Key 2007 – Sweden’s Forgotten History

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2007

What can we learn from Sweden about liberty? Anders Chydenius, Swedish philosopher and writer from the 1700s, could have been as popular as Adam Smith if his works would have been translated into English.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 25, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:09:42] Mechanisms of society
[00:14:37] History before Anders Chydenius 
[00:18:44] Anders Chydenius
[00:19:40] Lady Godiva and the private funding of public institutions
[00:22:23] Sweden and more on Anders Chydenius
[00:28:18] Schooling 
[00:30:08] Freedom of choice/Higher Liberty 
[00:37:07] Sacrificing for a Strong Society, Orphanages
[00:42:32] Libya and Qaddafi 
[00:48:37] Religion and More on Lady Godiva 
[00:53:07] Socialism and Jennifer Lawrence 

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Well, welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. We are going to be talking about the kingdom of God. What I’ve been working on for the last few hours is some programs on parental rights. We mentioned that briefly in the show this morning, parental rights, and where they come from and are parental rights prior rights. And, of course, the international universal declaration of human rights says that parents have a prior right, but then they go on to say that parents have obligations and all kinds of other things. Well fact is parents may have both. You can have a prior right but you can lose access to that prior right by taking benefits from the government. The greatest destroyer of liberty, is the grantors of gifts gratuitous. Gratuities of benefits, that’s been around for a long time and taking benefits carries with it a disadvantage. We explain this in the books like covenants of the gods, in dozens of articles on the Internet and show you that this is the way it works. It is how you lose access to your rights, you eat. And you should know this from when you were a teenager and your father told you, “If you eat at my table, you get home when I tell you to get home.” It’s just basic common sense that if you’re eating at the table, and your getting shelter from somebody you gotta go by the rules of the guy owns the shelter, that you’re depending on. If you’re depending upon somebody who’s going to take care of you, provide you with healthcare, to take care of your parents for you, provided you with education, you’re going to lose some of your right to choose. They’re going to get to choose for you. For instance, if I am responsible for your healthcare, if you go up into the woods to cut firewood with me and I say you got to wear chaps, and you got to wear a hard hat, and you got to wear ear protection and you say, “I don’t want to.” Well then you can’t come. Because if I’m going to be responsible for what you’re doing and where you go, you’re gonna have to follow my safety procedures. 

I was working at church grounds in the Midwest, years ago, and I was acutely made aware of the fact that some of the people that were supposedly in charge were reckless. They thought everybody else should be watching out. They were dropping trees around and you’re standing feeding to a chipper, and the chipper is stationery, it is not going anywhere. You had to feed through this chipper, and it is chipping up all the wood and that’s where you’re standing. While you’re working, the chipper is making a huge amount of noise, you can’t hear someone sneaking up on you, someone comes up behind you and cuts down a tree that drops on your head and it’s your fault. That worries me when somebody is that ignorant of basic common sense. That you think that’s the fault of the person who was working the machine long before you got there. The machines making noise, so he can’t hear you coming up behind him and then you cut a tree down and you drop it on his head and somehow he should have been more careful. No the guy cutting the tree down should’ve been more careful. 

It is the same thing when you go and you sign up for something. You read the fine print. You find out what’s going to happen when I sign up for this. What are going to be my responsibilities. Where am I going to be obligated if I take this free stuff. Anyway, I’ve been editing these programs on parental rights and how you can lose parental rights. How they can impose extra parental rights on you if you’re in a particular social structure.

[00:04:48] If you enter in with certain requirements, you’re going to have certain responsibilities. You may even lose. You may go into debt. If you go in with somebody, into a partnership, and then they make mistakes and incur debt on the partnership, you may owe that debt. Even if you are in an unincorporated association. It is not a corporation, obviously. In a corporation there’s debt that can be created but as an unincorporated association you can create debt. As a matter fact, an unincorporated association may offer less protection. Some people talk about how corporations are bad. No, corporations are just the institutions of people. And there are lots of rules. If you are incorporated in Illinois you will have the rules of Illinois. If you are incorporated in California they’ll be the rules of California, because you’re incorporating under the rules of California. Because the church is incorporated under the rules of Christ, if a church goes and incorporates under the rules of Illinois, they are now going to fall under the authority of Illinois and they won’t be separate as a church. They may have some separation that Illinois recognizes, but if they’ve incorporated under Illinois or Nebraska and I can show you cases that are dealing in these, and in Oregon. I can because I’ve read the case law in Nebraska. Read the case law in Oregon. Read the case law in Illinois. Read the case law in California so I know what happens when you incorporate in these individual states. Of course, is our contention that the church should not incorporate, but be the corporation of Christ.

[00:06:37] But who is the authority in the church? Well, the church is told not to have any authority over the people. We’re not to exercise authority, even one over each other in the church. We’re supposed to be a voluntary society of free participation. Even the assemblies were called free assemblies in the Old Testament. They were just as free, if not more so, in the New Testament. You gave offerings and those offerings are supposed to take care of the widows and orphans in pure religion. That’s what you were supposed to be doing. But, you know, that’s not necessarily what a lot of people are doing or what they are intending to do when they go to join a church. They go to church to feel good. But really if you go back to the time of Rome, and we’ll talk about that in the other programs that we’re putting together, this is one of the protections that Christians looked to, to each other, because you know, a good healthy child was worth money. If you get thrown in jail, people could sell your children into bondage. That’s right, they can sell them into bondage. But if you had a network of people to say, “No, we will take those children.” And you had a contract that said that you could take those children, you could save those children from bondage. And they wouldn’t go into bondage. You can say, “We don’t do that anymore.”  Well actually you do… foster care. You go under the authority and they put you wherever they want to put you. You can be indoctrinated, even molested in these places, pretty much with impunity because it happens all the time. A lot of people don’t want to think that. “Oh no. We had a pretty good system.” Well there are good things that go on the system but there are bad things because whenever you create offices of power, men who seek power, seek office. If you wanted access to children, if you were a child molester or pedophile, you’d want to get a job with children services. That’s what they’ll do and they have done this. Now that doesn’t mean everybody in children’s services is that way, And they know they can’t just do whatever they want, they have to sneak around about it. But that’s what happens. The same as it happens in churches. So there are things that you have to do to try to prevent that. The more you create offices of power, the more that becomes a danger. But that’s not really what I was going to talk about today. That’s just hot on my topic because I’ve been going through the programs and I will add them to this or this to them, on our page on parental rights, eventually. But I wasn’t going to talk about parental rights. 

Mechanisms of society 

[00:09:42] I was going to bring up something else, so that you can see how the mechanisms of society alters society. We talk about that all the time. I talked about that this morning. Polybius said that you become perfect savages if you become accustomed to coveting your neighbor’s goods, through the agency and power of forcing government. If you do that you will degenerate into perfect savages. We have explained that in great detail and you can read articles about Polybius at prepaningyou and we have that and more recordings will be going up to talk about this. But what I was going to talk about is Sweden, because we hear Sweden in the news on a pretty regular basis because of some of the things going on there. I know a little bit more about Sweden then I used to because I have a daughter-in-law from Sweden and so I have taken a look at that. We have some articles up at preparing you on that. I may add this recording to that but what I was going to share with you is a video that I saw put together by Johan Norberg. He has a website that talks about freedom and freedom of choice in Sweden. You can look him up, his name is Johan Norberg. He did a program where he starts out talking about Anders Chydenius. That’s a philosopher and writer way back in the 1700s. He was before Adam Smith. Before the American way of thinking came out. He talked about independent rights and freedoms and individual freedoms and he was writing about that way back then. One of the things he talked about is freedom of the press. This freedom of information. There’s an outfit called Just Stories and it is been categorizing all kinds of information. It’s supposed to be free to the public because if you’re a public institution and you gather a certain amount of information because they’re receiving tax dollars, they are supposed to make it available to the general public. They categorize all that information and data in studies and everything but you can’t get access to it unless you’re attending one of those schools. Otherwise you have to pay them. They can’t charge you for the information but they charge you for categorizing the information and putting it in this database. Of course, they charge way more than the value of the work that they’re doing. There were people out there who were trying to download this and categorize it. Once you download the information legally, you should be able to take that information and publicize it legally. Because it’s supposed to be in the public domain. But they guard that. I mean to them it’s like a life-and-death industry. They guard that, but that’s part of freedom of information. You have a right to that information that is accumulated. NASA has the same thing. If NASA discovers certain information they’re supposed to put it in the public domain but their kind of cheating on that too. Matter of fact, their cheating on it quite a bit. They found a lot of information and they suppressed it and hidden it away. I have actually watched them do it. Where the data is disappearing. Anders Chydenius was talking about this way before anybody thought about NASA.  We’re talking way back in the 1700s and he proposed this and also the freedom of labor. He pushed that a man had a right to what he produced. If you produced crops, that labor should belong to you. Obviously, if you go to work in somebody else’s house and they say that you may work at a loom or something and you’re getting paid, you forfeit the right to what you produce because they paid you. If you don’t like that, don’t work for them. Go on your own. If they pay you and you save up your money, you can go build your own loom and make your own cloth. Then that labor is totally yours. You have the right to sell it or to do it on your own and then sell what you produce. He was advocating that. And it seems like a strange, why would this be a big deal? It should be kind of commonly understood. 

History before Anders Chydenius 

[00:14:37] You have to look at the time in which he was coming about and talking about these things. This is a couple hundred years after the Protestant revolution but it was like 700 years after the other revolution that took place when the king’s rose up in Europe. William the Conqueror, Stephen of Blois, Martin, all these different guys. They rose up and they started setting up their kingdoms. They talked about fighting rebellion, as they rose up. Those people that they were fighting in this rebellion, these people were who? They were freedom fighters. They were trying to hang on to their freedom. They saw these kings as usurping. This is about a thousand years after the fall of Jerusalem. That’s what was happening. For 1000 years, no king could rise to power. They tried to. Charlemagne and all of them. But Charlemagne and all of them were really just a bunch of thugs. We can talk about that at another time. I have talked about some of that historical reality in the past. What happened was the idea of individual freedom began to disappear with the rise of kings. It took a couple hundred years before they started really squashing it out of existence. And then of course they had to maintain the power of their authority and then they had to oppress more and more and more. We see it with all the battles and fighting that went on. In the brave hearts and people like that, trying to fight against the suppression. The king was trying to get too oppressive. And would be pushed back like with John and stuff like that and the Magna Carta and then they would come back and they would want to oppress them more. King Charles got his head cut off and then Good Time Charlie came back after a brief romance with the concept of Republican England. He was a lot more benevolent, so than the people said “Okay”. So they placated the people. This was going on rising and falling and what’s really destroyed the people more than anything is spreading amongst them the gifts, gratuities and benefits. Because not only does that cause the people to become weak, but it also allows these offices of power to become more and more powerful. 

[00:17:15] There’s still kind of this flux, it’s going on even in that. We see that going on in the United States today with attempts to impeach and run people out of office and all that, but meanwhile, both sides are often corrupt and becoming millionaires. A book just recently came out showing how these people on small, not really small, pretty high salaries but they’re not million-dollar salaries are becoming multimillionaires and their families are becoming multimillionaires because of their connection to government. You see it with the Biden’s, and the Pelosi’s, and a lot of other people, on both sides, where their becoming millionaires. Multimillionaires, working for $200,000-$400,000 year salaries. How do you do that? Guys have written whole books about it. The media doesn’t talk about it. The fellow who was writing the book was saying that the media should be doing these investigations, where he is showing how they do this behind-the-scenes. Kind of a quasi-legal way of bilking the American people out of billions of dollars. But they’re not exposing it and the people don’t know, so he wrote a book. It’s a bestseller on the New York Times list. If you want to know, join the network and ask on the network and we will get you the information. 

Anders Chydenius

[00:18:44] Anders Chydenius was actually originally Finish, but back in those days, the kingdom of Sweden reached a lot farther than it does today. He wrote about all these things and if you go down the street in Sweden and Finland today a lot of people don’t even know who he was. If his work had been translated into English back in those days he probably would have been considered one of the greatest thinkers. And all he was doing was revitalizing this idea of individual rights. Because it had been cruelly crushed out of society. We can show you lots of history and how this individual right’s topic started coming back up. What the church, trying to reform itself, protestant revolution was trying to reform the church that had gotten out of hand. How did it get out of hand? 

Lady Godiva and the private funding of public institutions

[00:19:40] Well if you read our free church report, we show you on the cover, we have somebody like Lady Godiva who was back there when those kings were rising to power. They were imposing taxes to pay the church. They were going to tax you. Give money to the church and the church was supposed to provide health, education and welfare for the people. They would do it with tax money and she was saying, “No, we can’t do it with tax money. We have to do it with free will offerings.” And her husband said “I’m compelled by the King to collect this tax and so I have to do it.” And she said, “Well, I will take up my riches and pay the tax myself, so you don’t take it from the people.” And she became the patron saint, really, of architects and builders because she built hospitals and libraries and the things that help to take care of the poor and indigent of society. And her husband matched those funds with his own wealth. This is her second husband, her first husband had died. She was the only woman mentioned in the doomsday books because she owned so much property. She owned it because she inherited it when her first husband died and she had inherited some of it from her family. But she was giving it away to take care of the needy of society. 

[00:21:04] Something Hollywood rich don’t really do. So many of the Hollywood rich are socialists. They want the government to take away from others, but they don’t want to share. Like, Bloomberg is worth billions of dollars and he’s running for president. Why isn’t he creating charities and helping people take care of themselves? Why are we doing it through government? Because that’s the way we used to do it. As we talked about this morning, almost all orphanages were built, almost all the schools were built by private donations. The first schools, public schools, in Virginia… they weren’t built by tax dollars. They were built by the militia. That’s what a public school was. It was a people voluntarily building a public school and making it available for the indigent and poor, through voluntary contributions. Now it’s all done through taxes. Even though at the beginning of the century, and the 1900s, most people were educated at home or in private schools, nonpublic schools. Even the public schools were mostly funded by, almost all, to some degree or another, funded by private donations and private efforts, and the private involvement of the parents who were there.

Sweden and more on Anders Chydenius  

[00:22:23] Anyway, again, let’s go back and talk about Sweden. Chydenius is talking about these rights. And he died, they think he’s buried in a particular church, where he worked. He was actually a minister. And they think he was buried in that church. They’re not a hundred percent sure. One of the guys said, he thought that it made him feel good, to think that he had come home and he was interned in the church there. The reality is the real thinkers, the real people who are preaching the concepts of the kingdom, they don’t care where they’re buried. They want to live in the hearts of the people that hear their words. That’s what they want to do. At this particular time, when he’s talking about these things and spreading this information it goes on to other people. And people think about it and people hear about it and they pass it on to somebody else, and it has ripples in society you just can’t even imagine. Which is, of course, why public school don’t teach you about these people because you might get too free. And the government doesn’t want you too free. What happened was in 1840 there was a free market economy. Sweden went from one of the poorest to one of the richest, with lower taxes, longer lifespan and minimum government. And it just rose and rose and rose, all the way to the 1950s. And it was extremely prosperous. From this harsh climate, Swedish country way up to the top. Why did it do that? What was it doing? Well I believe that Chydenius had spread these ideas and then of course, the hardships of Sweden spread the ideas, it was a fertile ground for it and then they grew up to this huge affluence in Sweden. Low taxes and almost no government went from one of the poorest nations in the world to one of the richest. How did they do it? Well, probably one of the things that would help you understand that is how did they screwed up? Because that’s what they did. They screwed it up with the introduction of the welfare state. Universal healthcare, welfare, cradle-to-grave coverage. And he goes through it and gives you examples, and shows us and explains. He’s a very good teacher. He’s an economist and he’s explaining and when I say he, I’m talking about Johan Norberg. Amazing, a lot of people in Sweden should really listen to him, because he’s telling you what would make Sweden great again. Now they’ve reversed a lot of this social welfare state. Everybody thinks that Sweden is a socialist state. It is not. It’s a free market country. They have only gone back, they rollbacked a lot of practices and he goes through them, in great detail, but they started this rollback, because of people like the author of Peppy Long-stockings and Ingmar Bergman who is a movie producer, play writer and everything. They were getting taxed more than 100% of what they earned. Because of the heavy tax system. They had to have this, they started out would like a 12% taxes system and then it went up to 37% but they ended up paying, like she paid 102% taxes and Ingmar Bergman, who I think is the father of Ingrid Bergman (husband actually) ended up paying 139% taxes and he fled the country. He said, “I can’t live here. This is crazy.” It’s insane! But that’s where they were going. It was killing business and people are leaving Sweden in droves. It was devastating the economy. They reversed that. They changed that. One of the things that unions had started doing was buying the companies. They passed a law that the profits the company made, a portion of it had to go back to the people, so that the people could buy shares in the company. So they were just buying these companies out. So if your whole family worked hard to build up a company, you’re talking sleepless nights, and 70-hour workweeks and you finally build up this company and it’s getting some real size and productivity on and you’re forced to sell out to the workers and you have nothing. You lose everything. So where are the real entrepreneurs going to go? Are they going to go to that country or are they going to go somewhere else? Well, they are going to go somewhere else. Some went to France, some went to other countries.  Now we see the same thing going on in France. Where all the entrepreneurs are leaving France. And of course, that’s why they’re having so much trouble and riots in the street. They don’t see this coming because they don’t understand the principles of righteousness, that produce the prosperity, that Sweden originally produced between 1840s and 1850s. In the late 1990s, which isn’t that long ago, not quite 30 years ago, reforms began to abandon many of the social welfare programs. They began to roll them back. They turned their back on government management of all welfare. 


[00:28:18] They returned to local control, supplemented by private insurance, education went to a voucher system and school choice. 50% of the schools have become private schools, not public schools. Private schools must produce results and therefore with the voucher system, if you are producing results, people went to those schools. So even the public schools had to shape up their act. We see the same problem in India, because if you want a good education, you don’t send your kids to the public school. The reality is that’s happening in the United States. That’s why homeschoolers with almost no money and no backing are scoring, all homeschoolers put together, that’s the good homeschoolers, the bad homeschoolers and unschoolers, everybody when you test them, they have been scoring 30% or more, higher on all test scores than the people going to public schools. So you know right away homeschooling is better. Some homeschoolers are scoring 40, 50, or 60% higher than the public schools. It isn’t because their geniuses, it’s because homeschooling is a better way to do it. I know kids who were going to school, we talk about this in the parental rights audios that we will share with you, they were going to school and flunking out of school, their parents took them home, taught them the same exact courses at home, in a fraction of the time and they were getting A’s and B’s. Same Kid.  Same course. They were taking the test at the school, they just did the study at home and they’re getting A’s and B’s. And when they are doing it at school their flunking. Why is that happening? 

Freedom of choice/Higher Liberty 

[00:30:08] Well it’s for the same reasons that Anders Chydenius said because you need to have the right of choice. What the Greeks used to call exousia, freedom of choice. Paul writes about that, but you wouldn’t know it from the translations you’re getting from your churches today. Romans 13. He’s talking about exousia, of the right to choose. The higher right to choose, the original right to choose, so when he says in Romans 13. ‘Let every man remain subject to the higher right to choose.” Which is the choice that he was given by God, this natural right. If you put the word liberty there, it is also translated liberty, which we show you in the free book we have online, which is the higher liberty, that was the word that the greek philosophers and greek poets considered to be the strongest word in the Greek language for liberty. So you put the word liberty there. Let every man remain subject to the higher liberty, because all liberty is of God, there is no liberty but of God, and anyone who opposes liberty, opposes God. That’s what Paul wrote. But you go tell that to the modern Protestant or even the modern Catholic and they will go ballistic on you because they say, “Oh no, it’s not.” But right in the concordance it tells you that’s what the word means. It means the right to choose. The higher right to choose is, does the government have the higher right to choose or is it the individual? Chydenius would tell you. But I don’t know if your pastor will tell you. We will tell you. And we will tell you what else Christ said to do.

So anyway I will take a little break here because that’s what they want me to do. Take a little break in the middle and we will be right back to Keys of the Kingdom. Go join us on the living network.word or at his holy or go to the network links or go to Join the network there. It is all the same and we will try to hook you up with people in your local area. 

[00:32:39] Welcome back to the Keys of the Kingdom. So basically what was happening in Sweden, way back, after the writings of Anders Chydenius and others, publishing these things, of course now they ran into problems when they started publishing these things and giving information to the people. People tried to quiet them down and shut them up. The king did it. But people persisted, sometimes they were arrested and they continue to share information. Because with information you get to make choices. I always remember when we went to the rifle range when I was in the military, the first time we went to the rifle range, we weren’t allowed to take ammunition. We lay down and we stood up and we pointed the gun, fired at the targets but we didn’t have any ammunition, so I joked with the guys that I was the best shot today. You couldn’t argue with it because there was no proof that I was the best shot because we didn’t have any ammunition. We were just dry firing our rifles. So the reality is that without information, you can’t find out if you’re on target or not. Without that ammunition of information, you cannot find out if you’re on target or not. We see a lot of people talking in the press today, saying that socialism is good and capitalism is bad and we should take away this and that and the other thing from your neighbor, so that we can have more benefits and save the planet. But they don’t have any facts and they don’t have any information. Even the global warming crisis, it’s a crock. The actual data does not support what they’re claiming but they were paid to claim it. Because people will make millions and millions and millions and billions of dollars, off of this scare tactic. You don’t need more fear, you need more understanding and you can’t get understanding without the right information. That’s what we’re trying to do is impart some of that rightful information to you, so that you can figure it out. I’m zooming along here. 

[00:34:54] The unions learned to respect the corporations, and part of this is because they were in Sweden. Sweden has thousands of years of having to cooperate with their neighbor or die.  Because of the harshness of the climate and the difficulties of living there in that remote area. They had to work together. I know there is a school there… Waldorf school, is what they call them and it goes by other names in other places, but it used to be that all the parents would volunteer to help out, every week it would be different parents there to help out with the school and it allowed them not to have to hire a huge amount of staff, and do a really good job educating the kids. Well recently, even though the school went back to that voucher system, the school is also now, allowing a certain amount of money to come into these private schools. Before they were completely supported by the people who sent their kids to the school and the government didn’t support them at all. Now with a voucher system, I assume that’s how the money is coming in, is that they can take money and put it into the school, that they’re getting from the government. That the government only gets from taxing them and they can put it into the school and so now they don’t show up as so much. That’s what he was telling me, he said, now that we do get some money from the government, and I assume is for the voucher system, now, not so much, they don’t get so much help and of course, that’s the natural course of things. The problem is, that has an emotional, and I will even say a spiritual effect. A soulful effect. The same words, soul and mind are many times in the Bible the same word that is translated souls is also translated mind. So it has a mental effect. It’s altering your mind when you don’t go down there and participate in the voluntarism required to run the private schools before. 

Sacrificing for a Strong Society; (gregbio)

[00:37:07] So not only choice but sacrifice is necessary, for a strong society, for a strong family. When you see your parents sacrificing for your well-being. One of the things that I noticed when I grew up is that my dad would get in his Renault… he used to drive a Renault for a while there, and he would commute away to work, which was 30 miles away, to downtown Houston. We lived out in the suburbs and he would drive all the way in and I had no idea what he was doing. He would drive away and then that night he would drive back. And I would see him get out of the car, I had no idea of what he had to deal with during the day. That’s a bad thing. That kids don’t see what their parents have to deal with to put that bread on the table. They need to be involved. In the old days you were. You saw your dad out plowing in the field and you would want to go out and you can’t go out yet and then finally you would get to go out and help your dad when you were old enough. It’s kind of like a rite of passage. That’s an important thing. So these little structural things in community, are having a serious effect. We talked this morning, about how back in 1909, the government even had a symposium and realize that children need to be raised in families. But then, in the years to follow, now we send their kids away. Where most of them were learning in the homes and learning in schools that were created by the parents themselves and run by the parents, without public funds, with their volunteer time and energy. Now they’re going away to public schools. In public schools they are being taught, their being given values, and at first that was great! It still worked. But now a lot of the values that many of these teachers educated in our modern universities, that are 90 to 99% liberal, are now teaching your children in the public schools. Giving them liberal values. You have no idea who’s been writing your school books. So that’s one thing. Then, now we liberated the mother, so they don’t have to be in the house, they go away to work and the fathers go away to work and the kids have no idea what they’re doing. They just know they come home tired and grumpy. That’s not a good thing. That’s not making a strong society. Also if there’s a need, you go down to an office and you apply for a welfare check or Social Security check or Medicare or Medicaid. Now it used to be your neighbors helped you out. Your family helped you out. That’s why we didn’t need all that, in the whole country, only had about 50 orphanages. Most kids only stayed in an orphanage, if they had to go to an orphanage, they were usually there for less than a year and they were placed with a family. Now kids go into foster care and the people in foster care are mercenaries. They’re getting paid by the government. They’re not taking these kids because they love them, they might love them but their love is tainted. How many would keep taking the kids in if you took the check away? If they weren’t going to get the check. How many would continue to be foster parents if you weren’t going to send them $700 per kid plus clothing allowances, plus food stamps, plus medical? If you weren’t getting that, how many people would take in those kids? You’re going to get a different result, from putting those kids in those kinds of homes. That’s where you see these terrible atrocities that take place. Although most of you don’t see them because it’s not popular to point that out. So that gets suppressed. It doesn’t get into the news.

[00:41:14] One of the things Sweden did, they simply had a conversation about the math. That it wasn’t going to work. This socialist state. Social welfare state. Socially controlled economy the math wasn’t working. It was a small enough country. Pretty homogeneous country, at least at that time. All that’s changing now with the European Union they get a lot of influx of other cultures coming in and they don’t know what to do about that. And in a lot of ways they’re making mistakes but hopefully they will learn. The fact is that people need to assimilate into a culture. Culture matters. It will make a difference on what works in your society. You bring in just any old culture, there’s just as many natural resources in North Africa and South Africa and in central Africa and in many of the Arab countries, in Iran and Iraq. They have tremendous natural resources. Why are their countries failing? Falling apart, there’s factions of war everywhere, culture. Culture is what’s happening there. Now I will admit that certain people wanted to get in and get their oil. But they should have been able to defend themselves and maintain their country. 

Libya, Qaddafi, Thomas Jefferson

[00:42:32] Libya, you believe it or not, Qaddafi, he was a rough-and-tumble bad guy in many ways but he also really cared about the people and gave them all kinds of rights. He increased their economy and their affluence all across the country. From what it was before, to a remarkable situation. He irrigated the deserts and all this kind of stuff, but what he had was his little green book. And you don’t understand what was going on in Libya unless you read the green book. And you probably don’t understand even then, unless you understand some of these things that I’m talking about, the nature of society, the spirit of society, the culture of society. He should have been following a different pattern. If he took many of the items that were in his little green book, but then he created what Jefferson used to talk about, i’m not saying the Constitution, but what Jefferson was talking about were he talked about your every County called a Republic. Every single county in the state of Virginia he called a Republic. An individual, independent Republic. Every ward within every County he referred to as republics. They were public where the people were free from things public. He was using the word Republic in the sense of libera res publica, of which Tacitus talks about. Read our articles on republics so you can actually understand what a Republic is, because a lot of people don’t. They think they do but it’s not an indirect democracy, a republic is something else entirely different. Depending on your Constitution, the Republic will remain free. You will remain free from things public or not. Also depending upon your relationship with government, if you’re applying for all kinds of benefits, at the expense of your neighbor, your nature will change. Even though it’s great, that Sweden has rolled back and they’ve seen a remarkable improvement when they rolled back, they still have a heavy progressive welfare state. They have a lot of taxes. A Swedish doctor was here, sitting on my couch and his wife said  “You don’t mind paying taxes.” And his eyes got really kind of bugged out, and he said, “I pay a lot of taxes!” They get a lot of benefits from it, but the fact is there is another toll. Not just the cost of the taxes. You need to volunteer to help one another. You need to make that choice of sacrifice. Taxes are not a choice to sacrifice. Taxes are a forced offering. That will alter the character of your society. It’s great that Sweden is going back and giving more choices but their prosperity would rise even greater, the more choices they keep giving back to the people. You need to elect politicians that understand that principle whether you’re in Sweden or Australia or the United States or wherever you are. Wherever you have elections still. They don’t have elections in Libya anymore. But that’s what Qaddafi should’ve been doing is empowering the individual to make choices, like the tens, hundreds and thousands. He would’ve understood that, to some degree, if I got a chance to talk to him before they ripped his hair out and killed him and beat him to death. Who did that? He was very popular with his people. He wasn’t hated by the people. The people that were sent in there were people that were hired by the US government to go in there and destroy Qaddafi. And when I say US government, I mean factions in the US government, it was US money that was supplying them with the ability to overthrow Qaddafi. Because with the people, generally speaking, he was very popular with the people but why was he so popular? He should have, instead of just helping them and sending money back, and building businesses and roads and putting electricity in and making sure that everybody had a home and all this kind of stuff… He was able to do that because he nationalized the oil fields. What he should have been doing is putting the power of choice back into the hands of the people. He did some of that, but the more he gives them choice over every aspect of their life, the stronger society will get. The more people look to these offices of power, who take from your neighbor to provide you with these benefits, the weaker your society will become. 

So even though Sweden has walked back they need to go a lot farther back, to those values that Anders Chydenius was talking about. Those values of individual choice. Individual Free Press and right to information. Individual right to your labor. If you’re taxed at 20%, 30%, and 40%. Sweden doesn’t promote tax the rich and give to the poor, they tax the poor too. People give you these soundbite views of Sweden. And even though it’s working to some degree, they still have a lot of problems. I tell you that they will overcome those problems if they begin to understand these basic principles of choice. So yes, they’ve given parents a voucher choice. They can choose what school they go to. They need to give them more choices. 

Religion and More on Lady Godiva  

[00:48:37] Remember socialism is the religion you get when you have no religion. Once you understand that religion was how you take care of those widows and orphans and needy of your society. The people who fall through. The social welfare was run through religion. Lady Godiva knew that. She knew it had to be done through freewill offering, so she began to offer and her husband matched those funds and a lot of other rich people weren’t going to be outdone by Lady Godiva. This whole story of her riding through town naked, that was somebody trying to defame her character, 200 years later, or at least 100 years or more later. And it was a monk who wrote that story. It never happened. He wrote that story because he wanted the idea, to force the taxes of the people, to provide for him. See your social welfare people today, that’s your church. They’re doing what the church used to do. The church used to provide for the widows and orphans and needy of society through free will offering because of the choice. What happened with that is the people who saw the church doing a good job, received more donations from the people. You don’t have that choice now. The government is going to take it from you whether they do a good job or not. You might be able to vote somebody out of office but that doesn’t seem to work. We’ve got people who are pedophiles, arrested, committed fraud, graft, corruption and bribery, convicted of these things, getting elected. How could they be getting elected? It is because the fact is your mind is altered. When you become accustomed to living at the expense of others. And depending on your livelihood from the property of others and institute the rule of force and violence. So the guy who promises you the most benefit gets elected. That’s a bad thing. So we need to change. We need to change by giving choice back to people. That’s why you see so many people complaining about free speech and trying to shut people down that are speaking is because they are not really for freedom, they’re for control. They want power over you, power over your family, power over your community. By yourselves, you’re just going to be devoured by the sharks in the water. You have to come together, to care about your neighbor and your neighbor’s children and your neighbor’s rights as much as you care about your own, in order to alter the way in which you’re going to relate to the world. That’s what the early church was doing, so that when persecution came into a certain community, that there were people to help you. If it got so bad that you had to leave the community, you could go somewhere else, because the entire Christian community through the commands of Christ, that organize themselves in the tens, hundreds, and thousands, all across the Roman empire and beyond. They knew if they had to leave the country, they knew where to go to get help. If those people in those other countries had to leave they would come to them. That is why this actually frightened the emperors. They feared the union and discipline of the Christian society because they knew each other. They had this whole underground of helping one another. If you just read acts and Paul that’s what he’s doing. There’s a dearth over here, there’s a shortage over there, he’s moving funds around so that they were taking care of all the needy of the Christian society, through faith, hope and charity. We have articles up, the Christian conflict with Rome was that Rome’s system was decaying and corrupt and people were taking bribes and people were not being cared for and there were riots, because their social welfare bread didn’t show up. They were jealous of Christians and so they outlawed private religion which means private welfare system. 

Socialism and Jennifer Lawrence 

[00:53:07] Even if you don’t believe in Christianity and you believe in socialism, you can start a socialist system right where you’re at. Create a cooperative, put your businesses in a cooperative. Everybody, all the actors, million dollar actors, they can all join your private club, your buying club, your private interaction economic society and they can all. That lady who’s the highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, as she’s the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, at least that’s what somebody wrote and I wrote it down and I have a bunch of information I can share with you about her. I don’t have much time to get into it, but I can certainly mention that Jennifer Lawrence has started a kind of a movement, I guess, and she’s got enough money to do it with, being the highest-paid actress, and we will probably talk about that next time on keys to the kingdom but this movement that she started. I’ll talk about it next time… I was trying to remember the name of her organization, it starts with an R, it’s, that’s what it’s called,, you can probably look that up on YouTube, and she delivers this little 12 minute lecture and talks about this short film release talking about fighting the corruption crisis that we have in America. Unbreaking America. Solving the corruption crisis. Well the reality is this desire for benefits at the expense of your neighbor by men who exercise authority is a covetous practice. That is corruption. If you go to the Supreme Court and you see up there they have a picture of the 10 Commandments. One of those 10 commandments is, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods. I will go over these notes and talk more about that next time on the keys of the kingdom. In the meantime, what I would like you to see you do, is go to or and join the network and there you can start finding out more about how a free society really works. How to create it, how to maintain it. Until then, peace on your house and may God be with you. 

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