Key 2008 – How to Get to the Bible’s Real Truth

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2008

Even if you understood the original language of the Bible, you’d still need to set aside lots of preconceived ruts in your thinking in order to be open enough to the Holy Spirit to be given true understanding of it.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 1, 2020

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Notable Segments

[00:09:07] Inconvenient truth about vaccinations
[00:24:29] Inconvenient truth about chemotherapy
[00:41:45] You don’t know that you are merchandise because you’re in a fake church
[00:44:15] What is “The Church
[00:48:01] What is “pure religion
[01:24:43] At which temples do you worship/obey?

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Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re going to be talking to you about the kingdom of God. But we’re gonna be talking, of course, usually, about the keys to the kingdom. Who’s got the keys to the kingdom. Well, the keys of the kingdom were given to us by Jesus Christ. And they’ve actually been given to us by lots of different prophets over the years. And Moses talked about them. And Jesus talked about them. And Abraham talked about them. But what are they? Well, it says right the text, and this is the amazing thing, that how you read the text will define what you think they’re saying. And how you read the text depends upon your understanding of the language that you’re reading. And the language that you’re reading is probably not the original language that was spoken when people were talking about the keys to the kingdom. So a lot can be lost in that translation. But, of course, it’s not by flesh and blood that we know the truth of the gospel of the kingdom. It’s by revelation. Christ made it really clear that he was going to build his church based on that revelation, not flesh and blood. So you know when you read the Bible, you’re reading a book that is in the earth and in the world that we live in. And you’re reading it with your flesh and blood mind. You can not understand it without the Holy Spirit. With the Holy Spirit and patience and all these things that are equated with the idea of love, you will begin to understand it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are very subject to the world around them, to emotions, to preconceived notions, to ideas that they’ve already accepted as true, and they cling to those ideas. And so when they read the Bible, all those things have to get moved aside in order to get at the real truth.

Getting to the whole truth

[00:02:41] I heard somebody talking on the news the other day about wanting to know the whole truth. It was in the impeachment hearings for Donald Trump I guess was in the actual trial proceedings that have begun in the Senate. And the those a Democrat talking about wanting to know the whole truth. I don’t think either side wants to know the whole truth. that everyone in all the halter they probably wouldn’t be but do they want to know something of the truth what they don’t want to know is the inconvenient truth that the truth is that put them in a bad light the truth is that show them for who they are what they are what they stand for. Anybody running in politics is generally not going to be telling you the whole truth. Patrick Henry might’ve been the last who wanted to know the whole truth and provide for but the question is the important question is do you want to know the whole truth because of you know on all the whole truth, you know, you’re in a lot of trouble. Because you’re going to end up believing a lie. Because you’re not gonna know the whole truth you have to want to know the whole truth inconvenient truth the truth about yourself as well is the truth about everybody else that takes a certain amount of humility which is why Christ talked a lot about humility. That’s an important aspect of seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

What are the keys to the kingdom?

[00:04:21] When Christ talked about the kingdom of God, he said very clearly to Peter and to all the apostles, “I give unto you the keys of the kingdom.” And then he gave them the key to the kingdom and it’s in the text: “What you bind on earth is bound in heaven. What you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.” That’s the keys to the kingdom right there. Now, how does that equate into ideas that you can grasp and understand and implement in your life while as you forgive so shall ye be forgiven if you don’t forgive you will neither will my father forgive you. Because he when you forgive your low sitting some of those bonds when you don’t forgive, you’re binding yourself to that unforgiveness. That’s how people have trauma and their life is somebody’s meaning to them is something just bad happens to them was an essay but he mean it just forces of nature tornado comes and in tears everything apart your folks die in a car accident whatever it is trauma happens. Sometimes you hit some bumps and rough times that trauma that fear that PTSD will drag into your future from the past whatever happened in the past will be dragged into the future unless you deal with it. and one of the ways of dealing with trauma is to forgive the trauma not to be angry at not to be afraid of it same thing anger fear same thing different sides of the same coin. Anger/fear. You just have to let it go to let go you have to see that you’ve got a hold of it that you’re gripping that you’ve got a place in yourself where you’re tense about that particular traumatic event. If it was somebody being cruel to you… or doing something that you took as being cruel… you know me you know you might had a teacher or parent the discipline due that said no you cannot go out with your friends because you have a cleaned up your room why are you being so mean a child’s point of view that’s what they’re going to think you’re being mean know they’re trying to teach you responsibility. That’s a good thing. trying to teach you responsibility but you may have taken it as a mean thing then again maybe somebody did do a mean thing to you because somebody had done mean thing to them and they forgive that person is so now they’re perpetuating the meanness they’re molesting or abusing somebody.

Molester “transitioning” to a girl in order to get out of prison

[00:07:33] Like there was a guy who molested a dozen children from the ages of 1 to 13, both boys and girls. And he was arrested he was convicted he’s put in jail and now he is transitioning from a guide to a girl and so the state where he’s incarcerated says while we can let them out now because he won’t be a threat as a girl on you alike are you crazy about yeah the crazy their insane they don’t they don’t get it you know he molested boys and girls yet they say what it would now that he’s taking these hormones he won’t be as aggressive and so is he probably won’t ever offend. You know the precedent that they’re setting with this is unbelievable you we won’t have to send people to jail for 10 years, 15 years, we can now just drop them and they won’t commit crimes anymore. You lobotomized them with chemistry and that’s basically that’s the idea that they will go that way and think that way eventually because they have no standard of reality. They will be tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine and their belief about Neil chemistry and hormones and all that stuff… that is their doctrine.

Inconvenient truth about vaccinations

[00:09:07] Just before I went on the air, I saw the article in about vaccines I thought was interesting. There’s a new peer-reviewed scientific paper published in the Journal of tropical diseases which is travel medicine vaccines which has to do with you only go to other US tropical diseases and you your these other countries and what should you take these vaccines in are they good thing when I found that the people who got the fall series of deep Vaccines which is diphtheria tetanus and pertussis which is whooping cough… Those that those people who got that full series of vaccines are 15 times more likely to get whooping cough than those who got no vaccines. You think about that. This group over here that got no vaccinations whatsoever they’re not likely to get there not as likely to get whooping cough as those who actually got the vaccines. So the people who got the vaccines are 15 times more likely basic scientific study you discounting numbers who got a woman, who did their 15 times more likely to get whooping cough than those who got no protection from vaccines at all. That’s a piece of information a lot of people do not want to hear they don’t want to hear it because their doctrine, their dogma, their system of belief, is that vaccines make you safer. They want to believe that that makes him feel safe and so now you come along and you say no that actually makes you more endangered. The scientific evidence is showing that you’re more endangered to getting whooping cough not the first year not the second year but after three years, four years, five years, you will be more likely 15 times more likely to get whooping cough than if you had never got a vaccination. Now to be fair, you they don’t mention in the article that I was reading but whooping cough vaccinations are not real vaccinations are different kind of vaccination the most vaccinations but we can look at the polio vaccination almost all the cases of polio I say almost all the appears that all the cases of polio that appeared in Syria recently were the result of the vaccine all the cases that appeared of polio in the Congo were because the vaccine. And they know this because they can genetically tell the difference between the wild virus and that virus used to make the vaccine. And the people who were coming down with polio were coming down with the polio from the vaccines. They weren’t bad batches is just that polio dyes can cause we know that that this troopship that everybody is out and see in the got a mumps vaccination everybody started coming down the moms they got vaccination why would they be coming down with the moms and I getting it from somebody outside because they’re all quarantined out and sea. They’re getting it from the vaccine. But people don’t want to know that they don’t want to hear that that that makes him feel unsafe because they don’t want to know the truth now vaccines can work but they all admittedly only work temporarily. And, you know, in the study… and I could go do a lot of the different things that they said in the study but yeah the 23 years after a they do they get the vaccine that they’re more likely to get but you know will be cough than somebody who got did not get the vaccine. And one of the things that they do point out is that the count that there that often is associated with whether or not you are immune are not, is not really a key element to tell whether your immune are not. What will tell that your immune is your strong immune system. Your robust immune system. When Europeans came here to this continent and Africans as well who came here to this continent a lot of them died because of her new diseases in this continent that their bodies were unfamiliar with. And they got a lot of those diseases and die and but they a lot of them live why because the Europeans that came here had a very robust immune system the Indians on the other hand… The Native Americans who lived here did not have a very robust immune system. The reason they didn’t have a very robust immune system is they didn’t have yell ships traveling all over they didn’t have roads traveling all over they didn’t have trade routes from one end of the country all over the trade was very slow-moving across the United States what became the United States and Canada and even into South America. And so therefore they never developed a robust immune system because they were constantly being exposed to new diseases. In Europe, they did have all those things. And one people got sick they moved about and I got other people sick and we had millions upon millions of people in Europe dying off from a variety of different diseases in place that crossed over Europe because people in Europe traveled about a lot. There were a lot of people and they traveled about and they spread diseases. And those people who survived produced a population with a robust immune system they didn’t have that in America. So therefore, when Europeans came here 90% of the Native Americans died 80 to 90% died from disease that they could not ward off because of their poor immune systems. Now the good news is, the Indians that in an Native Americans who survived those plagues that came from Europe they didn’t develop a robust immune system and now they’re probably just as healthy as everybody else but now we can introduce new factors into society that weakens the immune system and one of the things that actually does that is vaccinations. There’s other factors to diet and lack of exercise and dependency upon your everybody you know the AMA came out and admitted that anybody who has ready access to antibiotics will get more infections than somebody who does not have ready access to antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics makes your immune system weaker and weaker and weaker. And the same is true of vaccinations. Now that’s an inconvenient truth that people don’t want but there are studies in coming out that are showing that.

Question Everything

[00:17:02] And what you want to do is have enough humility to be willing to question everything that you’ve been taught in the past. Everything that you have come to believe in the past. You want to be able look at all things new. And as if you had never seen before. like your little child you don’t want to lose that questioning mine why can’t I go out and play because there’s a hurricane coming up whatever the reason is that you a lot of times your parents don’t rationalize with the little child why they can’t go out and do. They want to do they just tell them you can’t do it why because I said so and I’m bigger smarter and have more experience than you. You can do that but a lot of times I have given explanations to my children why and they have learned over the years hopefully what I want to do it and sometimes I’ve done this will why do you think you can do that and see if they can come up with a reason you be surprised how often the small child they how small were talking will contemplated because and I know the reason they knew it all time they’re just trying to get their way but that’s what you do but at the parish of your soul. We’re as were talk to you about some very basic elements of society that are we getting society. And what Christ came to do was to strengthen you. And I talk about the full armor of God what is the full armor of God what we just talked about the fact that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven which you loose on earth is loosed in heaven so if you don’t forgive neither will you be forgiven same principle applied in the area of forgiveness. What about in the area of giving? Well, if you don’t give, neither will you be given to but now she’s you just give to everybody.

Turning the economy socialist turns it into the Post Office

[00:19:14] I read an article… Elizabeth Warren, evidently, was suggesting that every cut Corporation that is worth over $1 billion will be taken over by the state. And its board members and its policies and everything will be dictated by the state. And people applaud. Great doubt they’ll show them well you know that you mean like the post office no I mean the post office is actually gotten laws lobbied in to make it more difficult for FedEx and UPS to do the job that they want to do. They actually were I drove is still a case but there was a time when they were forbidden to deliver something they received the same day that they receive it. as a night I called down I was at needed a building part from the local building place which was 75 miles away and I said if you if somebody could get that over to UPS UPS set up to me and I get it today with a one hour gate to the UPS truck driver had left yet. And he says, “I can deliver that today.” is is what you’re about to leave why don’t you just take and drop it off you go right by their no I can’t I’m forbidden by law to deliver a package we received today to today they’re actually hampered from doing a good job. So that they don’t make the Postal Service look back but you want to turn over every corporation that is made $1 billion are worth the money billion dollars to be run by the same people who make up those kinds of rules and is that so I can say, that’s not going to work out. But that is it that’s that’s what socialism is… totally controlled the economy.

Sweden is not a socialist economy

[00:21:28] And that’s why Sweden is not a socialist economy. It’s, you know, a free enterprise economy, for the most part. It still has some socialist type programs in it and the more they get away from that… we talked about that a couple weeks ago… the more they get away from that and go back to individual control, the better off they will their comment and their people will be. Because it actually alters the character of the people when you go to the socialist type programs so anyway and we like is that we talked about that.

[00:22:08] But we’re going to keep moving forward here on this topic of why can’t people see that some of these ideas that people are coming up with… like forced vaccinations for everybody at is almost guaranteeing that there will be a plate is certainly guaranteeing that there will be 15 times more cases of whooping cough… at least according to that peer-reviewed study if you force everybody get because those children who were unvaccinated who are not getting whooping cough because I have robust immune systems that they will be affected by the fact that everybody gets that vaccination. But again people to resist that now exist in any back surgery you always acclimate deny areas that you know because I have to accept the idea that men in white coats are my salvation. They are not me doctors can help but they also can hurt and so anyway we can talk more about that equated to other things in the news but they were going to start getting into what part of the gospel is your salvation and what part is not. We’ll be right back.

[00:23:25] Well, welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So what are the keys of the kingdom what you bind on earth is bound in heaven which you loose on earth is loosed in heaven where else do we see references to that same kind of concept in the Bible in the words of Christ in the words of James. Swear not, they say. Stop the taking votes above all else James says stop the taking votes is that so important because Oce bind you and in Jesus said anything more than SPS in the for no, that of evil is not necessarily evil. But it helps evil. It can be an advantage to evil just the same as if you get a vaccination your fault that the shots you may have been open yourself to getting whooping cough in five years.

Inconvenient truth about chemotherapy

[00:24:29] Same as if you go get chemotherapy. If you look at the whole statistics about how often make sure cancer but they’re taking a skewed examination of cancer cures supposedly yours as they don’t actually cure cancer they just they kill out the cancer at hopefully before they kill you with chemotherapy that’s that’s the goal kill the cancer before you die. What happens is they also damage the immune system because there’s there’s at least three levels to your immune system is actually more but generally hypothesis is that there’s there’s three different levels to your immune system. And chemotherapy affects at least two of them drastically. And so therefore, yeah, they kill about the cancer it’s gone it’s supposedly in remission and maybe cut it out and gave you chemotherapy but to their list of cures include tenure out statistics because what often happens 5 to 6 years later, boom, cancer’s back with a vengeance and it’s not responsive to chemotherapy. It has they the cancer has become healthier then you accept and you’re in trouble and other things to combat that and there’s a lot of things you can do to boost your immune system. So I don’t want people to suddenly lose all hope of their cancer patients I want you to understand how systems work.

Inconvenient truth about Evolutionists

[00:26:21] What we call evolution or you’ve the theory of evolution there’s actually several theories of evolution even put forth by Darwin wasn’t one single theory of evolution he had a number of different hypothesis that he stacked on top of each other but there it the reality is this one of the elements of evolution is the survival of the fittest that you what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and so what happens is that you know you he sees these different islands out there in the Galapagos Islands and he sees that these L elements of that environment cause these animals to change over the years. That certain size animals and certain animals with the ability to suffer through droughts and now in famines cause them to develop a certain way. So he says, “Well that’s evolution.” There’s no crossing of species in his first examination he just saying that you know though the smaller of the bigger that whatever elements of that particular species become more predominant in this environment and less dominant in this environment and so that’s true that’s what takes place it in survival of the fittest is that certain elements… y’all when the Native Americans began to die with these new diseases and like I said many of the Europeans died with those new diseases many of the Africans were exposed to one to new diseases and they died as well. You know, some Africans were here in America because they chose to come. They all coming consolations some of them came here because they wanted to see the world so anyway yeah yes it many of them did come in on slave ships many of them suffer diseases and died. But so were people being exposed going Europeans going to Africa were introduced a new diseases many of them died as well. But what happened was the Indian properly population that remained had a more robust immune system this is how you get herd immunity. Vaccinations all the immunity that you get in vaccinations is temporary some only lasted a few years some lasting five years on may last for 10 years. We give you the example with polio that 95% of the people who got polio and develop lifetime immunity to polio never knew they got polio. Because they showed no symptoms of the disease. That’s how you were developing herd immunity in those several summers of exposure to polio 95% of the people he came out of the water that showed absolutely no symptoms were immune because they had robust immune systems.

Embracing old ideas keep us running from the light

[00:29:33] So anyway, understanding that, lets the start getting over more into this idea of what gives us immunity in the kingdom of God. Because there’s evil out there. And we have this story of the angels of heaven rebelling against God and not wanting to obey his authority. And they were cast out. We have the story of Adam and Eve in the garden and they disobey God and the first thing they did was hide from God. And then God puts the angel with the lightsaber the middle of the garden. And they flee the garden. What’s happening. The truth drives people away from it that the love and truth of God when it shines out, evil wants to go to the other side of the room. Wants to get as far away from that truth as possible. And now when we see this in the rhetoric of Congress we see them get is saying outlandish absurd insane things, unfortunately, we also see lots of people clapping when they say these outrageous, crazy ideas. But that what it what is happening is that their mindset is falling into particular way of thinking and they are stuck in there you go in and explained logically how this is not going to work he could show them examples of history how this is not going to work at this is a bad thing that this a will decrypt destroy creativity. But they won’t see it they can’t see it because they’re running from the light the running from the truth they say that we want all the whole truth but we don’t want to know that truth we only want to know the whole truth that makes us feel good. Makes us feel safe makes us feel secure. And what people want to go to church because they want a preacher that makes them feel righteous make them feel saved makes them feel secure.

Vaccinations do not provide lifetime protection like natural immunity does

[00:32:06] Somebody comes along and says, “You know, if you get your DTAP shots, you’re actually going to be more susceptible to whooping cough.” Now admittedly, there’s other diseases in there that might give you immunity but again doctors will why don’t doctors will tell you but the CDC will tell you that all that immunity is temporary because that’s what it says in their data it’s only temporary so that you do now that I have come back get a booster. If you got immune naturally, and are many things you can do to improve your immune system, you would be safe for your whole life.

Three elements of self-government

[00:32:44] So how does that translate into seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness? Because there’s two elements that you have actually there’s three you have to repent think differently. That’s her repentance you have to seek the kingdom of God and you have to do it seeking the righteousness of God. So the kingdom of God is actually a government it’s a form of government stiffer than most of the other governments and we can talk about those differences but is sassy a form of self-government because the kingdom of God is within you. So it’s within your heart and within your mind. And, supposedly, this Holy Spirit that comes in guides your thinking is your thinking is changed as you repented but it shows you how to think differently then you are thinking before you repented you repented change your thinking. Change it to what? Change it to what the Baptist minister on the street corner told you? To the Lutheran, to the Methodist, of the Catholic, to the Jehovah witness? it they changing your thinking or is it this mysterious revelation from the Holy Spirit actually changing your thinking and then how do you know it’s the Holy Spirit and not some on Holy Spirit because we also are told that evil can appear as an angel of light. And so how do you know of is the Holy Spirit are not the Holy Spirit how do you know and it is interesting the were holy.

Meaning of the word “holy”

[00:34:23] And we’re going to get into this to… the meaning of words. If I say the word “holy,” what you think? in the devout saintly and really nice guy holy guy whatever will holy actually only means separate both in the old testament New Testament it means this separate spirit Holy Spirit is a separate spirit separate from what then the course that’s gonna tell you because siding was separate from God so so being separate there that is a mean holy because he is considered unholy so it’s how you use that idea of separateness in the context of what you’re trying to explain.

Meaning of the word “religion

[00:35:05] So anyway, look at some of the other words that we’re gonna have to look at… Religion. in what talk about that religion used to be defined as the pious duty are performance of your duty to God and your fellow man that’s what religion was defined at just a couple of years ago that was the definition you look that that was the definition of religion there were secondary definitions, but that was the basic definition of religion. Now if you Google it religion is what you think about the supreme being a supreme being so that’s considerably difference in the pious performance of your duty the course that’s part of the doctrines of some of the modern churches… Oh, you don’t have to do anything you have to keep the Commandments you just have to believe in your say but yet Jesus says if you love me you will keep the Commandments and say if you love me you will try to keep the Commandments if you love me you will keep the Commandments and what he’s actually saying there is that if you really love me and have this love is this two-way thing is this relationship of love if you really have that same love for God that God has for you… in other words, it’s the nature of the love that you have forgotten you will automatically keep the Commandments you just won’t break them. You won’t want to break them. So if you want to break the Commandments if you are breaking the Commandments if you’re some of the commands you’re having trouble with that’s evidence that your love for God is not quite the love it out to be there’d still is a need for repentance and need for changing of your mind I’m not condemning you and I’m telling you that you know over and over again all the apostles Jesus Christ, Moses was constantly warning people about certain things. And those warnings are for your benefit as many as I love I also rebuke he wants to help you get better you want to help you get closer have a better communion with him in love. Well learn ways to do that is a have a better communion with your neighbor in love. Your relationship with your neighbor has to be one of love because that’s you know you’re supposed to love your neighbor as Christ loved you that cups is that doesn’t need your money God doesn’t need your praise he he’s not insecure or anything like that you need to be doing these things because it alters you and gives you an immunity to evil. Evil can’t come near you if you have that light of that cherub in the garden shining out from you he has to give you a wide berth yes actually go to the other end of the room he came staying near you if you really have that light shining in you you have any control over that light now that’s one thing so we all looking for the Holy Spirit to guide us this in a revelation we don’t we can’t find the Holy Spirit he finds us he list is where he wills what we have to do is make room in our heart for the Holy Spirit and that’s one of the ways we do that as we leave judgment to God we live leave that discernment of right and wrong to God we don’t decide for herself what is good and evil we let God decide we let God show us we walk with God. That’s what we want to do without a lot of people say that I want walk with God well that’s great that you want to do that but do you want to do that with your whole heart mind and soul or their some parts of your heart mind and soul still dragging the traumas of your past into your future with a way to cut that traveling, that PTSD, from traveling from your past into the future is forgiveness in the moment and you say while I forgive that person over there. but that’s of what you know I heard they need help can you want to help them know I want to go anywhere near them. I forgive them, but I don’t want to help them.

Guy taken advantage of by land patent conmen

[00:39:50] One of the things that crossed my mind just recently… I knew somebody who was cheated by a group of conmen who were selling land patents or some goofy thing. And they were lying and we expose and we research and show that what they were saying was just completely false and that one of the some of the people that we knew that were getting hooked up with them and paying the money saw what we were saying in heat so he said he wanted his money back and they had promised they would give him his money back but he never got his money back and so I said what you write a letter saying that you challenge them and they never gave you the money back and posted on their forum. Of course, they are once they found out that he was and maybe do some like that they would them on their forum anymore but before they had you ousted him he could have done and he could’ve published it and I could’ve got it on formula and whether people were listening to these the charlatans and the expose them and I did expose them with you know our own research showing that they the just out for the money that is lying to their teeth and conning people saying what they wanted to hear and getting people and all kinds of trouble were trying to prevent that he would not write that letter he said I don’t want to get involved so he clearly didn’t care about all the people who would be taken advantage of by these charlatans and con men. Because it might embarrass him. Well, he’s doomed to be taken advantage of again. Because he does it because he doesn’t care about others, God will not protect him.

Fake churches don’t tell you that you are merchandise

[00:41:45] You have to reach out and protect others so that you can be protected. The same as you have to forgive others so that you may be forgiven. And you have to help others so that you may be helped. If you want to help others neither will my father help you and you say while that doesn’t seem fair one actually does seem fair what you understand the nature of God. And we see it back in Samuel 8. Samuel is telling us, “If you want to have a ruler who can exercise authority one over the other, I want you to know what’s gonna happen… what’s gonna come of that desire that you want. He’s gonna take, and take, and take, and take, and take.” We just heard on the news out the skyrocketing debt is cursing the children of the world because it’s going to fall on course Peter told you that it would if you engage in these covetous practices of desiring benefits at the expense of your neighbor, that you will curse your children and you yourself will become merchandise. And Peter’s telling you that right out if your church hasn’t mentioned that to you you’re probably not in a church established by Jesus Christ you’re in a church that has been tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine and if you eat what you’re doing the or 40,000 different denominations Baptist Methodists and all those ones I was mentioning before I mean 40,000 I can’t go through them all and they’re not telling you that covetous practices will make you merchandise and cursed your children. What I want won’t see the truth that your covetous practices have already made you merchandise and cursed your children. What I want to get to is the fact that the church is one form of government and the church was established by Jesus Christ and the church is the church if it does what Christ said to do. Everything else calling yourself a church of it does not meet those criteria is not the church established by Jesus Christ.

What is “The Church”

[00:44:15] And the church. like I said, I guess it is one form of government… and I’m quoting here… the church is one form of government. When I say the word church what you think it, you’re thinking Baptist Lutheran Catholic total witnesses in all these guys who have churches buildings so I go to church. If you say I go to church down there at such a such an address you’re misusing the term “church.” Because church is not a place the original word that we translate into the word church doesn’t mean a place that’s all there is to him is not place the original word was at lessee a meeting called out. The church was a group of people called out and they were called out to do certain things that Christ told them to do if the people who say they are the church are not doing what Christ said. They are obviously not the church established by Christ or something else they might look like a church they may have a form of godliness, but they deny the authority, the power there of. says in the Bible they did they have a form of godliness but denied the authority of Christ to establish and because they’re not doing what Christ that if there trying to do what Christ said, well then maybe they are the church are starting to become the church. The called out well we will eventually go into some of these different things about what they called out should look like. But we’ll probably go through it with the ministers that are Vardy is been established in our network of home churches which is the way the early church operated operator with home churches wasn’t building big buildings and cathedrals and having thousand man congregations they did gather in groups of thousands 20,000 people at a time we see that would Jesus 5000 men and their families gathered out there in the wilderness. Probably for one of the Jewish feasts is either all Jews most soldiers are probably people not Jews because we know the Roman centurion was, following the teachings we know that even Pilot’s wife was interested in what Christ was teaching. And the so there were probably other people there but because Jesus was a Jew at ELT who is the King of the Jews chances are that was a Jewish feast that they were all out when they’re out there in the country. And he had them all sit down in these groups of ranks of 10 and ranks of 100 and then they began to organize themselves. But that was not the church. The church what like the church in the wilderness was the called-out who the call that will the Levites originally were called out the apostles were called out. The 70 that Jesus appointed and sent out they were called out. But the hour average people they were not the church they were not the called out they were the congregation the call that we’re supposed to serve in the way in which they were to serve them as help them create a system of charity that where they are individually self-governing themselves to take care of the needy of society in pure religion.

What is “pure religion”

[00:48:01] Now I just used another one of those words that people don’t always understand which is “religion.” Religion was that pious performance of your duty to God and your fellow man pure religion was performing that duty unspotted, unsupported by the world. And the word world there one of 45 different words it could be translated into world in the New Testament that one means constitutional order system of government. Christians were starting to take care of the welfare of their society through faith hope and charity modern church people do not do it that way they take care of the welfare of their society do men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other another was men who take away from their neighbor to provide them with their welfare, their Social Security, their free education, their free healthcare. All these different things that covetous practice very clearly your desiring benefits at the expense of your neighbor and you become accustomed to obtaining those benefits at the expense of your neighbor and even at that expensive your neighbor’s children because you’re borrowing money against the future. And so, therefore, you have become merchandise you have become a surety for debt you have your you are bound in another government. And you’re cursing your children with more and more debt. All because your churches are not actually doing what Christ told the church to do the ministers are doing it the congregations aren’t doing it. And the society you live in is not doing you’re doing it the way the Pharisees did it and making the word of God and effects an hour to talk about the solution when we returned to keys to the kingdom in a moment.

Get involved

[00:50:07] We talk a lot about the kingdom here and talk a lot about what most churches are afraid to talk about or don’t even know to talk which is what the first-century church was really doing. But just talking about it is not enough. We encourage everybody to join us in their local neighborhoods in their local communities to find out more about what they can do to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness gather with others who are already starting this road are starting to turn around and do things differently. Join us on or at Go to the network links go to preparing join the network there is all the same and will try to hook you up with people in your local area they will not be perfect they don’t walk on water they are not necessarily Saints but they are talking about seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and join us on Facebook his holy church all one word join us there will give you updates he to start doing some studying and thinking about these things and start looking into these things for yourself must become a doer of the word.

If you want God to care about you, you must care about others

[00:51:35] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. Several weeks ago we do with do all of Ephesians and we did a number podcasts on that which win out over keys of the kingdom you can go back and listen to our podcasts, going back years, covering all sorts of different topics, and trying to give you that view of truth that a lot of other people don’t you to see if he or just are simply ignorant of. You can do that at you can do it you look at on the audio links in the we try to organize things according to topic so that you can follow along but we also have a whole Bible study that covers a lots of the books of the Bible and we’re doing more all the time and would like us and we just finished Ephesians but there’s so much depth and looking at these stories and these the epistles of Paul and the Gospels so many different layers of them and they all keep coming back to was one of these when I was studying this originally way back have a century ago in St. John’s College and I was asking these questions of people like you what about this what about that nobody had the answers to the questions you know if you sometimes I can answer my questions but there was just that often created more questions and so finally out here on the desert I started putting together these things and connecting the dots that nobody wanted you to see and so now we are dedicated all kinds of time and energy and money to putting all this available for you and for everybody else and for your neighbor you have to care about your neighbor remember. If you want God to care about you you have to care about your neighbor I mentioned Samuel late in the last program that that if you want to go this way this other form of government other than the government of God… If you want to create a government where you have men who can exercise authority one over the other this what you have is taken taken taken taken take take take goes all big long list to emulate at the end of that he says and when you cry out, I’m not going to hear you. So that’s not a good place to be. is really a bad place to be how do you get God to hear you it’s really simple is that same principle I took told you what you bind on earth is loot is bound in heaven which it was on earth is loosed in heaven what you here on earth is he heard and have an account same principle if you will hear the cries of others, neither will your father in heaven hear your cries. That’s it. It’s that simple. You have to care about other some people I care about that their Pats their dogs or cats the you know whatever it is their goldfish and they want to care about that but they don’t want to care about their grandchildren or their brothers or their nephews and nieces and their sisters and their neighbor… they don’t care about them. They want to live isolated lives course this ends up being a torture but you have to care about others. You have to reach out to help others like that guy who was taken by those charlatans and conmen… didn’t want to help anybody else didn’t want to confess his foolishness before everybody to save them from the same mistake I fell over this cliff but I don’t want tell anybody else about the cliff. That’s like, you know there’s a pit there, but that’s not your responsibility if it is have the watch up with himself I just want to go up and live my life in peace you’re doomed you do it yourself as you do your neighbor’s got not going to care about you if you don’t care about others. He actually does care about you. He wants you to wake up.

God doesn’t conform to your foolishness

[00:55:57] Some goofy preacher was saying that the coronavirus was sent to punish America for transgenderism or whatever it was. You when they suggested that to Christ when there was a man who was crippled there is as well is the cripple because of his sin or because of his parents said Jesus answer was neither guided not truck in a week to talk about punishment I God wants to know punish you well depends on the definition of punish as many as he loves he also rebukes Jan hard times come to awaken you. For waking you to your foolishness so that you will think differently and go the other way. That is not the way of foolishness. He lets you have those choices but he is not sending plagues to be mean any more than your father was being mean I said no you can’t go out and play until you clean up your room. He’s not being mean. You have to clean up your own house before he’s going to put you in charge of his house. This is very important.

Preachers quiet because they think their congregation can’t handle the truth

[00:57:25] A lot of ministers think… they hear what we have the say and they don’t want to go this way and I’ve told the stories of ministers were explaining these things in there that are starting to get because it’s just so logical. And they knew enough about the Bible that fit. But I can’t tell my congregation. You know it’s the truth but have been if I Calvinists and I finally said why are you whispering? I mean, we were out in the middle of the desert. Way out of the field. There was nobody near us. Why you have to whisper? that you can’t tell the truth to your congregation because your congregation can’t handle the truth. You need to figure out how to tell your congregation the truth or you remain a liar. A minister of lies. And there is no inheritance for you and the kingdom. Nice guy. Sweet guy. Says he loves Jesus, but he doesn’t want to tell the truth about Jesus to the people he says he serves. He serves them in darkness he does not serve them in truth. I am here to tell you the inconvenient truth. you this if when you’re willing to accept these trues and start sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousands and actually practiced pure religion in another form of self-government I government of men who exercise authority not a government of the fathers of the earth but a government of righteousness administering one to another urine another whole different world you’re still in this earth but you’re now going to see things you could not see before and I can say we just in Ephesians and I just went over Ephesians 5 because somebody brought something up them added a bunch of new links and budget new explanations there was room and the site failed to do that so I didn’t we have an audio there but I would mention it want to hear the rest you go to preparing another one of our websites and look up the Bible there in the left-hand column if you’re preparing while you there’s a preparingU and a preparingYOU. But anyway, they asked that their link to one to each other one deals mostly audios right now are expanding all the time so that you can start to your own journey seeking the kingdom of God but there you look up a Bible and look up Ephesians go to Ephesians 5 and you know it starts out be therefore followers of God right now most people are followers of an image of God created by these 40,000 different denominations if they were really followers of God we would see different things happening in the world because all these Christians… thousands and thousands, tens of thousands, men is a Christians lotto nice people and this is interesting about following God you can follow God in this step not step in this step not step but if you refuse to follow God in this area over here, you are not finding the whole truth and not walking in the whole love in the whole truth of Christ naturally says in the next verse and walk in love as Christ also hath loved us we had the love each other as Christ loved us. What a Christ do when he loved us he sacrificed himself he forget a IMA for gave those who were crucifying them can you do that you can forgive the people you don’t even know anymore that hurt you 20 years ago. Not really forgive them. And if you did, you wouldn’t have so much trouble with the people right next to you now.

Paul is “walking around the elephant with three words

[01:01:40] He goes on to say, “And had given himself for us and offering and a sacrifice to God for the sweet-smelling savor.” Now the sweet-smelling savor… that’s from the old Hebrew where they talk about the sacrifices of Abraham and the smoke was a sweet-smelling savor and also the sacrifices of Abel were sweet-smelling savor. But the sacrifices of Cain. were not so sweet why because Katie force the offeree it was forced from his Powell these are metaphors Nimrod the same way Kane in his city-state the same way so anyway he’s talking about that this idea of freely giving loving your neighbor same word love there is also translated charity as Christ freely gave himself you should be freely loving one another. And once you understand that all the Christians did not go either the free bread of Rome. They were actually crew of persecuted because they would not sign up for the free bread of Rome we have letters and 150 A.D. from early Christian martyrs explain we don’t do it that way we gather once a week and those that have share with those that don’t have enough that’s what the church was doing. Nobody was signed up for Social Security in the early church with the government to exercise authority nobody was signed up for free school or free healthcare in the early church with the government they could’ve but they didn’t attest that was fornication which is the next line: “But fornication and all uncleanness and covetousness and in this unit I put it here and I also went back and put it in a few of our other studies Paul does this way takes three different words to describe the same thing different aspect is what I call walking around the elephant. You know, feel that the old story of the elephant where one guy by Manis touching and he says an elephant is like that he’s touching the leg it’s like a tree. And another one is like a snake of the starch in the trunk. And the other one is like a rope is touching the tail and he can see the whole elephant but he only is telling the elephant based on what he can actually perceive and Paul walks around the elephant uses three words fornication uncleanness and covetousness. “Let it not be once named amongst you.” It? He does name three things… It?

Fornication = national idolatry

[01:04:48] What is that? Fornication. the leg and we look at that were fornication and I talk about this in side panel you actually look at the footnote on fornication. What does fornication mean actually I have a whole lively gig I created a whole page do so you can understand this work fornication that the it has a number of different meanings it has a different metaphor mean other than sexual misconduct. It has this meaning of this involvement with idolatry and that’s what it is talking about this idolatrous relationship of eating things sacrificed to idols. And of course, then have links to show you what they were doing in the temples doubles all government buildings one Temple they meant it going in was a temple of the net because it made money and that actually you minted the coins and the Temple of Saturn is where you register your birth certificate so that we know of you are eligible for those free benefits of free bread at that the K-1 they gave you little tester play coin you had that you got free bread when you went to the different distribution places which are all part of the Church of Rome. They had their called-out…there vestal virgins were separated out from the world and they were in charge of watching all these documents that were necessary to run their welfare state. You don’t know that you don’t realize how history is repeating itself you should if you have a need you should be able to go to church and pray at church for the fulfillment of that need to faith hope and charity rather than force fear and violence. In order to get it from the world, you have to take it oath of fealty. You must become a member of the world’s system.

[01:06:56] Now many modern church ministers… We can go through this and show you how all this is happening. But we have to bring up the inconvenient truths that will Shekinah say that no you haven’t really believed in Christ. You believe that an image of Christ that people of giving you and is reasonable you look at Christ’s life and you look at many of the things a cry saying people say I want some of that. That’s great, that you want to go that way in many churches go that way of Christ. They go toward that way of Christ but when we Talk about the whole Christ all the different things that he said then they say oh no we don’t need to do that! Or you’re going too far. You’re taking Christ too far but that’s exactly were Christ took us. He wanted us to be perfected in the ways of Christ. To go this other way.

Five elements of a Biblical constitution

[01:07:56] You know, the Bible talks about writing constitutions. It talks about having Kings way back in Deuteronomy says if you decide to have a king you ruler you can exercise your Chief Executive Officer loses, a chief executive officer somebody you can exercise authority in a like force the offerings of the people I is going to end up taken taken taken taken as you like a leper of 70 also become the new executive officer and he won’t take everything and more things and then the more greedy that people can become more accustomed to living at the expense of others… Where that just becomes like second nature… Of course we force our neighbors to pay for our child education that’s the way we do lots we do it now we didn’t used to do it that’s why we bring up we show you that back in 1800s, most of the public schools are supported by private funds. Not by public funds. They were call public schools are open to the public but they were supported and created and even built by voluntary contributions and effort now mean that we have the one-room schoolhouse down here is not uses schoolhouse in March full of toxins and poisons. But it was built by the people. People went there and nailed the boards together and put the windows in and built the porch on and the people house the teacher and hired the teacher but it was a public school but wasn’t created by tax funds without came in is all in this last century more so. Even the brand-new school they have a Northlake County the land was donated and wasn’t bought by tax funds it was donated by private individual. That’s when America was great when that was predominant in the way that we did things we did it to faith, hope and charity. To this network of charity we got away from all were doing is preaching the gospel of the kingdom which is going back that way towards self-government were not trying to tear down the government of Rome or the world. Or of Turkey or any of these other countries. We just want you to start walking in the ways of Christ. Taking care of one another. Caring about your neighbor as much you care about your dog. are leases you really should be dictating taking care of your neighbor as much you care about yourself will my somewhat one of my sons was just a part of a survey in this county to find all the homeless people in this county they had done survey years ago and I think they came up with some ridiculously low number like there was like three homeless people in the county and my son alone one day found 30 homes that qualify for what we call homeless. You know, no plumbing and electricity and living in abandoned buildings. This is the middle of winter out here the desert in high desert and in trailers that just kind of just Slated in this little trailer this not hooked up to anything anyway found quite a few and the essay was quite an experience going around finding these people because there’s no like roadmap there is now evident but now what you do about it you throw money at the problem why are they in this state you have to attend to the very soul this was the job of the church. Just a hundred years ago this was the job of the community not the government. The community of we start off talk about Elizabeth Warren’s idea that she wanted every billion-dollar company to be run by the government I want every household run by Christ. I’m showing you and equating some of the things…

Article 2 Section 22

[01:12:13] Like why did the church write an article about Article 2 Section 22 of the Oregon Constitution? Why are we concerned about things are going on in government? Because what’s going on in the government is the result of what’s going on in your hearts and we want Christ in your heart we want the Holy Spirit in your heart in your mind but it’s not in there right now is full of all kinds of other stuff that you’re dragging from your past and you’re not you don’t have a room for the real Christ, the whole Christ, in your heart and your mind to learn to make that room what we have to do we have to forgive we have to be humble we have to be willing to see the truth about ourselves as well as our neighbor we have to care about our neighbor as much as we care about herself all these things a cry set and many churches talk about but don’t actually implement in the very bottom of your soul. And your mind. And in your actions. Your not you’re not acting in other words not walking in the ways of Christ you found a comfortable church or comfortable ideology and you worship that ideology if you are actually worshiping Christ in God the father you would be keeping his Commandments you would be doing what he said and I would it wouldn’t be such a surprise to find out that you’re doing opposite. Like in that Article 2 Section 22, we show that 70% of the people maybe 80% of the people holding office in the state of Oregon our balance have no right to the office that they are occupying they are actually trespassing from Gov. Brown on down hard proof if easy to prove they bear witness to the Article 2 Section 22 was voted in by the people. So it’s the responsibility of the people to enforce that upon their leaders show you that the Bible to not only 17 if you want to have a ruler you’re supposed to write down in this Constitution, the rules that the ruler is subject to what he can do what he can’t do this ruler this executive officer you write them down and they give you an idea of at least five things you should write down in there you can write it in different ways but there’s five things to write down there. at least you can add more and read them to your leaders every day that’s what it says in the Bible your priests are supposed to read them to your leaders every day in the organ Constitution is why we wrote article 2 section 22 kn in my job to read it to the end of the Gov. of Oregon every day overall these other people that are in violation of that ruled that the people put in place if the responsibility of citizens of Oregon. I’m sitting in organ but I I don’t vote in Oregon I’m not I’m, I’m over here in the church I’m separate I’m called out to be over here and I’m concerned with that government and what that government is doing that other form of government I’m concerned about what you’re doing in your government because I’m concerned about what you’re doing in your heart. And if you’re not keeping your word… if you’ve taken oath to abide by the organ Constitution of the US constitutional sheriffs will take oaths to new support and defend the Constitution I want them to keep their oath because God wants them to keep their oath. And that’s important to their heart. And if you’re a citizen of Oregon it and you citizens of Oregon have passed a ruled Article 2 Section 22 you have to hold your people your leaders accountable to the rules that you lay down that your jaw if you’re going to be righteous in that job in that system and that government how would I expect you to be righteous in more righteous habitations in other words in the government of God you’re not gonna be doing what Christ said to do when you won’t even do what you said you would do so that this is why this is important because you have to make your yeses yes in your nose know and if you made a rule that your leaders, your elected officials, cannot do this or that, then you need to hold them to that. That’s the thing about a free government it requires a responsible people the people have to be responsible for what they agreed to. that they don’t like that role they can change and I can tell you that come in the next election the people who were breaking that rule will try to change it there already started the process of trying to change it what you cannot change is the rules that Christ has laid down. You cannot you don’t have that authority to change Christ not what most of these churches.they changed Christ of the image of Christ that people have vital leaving out essential instructions. And we’ll talk about that when we come back.

PTSD, Coronavirus

[01:18:08] Welcome back to give the kingdom. We’re looking at Ephesians here. But really we’re trying to do is put this idea the keys of the kingdom into perspective what that we can actually apply in our own lives of binding and loosing, of course, like I said we bind ourselves this is people all trying to treat PTSD like this is because we have this in the letter abbreviation of posttraumatic stress syndrome that suddenly this was just discovered that before that we discover their note that the existing program in the Stegall shell shock and all the stuff but the Stegall it sent not because you send it again in a why is this guy sick as a because he send her his parents sin? That’s misunderstanding since it is simply breaking outside of the natural scheme or intent of creation that’s what senates it is separating oneself from the natural reality that God intended for us in creation. And that’s disease comes about because of the same as you know we started talking this morning about the fact that vaccinations are actually spreading disease. Now they may actually provide some protection to, but you need to look at the whole truth to find out what’s the best road to go. We know that vaccinations are only temporary but we know lifetime immunity is lifetime immunity you get lifetime immunity when you do it naturally and you don’t get lifetime immunity when you get vaccinated so you cannot get herd immunity like we did when everybody got second and lots of people died during the plays in Europe and eventually plagues it came to America but the people who survived were immune to all these things and not only that they had a robust immune system so that when new plank plagues come about because a mutation like this coronavirus. Coronavirus has been around for a long time them in the name was back in the 60s when they first started categorizing viruses as coronavirus’s and there’s lots of different coronavirus. SARS is a coronavirus. But there the common coronavirus you just get a cold and you get over and if you have a good immune system you get over my working convalescent homes. Time when there was a flu season people of the mortician gurneys are lined up in the hallway because people died. Because they were old. And their immune systems were compromised. And for a lot of reasons and they died they died because kids who worked there brought these disease in people but these diseases because they guy contaminating the environment and spread them to the patients that was a thing were always trying to prevent that from happening here sick, stay home. And they probably should’ve worn more mass and wash her hands more and less people have died but the reality is is that it this is just a new strain of coronavirus that’s come about and there’s been a few more deaths. But what’s really dangerous is that the general populations immune systems are becoming less robust for a variety of reasons like is that diet vaccinations are probably contributing to this antibiotics are certainly contributing according to the MA and according to this new studies and that the buyer of the vaccines are contributing to it because you’re getting from 13 to 15 times more infections amongst the people who get vaccinated then you get amongst the people who don’t get vaccinated. That is like, Wow! It blows vaccinations out of the water. Now of course of his gun want to do more studies but those are peer-reviewed studies that was a peer-reviewed study that came up with that figure but they were just twice is more like or three times more likely. That’s huge!

We were warned about both true and false followers of Abraham, Moses and Christ

[01:22:33] But anyway, taking that understanding of the way nature words and applying it to the kingdom of God in our quest… because that’s what we’re supposed to be doing… seeking the kingdom of God. That’s a process was supposed to think differently and if you listen to us very much you definitely are going be challenged to think differently because were saying that we’re not saying that we’re the one true religion his holy church is just a phrase in and it’s that it’s the idea that Christ gave us to be his church to be wholly separate and to be in order to be his church would have to be doing what he said to doing so wall were doing is bringing up what he said to do showing you what the early church did in the context of the times equating the context of the times to our time is word another time… that was the past, now we’re in the present and we will soon be in the future… Which way are we walking into our future we bring that the evils of the past into the future we got history will repeat itself that’s a fact that this that this we had a lot of evidence that history repeats itself so there will be a true faithful who follow in the ways of Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. And there will be another group that say they are following in the ways of Abraham, Moses and maybe even Jesus Christ, and are not. One is the true followers of Christ and the other one is not the true followers of Christ. That’s just a given. Now the question is, “Where do we draw that line? Well, the reality is, we don’t draw that line. God draws that line but where do we perceive that line of God to be drawn. Well, how do we find that? Well, one way is look at the Bible and find out what it says.

At which temples do you worship/obey?

[01:24:43] Paul goes through numerous list saying that these have no inheritance in the kingdom as are doing this, this, this, this, this, this. And he says you not to have anything to do with them and in Ephesians 5 E. telling them not to have any of this spots of fornication uncleanness and covetousness to be seen amongst you at all I just praised the people at the Ephesians. Which is that the Christians in Ephesus. Because he said that they were they were safe they were doing things right but they had to be use warning them about this poorly this fornication and like I said, fornication, like many words, can have you know can be elicit sexual intercourse. That’s the definition of fornication. But there is another definition of that same Greek word was used a metaphor and it has to do with the worship of idols. That’s called fornication too. Now the fact that Paul puts these three words together of uncleanness and covetousness and fornication, it is likely that word is being used as a metaphor. That it is he’s talking about things the worship of idols. And in the defilement of idolatry and then what’s idolatry eating things sacrificed to idols. Well, what’s that? that’s getting a free bread of Rome. Because that’s what they were giving out at the temples were all these idols were supposedly at. Yet they had statues there but nobody actually worship the statue worship is another one of those words we don’t know that has to do with homage worship has to do with obeisance obeying so if you are a member of a temple that required that you gave a portion of your income to support the Temple. Then that was worshiping at that Temple. You are obeying at that Temple. Now the temples of Rome at that particular time when this way always in Rome but it progressed to this. We see it coming within both in the time of Polybius and then the time of Plutarch and Augustus Caesar where they began to force the contributions of the people had to go to the temples. Now they also got money by taking away from foreign countries with their army. And that went into the temples to the Emperors. But the reality is that they were giving out free bread. You’ve you are signed up at that Temple you can get free bread you can get healthcare under several of the emperors they offered healthcare and they offered you know all kinds of entertainment and even sometimes offered forms of free education if you are signed up for with those temples. But if you are signed up, you had to pay into that’s what they were doing temples those one the questions I could not get anybody to answer when I was in seminary over half a century ago they would not tell me what the acts were doing in the samples and that’s why we written articles and show you what they were doing in the samples is one of the best-guarded secrets so to sign up with one of those symbols was fornication to apply for the free bread of Rome was fornication. And Paul’s saying he didn’t want to see that fornication amongst you because what they were offering you was unclean because it was not freely given it was like came was like Nimrod was like Pharaoh. It was like Caesar was Caesar you want to be applying to that. So Christ called out a group of men facilitate a system of charity, of love, to take care the knee John the Baptist was doing the same thing. John the Baptist then don’t do it by force if you have extra share with those that don’t have enough do the same with your cloak and do the same with your meats (food) and do the same with shelter you have to do it that way or your society will be altered. The mind of your society will be altered they will become accustomed to taking and taking and taking and taking and they will want to take more.

Going to church but continuing to worship at other temples

[01:26:36] And we see that happening anybody 34 years old 50 years old… You’ve seen that happening more and more and more in your society whether in Australia or South Africa or United States or Canada. Now, it’s funny, like Sweden they did that to the extreme and now they’ve rolled back some good but the gal I will roll them back to do another thing is that a lot of people say why don’t want to do all the sexual fornication and adultery and drug-taking, so I’m going to become a Christian. And they join some Christian church are you evangelical movement and they clean up their act. They’re nonalcoholic, they don’t beat their wife anymore, and they don’t cheat on their wife. But are they really walking with Christ are they going the whole walk with Christ? That’s what you that’s what we need to be striving for and most of the ministers out there I can easily say most in this case, are still going to the men who call themselves benefactors to obtain their daily bread. And they send their congregation to the man who exercise authority one over the other to obtain their daily bread even though Christ clearly said in Matthew, Mark and Luke (and really also in John another way is not to be that way with you you cannot be engage in us covetous practices and really be seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness now we understand it’s a process but you need to know where you’re going where you’re headed your either headed towards the kingdom—sitting down in the tens hundreds of thousands and start giving and caring about your neighbor as much you care about yourself or you’re not if you’re not you need to repent and start doing the with earnest sacrifice like Christ for one another. I can’t do it all for you. I can created all for you. Our few ministers, we can’t do it. You have to decide to go the way of Christ which is the way the kingdom that other form of self-government that operates by faith open charity lobby was a while analysis of as a tack so bad and I don’t pay taxes and no you need to be friends with the unrighteous mammon. But you need to turn around your thinking and start going the other way. You have to honor your commitment or make the commitment the other way. Now we can talk a lot about where the commitment is that but the reality is you have to be pursuing this for unselfish reasons. Selfishness blocks the spirit of Christ. Christ was unselfish. We can all probably agree that Christ was unselfish. Paul even. eventually. became unselfish. And we explain why say that. We have to become unselfish. And that’s a process. Seeking the kingdom of God is on binding by loosening the change which bound bind others. Every time you loosen your unforgiveness you with forgiveness you become more forgiven. And you can see more and God will give you more opportunities for righteousness. Every time you repent, think differently about the way of what it means to follow Christ, it begins to alter your very spiritual DNA and eventually, actually, will alter your DNA down the road. I mean, this could be a long journey depending on where you start and how fast you traveled this road so you have to turn around and go the other way.

Ephesians 5:4

[01:33:58] He gives other lists in here: “Neither filthiness nor foolish talking nor jesting.” Another group of three words describing, really, all the same things. And I put down there in the side notes a little bit about that those three different words and what they mean. Filthiness and says nor foolish talking nor jesting and have footnotes in there that show you the definition of these words but basically what they’re talking about is filthiness is dishonoring something so you set your master of Christ or your Christian because were all supposed to minister one to another people don’t really understand the role of a minister this is called out. What they’re really supposed to be doing is making you and helping you sit down and attends hundreds and thousands so that you can minister one to another. Because he you don’t hire somebody to do your love and for you have to love your neighbor as yourself he’s just facilitating your love to get it to where it needs to go that’s why they’re sitting down these ranks of tens, ranks of 100, ranks of thousand is so that when Paul hears they have a need in Corinth he can take funds from Galatia to core and have a network so they know how to move that so if there’s a there’s a dearth or famine in this area he can move stuff around from the different areas to where they need to go. Some areas will be hit harder at different times than other areas so therefore you have they depended upon the movement of aid to where needed to go. See this all throughout the epistles of Paul because he was ministering to the kingdom on an international basis you on a local basis you’re supposed to be ministering to one another and then a portion of what you minister goes out in this broader network. If your ministers aren’t thinking in those terms, they’re not thinking kingdom. So anyway says this is filthiness which is to dishonor… You know, where they say know what we don’t have to do that we just have to believe in Jesus that’s dishonoring what Jesus actually said to do you’re not a doer of the word you say I believe that’s enough I don’t have to actually do anything that’s dishonoring Christ. Because Christ said you had to be a doer, not just a sayer so that’s filthy talk a lot a guys are gonna like that because that’s a real popular ideology. Which is a part of the idolatry of the modern church. So what was the next word that they talk about: Foolish talking – impiously speaking about what Christ said to do saying you will because somebody brings up a Christ said to do like the ministers of Christ you owned all things, and that they were joint-heirs. So they were individual errors had no personal estate, just like the Levites before them. Other people don’t understand what that means or how that’s translated in the bottom thing but when you pointed out some of them want to put that down on all we have to do that we just have to believe again that were filthiness and foolish talking that in piously treating what Christ said they had to do to be one of his disciples called out ministers disciple Disney’s student he called out guys to learn the ways of the called out. This is not the general congregation. This is specifically called out to receive certain duties and obligations of service to the rest of the people just like the Levites before the to put down what Christ said that falls into that area of foolish talking. Because they’re disregarding what Christ said. What he commanded. And then final the lasting jesting treating serious issues with deliberate condescension thanking all these guys who are seeking to be the called out they feel they have a calling. And that’s between you and God will if you have a calling to be a minister of God or to be a congregant of God, those are different roles. And you may have one for a period of time in your life and another one for another bearded time your life but anyway if you’re called out to be that discipled called-out minister of Christ, you have to do what Christ said those people had to do. And if people put that down… if they if they treat that serious issue with condescension, thinking all these people just taken it too far, well, then they’re jesting. That’s what that were jesting is talking about and all three of those words are complementary to the idea of people putting down what Christ required his ministers to be like. And if people are not doing what Christ said to do and say no we don’t have to do that anymore because the crucifixion or some goofy thing. Even though we see all the apostles doing that after the crucifixion. We see the ministers of the church doing that for hundreds of years after the crucifixion. But now today we don’t have to do that, then you’re preaching the gospel other than that of Christ. And you have need of repentance.

DOING is what makes you a Christian (congregant or minister)

[01:40:03] Now how all this works together… you know, we mentioned several different words that you have to redefine your mind. And you have created these ruts in your mind by say religious, you think something. If I say “church” you think something. Church is not a place church is the called out to have duties and responsibilities that would be considered religious because that’s what religion was the performance of a duty now the congregant has a duty to. We all have the duty of ministering one to another but the way in which that duty is manifest is different just like those billion-dollar corporations that suddenly someone wants to turn them over to a bunch of bureaucrats to Ron who know nothing about the intricacies of that corporation. Or how a successful business is established… like Bernie Sanders when would when it he ever had a paint job that actually produced something. He was on welfare and then he was in politics. He never had any other job. He never did any other work and so he never learn what that means not to pick on the guide we could find that a lot of places. But you have to actually learn by doing. So it’s the same thing what Christ is doing he and sent you didn’t call out a group and send them to university to study theology. He taught them by doing. We do the same thing. It’s part of our rituals and rites. You want to become a minister of the church very easy you have to find two people that want two different people from different families that want you to minister to them. Like Christ did now that’s a simple phrase say like Christ dead like the ministers of Christ did but what does that look like what we’ve read a lot of books on explaining a lot of people read those books are not read those books but they wanted to become ministers annual is kind of a joke with us of anyone get away too much guess what will still go here it’s more where people call up and they say I agree with everything you say. Nobody agrees that everything I say same way we had is a process of figuring out who actually wants to do what Christ said to do. We have to substudy show thyself approved which means to be diligent to show thyself approved but will have to talk more about this next time monkeys taking them because we’re out of time to join the network before you’re out of time and will see you there. God bless.

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