Key 2009 – How was Jesus’ kingdom different than others?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2009

Most people today don’t understand that Jesus was a very real king, much less the fact that his government operated much differently than all the others which were based on force.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 1, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:01:04] What is meant by “Son of the living God”?
[00:04:14] How was Jesus’ kingdom different than others?
[00:07:02] Why would “the gates of hell” not prevail against it?
[00:17:41] Peter does not hold keys to let you into Heaven
[00:27:13] Modern Christians do not participate in the government of God
[00:34:07] Forgotten politics of the crucifixion
[00:50:39] What form of government makes people stronger?
[00:54:10] His church existed before the Catholic church

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. And, again, we’re going to be talking about the keys of the kingdom. What are the keys of the kingdom? We talked about that little bit briefly this morning that, if you go to Matthew 16, there’s a verse in there that talks about the keys of the kingdom and it has to do with this whole scenario where you see Jesus asking the apostles who am I who am I who am I and nobody can answer as nobody answers correctly until Peter answers and Peter isn’t saying that Peter’s the only one who knew. But at least…

What is meant by “Son of the living God”?

[00:01:04] Peter was one who answer the question correctly and he says the that you are the Christ the you are the anointed the son of the living God. We have an interpretation of words like “thou art the Christ”. Well, the word Christ simply means anointed in what he’s saying is that are anointed the son of the living God. And in the terminology of that day in the Greek language especially the son of God would be the highest ruler in the land. All Israelites all Israelites considered themselves sons of God. Children of God. They’re all children of God that’s it who they believe themselves to be the children of God but of course the children of God are those who do the will of the father and at that particular time the what a lot of Jews they were doing the will of the father. There were. Actually we could say there was a lot but there wasn’t a majority that was doing the will of the father which is why when it was put to a democratic vote they voted to crucify Christ. Now, a lot of people we know thousands of families joined the Christian movement 3001 day 2000 the next Eisai movement but actually they became a part of the kingdom of God and the kingdom of God was the government of God and the government of God is both spiritual, but it is also physical. It’s not geographical location. It is what Israel was always meant to be Israel means a place where God prevails it wasn’t supposed to be a geographical place that God prevails but wherever you put your foot… this is the promised Abraham wherever he puts his foot the faithful of Abraham the men who walk by faith instead of by force that the men who operate out of love rather than making their neighbor bow down to fealty, those are the ones who are Israel. Because in their hearts, God prevails. And of course, they’re going to be the kind of people that would be attending to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith they be the kind of people that would be very forgiving they would be the kind of people that would be very generous and kind and remain faithful and Mary agent faithful to their families and their sons and daughters should be in order their sons or daughters would not be rebellious and and not hating them and spitting at them. They would actually care about their parents and if they were their children kept the Commandments they would take care of their parents and provide for their parents they would expect anybody else to do it if anybody else want to do it that’s a no-no I can do it I can take care my parents. But that’s not what we see most people doing. And now there are many people who do are least try to but there’s also what happened is the world said no will take care of your parents. Don’t you worry about it. And so they went another way they can go the way of the kingdom.

What made the kingdom of Jesus different than others?

[00:04:14] Now, when we talk about the kingdom, like I said this morning, it’s another form of government. It’s a different form of government. is like not like the governments of the world and so one Peter is recognizing Jesus as the Christ that he’s recognizing it as it came of the kingdom of God that Jesus said he is going to take away from the Pharisees was going to point to somebody else and Jesus said blessed art thou Simon bar Jonah for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto you know we we all think you know from the beginning John the Baptist, knew the Christ was the Christ and other people know another were some profits who seem to know Simon, or Simeon, he seemed to know that that Christ was a prophet even when he was a little baby. and cursed Jesus Joseph and Mary had some inkling of this but how does he get to be king in Rome’s occupying Israel at that time hadn’t really completely conquered it but it been invited in to maintain the government of Israel. Help them. And then of course with protection come subjection so which is a quote maximum law that I quote all time in the book covenants of the got and of course that’s what was going to eventually happen to the people the people look to the government to protect them. Protect them from starvation. Protect them from destitution protect them from you know starving in the streets with some sort of welfare free bread or daily ministration Christ that sometimes people need help so he was creating a government that we could provide that help, but not by force. John the Baptist was going to do it, but not by force. Moses did it, but not by force. Yes, there was a compelled tie but it wasn’t compelled by a police force it was compelled by honor everyone was expected to give it a tithing to the minister of their choice and then that minister would give a tiding to the minister of his choice and this way the ways a lifeblood of giving circulating through the entire network of Israel. And they were able to take care of the what is an orphan to needy of society through faith hope and charity which were they were not doing when Christ arrived on the scene. Anybody who studies what the Pharisees were up to at the time Sadducees to and even a lot of zealots they were doing the same thing they were depending upon a system of social welfare that was based on force. Christ said no don’t do that is not to be that way with Christians.

Why would “the gates of hell” not prevail against it?

[00:07:02] So now he’s talking Peter who’s answered this question court correctly. And he says I say unto the that doubt art Peter. A rock. What what he said doubt art a rock in say that he did is not actually naming them is just saying doubt art a rock and actually means a Little Rock add the word the use there and upon this Little Rock and when he said doubt art it could be could be referencing the revelation that Simon had manifested. That revelation by flesh not by flesh and blood but by the Spirit of my father in you. He said, THAT’s the rock I will build my church my called out because he’s that’s a word he uses it I’m going to establish my called out my called out has to be called out by a spiritual revelation from the father to be the ministers of his church. And he says, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” So what do you mean the gates of hell shall not prevail against it what he was he talking about what how are the gates of hell going to prevail against anything what how to was a gate have to do with anything well the word hell there is the word Hades and which is often translated hell but at one time is translated grave and if you go back to the Greek word Hades in order has to do with the God of the lower world the fact is that there were many gods according to Paul at that time smudgy guides men who say they are gods but are not gods but still they play the role of God for society in they do this usually in relationship to governments Augustus Caesar claimed to be a God. He kind to appoint guys that’s actually what his original role was he says a was the point of God will Poyner gods was just the ruling judges in a free society whose a ruling judge? Well actually, in a free society that that ruling judges often based on this idea of God’s many and gods of a society that’s the ruling judge that’s the judge who decides what is good and what is evil. That’s what got us into trouble to begin with when we tried to decide what was good and evil for ourselves. So where in a free society who gets to decide what is good and evil if you choose Amanda do it then you make him a God. He’s going to tell you what’s good or evil. Now the way the United States is you got legislatures deciding what is good or what is evil and they try to pass laws and then it has to go to the Senate in the Senate doesn’t think that that thing is good or evil that it doesn’t go any farther but as they sign it then you can go to the president and he just as a side whether it’s good and evil and he doesn’t think is good or evil he can do show that and it doesn’t get past us to get enough votes but even if he signs it says this is good to make this law you still have the Supreme Court who’s supposed to decide whether it’s good or evil. So you have a lot of little checks and balances in the Constitution of the United States is to decide what is good and evil.


[00:10:37] And occasionally people can actually have about and say you like in England, Brexit, they decided it was not good to stay in the European Union and they wanted out of the European Union took him a long time before they find the government who supposed to be there public servants finally gather up their flag and left the European Union. But I saw they did that the other day that they took their flight they shut off the mat mic of the one guy guess I is a story I heard that he pulled out his British flag in the immediately shut off his mic. And they told him to take his flag and go and that’s exactly what he was waiting for them to say so all the British guys stood up and left and then they had so many margin and get their flag and take it they were leaving the European Union what I can probably do that is going to be some difficulties because they do that because Europe is probably going to try not to trade with them in, punish them so that everybody else doesn’t do it. At least look like to punish him but everybody else is going to want to trade with Great Britain and maybe they’ll wish it so anyway it’s hard to say where it’s going from here. But that’s all in man man may governments. What about God’s government? How does that work now the what happens when you start to move towards the kingdom of God because that’s what were supposed to be seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness so it’s something we can actually find divorce posted be seeking it it is in our hearts and our minds because that goes back to who is God. Jesus says, “Ye also gods.” He said that. to his apostles will wait a minute they really got no God is God supposedly the apostles were already through revelation listening to God in their hearts and their minds now they get to decide what is right and wrong if they walk with God if they listen to God’s it what they’re really deciding is not what is right and wrong there deciding to listen to God or not to listen to God in their hearts and their minds. And with that governing influence of… because we’re supposed to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness so we in seeking this righteousness we will put together a group of people that actually can see what is good and what is evil they’re not deciding really on their own they’re recognizing what is good and evil and abiding in that there abiding in the will of the father.

Leland Ye; All men are liars

[00:13:22] I just read a story of a guy… What was his name? Leland Ye. legally in the Leland Yee he’s a congressman or something down and he was actually in the city government and I think he became a congressman seven Cisco area and he just got sent to jail for five years for trafficking arms and taking bribes and that’s that’s seriously Trekkies actually was a part of a scheme to buy weapons in the Philippines and smuggle them into this country involving some Chinese mafia guys name shrimp Boyd Chow had me get make this stuff up Ms. alike is out of Hollywood. But anyway, the amazing thing, besides the fact that he was taking graft and corruption bribes and all his got stuff and he just happened to fall in to a FBI stating they were looking for him but they found him and that they eventually charged them but the reality is is that that’s we got cop for but evidently he had been doing all kinds thing for a long time. But the people kept voting them in voting why why are they doing because they can’t tell he’s not a good guy. And he was advocating his if he was giving the speech Francis on gun control he was for taking away all the guns of all the people except he was helping mafia people smuggle guns into the United States from another country and taking bribes to make that possible. While he was trying to take all the citizens guns away. Because the guy was a walking liar is a totally life a total ire and if you can see it you know why? Because the people are liars. And not in like Paul and I like David I in my haste I could say that all men are liars. And they probably are but the reality is what is the what is the worst lie you lie about July about the fact that you say you have faith in Christ and yet you don’t do what he says to do.

How was Peter changed after Pentecost?

[00:15:37] Peter started to do what he said to do. Peter denied Christ three times to me at this point he had done that yet but eventually he denied Christ three times even though he was warned that he would and he said he wouldn’t he did because he was trying to depend upon his own strength. How does the strength of God, I can tell you that night and the next few days Peter did some serious personal soul-searching and you see it in his rhetoric when he comes out after Pentecost. That he begins to speak differently about a lot of people. And even though he was now bold and his speech was actually very humble and speech and youngest, Shauna’s before now is talking about their sisters. And having great faith and great patience with other people and because the in order for the kingdom of God to live in your heart and your mind to make room for guys stop being judgmental of everybody else you have to realize that there but by the grace of God you would be just like them. But God has revealed some things to you and he he is waiting in a yearning to reveal more to you. But you have to do some of those basics that Christ said to do. Like forgive and give and care about others and not hold grudges knothole resentments and not live in fear, and have faith. a all these things he wants you to do and why is he wants to keep you busy now because it opens up a place in your heart where the Holy Spirit can come in and reveal things to you little things and you know I’ll talk about these things other people say things and you’ll say, “Oh! I get it. I recognize it.”

Peter does not hold keys to let you into Heaven

[00:17:41] But see, in the very next line of this… again we’re in Matthew 16. But in the very after he says the gates of hell the gate – the gates of the underworld because see all the people who follow the ways of Cain, the ways of Nimrod, the covetous practices of Babylon and Egypt where did that put their neighbor into bondage so that they can live more comfortably all people go that way they run towards death. That’s what it says in Proverbs… they want to have a common purse and they run towards death. But if you go this other way that Christ is talking about two Peter then those gates will suck you into death. You won’t run towards debt you run towards life you will have eternal life. And you’ll make it to old age at least. So anyway, that’s what he’s talking about in the very 19: “And I will give unto the the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatsoever without shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” That is the keys. Or at least, that’s his description of it to Peter and to the rest the apostles were all standing there. When he says I’ll give unto the not necessarily saying just Peter now if you are to be in a concordance is something you want to see Croft cross reference is of that particular line in the Bible they would take you do statements in Acts were talked about Peter yell coming out after Pentecost and being bold in speech and everything. And then later they’ll talk to you about you later on acts were again Peter. Because supposedly Peter has the keys to the kingdom not that’s a very Catholic doctrine and so that he supposedly you know like if you could get to the pearly gates of heaven there he is sitting there with the keys in and they have statues of Peter holding actual keys. But it’s a metaphor. he there are actual keys is not quick like a lock set to get into the kingdom of the key is what you bind on earth is bound in heaven which is why Christ said don’t take oaths you know don’t become a discuss. Peter tells you later on to covetousness you will be made merchandise. You’ll be bound in a system where you will be a surety for debt Peter’s telling you that annual leaving cursor children because of your covetous practices because those covetous practices bind you on earth. And it binds it you will be considered bound in heaven and and we know this is going back and I talked about this is morning Samuel 8: Q1 looking who can exercise authority over you this is what is going to happen is going to take and take and take and take it take and when you cry out one backing to go away I’m not can hear you I’m not going to help you because you’ve already abandoned me going to the God you have chosen for yourself and cry unto them.” So this is where everybody finds himself another going to church and they think they love Jesus and everything them and do what Jesus says in fact they’ve been doing the opposite of what Jesus said. The church is 100 years ago took care of all social welfare they don’t take care the social welfare now that’s done by many call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. Like Obama all these other governments to give away all these benefits and free healthcare what have you. They’re going to take away from your neighbor to provide you with those things and of course they been doing on for years and is getting to the point where they can take enough that there isn’t enough to take that there into debt. The interest rates are climbing. Things are going along because the economy is pretty good right now, but everybody’s operating on borrowed money. And so, eventually, there’ going to be a downturn. The economy’s doing pretty good now but eventually somebody also be present somebody else will be prime minister somebody else will do something and it will come down. And so as his pendulum swings one-way than the pendulum swings the other way and the other wave may be disastrous one of these days.

The poor may not really need money

[00:22:31] So we see Jesus instructing them: “Then charged he has a disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.” He’s not Jesus Christ. He’s Jesus the Christ. Jesus the anointed. Jesus the Messiah. All the same thing. Jesus the King and that time forth began Jesus to show unto the disciples how that he must go on to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chiefs priests and scribes and even be killed. And he raised again on the third date night and explain all that out rightly but they’re saying he began to tell them this things to begin to explain these things to them. Because later on Peter says don’t go to Jerusalem etc. then Peter took him and began to rebuke him. Rebuke Jesus. Try to warn Jesus saying but it’s far from the Lord this shall not be unto the and but Jesus turns that Peter get the behind me saying the adversary that’s what Satan is an adversary without are an offense unto me for that out savorist not the things that be of God but the things that be of men. Now this is a big thing. And everybody has to do that is not Peter a little bit more so because he was being put in a particular position of and of course that’s why deny Christ as he had learned to do that but you get to do that every day with little things you know like somebody smokes, for instance. awesome is tell me how much that he was talking to somebody who drinks a couple beers a day and he says well, and Annie buys them like at a bar or something and so I don’t I was shocked it like a beer at a bar concussion five bucks. And I thought, “Wow!” it’s you I admit I would know that I never bought a beer bar even as a boy to our shy but he says the way you add that up how many days a year how many in his and he says over the last in 20 years you could have bought a house for what you been paying for those because the least you could have bought a houuse in Lakeview. Staggering same I was cigarettes and what they are now seven dollars impacts on some crazier amount like that you have a bad habit like that forgo that have fast from that have taken money that you get in the habit and set it aside to do good for some aiming but actually do good not that’s another they question because this is where God comes and how do you know what is good to do what is not good to do are you going to decide what is good and evil not all of you will they call I gave it to a poor person you know so many talk about somebody they met somebody on the Internet that was very poor and in great need. If you met on the Internet, you have met them yet. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard stories of people on the Internet with sob stories and need this and need that people send the money and they don’t July the money goes to waste. I don’t know this particular person, but you need to do due diligence to find out whether or not you really doing them good. Whether you’re giving them what they really need everybody doesn’t need money thinks they need money. They may need something else. So a person has to get to know who they’re helping find out what the real problem is and help the this is why Christ said to sit down and attends hundreds and thousands is this the only way to get to know one another. To know who really needs help you know this person always they are the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But some people realize wait a minute this wheel is in squeaking but this wheel is the one that needs to increase because they’re close to the work there close to each other and so that’s why Christ commanded their bases down and attends hundreds and thousands.

Modern Christians do not participate in the government of God

[00:27:13] So what I’m describing to you is the way in which this government of God, this government that Christ is our Jesus is the Christ of, the anointed king of, how it works. It works to this faith hope and charity. It does not work to force so a lot of people hear me say that all time and repeated over and over again but how many ministers do you know that is saying no just love Jesus if you need anything in bread needing healthcare you need for education you go to the men who exercise authority one over the other and you pray to them for that. The church is not in the business of taking care of people the church is not in business providing education the church is not in the business of healthcare what used to be. It used to be what the church did. This why so many people are living the child leaving the church why go well some people need the emotional experience of the crowd singing together no standing up and kneeling down together all belong to the same club together. But that’s not why Christ came that’s not what Christ does so of your Catholic or Baptist or Methodist or Jehva’s Witness you like to go to church because it makes you feel good that has nothing to do seeking the kingdom of God’s righteous Kingdom of God again is a government Bible mentions government over 700 times. It mentions religion five times and four of the times it mentions religion is talking about bad religion. Now, to be honest, many a time that is talking about government is talking about bad government but the kingdom of God is a government it’s a form of government is a form of self government operates by charity instead of force if you don’t have a government… if you’re not working towards a government that does not depend upon fealty, but upon faith… does not depend upon force, but upon charity then you will not be free for very long that’s just the way it is. So what Christ was doing what Moses was doing if you get rid of all smoke and mirrors that the modern church is telling you, they were doing you realize that these people had organized themselves into a free society with no hierarchy making new laws so how did they decide laws will basic laws are there don’t steal, don’t cheat, don’t bear false witness. so you can take takes out extortion takes out bribery takes out all these things are already crimes you know that that you don’t need to create a statute that already exist even statutes of Moses are not statutes like we think of today the statutes of Moses were explanations of the other 10 commandments. You know, if I went out dug a pit along where I know a lot of people walk or drive or whatever I went dug that pit and I left and they can walk down the trail and they might not see the pit because the words located. Maybe it will be dark there and they could fall the pit and hurt themselves. And say they fell in the pit and they did hurt themselves in my responsible I dug a pit in a dangerous place if I put up nine I knew a contractor that built a balcony for a place actually rented out rooms to other people. And that it wasn’t high up balcony but it was about the rounded deck and somebody leaned on it and fell off the deck it just other than not needed if he was on the second floor unit.probably but you know he he was just it was just a low deck. But it was terribly built. Is he liable for that if that guy had fallen and died could he be held liable for that yeah and that’s what Moses is talking about you when he has the statutes you know where you had the butter railing around your rooftop to be reasonable up on the rooftop and the had a butter railing around there because it wasn’t safe without it. And what it they’re just talking about the dangers of negligent homicide. Creating dangerous situations it causes the death of somebody else you didn’t intend to kill him but you weren’t careful. You know, like drunk driving. You got drunk and went out and drove and you ran into somebody you should’ve known that you were drunk enough that you are drunk and you can’t go drive because your ability to drive safely is impaired you’d be endangering other people all those laws exist already even if you do not pass a statute or write it down is a statute. It’s called common sense and people should a known. Now that’s the way all trials used to be in America. For the first hundred years they have all the statutes that we have today the first statutes that were passed in the colonies they said they passed the statutes of the was 1619 against known crimes way if you are he knew they were crimes why does it make statute as statutes help them run administrative courts. Also to some degrees or notices to the people that we consider this a breach of the law to create this danger and so that’s that’s the kind of things but that’s all about government they have all we have that already so how do you adjudicate in the kingdom of God if you have a dispute well that’s what you do is you have a jury already because you have attend family congregation and you bring it before the elders and you say what’s fair in this situation we been arguing mean this other guy we’ve been arguing about this deal and I think this ferret he thinks is fair what you guys think and buddy hears both sides and they say you know I think he’s got a point and I think you got a point what I think would be fair is that you do it this way. And everybody puts in their two cents with and they resolve the issue hopefully process gonna require humility and forgiveness and willing to give a little bit in order to maintain the unity of society.

Forgotten politics of the crucifixion

[00:34:07] So that’s what Jesus is talking about. He’s not talk about… See everybody at that particular time most everybody in Judea were bound under the Roman government as well as under the government of Herod of course the was no king sitting on the throne in Jerusalem at the time of Christ. And so when he entered Jerusalem he came in hailed as king after they did when he came in and they got the palms everything that are out there the people are saying this is the King. They like it but… And then you see him in the temple government building ordering be able to do this not the other thing Neil demanding the vessel stop being carried to the Temple whatever that meant we’ve discussed it before you know there’s a couple of different opinions. But basically, the key thing is he’s giving orders and people are obeying him he’s even in the royal treasury giving orders as is the King bear because all the people rejected Jesus and didn’t make him king. No, they did make a booking and some guys the power elite of the time wanted to make them on King Wanda Killam say that he was a serving the throne pilot didn’t think he was asserting the throne pilot.he was a rifle came pilot said to them, “Hey, this is your king. What shall I do them a sacredness fire but easier King is a crucified now they’re saying crucified pilot wouldn’t had to crucify him except for the pilot gave them the power of choice he said you guys I get to guys here both say they’re the Christ. Because that’s what Jesus Barabas, which means Jesus son of the father, was saying that he was the Christ he was the rightful king and Jesus of Nazareth was also saying is that people are saying you actually would say this is the out that he knew the people that Artie hailed him as king. And is now sayest it that I’m making and that’s another long story we won’t go into but the fact is this pilot agreed and pilot wrote a documents and this is the King hey thought that they would want to crucify Jesus Barabas because he was a man of violence. He was one of these kings it would rule with the sword. Christ is never going to rule with a sword like you would think of a steel sword where he goes and chops people’s heads off he is going to the rule was sore but it’s a different consort and I’m not going to tell you what that sort looks like but at the different consort it’s a different kind of way you have to figure it out and I will depend upon the Holy Spirit showing you what that is. What Jesus is doing is preaching another kind of government.

Where does the Pope fit into all this?

[00:37:07] Peter is not the head of that. James was the head of the church. Almost everybody used to agree that Peter was very important but James was the head of the church especially in Jerusalem. So what’s all the stuff about Peter and the Pope. Well, that’s just kind of made up note Peter never called himself Pope not of the early bishops of Rome which Peter supposed to became a Bishop of Rome not of them call themselves Pope. The first one that took the title of the nasty take the title of Pope first one that had the word “Pope” referencing him it was an inscription on his coffin referred to Ms. Pope’s name is Radovan but Pope so-and-so and I she says Popa so-and-so puts his name down. And was inscribed on his coffin if you continue to look at the inscription it was inscribed by his son who’s calling them Popa because his father buried in that grave. That’s the first guy that had the word Pope reference to the nice guy was off of the term the head of the be called Pope refuse the title he said that anybody took that name would be the antichrist so they gave it to Justin the Fat. And then later on came back to him a two that was actually a Pope Gregory came back to him after he died he could no longer voice and objection. But there is no Pope. now that there is a Pope to the Catholic Church and they got to work out their own deal with that but how do you know who is really minister of the government of God. How do you know who’s doing that. That’s a good question how do you know because you need to answer that and the only way you really got to know his personal revelation will I be able to get very strong personal revelations they get a little still, small voice revelations. Like I think it is well that’s we need to operate that you think so-and-so is a minister of God and so you support that minister of God and if you’re sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousands which we know Christ command then you would support that minister of God some way or another. And then he would support his minister etc. etc. that’s the way the circulation in the kingdom of God in the body of Christ should operate not going up to some top single authority. This is important to understand in order to create that daily ministration of faith, hope and charity.

What does it mean to “follow the ways of Christ”?

[00:39:53] So anyway, I’ve been working on a series that I’ve already started submitting into your local ministers. So if you’re in a congregation you can talk to them about what what were sharing I’m sharing little bits and pieces that time were going over we will eventually make audios and explain it and will probably release it not on the regular radio shows but we will release it so that people can see Scott lots of references… I can actually put 10 time the references in it and maybe one if we put it up and not webpage on at his holy church not sure where to put probably will include an even more footnotes and we already have because those would also be biblical references so you can see to get it. The problem is that people don’t understand what the early church is doing the summoning Chad Dion or something on Facebook and he was saying that the modern churches you know and it’s hierarchy and almost office not right and you need to follow Christ and also all all true all true but I’ve been trying to pin him down to what it looks like to follow Christ. He doesn’t seem to know. I don’t know… I can’t seem to pin him down. Because it’s very clear that if you are following Christ you’d be doing something similar to the early church most people are not doing anything very similar to the early church one of the things no one now so we talked about forgiveness earlier this morning we talked about repentance thinking a different way we talked about scraping the system of charity to the tens hundreds of thousands that takes care of religion of faith hope and charity I get people coming that talking me the way they want to come here and all and I can. They’re about to be homeless and we talked about the homeless is morning and so they’re looking for someplace else to light. Well, one thing I know in the kingdom of heaven everybody’s diligent everybody works Larry wants to come and join up when they’re 65-70 years old. I don’t need more old people and the young people I will take your people onto it if God shows me in my heart that we should take them on. But you really have to begin to understand the nuances of the kingdom so what in Nether nuance of the King Mrs. is really tricky really beneficial.

Eucharist; Gratitude

[00:42:32] And it’s the Eucharist of Christ. new Chris is no way for less another huge distraction. Christ never handout will wafers of bread he did break bread and shared that Lincoln was a metaphor. But what it is is Thanksgiving that’s what they were Eucharist actually means Thanksgiving. What’s Thanksgiving as opposed to just giving? It is thankful for the opportunity of giving. memory can be forgiven unless you forgive others you won’t give to those you haven’t forgiven you know you will give grudgingly may be but you really don’t give to those that you haven’t forgiven and so Thanksgiving means that you when you give you really give from the heart what some psychologists had done a study Dr. Robert E moans I think the University California and and the University of California at Davis and Dr. Michael McCullough at the University of Miami… Together they published a study in 2015 that talks about the actual physical improvements to your body that comes from practicing with a call is gratitude. When we say thank you to somebody because they did some do you really appreciate it that debt went that they’re saying the people that regularly thank those people who do things for them or know maybe they just sold you something, they waited on you, you know, they they brought you your ham and eggs at a restaurant, whatever. it is he will say thank you do you really mean when you say thank you is energy flowing out of you like light out of a candle to that other person you like the energy the flu flowed out of Christ and heal that woman are you really extending gratitude we should study the word gratitude in the Bible find out if there’s some nuances and I didn’t set up anything so mega start off on that side track but what I’m saying is that these guys, they took a number of groups and they tested people they tested their health they tested their well-being the psychological health or physical health. And then they set them out on a practice where they would be either very grateful for things or not so grateful for things and then they did surveys. There’s actually a couple of different studies along this line. I just mentioned one but people that are thankful even for the unfortunate things that happened to them you know that they’re still thankful for me like if you smash your thumb. What’s the first word that comes to your mind? It’s probably not thanks. And even if you did say thanks the tone would not be real gratitude it be sarcasm I thanks I needed that like another hole in the head but the reality is is that there is a pattern a mental, spiritual pattern that comes from generally practicing gratitude. When I was reading about the Essenes in ancient documents ancient documents talking about the Essenes. in the way in which you know these are documents written by the Romans about the Essenes and the Romans often you know they thought somebody was doing some wrong the idea of torturing somebody to find out there telling the truth that was perfectly okay that was part of their standard operating procedures you know of just weights and measures you know you’re not willing to take a little pain… if you buckle right away, then you probably weren’t telling the truth to begin with. But anyway so they would ashy torture people and abuse people and lock him up in jails to find out what the truth was the other old rubber hose routine and the Essenes they say would bless them and thank them even under torture. I thought like, “Whoa!” Was that sarcasm was it was the deal there so anyway I’d love people to meditate upon that a little bit think about that if you can be forgiven unless you forgive others if God won’t give it to you unless you give to others at God when I hear your cries and as you hear the cries of others. Then what is what are you not going to get from God if you aren’t walking in gratefulness?

How funds move in His Holy Church

[00:47:38] There’s a lot of hard things that people have to do. I’ve made my living and raise my family with manual labor. I could’ve made a lot more money if I was a minister of the church. Because I’m not supported by the people who listen and the people who gather. Most all the money that has come in from outside they know our congregational order goes back to the people. Probably more than all the money that comes and goes back to the people. to help do what the job of the church is. Which is to take care of the needy and the society to faith hope and charity like can be doing it if I’m getting fat on what people send. So that money is gonna go back. And one of the ways to govern that isn’t it that I’ll send it to me and I trickle it down everybody else they send it to their local minister and he trickles it up to me. Maybe. If he chooses. Because he doesn’t have to. But then I take the extra money that I don’t need because were still self-sustaining here and ice I have it available to help out the needy in these other places and yell like we we may create a fund and some of the other countries because we want sending money to this country and we had to send it back to that country when we there’s a need and just as other be more of a need in that country sooner than it will be here. I don’t know. But the point is, this we want funds wherever people are gathering.

Welfare and social security of the early church

[00:49:16] And this is what you see with the early church with Paul and Barnabas. They’re moving funds from one nation to another. And Paul, often, was in on that. There were others in a clear clearly Paul talks about others coming from Corinth in going to Jerusalem and some coming from Galatian to go Galatia to go to Corinth the and the same thing. They were moving funds around the responsible for doing that because there were Durst and famines in the land think about that now if that’s the way the church was operating there was lots of welfare out there in the world of the of the Romans. And of Corinth. And of Ephasus. And all the stuff. But the Christians were doing it only by charitable offerings they were not doing it with a central treasury they were not doing it by force offerings they were doing it only by a network of charity and they arrived during persecution and during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire Empire. Do you think that will happen with you if the system of checks and balances and debt and all the stuff comes to a screeching halt in the world where you live? I don’t want you to seek the kingdom I fear. I want you seek the kingdom out of faith.

What form of government makes people stronger?

[00:50:39] But think about it. What form of government makes the people stronger? It’s the government that puts the responsibility back in the hands of the people. And you should be grateful for that responsibility that comes back to you. Because if you are grateful for that light burden of responsibility that Christ talks about… My burden is light… Then you will receive not only spiritual but physical blessings maybe I should say not only physical blessings but spiritual blessings is which is more important physical or spiritual while the spirit, first so the spiritual is very important because it sets the pattern. So if you want your rights back… I’ve said this 100 times, 1000 times. you want your rights back you take your responsibilities back. That’s what Moses was teaching that’s what Jesus Christ was teaching that’s what Abraham was teaching that’s what is the altars of Abraham are all about you missed showing the people how to set up systems operating by charity that took care of the needy of their society. Which allowed Abraham to muster an army to destroy an army built by five kings that was taking one city-state after another. They created that army overnight because they were organizing themselves in the tens hundreds and thousands in a network of charity. Not a network of force. And they were grateful for the opportunity of doing it by charity and tyrants could not rise up and enemy could not come and invade and destroy them.

Population of earth today

[00:52:33] Now, if you magnify that with a number of people on the earth today… Because there are no billions and billions of people on the earth. I mean the numbers are staggering never before in history… Actually, in most of history that can have as many people on the earth over a long period of man’s history as we do now in a single moment. That is just staggering. Unfortunately, the gates of hell are open. And hell is empty. And all the demons are here. There’s a lot of evil wicked people out there. Now we hope they all repent we hope they turn around we hope they learn to seek the kingdom of God I’ve mentioned a few crazy things in the news going on out there in the news. That, really, we don’t want to have any part of we don’t want to have the any connection to that we want to have that connection to the keys of the kingdom that sets us free. We don’t want to be found in these systems. Well, then you have to create the alternative system. The alternative daily ministration. The alternative network and that’s what John the Baptist was doing that’s what Jesus was talking about and that’s what the early church implemented first yield 3000 one day. 2000 and and again that those numbers 3000 and 2000 those would be heads of households so you’re actually talking 20-30,000 people may be more in a couple of days and then over. Time even thousands more which one.

His church existed before the Catholic church

[00:54:10] I’m sure many came and went. As a matter of fact, I can guarantee it. Because of reading the ancient action and do you know a lot of the fragments to talk about the history of that time. And that was a big debate. When so many came into that network as it was a free assembly state that’s they were all free assemblies based on charity but it was the buddy system’s times 10 video came in and among the going got rough they left and went ate things offered to the at the other welfare system of the world. And people will come and go like that. Hopefully they’ll eventually repent completely and not go back. And stand in faith to be steadfast as it says in the New Testament. But until they do, how many times he received them back Jesus talked about that the early church talked about that. Not the Catholic Church that didn’t exist yet that was going to be around for quite some time even in the Catholic Church really wasn’t off the ground it was in a few High Courts. But really didn’t get off the ground a lot of what you see the activities of the church back there in 100 and 300 A.D. and 480 that the Catholic Church at actually the church. Now the Catholic Church claimed all that but I can show you in the writings and the letters that have survived from the Pope to people… in your we talked about in our show on Iceland and stuff that there was a church already there. And when Augustin came in always talking about the Canterbury and all that there was a church already there and they talked about how well we got we don’t want to upset them though drive us out so we just got watch and wait and then they worked there their way in and began to entice people away in the course if you read our free church report which free online you see a picture of relating and ironic cover and the. And she really expressed what the downfall the church was all about and she stood against it in a way that almost nobody else has before or since. When I say before since around that time at least and I can go back to the time of Christ because they were actually standing against those changes that were creeping in evenhanded death she didn’t have to face that but she was willing to take her wealth and set it aside to be ministered to the people and she never took off her close so if you don’t know them talk about go to our website up. or his teachers.or org and look up lady Godiva and find out what’s on the preacher’s report until then all I can say is peace on your house and may God be with you and bless you all kinds of people joined the choices Joe today said 2 AM we’ll see you then join us on the network and will tell you a lot more. God bless.

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