 25, 2020

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Notable Segments

[00:06:04] Abuse and Addiction: Importance of dealing with the original trauma
[00:24.43] Importance of dealing with childhood trauma by revisiting as an adult
[01:19:24] Orphanages better than foster care?
[01:23:24] Fake churches were fine with being pushed out of the welfare ministry
[01:39:44] The power of a local network


Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re going to be talking about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of God is at hand and so different things may go on in the kingdom of God right here right now. It’s not based on geographical boundaries it’s about boundaries of the heart that’s where the kingdom of God is found is within you. If it is found within you we should see certain activities in your life. That’s how you know who is truly seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness, that’s that seeking process and that righteousness is all part of pure religion or pure religion is at least a part of that seeking of the kingdom of God. 

A number of things that come out in the news this week that might be of interest to people seeking the kingdom of God. It certainly seems to be of interest to the people of the world who are seeking the kingdoms of the world for their salvation, their salvation in this life and the next. Whatever the next life is composed of we don’t really know there’s a lot of conjecture about you know heaven and hell and what’s going on in the world today, and what will be going on in the world after we die we don’t know about after we die. We don’t know for sure Jesus says almost nothing about it but he does talk a lot about life in the present tense. Searching for the kingdom of God in our lives in our hearts and in our minds is a present even. it’s an in the moment event within the now, and so that’s why whenever they talk about the kingdom of God they’re talking about it in the now. They also talk about the future and we’ve talked about different prophecies where they talked about things that were coming and, of course, it Jesus even makes reference to the fact that some of the apostles would still be alive when these future events took place. So were some of the prophecies of seeing him coming in the clouds and in glory is that something that we’re supposed to see or is it something people have already seen?

Brother Gregory’s insight into the Bible (gregbio)

[00:02:55] I’ve read the Bible since I was a little boy. I studied the Bible when I was attending St. Joseph’s College back in the early 60s and I listen to theologians tell me what the Bible was saying and when I would read the text and hear what they were saying I would say will later amended that sound like what they are say I don’t know why they everybody else seemed to go along with that of the people who are teaching us, but I would constantly be raising my hand in saying but if I thought there was some wrong with me I thought I’m reading this and seems to be saying this but you’re telling me it means this. So I must not be seeing clearly. I was struggling with this constantly that there was some wrong with me that I could not see what they were saying was what the authors of the Bible were saying. And then it was many many years later where I suddenly realized that they didn’t know what they were talking about. The fact is as it should be kinda obvious since there are so many seminaries out there teaching different ideologies and philosophies and theologies and eschatologies all looking at the same Bible. Of course one of the things that we point out if you go back to the New Testament or the Old Testament are at the beginning of the New Testament which they only had the Old Testament to go by at the beginning of the New Testament because nobody had written the New Testament yet. so historically Jesus is not ever, ever, ever quoting the New Testament. Because it had not been written yet. So everything he was saying, everything he was quoting was from the Old Testament. Yet we see that Jesus and Moses seem to be an agreement. But yet when we look at what we believe Moses was telling people and what we believe Jesus was telling people they don’t seem to look the same. It is my contention they are exactly the same. That Jesus was not teaching anything different not really anything different than Moses. he points out divorce… they had a certain amount of divorce in the old testament. Of course, we have even more divorce in our modern times amongst people who say they are Christians. We have lots and lots of divorce and so what is the truth about divorce? Well, what’s the truth about evil? What’s the truth about righteousness? What Moses was trying to do, Jesus says Moses gave you divorce because of the hardness of your heart not because it’s right but because your heart so hard. So what does your hard hearts have the do with divorce?

Abuse and Addiction: Importance of dealing with the original trauma

[00:06:04] Well, it’s lack of forgiveness – you’re not willing to forgive something. Or you obviously there are causes for divorce a man about husband or wife or trying to kill each other, that is the result of lack of forgiveness on the part of somebody. I mean that the husband who batters his wife… or the boyfriend who batters his girlfriend or whatever… he’s doing this because there is something in him that he’s not willing to face and so therefore he’s beating up on a woman. Why is he doing that? Why is he having these anger issues? maybe he just beating her up with snide comments and putting her down and psychologically abusing her. Maybe it’s actually progressed to physically abusing her but why is he doing it? Why do so many women go back to the abusers? We seen this in I’ve seen it because I’ve dealt with people having problems in marriage for years and years and years and years. Why does this battered woman, I mean black and blue battered woman, keep going back, keep forgiving… You go ask a policeman who deals with domestic violence and they keep going back and you say why are they doing that the just going to be again he doesn’t change year after year this goes on and they keep going back. Why do they do that? It’s a compulsion it you know the people are saying she must be crazy. Well it’s a delusion and a compulsion moving her life. Why does a dog return to his vomit and the pig to the mier. Of course that’s quotes from the Bible. Why are they saying that? Why does the criminal return to the scene of the crime? now why does Jeffrey Dahmer go back to do what he does because the fact is he felt guilty after he did that and he felt terrible but then he goes back and does it again. so what’s not happening to prevent that repetition? Why does the drug attic go back? We can see in the physical addictions there are these patterns that draw you back to that addiction as actually patterns in your physical body actually chemistry in your body that strong you back was not always the case. Sometimes with some addictions it’s a mental addiction; it is not really so much chemistry although there is a certain amount of chemistry involved. Like some people can’t produce endorphins. One thing that can damage a person so they cannot readily produce endorphins is alcoholism at a very young age or drugs at a very young age. nowadays a lot time doctors are putting children on drugs at a very young age and it makes it difficult for them to produce endorphins also you like putting a child on Ritalin or Lexall or some of these other psychotropic drugs on their very young when they’re young and precocious child is learning how to deal with mental issues of that precociousness. They’re learning how to cope with that. that’s what they’re doing as a child while they act out things if you drug them they don’t get to go through that learning process because they’re drugged. It’s kind of like if somebody breaks their lag and you put a cast on their leg because you know the bone has to satin heel okay after three weeks or four weeks depending on the brake the bone is mended back now you take the cast off maybe they’ll use a crutch for a few days afterwards as they’re getting to use that leg again but eventually they have to use that leg without the crutch and without the cast on their leg in order for their leg to become strong again. But people are putting children on Ritalin for years and then progressed them up to Prozac and Lexall and some of these other drugs and then they expect them to suddenly become an adult and deal with these issues. It’s not to happen. But it can. you have to go back to the original problem and start dealing with those issues that you failed to deal with when you were eight and 10 and 12 and 15. Like people who smoke or chew our you take other alcohol. They do it because it helps them cope, they say. I’ve heard that so many times. I can tell you know it helps them not cope. coping would be not taking the drug or the tobacco and dealing with what is wherever that anxiety is coming from so if a child is molested or abused you mentally or emotionally when their child and they can be they can be abused because of circumstances, not because of one parent. maybe a parent just dies. That’s a traumatic event. You can call it abuse; They didn’t die in order to abuse but it’s the same. abuse is trauma. the death of a parent is trauma. the death of both parents is trauma. How do we fix that? We’re actually going to tie that into some of the things that we talk about today. but these are questions that should come up in your mind. Fear is a trauma.

Coronavirus, Polio, Diabetes: Real answers won’t be found in fear

[00:12:14] In the news… We’ve seen several things that came up in the news and last week or so that is about trauma. One is this coronavirus. And all my gosh coronavirus is coming. what was at 800 cases or something and then what 27 people died? I don’t remember the exact statistics on that they’re probably changing on a day-to-day basis. The Coronavirus is very common throughout the world. You can find it all over the world. The coronavirus. they discovered at least five different strains of the coronavirus most of them are really all that serious. people will get sick and then they get better some people get coronavirus… exposed to the coronavirus and don’t even show symptoms. They were sick but their immune that they were exposed their body kicked and created immunity and their walking down the street absolutely immune to coronavirus. They don’t even know they’re immune to it. They pick up any one of the five different strains that we know about. we probably don’t know that probably dozens of strains that we don’t know about me is not like you can look out on the street until there’s one of those coronavirus is going by you know you can even see him. they’ve discovered at least five, but is probably all kinds to have discovered any of your exposure to any one of them, it will trigger things in your body that starts to make you immune. Poliovirus were pervasive throughout the modern gross owes and in the Brazilian tropics polio’s all over the place and nobody ever hardly gets it because most of the people are immune to it. occasionally their immune systems get compromised because of something and they might get it. Of course strains of viruses can change just because of things like sunlight and just changes. Because you’ve got billions of those little viruses around and they can they can be altered by a variety of things: funguses of chemicals. and what have you that are found in nature. But 95% of the people who got polio in the United States before anybody came up with any kind of a vaccine were immune to polio. Or 95% of the people who got polio became immune and they never knew it. They never showed any symptoms. It’s the CDC that tells you this. So during those use summers where you had dozens of people come down with polio you had hundreds maybe thousands of people who got polio got better had lifetime immunity to polio. At least the strains that were around at that particular time. Lifetime immunity to it. if any other new strains came along they would likely become immune to them readily because they are already immune to polio type viruses. this is going on so that thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people were totally immune to polio and never even knew it. that received no vaccines whatsoever that’s how you get herd immunity. that the natural way that’s created that you get herd immunity that most people don’t know. that but you can read it right on the CDC website and it explains this. But you actually have to read it. if you just read the news reports that say vaccine cures polio. while course vaccines don’t cure polio. vaccines infect you with polio in a mild form or in a benign form and your body produces the antigens necessary to combat polio. It awakens your immune system to combat the poliovirus and your body can do the same things, even with bacteria, etc. to other parts of your immune system. you have a number of layers to your immune system and so that’s what most vaccines of most things calling themselves vaccine do. They stimulate your body to fight off the disease. They don’t actually fight the disease. They don’t actually cure anything. but if you already have thousands upon thousands of people in the country may be millions of people, because they can be multiples of this, that are totally immune to polio because they’ve already developed an immunity. Then suddenly you come along with a vaccine and you see polio cases decrease you can think because you often think correlation is causation that the vaccine cured the polio. Vaccine didn’t cure the Spanish flu and it went away. It is asked to go away is still around but nobody gets it anymore. it could come back in some strain or other where people would start to get again but people would also start to get immune. So what you really want to know is why do some people readily become immune to these diseases, like the coronavirus, and other people do not? is there something in their genetics is it something in their lifestyle is it something in their diet had to visit something in their habits that you their health habits that causes them to readily become immune and somebody else not to? That’s what you should be studying. There is not a lot of money and that a lot more money and selling you on a vaccine. So why is that difficult to understand? It really should be simple to understand that people don’t understand it is because of fear. You’re afraid to face the danger and you are convinced or told or taught that men in white coats will come and save the day and provide you with a vaccine that they can just poke you and then you will be saved. Your salvation is in that needle. It may be in it may not be. There was a case that my daughter was just talking to me about where somebody child had type I diabetes. Young child. And to that she went to the doctor and the doctor said well you just give him this insulin etc. etc. and he’ll be okay. Should I watch what he eats? don’t bother with that just you know monitor is sugar and given the insulin and then and she thought while she was doing this and her child was miserable he was not happy. he was constantly battling the sugar levels: in the right amount? Is the insulin not enough or much? It’s difficult to go out and play and he was having all kinds of emotional difficulties. Then she began to study diet and she altered his diet so that he was taking in less sugars and less carbohydrates and having less trouble and less need for insulin. She was still monitoring the blood and giving him insulin when he needed it. But now he’s out playing; he’s happy; he’s not constantly battling this because he doesn’t have as much problem because she altered his diet. And the doctor actually berated her: that your child will grow up hating you. I think he was put on a Keto diet where he cuts out a lot of the carbohydrates in is probably a modified Keto diet. But he didn’t hate her. He knew what it was like when he was entirely dependent upon insulin and could eat anything he wanted. you don’t love your parents because they give you candy. didn’t you even hear the story of Hansel and Gretel? What the parent was doing was empowering the child to deal with his ailment. The child could help contribute to good health by altering his activities but people want to alter their activities but people don’t want to alter their activities. That empowerment helps you overcome that fear. Because fear is where most trauma comes from fear and anger and I have often said fear and anger are the same things there just one is flight and one is fight but that they opposite sides of the same emotional coin – fear and anger. So you see that the battering husband seems so angry and the cowering wife seem so afraid yet it creates an addiction where she returns to that situation. well if a child is traumatized in their life as a young child and don’t deal with that trauma, they suppress it; they hide that. Trauma’s painful. I understand that. there’s a natural tendency to shove it somewhere into your subconscious and drugs can help you do that, music can help you do that, acting out anger and in fear and all these things can help you do that. But eventually you need to face those things and be released from them because they are like the Marley chains that you drag around into your adulthood. So you know, that’s what a lot of psychologists try to do her counselors useful to sit down and talk to them about your problems. Sometimes that does make it easier when you talk to somebody especially somebody you don’t know well or somebody you trust. you talk to them and your problems kinda can start to come out and where you can see it. A good psychologist will admit that you’re healing yourself by talking about these things. Bringing them out in the open now that you’re an adult and you can deal with those issues. And I’ve given hundreds of stories over the years about people who did this and had huge changes in their life both emotionally and physically. But if you’re engaged in any kind of compulsive behavior, bizarre behavior, where you’re doing things that you don’t even know why you’re doing them, chances are it has to do with trauma in your past. so seeking the kingdom is not about fear. It’s not about vanity. It’snot about anger. It’s not about judgment. It’s about truth. We’ll be right back.

Importance of dealing with childhood trauma by revisiting as an adult

[00:24.43] Welcome back. So seeking the kingdom of God is about seeking truth and in order to seek the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God, which is our directive, we have to be willing to seek the truth and love righteousness. The fact is buried in our hearts and our minds is a lot of things that might have been something unrighteous done to you, something unfair, something like as a traumatic that was done to you, and you need it and you were angry at that or frightened by that. Same thing again. Angered or frightened. Your small child could easily be frightened by the fact that his father is his stable, his giant.. his protector. I just read a story about a father who had been in the military and he was home and he was taking his son camping and they were attacked by a grizzly bear. He told his son to run and put himself between the grizzly bear and his son to protect his son. And he was mauled, but eventually, the bear ran off. The man was laying there bleeding before he passed out. He sent a message with his phone and of course, eventually, they were rescued but it was a traumatic event to see the strength of his father overcome by despair. So that’s a frightening event but as the child grows and is willing to look at that event, he will also see the courage of his father to stand between him and danger. And that may be passed on. But if he does not look at that event and suppresses that event, he could become so traumatized that when he faces danger he will revert back to his childhood when he ran, rather than to what he is to become this brave father himself. So seeing those traumas looking at them later on with your children when they have traumas is very important. well some parents never do this. Maybe the trauma is that the father went off and became a drug addict or maybe abused his mom and all kinds of terrible horrible stories. But somebody has to come along, a lot of times, and this is really the role of every one of us, not just ministers, as we’re all supposed to minister one to another. The role is to be there be that sounding block that ear, that compassionate and empathetic ear that is willing to help these people look into their hearts and find that trauma revisited now, with the security of friendship and love around them and overcome that. you overcome that with what, forgiveness and letting things go. That’s what charity is about. Charity is about letting things go. The sacrifices of the altars of Abraham was taking something you sweat and toiled to obtain and letting it go. This is the scapegoat analogy where you let it go. And with that letting go you also let go of the ill effects of that trauma. You can’t do that unless you forgive. Forgiveness and giving are an essential parts of the growth that allows the kingdom of God and his righteousness to enter into you. Instead, we’re looking to a lot of other things to enter into us to save us – not the spirit of God to come into us and save us. So another thing that came up is there’s an antibiotic called Levaquin, I think. The technical name is levafosaquin. It’s an antibiotic and there is 1200 deaths from that. Only 79 from the coronavirus but 1200 known deaths, admitted deaths, from taking this, just simple antibiotic. That seems to be worse than the coronavirus plague that they’re going to try to get everybody take a vaccine for. so anyway if somebody offers you some antibiotics… and some antibiotics you might need from time to time. But some of them are more dangerous than others. and unless somebody tells you, you might want to check to see if that’s Levaquin they’re offering you.

Self-sabotaging due to unresolved trauma

[00:29:49] The reality is what you often think is your salvation is not your salvation; it is actually death waiting for you. And you have to prepare yourself to recognize what is truly your salvation and what is not truly your salvation. That’s why I brought up the fact that when I was reading the Bible back then they were saying that this is what it meant, and this is what it meant, and this is what it meant, I kept asking that doesn’t seem to be what it means. And I was struggling to try to fit their explanations into my heart and my mind. something was in me saying now that doesn’t quite fit. And it was creating quite a dilemma – quite a trauma in me. So that many years later I didn’t even want to use the word church. I wasn’t overtly angry at the church for that trauma that those men of church, those theologians, were teaching me these falsehoods. I didn’t think about being angry at them but, deep down, they were the part of the source of my trauma. They were an element of the source of my trauma. I didn’t even like to use the word church but still believed in God, still looked back at the Bible and searched for the truth and all the stuff, hidden deep down inside me and I realize I had to forgive them their ignorance, their foolishness, in order to be free of that because it was haunting me. The same as when I first began to go out in public speaking and people want to put you up on a pedestal and actually made me physically sick. I had to forgive them for trying to do that of putting me on the pedestal in order to be free of that pedestal. All the quest for the kingdom is it within your own heart and mind. now going out in the world is a way in which we challenge how much of the kingdom we have really let in and how much trauma we’re still dragging around. A lot of people they believe in the Bible they believe in Jesus but there actually don’t believe in Jesus and they don’t believe in what the authors of the Bible were trying to say. They have created a strong delusion in their minds. And anybody who questions that delusion is the enemy because they worship the creation in their minds. if they create an image of God of their mind and they worship that image they will eventually likely try to create an image of God and build some statue, or build some cathedral, or some institution and then that’s there that’s who they look to. it’s this church or this religion that is my salvation. No, the truth. I am the troth the way and the light, that is your salvation. The truth and that truth, in that truth many spirits dwell. but also in the lie many spirits hide. And so you want to open the door to let in the light and see the truth.

“Life and Fate” by Vasily Grossman

[00:33:27] I also I saw this morning on Twitter someone was talking about the book, “Life and Fate.” And it was written by Vasily Grossman who was a Jewish citizen of Russia and eventually the Soviet Union. he lived during the time were war two and he was the correspondent but eventually became this author and he wrote a book, 900-page book, Life and Fate. It was suppressed by the Soviet government. they didn’t allow him to publish it. and David she died in the 60s he wrote it is writing it in 1960. but eventually was published in the United States but is 900 pages! And it’s about the following these stories, it’s a novel, it’s is following the stories of certain people in the Soviet Union and certain people in Germany and their plight during their the rise of the Nazis and the rise of communism and through the war and how the two systems, both, were producing this Holocaust of deaths. People always talk about the book they’re talking about Because he was Jewish he had relatives who were you died in the camps. and some people talk about the Holocaust is the arrest and persecution of Jews. will yeah supposedly the statistics I think are like 6 million Jews died during the Holocaust. But 20 million+ died during the Holocaust. So they were the largest single minority there also a couple several million gypsies are Alana Roma that they were killed during the same Holocaust. But the majority of the people were neither Jewish nor Gypsy; They were all killed too. So what happens to a nation to exterminate through imprisonment or execution because a lot of people just died because they were imprisoned under terrible conditions… What causes a nation to be that savage against their own people? Well, the same thing was going on in the Communist governments under Stalin stall and while even before Stalin this is going on but under Stalin the he would stay up all night making huge long lists of people to be executed. and in order to even up progress up in the chain of command installing Russia, or Soviet Union, you had to denounce somebody. People that was one of the things where the characters of the book denounce two innocent people in order to maintain the proper prestige and move up in his own career. And he always regretted but any also fear that he would be denounced at any time so there was this combination of fear and selfishness that was locking him into a system that ended up killing millions upon millions of people. You go to Communist China which is in the book I guess but the millions more. I mean, double the number of people that were put to death in the road bones in the gulags. we just talk last week about some just completely naïve about history thought that the gulags are great people were paid a living wage, they got to go home on weekends ago vacation like I don’t know where he’s getting his facts what was going on in the gulags. they’re willing to believe a lie because are not really interested in the truth. And that’s what happens to a nation when it’s not willing to see the truth on a massive, national scale and just look at the basic truth facts, that’s a bad sign. How do we get to the point where nation is not willing to look at the facts that tell us what the truth is? All the facts. Even the inconvenient truths. In order to do that each individual within the nation has to be willing to look at the truth about themselves. Their sloth, their avarice their greed their selfishness. not to come face-to-face with that selfishness if they don’t they too will go down that road. So one of the people, Douglas Murray I think it was, was asked the question about what did these two systems of the Nazis and the Communists having common? that what you’re seeing in the book that they were both creating this Holocaust for their own people. they were killing millions upon millions of people. a lot of people argue what about the statistical how many people were killed and not the Holocaust. Was it really 6 million Jews? Okay, say it was 4 million Jews. Does that suddenly goat like all well then that’s okay it was only for me okay maybe it’s they only killed 1 million Jews? So then that’s okay are you about the statistics is ridiculous it’s very clear that somebody did something (I’m quoting somebody else in the news) that was bad to the people who lived in their country unjustly and unfairly to the tune of at least several million people were killed. if you just counted a couple hundred thousand Jews guilt it would still be several million people altogether that was killed. there is no you like it’s better because it was the statistics were 10%, 20%, half as much… the same evil is going on. statistics don’t matter. if you can’t imagine 1 million people anyway mean these big marches receive all these people out there in the marches and it’s 10,000 people. It’s not hundred thousand people if not a half 1 million people. 1 million people is a lot of people. And that’s the ones they say died. How many others were traumatized and decimated? I know of people who went to the imprisonment and the abuse and one of the great abuses is when they get you to do evil to your fellow man in order to survive. It’s hard to recover from that. And it plants the seeds of their viral evil in society. Because those people who had to do things they are ashamed of in order to survive, even if it wasn’t terribly militias they just had that you know they had to be selfish in order to survive. They will pass that anger and resentment onto their children. And their children will pass it on to their children. And it will go on from generation to generation to generation for seven generations or more. Unless you are willing to see the truth about your own heart. Because that’s where it can stop passing down. And how do you see that truth or lack of truth in your own heart of the truth about your own heart is to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. and what is that? What was the one thing and I just added this to our page on Polybius. This historical novel life and fate by Leslie Grossman tried to reveal and 900 pages the mysterious process that turned to nations of the 20th century into perfect savages. When Polybius had already told us 200 centuries before Christ in a few words. 

Charity or force?

[00:42:24] Both the Nazis and the Communists justified for remora replacing the practice of charity to pure religion with the covetous practices of socialism. because primarily that’s you socialism Lisa communism so Karl Marx was promoting socialism. and communism is just socialism on steroids. and then I go on to say when the masses justified their appetite for benefits to the rule of force, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, all that they’re going to force people to contribute and instead of the deferment charity. they are always degenerating again into perfect savages. and that’s why Richard Niehaus in a prominent preacher and theologian who came from Canada and lived in the United States passed away now said, socialism is the religion people get when they lose their religion. and once you understand that religion is not what you think about God not that image of God that you’ve created in your mind that’s not religion that’s actually idolatry. when you worship the image of God in your mind religion is simply the pious performance of your duty to God in your fellow man. in that duty your fellow man is not to use force to take away what he has produced so that you can be better off. That duty it to your fellow man is to help him in a way that strengthens him as an individual which might be just to take some time and listen to him and why he has these compulsive problems. you’re not going to make him better child by fear. and I know a lot of people to spare the rod spoil the child; they don’t understand what the rod is. they imagine that the rod means to beat the child in these bad. the rod wasn’t used to beat sheep. you don’t be cheap to get them to do what they should be doing. you use the rod to guide them, to say don’t go this way go this way and that lead them over to a safer path. that’s what the rod is for. is not to beat them into submission. and addresses basic understanding. but most people a lot of people see it if you’ve already been traumatized by the rod or beatings of your own parents you will think I need to justify you know that by returning to the same crime of beating my children into submission. that’s not how it works; it works much differently. so anyway those are little items that I thought I would share with you in the news. 

[00:45:41] Last week we were talking about you the same processes that went on back in Roma course Polybius was originally a Greek he was from Corinth before it was destroyed by the Romans. he was taken as a half stars where he was kept in Rome to try to keep Corinth in line and then they continued to bring natural rules and lie and cheat behind the back at least the politicians running core. then of course the people pay the price of letting those corrupt politicians remain in power. Is a lot of people don’t realizes and that’s why I encourage people to read our article on article 2 section 22 of the organ Constitution. if you turn a blind eye to the corruption of your government the government that you have chosen, you say you live in a democracy or even a Republic, and you have leaders who are corrupt who are going against the rules that are sworn to uphold and you don’t do anything about it, you’ll call them out on it, you may pay the price of their lies and corruption and you should pay. and that’s what I’m with Corinth. their leaders were making agreements and breaking them and sneaking behind the back of the Romans and the Romans eventually came in and the order that everybody in court, with all the men be killed all men in Corinth be killed. now Polybius was already living in Rome so he was safe but all men in Corinth were to be killed and all the women and children sold into slavery. and that wiped out the existence court. there was nobody really living in Corinth anymore at all except in a few people wandering around in the empty buildings that were not tore down completely. Corinth would be revitalized 100 years later. but to Julius Caesar but before Julius Caesar did that he had already gone to Gaul and committed mass genocide in Gaul. and became very wealthy in the process almost was killed himself but survived and annihilated over 1 million people in Gaul which is a lot ill. we talk up we just went on outnumbers like 20 million people 6 people killed and during that the Nazi Holocaust or whatever. it was 27 million people killed in the Holocaust of the Soviets of 60 million people. killed in China whatever the numbers are. you can’t fathom those numbers. but the difference is you know the population at that time to go out with Roman soldiers and of course they had allies amongst the goals and put to death at the point of a sword 1 million people is an amazing thing. and of course they enslaved at least 1 million people as well and sold them into bondage where they eventually went out and mixed with Italians and mixed with Germans because they sold slaves in Germany. they sold slaves everywhere. and so that was that was the Holocaust and some people in wrong like Kato wanted to put Caesar in chains right away from the beginning and send them back to the Gauls to let them have their way with them because they considered him a war criminal. but other people cheered him because he had been filling Roman coffers with treasures that is stealing from the goal people and they accepted that. now this was you know hundred years after Polybius and Polybius evidently saw the spry problem coming way back then, a hundred years before, so there were already in a process of taking benefits. he says the masses continue with an appetite for benefits. does that sound familiar? People want benefits and a habit of receiving them by way of the rule of force and even violence. THis is a translation so you might want to look up that word violence but force and violence. they were using force. like the guy who confronted Elizabeth Warren he says, I save my money and I paid for my daughter’s college education. She save your monies you’d been working since she was 10 years old to save up money. we paid for our college. do I get that money back?. because my neighbor he his daughter got student loans he had more money than I did he made more money but he went on trips vacations he spend his money you like the grasshopper. now you’re gonna forgive his dad? Do I get my money back? in the she says no. so their rewarding bad behavior and in a sense punishing good behavior because they think evil is good and good is evil. They can’t see the evil of what they’re doing. will be back to keys of the kingdom and talk about that. 

Force and Violence

[00:52:36] So anyway, Polybius in about hundred and 60 years before Christ preached in John the Baptist said that we were to take care of one another through faith hope and charity and not to force, which is the way most Christians take care of the needy of their society today because they’re not real Christians. They think they’re real Christians because they created an image of the gospel in their mind, the image of Jesus in their mind an image of Christ mind. They think Christ said it was okay to covet your neighbor’s goods to the agency of men who exercise authority even though right in the tax Christ said it’s not to be that way with you. now if all the people claiming to be Christians all the people claiming to be Jews all the people claiming to be Muslims following the prophets of Abraham and Moses were to see the fact that they were not to covet their neighbor’s goods through the agency of men who use force and even violence, world would be a different place to be.  but they can’t see that because they won’t let that be written in their hearts and their minds. so they continue following their false religions at the Christianity is a false religion, not that Judaism is a false religion, but their version of Christianity and Judaism and all the Semite religions because Arabs are Semites to. anybody who speaks Arabic or Hebrew would be considered a semi-. so so all those people on all these different sides of the fence is that people are creating these boundaries and borders that people are creating between each other were to start to realize that they should live by charity and not by force, the world would change because they have changed. their leaders would change because they have changed. until men change governments will not change. and so Polybius understood this immediately 900 pages in his histories were longer than that but in that one one short paragraph he put it down pretty clear, “the masses continue with that appetite for benefits and a habit of receiving them by the way of rule of force and violence.” the people having grown accustomed thinking that that’s okay to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others institute the rule of violence. which is what you see not only the Democratic but even the Republican Party saying is okay. that Republican Party distraint to be a little bit more conservative and how much rule of force and violence they implement. they don’t want quite so much. they want less. if you want any habit you already let the camel…? Somebody was talking about the fact that the Democrats started letting these radical socialist and communist join their party in order to gain more votes of back in the the 60s and 70s. and they were warned back in the 70s and 80s not to do this. and Obama course you bring people like Bill Ayres out everything. these are radical extremists who want to bring down the system; they desire to do so. Like Pivin and and his wife they as a couple they want to bring down the system by overburdening the very social welfare system they’re promoting so that the system economic collapses and they can put a socialist communist regime in the place. and they have dinner at the White House. They said that was the plan. but most people can’t see this and they can see it because they’re not dealing with the traumas in their own lives their own fears their own anxieties don’t desire to take away from somebody else to benefit from taking away from somebody else the spirit of socialism. It can be a small child who does little kleptomaniac things where he takes something from his brothers or sisters or neighbor over something in the store. he’s just following the spirit that has gotten into him and he cannot resist it. It’s an addiction. I knew a guy in the seminary who was a kleptomaniac he would steal stuff he absolutely did not need. versus father was a mortician and he lived in the house above the morgue where his father dissected bodies and pump them with formaldehyde. and and if that wasn’t drama I have a cam as he grew up without some trauma living over a mortuary. but anyway he eventually came to grips with that and he began to return those things that he took. it was a compulsion; he didn’t he didn’t want to take him he had to take that but he had to do it because he didn’t want to see something that was hidden away in his own heart. 

What’s hidden away in your heart?

[00:58:20] So the question is, what is hidden away in your heart that’s making so you cannot see this? such basic simple teaching of John the Baptist. Jesus Christ Polybius Plutarch all of them said this over and over again throughout history. and I don’t know I’ve read some of the life and fate. he doesn’t ever really exactly spell this out where I could see it. That’s a big book and read the book or anything. but of all the quotes that I could muster up and find he doesn’t really quite put it in these terms. he observes the facts in the information he sees on the Nazi side he sees it on the Communist side. but he was also in the Communist world; he was also a part of the trauma himself. so I don’t know if he ever really quite put it together. in a course he never saw his book published. he died and 64 It gpt smuggled out of you got smuggled out of Russia on Microfilm. but it wasn’t even published in the United States until the 80s. and I don’t know that millions of Reddit test that 900 pages. but Polybius like I said was saying this that they that they become accustomed to feeding at the expense of others and depend for their livelihood on the property of others, their tuition paid by the property of others, their parents cared for by the property of others, their Medicare Medicaid their public education paid for by the property of others, their ambulance service paid for by the property of others. We do it every day; We’re accustomed to it. We think it’s okay it’s not okay it but you can’t do anything about it except repent. start thinking differently and what often is blocking us from see the same things differently is that we don’t want to see everything that’s in our own hearts: our own unforgiveness, our own selfishness. and so if you sit down in the tens of hundreds and thousands if you sit down and those tens or hundreds and thousands as Christ commanded and start to take care start to start to take care of the needs and benefits of society the widows and orphans of society. then you begin to reverse the process in your own mind and reverse the process in the world. and that this becomes a left foot right foot thing; that it there’s levels and layers to this. Rome was not built in a day.  the kingdom of heaven is not built in a day is not found in a day; it’s found by turning around and start thinking differently and realizing that this covetous way, this covetous practice is all they do is turn us into merchandise curse our children, make is all surety for dad and we will go down with the sins of our leaders. because we have we are being led astray from the way of Christ. Because these people who you know accustomed to feeding at the expense of others into penny for their livelihood on the property others have instituted this rule of violence. that’s why you see on the left side edges the more extreme. the right, there is no left and right there’s way left, quiet left and there is the right and they’re all over there on the less. there might be a few libertarians over there on the right side but the even the libertarians I don’t really see it amongst them and I don’t see the morality and righteousness. It certainly is unrighteous to force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare. but it’s only righteous if you are contributing to the welfare of others to faith open charity. the absence of unrighteousness is not righteousness. righteousness is the light is the positive actions you do in seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. and anyway goes on to say and now uniting their forces massacre banish and plunder. that’s what you they’re trying to get the vote together to massacre banish and plunder until they themselves to generate again into perfect savages. so you see all this anger, yelling screaming at you note taking away the rights of others on the left but it’s there just the leaders towards the state of perfect savagery that we saw in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia and Communist China. and because the avarice and sloth and apathy of the people did not seek the kingdom of God and his rights as. They were not willing to admit they been thinking wrong and willing to turn around and think the other way and go the other way. and so he goes on to say that course find once more a monarch and a king and the right legacies is a master the monarch is the way it translates. So what are we supposed to be doing it is to be sitting down and this tends hundreds and thousands in seeking the righteous way of Christ? and that’s what the church was it was taking care of the needs of society to faith hope and charity.

Parental Rights 

[01:04:15] And so I had another page on parental rights because this is coming up with a local person who was seen what was that there was like I can’t remember the number like 8 children have been taken away and the parents rights terminated and they were actually shipped out of the state. not why was fighting that shipping out the state back 20 years ago, they’re just finding out about an ounce of these young people but they don’t understand how we got to that place. and then they said the mouse and then I decided that it was wrong. actually did decide somebody back when we were pushing against that; they decided to create a program to bring them back. and that program was allotted so many thousands of dollars for each child to bring them back into the state. well they went over 1000% over budget cost what was 1 millions of dollars bring back the few kids. In one fellas that I drove there and take you back myself for free. which is right track is thrice smeared to say that. but you need a better strategy than to get upset on Facebook. you need a strategy of Christ. what Christ actually said to begin with. because if everybody in Oregon who say they are Christians were actually doing what Christ commanded those kids who had never been shipped out. and that’s the way America operated for many many years. How many orphanages do you think the government built back in 1800s? How many orphanages do you think their word America around 1850 1860? There were there was only about 50 orphanages in the whole country which covered quite a call quite an area. and why and then how long did a kid stay in our talents as a kid stay in foster care? the average day for a kid in Rashid there were seldom half of the kids who even stayed in an orphanage for full-year. Half the kids entered into an orphanage more than half of the never even stayed one whole year and they are already placed with another family. and many of the kids who became in a orphans minister or from the pair both parents died and that happened a lot in the old days in a wars meal Civil War etc. lots of orphaned people lots of orphaned children. where they go? people took them in. People took care of not know people telling you horror stories about how some kid was abused when he was taken in orphaned. but I can show you all coming anna, Green Gables, she wasn’t abused and basically that is the name of the game they were not abused; they were raised as orphans. Humphrey raises an RFID in the house next door to my dad. when I was actually up in the North Dakota there was a whole a big family living your rest they were wealthy they were poor and that actually related to marriage. And I was working on wheat farms up there that year. and there was another fairly large family 56 kids in another family and both parents were killed in an automobile accident. all the relatives were willing to take some of the kids but they thought they could not take all five or six children. without one family who was the poorest of the lot who had the most children and the smallest half they took him all because they did not want to see the children separate because they valued family. today were killing millions of children in abortion and an foster care is harming. When did we begin to think this termination of parental rights or sickle TPR which began decades ago and it may begin that decades ago because the federal government got a goofy idea that we will pay the state in electing was like $80,000. every time they terminated parental rights and so that became the fashion terminate parental rights and then our agency will get $80,000. and they were finding their agencies with federal tax dollars and terminating parental rights. I know of many cases where parental rights were terminated and the parent never did anything wrong. there a lot more stories like that then you can even imagine. when we begin to think that it was the government’s role to take children and to provide the care for them. All those orphanages back in 1800s they were privately built most of them were built by churches and almost every case a major contributor wares through churches. Sometimes they were separate associations just built to establish an orphanage. but the idea the orphanage was to get the children back with some sort of family environment. and so like I think of William Pitt and I put the quote down here in our page on parental rights as long as we look to government to solve our problems we will always suffer tyranny, was in that we were doing when we say is the government’s role to take children away from parents and to intervene in bad parenting and control that? know that our role as a community? were supposed to be a government of the people for the people and by the people. That means were the fourth branch of government. United States enough said this before and I can explain in detail we don’t get off on tangents United States government is an indirect democracy created in the Republic for the purposes of maintaining a Republican form of government. but a Republican form of government the leaders are titular their name only. they don’t have the power to take your children away. that’s your responsibility is the fourth branch of government. and you can bring action against people when they’re abusing, you know I told the story before in nearby town somebody was abusing their daughter. He was a preacher by the way itinerant preacher of some sort and he was abusing the daughter. He was just like locking her little closet when she was bad. should be in there crying for a long time he was just abusive in that way so many came across the street walked into his house and opened up the little closet that the kid was kept in and took the kid out and took it over to their house and the guy never came over and confronted him. he left town with the rest of his family left the daughter behind he just left town. She was raised up she’s passed away a little bit ago a very elderly woman. and you mostly won’t know that story but that’s the way we used to handle it in the old days. people took the responsibility of righteousness in their communities. He was that the gentleman who went across the street and took the kid out of the closet was able to do that because had the support of his community. we don’t have that in the communities anymore. you’ve gotten away from the because you got you back you become accustomed to the idea that that’s the government’s job. you’re the government. it’s your job you have to do it wisely and I included on our page on parental rights that link to our article on David Crockett. you read that article and you see the mindset of Americans wasn’t that it was the government’s job to take care of the charitable aspect of society: to run the ambulances, to build the hospitals, to build the schools, to build the orphanages, and to help place the children with families. I was in the government’s job; it was our job. We did that. they would not our hectic guy who thought that that’s what the role of government. They knew that was not the role of government. Read that article of that was written about Davy Crockett way back when he was a congressman. And he and the people told him were not going to elect you because you got this goofy idea that the government is in charge of welfare in our communities. is not. once we got accustomed to the idea to use force to provide for the needs of our people we were doomed and destined for tyranny. and electing another president to do it right or another Congressman or Sen. to do it right the way you think it out to be done is not the answer. The way to make America great again is you people sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and start taking care of the business of charity, in the business of welfare, in the business of the widows and orphans, and needy of your society. That is your job. if you want a free society you have to make it your job and in the process of getting along and staying in those groups of tens hundreds and thousands and sacrificing daily to take care of the needy of your society and pure religion which is your religion was taking care the widows and orphans and needy of your society, the process of doing will help you heal the trauma in your own hearts. of the Holy Spirit can enter in and show you the whole truth. you can’t see the whole truth now because you sit in darkness. as you said in the darkness of the idea that you should take care the needy by force. It’s become a popular idea today. and people are trying to muster the votes to stop it but it’s growing. and and under the right circumstances such people get into power and you will see the Nazi Holocaust and the Russian Holocaust and the Chinese Holocaust in America. and you are not going to protect yourself against that by voting somebody in. me now to be perfectly honest the conservative supposedly wants less government. That’s what Ronald Reagan told us. a lot of other people at all as they want less government debt crews to set up the other day want less government. so naturally the people want less government will not think of running for office. So right now in Oregon there’s all kinds offices are going to be vacant. and people aren’t signing up to run for because they want less government. That is the answer. We need more personal sacrifice and we need people who understand the principles I just said running for office in Australia and the United States and Canada and everywhere. If you’re in the system you can run for office. if you’re part of that system C already merchandise in that system, you can run for office for the purposes of reversing the process to protect people from those other people the activists who want more benefits at the expense of their neighbor. you will be voting those down at every turn and using your position as a bully pulpit to say no we can do this better ourselves. not showing the people they not hearing the voices in Congress that are hearing this. Is the voices in the Senate that are hearing. and I can also tell you that the media is not gone back you up. but you can certainly if God is putting on your heart you can certainly go that way. but you know you’re going that way get elected office as you know that government is not your salvation. you also need to be gathering in the tens hundreds and thousands and taking care of the pious performance of your duty to God and your fellow man. you need to do both simultaneously and and support that idea of the fourth branch of government getting back to its responsibilities. because I want to see you get back your responsibilities is in the struggling to take on those responsibilities you are going to come face-to-face with those hidden from us in you there’s causing divorce and causing breakdown in community and breakdown and family structure. you’re going to come face-to-face with that and you have the opportunity of seeing the whole truth about yourself and heal. You can pursue these things because that you are supposed to be tending to the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy and faith. so some of you may have to run for political office. but I leave that to you and your conscience. but the idea of saying I’m not gonna have anything to do with the government that I’m bound up in; one of the things you could be doing is making sure that righteousness is done in the unrighteous man to go ahead and be friends with the unrighteous mammon but bring righteousness to. Anyway on the page on parental rights I point out that it wasn’t until 1909, long after Davy Crockett, that the White House conference on children convened by the order of another guy who talked about the bully pulpit, President Theodore Roosevelt, to discuss what should the government’s role be in taking care of the needy and homeless of society the widows and orphans. I’ll tell you when we come back to Keys of the Kingdom.

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Orphanages better than foster care?

[01:19:24] Well, welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. One of the major things that came out of the White House conference on children, which was convened by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909, was a statement that “home life is the highest and finest product of civilization children should not be deprived of it except for urgent and compelling reasons.” So they understood that the child raised in a loving home was absolutely essential for the perpetuation of civilization they could not be raised in incubator child-rearing situations. They had to be raised in the home and so nothing was done really about this question of how to deal with widows and orphans from a government standpoint back in 1909 now you have to understand the environment back in 1909… Still in 1909, most children were not educated in public education most children went to school at home or they went to school in private schools and those few public schools that were around most of the money spent in private schools, or at least a large percentage of the money spent in private schools for servicers and conducting a like moving kids back and forth to school and you like we have this huge bus system to busk into school Mounir the but all that was done privately by private funds and private interaction from the community. You know they want to have a sports program and everybody in the community turned out to grade the baseball field or football for that was not funded by taxation people didn’t think that way yet so nothing much was done about this idea of the government taking over the role John there were a few stipends insist that were created to pay do women who were trying to raise their children in their own home and stuff is really almost nothing. It wasn’t until 1935 the federal government got in on social welfare with the passing of the Social Security Act. Which was a socialist welfare program. Where you pay and what you paid enough or not you would be getting these benefits back and if you know of a father died, you’d be taking of the children and those aid to dependent mothers and all these kinds of things and that began to grow out of that. Bt it was really very small back then in the amount that was being spent on people because the local community was still picking up most of the slack. The government was now getting their hands into it it wouldn’t be until the 1960s and, you know, actually the new deal with FDR began this, but the war on poverty with LBJ really got the ball rolling.

Failure of Australian welfare program

[01:22:34] We’ve done whole programs on the Australian welfare program how they had so many children being born to single mothers, you know, young teenage pregnancies, that the government said in this is all taken care of by churches and charity and families etc. but now listen the government said were to help you guys out and that help turned into a crippling effect just like that cast on the leg if you leave the cast on you will lose the leg. You will lose the ability to use the leg. The muscles will atrophy, the bones will shrink up and you will become crippled by the very cast you put on your legs you didn’t need it anymore you could’ve stood on your own could have strengthened it but you didn’t you left the cast on. That’s what they did. 

Fake churches were fine with being pushed out of the welfare ministry

[01:23:24] They started allowing the government that was not giving you anything except what it took away from your neighbor by force. It was now you know going to be helping out the churches until it eventually took over the role entirely and pushed the churches out. And the churches were fine with that because they had created this false religion that was what you think about Christ that what you do Christ it was what you do not what you say but they started saying no it’s what you say is not what you do. If you say you believe then that’s it, you’re saved. But that’s not what Christ said that’s the antithesis of what Christ taught. And they have all kinds of excuses in and rationale why we don’t have to listen to Christ anymore and they even tell you that Paul was saying you don’t have to listen the pricing more all you have to do is believe that’s not what Paul meant. That’s taking Paul at clearly out of the dark context of Paul but they did so anyway you had these new programs coming out and they just kept growing and growing and growing the most Wheeldon realized that the desire those benefits from the government your divider desiring that the covetous practice were your desiring the government of force and violence to take from your neighbor to provide you with more benefits. And your appetite for those benefits continue to grow. And you were became accustomed to receiving them by the rule of force and violence until you have banished liberty in America. It’s not going to come back into use take back your responsibilities numbing even 100 A.D., which is right about the time of Christ in the early church you had people like Plutarch, writing in his life of Corey Alanis, that the man who first ruined the Roman people well the Roman people was he who first gave them treats and gratuities. You find the same thing in Proverbs when it says, “If you are man had given to an appetite for benefits put a knife to your throat. You know, because you you want the benefits of the King you want these men who exercise authority you want to put a knife to throat because he serves your deceitful meets the dainties of the King will bring you back into the bondage

[01:25:55] Even Jefferson said, “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.” I’m telling you this desire to obtain these benefits to take a bite out of your neighbors that you can have a full belly duty by using force instead of charity instead of sitting down and tens hundreds and thousands and doing it to charity like rice commanded, its altering your very soul, your very mind. The word soul and mind are are often translated from the same exact word and we need to reevaluate our thinking. And you’re not going to find a political solution. You have to find a heart solution. A soul solution. And that solution is in seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And that’s why we tell you how that is done and accomplished in the early church and how we can be done and accomplished now. But you have to do it. And any essay you try to get people to sit down in tens hundreds of thousands and they they argue with each other and they complain that his image of Christ is not the same as my image of Christ know it’s the same as Paul Apollo’s thing where there arguing about you know are straining at gnats but they’re swallowing the camel. 

Birth registration in Rome

[01:27:25] At the same time in 1909 that they had this meeting there are other things going on at that time and then shortly after with like the there were several things a promotion of the welfare and hygiene of maternity and infancy act nice big law they came out but was also known as the Shepard Towner act because a guy name Shepard and Guy name Towner put it together but it was going to create the federal birth registration area. And they came out of a nine-year study of the Indian reservation and so they wanted to register all the children and establish birth certificates. Which is not a new thing Rome Augustus Caesar when he rose to power is the first Caesar of Rome… Caesar is an actual office was named after Julius Caesar but because Augustine is wasn’t Caesar’s name was actually Octavius Augustus was in his name either again I’ve said this before Octavia’s was his actual name but he was given the title of Augustus which means Savior because he was a savior wrong and he was given the title of Caesar because I was literally an office that he was going to hold the position to go hold he was sometimes elected president of Rome but he was almost always for over 20 years there he was the commander-in-chief of the Army and the Navy of Rome. But as the president of Rome he was the Chief Executive Officer of Rome and one of the things he did was create a law that you had to register the birth of all the children why because that’s how you determine what who was eligible for what benefits because he was starting it’s a similar program of benefits by the government now course at first he was able to fund those benefits with money he took away from those people he conquered and destroyed the same as Julius Caesar conquered all these Gauls and sold their wives and children into slavery and even some of the men into slavery and he did that and he got paid good money so they could build a bigger armies and go destroy more people and hired Germans to help them go kill it like his 400-rider German cavalry and that there’d the German Calvary it must obey quite the site because one of the things that they would do is they’ve had a rider on the horse but when the horse chars his armored horse charged into battle with this writer on the top there was another guy holding onto its main running along side of it with the sword in his left hand and sometimes holding on to the main with his left hand on the other side with assorted right and I was quite the killing machine when I came but that that’s other cavalry operated the release that particular group of calorie Mensa must been pretty good size horses compared what was common then. But anyway, back to this idea they created this federal birth registration area which was done in Rome. And if you read our article on “Call No Man Father,” you’ll see why Jesus said that because that. What was happening was now you’re not looking to your family and your kind what they call the hearths in our Roman system near where they had groups of families gathered together and they help one another out and then they were linked to be a people like the equestrians and this is how they could muster Army overnight, the same as Abraham had done thousands of years before. But it was community it was people voluntarily coming together and helping one another that does something for the soul. In order to do that you have to overcome trauma. And this practice of forgiving that is required… in order to get people with different backgrounds, different things that they were taught as a child different things that happened to them as a child to actually start sitting down together and caring about one another they’re going to come face-to-face with their own inpatients their own unforgiveness now it’s pretty easy to forgive somebody you’re not super attached to that accidentally stepped on your toes or said something contrary to what you believe. That’s not really that difficult but that practice of doing that will help you set patterns in your minds of forgiveness. It’s what I call “walking in forgiveness,” where now you you can actually forgive those people that have created trauma in your life that was you know maybe you maybe had an old boyfriend Earl Gore for and really betrayed you or maybe uncle who betrayed you like a nose people who were molested by their uncle and he sexually molested that you can be molested emotionally you can be in a put down ridiculed and all these other things that can traumatize you.

Rewriting of history

[01:32:51] Then of course you know that, even though they said that the best place for the children to be a raised was in this institution this great institution of civilization call the family, at least eight or more hours a day the children are turned over to public schools for their education. And then they come home with homework and they are reading books that you don’t know… I just invented a new term called Zinophobia. And I said it in a conversation that somebody would say you mean Xenaphobia which is the fear of foreigners nice to know Zinophobia a fear of Howard Zinn. Howard Zinn is a historian who’s been rewriting history had anyone call him a historian and just destroying all the heroes of the past and you ridiculing everything he gives of extremely distorted view of history. Not that we arty were getting that in school in order to present Howard Zinn to work his magic, we had to already not be teaching history in school. Not real history. Not so that we could see the flaws of people as well as their hair heroism. And that’s what we need to see… Both. We need to see the whole truth. 

The Constitution is not a biblical document

[01:34:18] We need not only to read the Federalist papers that promoted the Constitution we need to read the anti-Federalist papers that told us what was wrong with the Constitution. I always that I was a constitutional list until actually read it because the night I had knew enough about long enough about history to realize oh well it is a problem here and then I got went back and read the anti-Federalist papers I see how they were figuring out some of the problems then went back and read the Bible again in the context of law, judgment, mercy and faith and realize that the Constitution is not a biblical document not not try to get rid of it I’d like to see people who have such constitutions actually abide by the rules but I want it was they’re not doing right now but what I really want you to do is see the rules in nature and the rules of God and how they did in order to know how not to apply those Constitution. Because there are clauses in the Constitution that allows you to give up your rights. And you do that to the the contract loss and you create those contracts when you take benefits from men like FDR and LBJ. In order to get those benefits you need to sign up for those benefits your parents can sign you up and they can deliver you into bondage. And, of course, that’s what happened the whole world is become everybody all the citizens of all these different countries are in debt their surety for the debt of their nation their individual countries and that debt grows. And you can’t alter that with a vote. Even alter that by changing your thinking and going back to the ways of righteousness which is to take care of one another to faith open charity. And I don’t see any way that you can do that without sitting down in these voluntary free assemblies and start doing it to charity me. That’s it that’s what you have to do and that’s what the church should be helping you do it will show you how that was done back then we do that free books that we have online and we will show you how you can do that today but showing you how to do that doesn’t make it so, And so you have to actually apply the basic law of an forgiveness that Christ talked about over and over again, on a daily basis, religiously, sitting down in these groups, to actually take care of one another is that simple that is the road to back to freedom. The road to Rome is that you elect somebody and then he goes out and make sure neighbor contribute to your welfare makes your neighbor pay for your student loan he makes your neighbor you increase your Social Security payment he makes your neighbor in your neighbor’s children because all that they’re all operating debts of their old borrowing against future generation in order to provide you with benefits today which is contrary to the teachings of the Sabbath. And contrary to the teachings of the Torah. And contrary to the teachings of Abraham and Moses and Jesus Christ and John the Baptist and Paul and Peter and James but yet you go to church is thinking that no it’s okay to force my neighbor to contribute to live by this force and violence and depend upon benefits and an appetite for benefits that are obtained to that force and violence. And you think there will be a different result than a Holocaust. There will be a different result than despotism. That there will be a different result than charity there will not be that you are either on the road to righteousness or on the downhill slide to unrighteousness. It’s your choice you have to make that choice and it you know I don’t know that we have a theme song I don’t know we have you know whole hymnal of songs you can sing on this you make of your own soft but that’s the direction that you have to go if you need to be stimulated emotionally in order to go this way, well then you know your find that on your own because all I’m doing is preaching the righteousness of Christ the righteousness of God, the righteousness of the way, and that way is the way of charity you cannot be free people while taking away the rights of other people whether they be in Gaul, if they be in Corinth, or if they be in the Poughkeepsie, or Alabama… you cannot be take in you have to care about your neighbor’s rights parental rights children’s rights.

The power of a local network

[01:39:44] Can you imagine, you know, like a nearby town 30,000.. I don’t know… probably up to around 50,000 now as a nearby hundred miles away yet to go 100 miles to get to town that’s where I live but if you are in that and you had 1000 people in a network attends hundreds and thousands and somebody unjustly came against one of those people in those thousand euro heads of households to say that 1000 heads of households… and some in their family was in trouble and you told your minister and he told the ministers he was in congregation with and then when you had to go down the court 500 people showed up. Or maybe 1000 people show up because in 1000 heads a family may represent you several thousand people. They would know not to mess with you anymore. And all they have to do is show up they wouldn’t be exporting your children out of town. If something happened you got sick if you got injured, if you are in a coma in the hospital that same thousand people would come to the aid of your child until you got better. If your business was going bankrupt, they would come there to help you out with advice and with funds maybe with assistance you like in the big fat Greek wedding when they needed help some cousins showed up to help them. They are paid but they were constantly helping one another learning how to work in this business of that business they had a variety of different opinions in life but bottom line family was family. Well, if you’re going to be a part of the family of God because you can just love those in your family you have to love those in the next family and the next congregation in the next group of congregations as much you love your own that’s a different way of thinking is that today’s Yosemite be being raked in the streets are murdered in the streets of people polled their shades. Close their windows because they don’t want to get involved while when they come for you people close their shades close their doors and windows to you as well and so when that final day comes when we see this mayhem in Holocaust in the streets people will begin to wake up then, but is much wiser to wake up now when we really have somewhat of an orderly society. And that’s what and we need to do it out of love because we see that God right this you don’t I don’t care who you are you’ll see the whole picture now you just can’t see it now but if you begin to walk this road farther down this road you go the farther down the road you’ll see. And you’ll know what’s coming. You’ll know what to do you know how to prepare you’ll know how to handle whatever comes your way in the moment it comes your way because you will be altered. You will be tapping into a source of information. And then when somebody tells you a lie no matter what it’s about you will know that it’s a lie that’s what amazes me that people we see in the news people line and so many people can’t see is a companies people can’t see this. I just told you. Because they don’t see the lie that they have accepted in their own heart that it’s okay to covet your neighbor’s goods the men who exercise authority. It’s not okay. It alters you. It changes your soul. Changes your mind and going the other way will change your mind the other way so that’s where you need to go in until you do about all I can say is peace upon your house may God be with you to join the network go to. You die, his only to start or join the network and I’ll see you there.

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