Key 2010 – Instructions from Justin the Martyr on Church Government

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2010

Modern churches don’t understand the practical instructions offered by Justin the Martyr because they’ve coveted their neighbor’s goods for so long that they no longer recognize the context.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 8, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:15:39] Crucifixion of Jesus can’t be understood outside the context of the politics of the time
[00:28:27] Pharisees missed the fundamentals of the Old Testament
[00:32:43] The State of the Union indicates that the union does not know what Christianity is (socialism)
[00:51:10] How the early church to avoided socialism (socialism)
[00:56:34] Doctrines of Christ helped Christians build a parallel welfare system without socialism (socialism)
[01:01:20] Justin the Martyr’s description on the early church’s parallel welfare system (socialism)
[01:06:40] Are the members of your church praying more to the governments of the world? (socialism)
[01:09:18] Why the ministers of Christ had to be separate from the world (socialism)
[01:24:39] Babylon and its benefactors always offer gifts gratuities and benefits


Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, gonna be talking about the kingdom of God. And so usually we start out with looking a little bit at the news and see what’s in the news and of course the last week or so there’s been a lot of things going on in the United States Inc. actually there probably things going on all the world in people’s lives that make them absolutely oblivious to anything going on in the United States. Where you’re at, what’s going on where your at, seems always more important then something going on you know hundreds or maybe thousands of miles away what’s going on inside your heart is probably more important than what’s going on outside in the rest of the world because whether you’re going to be happy or righteous or evil or iniquitous depends upon what’s going on in your heart and work and talk a little bit about that before we’re done today but like I said were to talk about what’s in the news.

500,000 girls in Kenya sterilized with tetanus vaccination

[00:01:34] And I mentioned on the minister’s call with the other ministers around on the planet that there was a story came a couple years ago in Kenya was a 500,000 girls in Kenya that were permanently sterilized than I can ever have children and get married all the stuff they’re not to have children because they received a tetanus vaccination that was laced with a hormone hCG which produces an antigen which causes permanent sterility and this was discovered originally by Eric Alec Catholic health commission who were beginning to believe that this was the case and they pass this on to a reporter Christina England and she broke the news a while ago but that there still is an ongoing thing they don’t really know how many people have been sterilized you have to do all kinds of testing but just amazing that you know half 1 million young girls in one country alone were sterilized because they received a tetanus vaccination. It’s an amazing idea of injecting toxins in your body to make you healthy. And yet the people do it people actually fight for the opportunity and people actually fight to force other people to get the vaccination and we’ve talked about this before us because the fact that they want to believe that the vaccination is there salvation. It will save them from the dreaded whatever disease it is wandering around.


[00:03:14] That’s one of the other things are up in the news today once again that they refer to this the this coronavirus going around there’s a lot of different kinds of coronavirus and this once that there’s no one going around. And I looked at the infection rates and death rates with this virus and it’s actually way below most of the corona type viruses and other viruses that have come around since only back in 1970 is like a two and half percent death rate that’s very very small considering the fact that some of those people who get the coronavirus early so we know get the coronavirus might be ninety-year-old people and the hospital whose immune systems Artie compromised and you know there it pushes him over the edge with which is terrible is horrible thing but it’s not that much more infection is at a infectious it’s not going to play everybody it it’s a disease and when I say we only know so many people so many thousand people who have gotten the coronavirus because you have to check because the symptoms are just cold symptoms at first lots of people get a cold some people and last a day some people the symptoms will last no maybe 48 hours or 72 hours, Sometimes it drags on sometimes there’s complications because the size of virus maybe they also get a bacterial infection. Who knows? It might be some of the symptoms are caused by the medicines they try to take to make them better. But the reality is is that these that some people get this virus get immune and they almost all show any symptoms. Or they may show symptoms for just a few hours and then the symptoms go away. Their body’s are still fighting off the virus but they don’t show any symptoms because their immune system is so robust we have no idea how many people have done that with the coronavirus.


[00:05:13] We found out with the poliovirus that came out many years ago that 95% of the people who got polio never showed any symptoms. That’s what the CDC says. So that meant 95%… If you got if you got five people that got polio and actually showed some symptoms no debilitating effect is to some symptoms so that you realize that they were sick… there was another 95 people that got polio and a lifetime immunity and they never showed any symptoms. That’s better than the vaccine! The vaccine doesn’t have that good a percentage rate for giving you back at you know immunity and the vaccine immunity is no they all admitted it’s temporary. Some may only last 2 or 3 years. Some may last five years.

DTaP; Whooping cough

[00:06:08] That was another story that came out in the news… that people who were getting DTaP shot… They did a survey this is a peer-reviewed study they did a survey of the people who got the DTaP shot which is the includes whooping cough video several different vaccinations at one time the people compared to the people who did not get the vaccination in other words people who got the vaccination compared to the people who did get the vaccination and following their health for at least five years, found that the people who got the vaccination were 15 times more likely to be infected by whooping cough than those people who never got any vaccination whatsoever. How could that possibly be. That we just shatter our faith in vaccination.

Mount Sterling, Kentucky vaccine results in an unknown infection

[00:07:09] Should! Except most people never hear this. It’ll never appear on most of the new station Zerby told her anything we just had a story that appeared at WKRC in Mount Sterling Kentucky where people were getting flu shots and not just in Kentucky but in Ohio and Indiana also and that evidently the flu shot was not going to work for flow but it actually infected them with something else. Because lumps begin to show up on their skin not actually they received for flu, whooping cough, and hepatitis. So this was a this is a several different vaccines but anyway the fact is that lumps begin to show up on the people around the infection site and that it was it in some cases it was more severe infection than others but they say that some of these lumps might not show up for three months that you have to you be because the infections in there. It just sometimes takes a while to hold on.

Correlation to Kingdom of God: What’s being injected into your thinking?

[00:08:12] So what’s interesting to me to correlate this to our study on the kingdom of God is that you’re literally asking somebody to inject something in you your night you have no guarantee that it’s going to do what it says it’s going to do you have no guarantee that is not going to do something that it doesn’t even tell you it’s going to do. Like cause sterility for half a million kids. It doesn’t tell you that yo by the way this won’t work but you may start developing lumps in your arm afterwards let us know if you do considering tell you that you have to see the news report and course it’s not Vogue now to show the failures of vaccines immune gone CDC site and read that most of polio in Syria most of polio in Congo is coming from the vaccine is not coming from a while virus is actually infecting people. But they’re not going to tell you. I mean they do tell you that they publish it they publish it in the CDC reports but you have to go there and find that your news man are not going to find it for you other not going to tell you. Because it’s not an end thing to do to tell you that vaccines might actually cause more trouble than they’re worth. Because that’s not where the money’s at. So anyway, what’s being injected into your thinking?

Holy Spirit

[00:09:42] I had some conversations this week with some people who were talking about church doctrines. And being saved. And you know, what it takes to be saved. And you know what God and what Christ was expecting of us you know and I quote here, “Today some will tell you that we are saved because we believe in Jesus not because we believe in the right doctrine were yelled that that could be true but what does it mean to believe in Jesus. And they also say Jesus save the whole town of the Samaritans and John for because they believed that the interpretation of that statement it says the people in some and in the Samaritan town were saved. But doesn’t really say that 100% of the people in the town were saved says salvation isn’t a collective thing you know like you get you get membership in this group. You join this true church and you will be saved because your member of our temporal organization no that it doesn’t work that. Christ said that he would build his church upon this revelation that Peter received not by flesh and blood but by revelation and revelation what the Holy Spirit and you go to article on Holy Spirit and read all about the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit was around in the Old Testament it is not just a New Testament thing is an Old Testament things well and it it is the spirit of God dwelling in us working in a stat tapping into us or us tapping into it I would prefer to say it tapping and us because the Holy Spirit listeth where it will. It’s not like you’re going to conjure up the Holy Spirit with a particular formula of thinking or actions or anything like that’s witchcraft the what they would call the Roche hog cut – in David who speaks of the Holy Spirit this is you and you want even when I say the Holy Spirit coming are you picturing the dove are you picturing a ghostly thing to me I’m using several different words to talk about the Holy Spirit. What you think was a holy what you think when I say spirit are you thinking goes to you think what are you thinking of pattern? I talk about spiritual DNA

How a vaccine is SUPPOSED to work

[00:12:32] You know, in our bodies… in the virus is in the vaccinations that you get, there are lumps of molecules hooked together in a particular pattern and they produce antigens. What a vaccine is doing is it is taking part of the disease that you don’t want to get and that’s injecting it into your body your body see that this is a foreign agent and so your body produces antigens to it to recognize this so that your body will destroy or defend itself from this virus if the virus actually gets into you. So they just inject part of the virus so that your body’s immune system will stimulate itself to protect the whole body. That’s what vaccine is supposed to do but it does this meet with patterns of molecules DNA strands of the original virus that they put into you and your body’s doing huge calculations and organizing itself to fight off this virus. And you’re completely unaware of it. It’s all going on in the millions and millions of cells in your body. And your unaware of it. If you have a robust immune system it doesn’t really well.

Spiritual DNA

[00:13:55] Those patterns… when I talk about spiritual DNA… we have an article on that at preparingyou… the spiritual DNA is a pattern of the spirit you Christ you that you that Christianity was called away because there was a pattern to the way of Christ there was a pattern to the righteousness of God and when it’s a spiritual pattern, it is fundamental. Just like when you speaking you say words it which is amazing idea of speaking where you pronounce these different words and they have different meanings in your you’re hearing me say the words that your brain is putting together sentences… every single word that you hear or decipher from my speech is coming from a pattern. These patterns of speech. Somebody just posted one of the articles we have on forgiveness because somebody took the Greek ice I saw preacher do this years ago Scottish preacher where he took the statement of Christ where he says forgive them for words as normally forgive them for they know not what they do he re-translated that to say forgive them not for they know what they do and that’s completely different statement he took the same Greek and he moved the words around so it said forgive them not for they know what they do. Of course, this particular individual is rather anti-sematic and so they saying don’t forgive the Jews because they know what they do. Until they repent, we don’t forgive them.

Crucifixion of Jesus can’t be understood outside the context of the politics of the time

[00:15:39] Well, the apostles were all Jews. Jesus was a Jew. It was really a very small group of people that wanted to crucify Christ it wasn’t put to the general population we know the general population had already hailed Jesus as King Hale highest son of David but this was a group of a hierarchy in political power, most of them Pharisees, but not all of the Pharisees. But everything is, like they were impeaching Jesus Christ what they were doing they were saying this idea of him casting out the importers of the Temple which we call moneychangers… they actually had a function in the Temple and only the king could fire the pores of the template go back to David David could do it before David Samuel could reject the porters of the Temple you the high priest could reject that the porters of the temple but he can really fire them but the King David he could act as chief executive officer he could fire the moneychangers the porters of the Temple. And that’s what Jesus was doing. Well, they consider that an impeachable offense so they wanted Jesus removed as the King of Jerusalem because that’s what he was he was hailed as the was no king in Jerusalem except for Jesus to have been any King injuries are not a real King interest him since Herod the great had died way back when Jesus small boy. This is a big thing trying to figure who was should be kink as the kingdom was divided into three parts. You don’t know that. Your preachers aren’t telling you that. They’re not showing you the patterns in history so they are also not showing you the patterns in Christ another saying be nice people and nice guys and you know pat each other on the head hug each other in and sit in the pew and love each other but that’s not the pattern that Christ gave us. The pattern that Christ gave us is it and John the Baptist given us we have to take care of all the social welfare of a body of people… not really a body in the sense of a corporation, but free assembly of people will take care of their social welfare needs to charity. Not through force us was that was the whole message John the Baptist rails is doing by force but John the Baptist said no you do it with free will offering you due to charity which is what Christ said which what Moses said and that’s a pattern that you can’t do that without the spiritual pattern of the Holy Spirit dwelling and you. You won’t be able to do that. You won’t be able to forgive. Remember Jesus the same guy said forgive so that you can be forgiven that my father will for if you don’t forget he says neither will my father forgive you that make forgiveness really important here you have this preacher saying no Jesus said forgive them not for they know not what the ever they know what they do that’s not what he said and in on our page on that subject was somebody was share it on Facebook you can go to preparing you see an article you like Cheryl twitter shared on Facebook shared on Pinterest and whatever you can share not a whole lot worse you guys do it your job is to preach the gospel of the kingdom at I’m doing it the best I can but I’m one person. That’s not the way the kingdom of God works is not one guys not one chief executive officer who runs things for everybody else you want your God-given rights back you take your responsibilities back and that’s what when the more you take back your responsibilities to hear the cries of your neighbor the more Christ will hear your Christ the more the Holy Ghost will be drawn to you to alter your’s personal spiritual DNA the Holy Spirit will inject himself into you to order not only your spiritual DNA but even your physical DNA it it is a healing powerful spirit of life eternal life they talk about another article upon eternal life and go to and read these articles. And with lots of them were putting in audios so that you can listen to them and that we do a lot more a lot more help but that’s up to you we want you to follow the Holy Spirit and do what years you should you feel you should be doing based on that Holy Spirit.

How do you know you’re following the Holy Spirit

[00:20:31] But this is another question that came up… How do you know you’re following the Holy Spirit? Because these people who teach different religious doctrines in 40,000 different denominations they have lots of different ideas and some of those ideas have to be contrary to Christ. Have to therefore be contrary to the Holy Spirit. And in one individual said not one of us has a perfect doctrine or the perfect truth Jesus is the truth and Jesus says whoever believes in the one who sent him, which is the father, is saved and will not be judged because they have crossed over. Supposedly that’s that was his at the he’s trying to quote from the Bible but I’m not sure what translation he was using have you really crossed over do you really believe in the father or do you believe in an image of the father you believe in an image of Christ that you’ve created in your own mind. If you look at the word imagination in the Bible you’ll find all sorts of quotes it warn you about the wickedness of man’s imagination and the ability for evil to manipulate the imagination of man. And that this is the problem so how do you know that the Jesus that you believe in, that God the father that you believe in is really the God the father. That’s a pretty important question everybody should be willing to examine and look at that nobody should assume that I love Jesus know I really love Jesus and so therefore I’m okay I’m saved. You should all coming all the apostles all of the writers in the New Testament Jesus Christ himself will warning you constantly mean he will think they’re coming in my name and I know them not there actually even workers of iniquity but they think they’re saved. They think they believe in Jesus the same as the Pharisees thought they believed in Moses. But if they really believed in Moses they would’ve recognized Christ. But instead they were trying to impeach him and drive them out of the office of King the Chief Executive Officer of Israel and even have him crucified. But we’ll talk about that when we come back to Keys of the Kingdom and take a look at: Are we supposed to believe in the doctrines of Jesus of the doctrines of religions?

Most church tenets include lots of things besides the words of Christ

[0023:12] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So what is the doctrines of Jesus compared to the doctrines of modern religion? Years ago somebody wanted us to write up basically a tenets of our faith at His Holy Church. Well, the tenets of our faith are already written up by Jesus Christ to meet our doctor if the charge if were a part of whatever his holy church is just a phrase is his because it belongs to Christ is holy if it is following what Christ said Christ said to be in the world but not of the world another was to be separate from the world and so the ministers of his holy church has wholly called out… that the church means is called out need to be separate from the world so we strive to do that according to the way in which we have looked both at the actual events around Christ’s life the events of the early church the history of the early church, we’ve gone back to the beginning and tried to do it the way they were doing it and then look at that time and look at the time that we’re in and try to do it the same way and try to understand why Christ said to do it in particular ways. He gave very specific instructions to his apostles to do things in certain ways. And to follow certain patterns. Again, here’s that pattern. Now these are you can imitate those patterns in the physical world but you need to have this spiritual patterns of the Holy Spirit in you that that needs to be the comforter the guide you need to walk with that spirit so in the process of trying to fit up into a system of actions and behaviors in the world today that are the same as back then at the time of Christ and the early church, we’ve come face-to-face often with our own shortcomings. And we have to overcome them so the journey to seek the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God should bring you face-to-face with your own unrighteousness. Your own selfishness. Your own avarice your own greed your own unforgiveness and then you have to learn how to forgive. And with the comforter the Holy Spirit taking us by the hand and walking is through the valley of the shadow of death, we hopefully grow in that spirit and learn to do. This is why Christ said it was so important that you be a doer of the work not just a hearer only in a but you had to be a doer of the word meant he talks about many will say “Lord, Lord,” but they there actually workers of iniquity they don’t even know me that they’re not that they’re doing the opposite of what I am saying to do so when we look at the doctrines of Christ, what Christ actually said… when I look at the doctrines a lot of other churches I see I can read line after line after line and have them know they don’t even mention Jesus’s words 10, 20% of the time. So what’s all that enter 80% of the stuff didn’t Christ say it clear enough should the doctrines of his church be his doctrines what he actually said. And so that’s our policy… if he didn’t say it is not a doctrine of the church. It doesn’t mean you can do it or that you have to do something we don’t know what hopefully the Holy Spirit will lead you but it can’t be a doctrine of his church and less it’s his doctrine and less he said it I see a lot of people don’t know you guys have it wrong you should be doing it this way you should be doing it that way over here and you know and I said to Jesus say to do it that way. Does what he wants to do it where did he say to a wall I do I don’t know but that’s the way you have to do it but he didn’t say we had to do it that way what did he forget to mention this is really simple is not a doctrine of his church is called out unless he taught it does it mean if you follow everything that we repeat that Jesus said that somehow your saved know your saved by grace there is no formula you know you can’t you like a 10-step plan to salvation. Although we could write a 10-step plan up. The reality is you can’t follow what Christ wants you to do unless Christ is in you. You’re just not that good. You will fall short.

Pharisees missed the fundamentals of the Old Testament

[00:28:27] And that’s, of course, what was happening to the Pharisees they were they had a lot of great ideas and a great deal as talked about you know of many great things and everything but they miss basic fundamentals of the Old Testament. They just forgot all about them the fact that you are to take care the widows and orphans and 80 of your society to freewill offerings. They decided not listen to it to taxation to forced offerings compel the offerings of the people Corsican just do that they had to get the people to sign up in a system of Corbin which is a system of sacrifice that Corban means and then everybody had to pay in and those funds would go into the synagogue. Synagogues were 10 men, 10 families. And there were just a whole network of synagogues all the way up to the Temple. I do had been since Moses were in the seminar pattern that there had been since Moses but a different spirit because they added something to the pattern data force they were going to foresee offerings once you signed up you are expected to give in 10%. And if you didn’t somebody was at your house pacing off your fields and weeding enough grain from you you grew more graininess you didn’t break off enough of your Cummings branches to give to us. You know that that was the joke about is almost a joke your Cummings plans they regrow them in little like Planters in their windowsill and it was like a seasoning spice kind of thing that they would use and you can break off little branches well 10% of those blank branches if you are signed up with the Templeton percent branches belonged to the Temple. So they were being picky about that stuff but they were forgetting the weightier matters. And Christ condemned them for this. But he can in their Corban there Corbin was making the word of God to none effect because there Corban was forced offerings I had this conversation with my grandson just feel like I was explaining to him what Corban was and I was giving it away you saying that you sign up and then you had to sacrifice into the Temple you because you were in this network of tens hundreds and thousands and you had to pay in 10% of whatever you produced into that system. And you didn’t have a lot of choices about you couldn’t really impeach the high priest you can impeach the porters of the Temple who are receiving as they were the moneychangers but they were the porters of the Temple that’s with the porters dead with they would receive your offerings and turn them into deposits to be put in the royal treasury which we see Jesus in the royal treasury instructing the ministers. What the heck is this itinerant sandal long-haired preacher doing out there tell him what to do and not the royal treasury wellies came to is going to the royal treasury and tell him how to do things in order them that they can’t move vessels around in the Temple. What is that. What was in those vessels note Jesus is ordering them not to move these vessels around in the Temple well that there’s a couple different interpretations in the sum I’ve looked at some of the Hebrew interpretation the vessels they actually said they were that they meant weapons not vessels but there’s a good argument that they are vessels but in what was in the vessels coins gold and silver coins. Denarii. Whatever. There were in those vessels and there’s an accounting processors the all these chambers, is a royal treasury he you can’t move the stuff around the more we want you to see what you got and it goes on all time.

The State of the Union indicates tha the union does not know what Christianity is

[00:32:43] We saw the State of the Union address, this week, from the president of the United States, Donald Trump. I actually watched it. Or listen to some I consensus around watch it all by listen to annualized jobs or wages for poor people are more people off welfare more people off of the unemployment companies are being built stockmarkets of all these things are good good good good and see more people bailing out the ship estate. And so every thought this is really positive really good and it was was pretty good speech as speeches go Chris if you hate him it was a terrible speech. But that’s because year your view is you invested in hate and nausea and I can see things. But what did they miss from a kingdom point of view? Well more people bailing but nobody’s fixing the links to the ship is still taken on water that debt is still going and you’re still in a lot of trouble and then I heard him talk about giving 1 million to 1 million Mike is hundreds of millions of dollars billions of dollars to this and that to the other thing where they getting it there forcing the contributions of the people and then they redistribute the wealth that completely diametrically opposed to the kingdom of God is not diametrically opposed to the kingdom of Caesar. It was diametrically opposed to the original Libera respite that God the Republic of Rome originally the Republic of Rome mostly depended upon free will offerings and voluntary military… I mean, literally, when you join the military you had to bring your own sword your own spin your own shield all the stuff it wasn’t until just shortly before the first Caesar that the military of Rome finally became an actual professional army that was paid for by the government. I am really fond of pointing out during World War I when they needed ambulances over there in Europe the people donated enough money to buy 2000 ambulances and pay the drivers wasn’t from the government it was the people in the same as I point out that the public schools in the days of Jefferson were built by the militia with tax dollars it was voluntary people building the schools hiring the teachers, paying for the teachers… That was called public school. It wasn’t tax dollars. This idea of forcing your neighbor to contribute to what you think we need to have is a poison to liberty in the land. And it is already been injected into your minds and you have been contaminated with a thought pattern that is taking away your liberty. And so now you’re fighting to get your liberties back you fight to get your liberty back you just have to take back your responsibilities. And you have to do it in a righteous way. You know, you have start taking care of one another to faith hope and charity instead of fealty force and violence. It’s that simple. that the message of Christ that the doctrines of Christ as we said and if you want to do that guess what you’re probably not saved if you want to keep coveting your neighbor’s goods to men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other you are doing contrary to the doctrines of Jesus Christ. I just quoted the Bible. I just quoted Christ. He said you’re not to be that way like the other governments of the world the Gentiles the king’s apprentice of the world who exercise authority one over the other the call themselves benefactors to give you all these benefits but it’s not to be that way with you if it is that way with you you’re not yet a Christian. You can turn around your thinking now and start heading towards true Christianity. And then, guess what? When you really do that sincerely willing to face your own selfishness your own vanity your own imagination then you will start to change and you will be changed because the Holy Spirit will start enter into the real Holy Spirit not the emotional Holy Spirit that most people imagine to be the Holy Spirit if you get all emotional McGough worked up and they get and gnashing the elves energy coming out and I think that the Holy Spirit. You can go down to Haiti and see that you was Dr. Zen and people doing the same thing it is not the Holy Spirit. It’s a spirit, all right but this is not the Holy Spirit HOLY Holy Spirit.

Glenn Beck’s investigation of the Ukraine scandal

[00:38:14] So anyway, another thing that came up in the news… And I’ll try to equate this also with the kingdom of God is… Glenn Beck’s been investigating this whole Ukraine thing and go look up Glenn Beck and the funny thing is he’s not even investigative reporter he’s a cometary guy and in IE’s is prejudice coming he sees bias in some degree but is often honest and you know that something is you should if you’re just listening to CNN and MSNBC and stuff like that you need to listen to a few other people to get other opinions and don’t just stay in your bubble if you’re only listening to Glenn bag or Rush Limbaugh or some of these other guys on the conservative side, or only Fox News or whatever, you should listen to the other side. Not that they’re right it sometimes is very painful but you should listen to the other side to can’t get a balance as you pick up and another thing I suggest sometimes is the listen to the European news because your pain is not that they’re all honest either but the energy showing you from a different perspective mostly you should be listening to keys of the kingdom we have hundreds and hundreds of recordings and go back and start seeing how these things you have this pattern see if you can’t start seeing this pattern of the kingdom anyway going back was investigating Ukraine thing and he talks about this column Oski guy who was the head of Bree’s mother and he was also had one of the founders of the provocative estate bank which is the banking you the grain and this guy is evidently, Mafia kind of the new state your throat cut your head off kind of guy. and the bank was nationally the private bank was nationalized but $1.8 billion that serious amount of money $1.8 billion of the US taxpayers funds, supposedly in the form of credits, went into the prof bought bank and disappeared. And they believe, at least this way Glenn Beck puts it, that was used to finance an army to ward off the Russians in this one province where Comiskey was made governor by the former leader of Ukraine it there’s I have some problems with that but it was very interesting though if you do watch is special on this which is something final chapter Ukraine final chapter some you probably Google and find it he talks about the timeline. And the timeline was fascinating! I think is a lot more going on in the US government than were seen in the news and certainly depending on which news program your watch you won’t see a huge amount of what’s going on but that’s the way that government operates as a central executive officer. It has other branches of government eellike the legislature that’s one branch. And then they had the judiciary, that’s another branch.

People are the fourth branch of government

[00:41:33] I always talk about the fourth branch of government which is the people. Because it’s mostly a government of the people for the people and by the people if you’re only looking at those three branches, where the people come in? Yeah, they can vote. But do you know if you look at some of the caucuses are not ensure that that’s very good way of going about it but the reality is it says right in the amendments and somebody said if you just learn seven of the amendments or something like that I can what they said exactly that would be a good day but your 9th and 10th amendments are saying the powers not given to the federal government still belong to the people or the states. So if some are still belong to you you’re part of the government your the fourth branch of government. In the kingdom of God you hurt your the government. Because we don’t have benefactors who exercise authority. If you go back to the early’s writings about the church you outside of the biblical text you’re actually looking at people were apologist of the early church in an hundred years after Christ you you’re looking at guys like Justin. Justin the Martyr, they call him. And he writes about the church meeting how they have church means and that church meetings on Sunday and some people get all worked up about that and some people use that the defendant with a call Sunday worship you somebody was writing me also this week and saying are you Sabbath keepers and I pointed out if you’re in debt you’re not a Sabbath keeper. He says what you’re not answering my question I did I sent a link to do our article on the Sabbath this Sabbath is about a way again that pattern is not about a day you think you celebrate a particular day and that makes God happy. If I thinking that if I pile of rocks and burn up sheet that will make God happy if I take dip my fingers and holy water and put a cross on my head that’s gonna make God happy if I take this little way for bread and put it on my tongue I’ve received Christ Christ a lot deeper than if that those are all rituals and ceremonies outside… they’re symbolic. You can’t you can’t get to the kingdom of God with symbols and rituals. That’s witchcraft again. Like you have some sort of formula that makes God happy.


[00:44:00] No, God wants to get down to the very depths of your soul and of the depths of your mind. And in order to let God in to be there, you have to wipe away the unforgiveness yet to let go of the unforgiveness and forgive other people left. Forgiveness is not absolution say that many times I don’t know I can say that enough forgiveness means you’re not going to judge your gonna leave judgment to God you’re not gonna hold resentment and anger hate towards a particular person because they’re not the way you want them to be. Because they did something bad to you you’re gonna let that go when you let that go that’s your road to freedom if you keep hanging on this hate and anger and resentment. This is the skit with the scariest things about all that I hate drunk people they are setting themselves up and everybody else around them, for the worst kind of dictatorial regime you can imagine. The kind of thing that you like Stalin and Mao and all that kind of stuff. Because they’re operating from hate. You see it all time. Not that there aren’t hateful people on the right there are but you really see it over there on the left and not that there are people over on the left that are filled with hate there are people that are not filled with hate.

What is this Left vs Right thing?

[00:45:25] What is this whole left/right thing? What is it all about? I mean that I was one of the things I looked up a little bit to get it get an idea when people talk about conservative what’s conservative’s is holding a traditional attitude and value and cautious about change or innovation typically in relation to political and religious idea. Conservative is a moderate. Well, change from what? A conservative who has a bad his is slow to change a conservative who has good idea he slow to change to well that’s good but he has bad ideas any slow to change the bad conservator doesn’t tell you somebody is good or bad it is that there slowed to make changes specifically in political and religious approaches to life and the world around but when somebody says right what is that mean it to to some degree, right means morally correct, just or honorable. What do you think is morally correct just or honorable that may make very quite a bit what the liberal you know this is open to new behaviors or opinions or willing to discard traditional values. If those traditional values are not good values, being willing to discard them is a good thing I love the meal liberal cannibal who wants to discard the idea of eating other people. So what is a liberal a socialist liberal somebody who’s willing to discard the idea of socialism. If they’re willing to discard the idea of socialism that they grew up with—like public schools public health all these things also socialist programs—if they’re willing to discard those ideas barrel their becoming what we call concern of their moving to the right but their liberals because they’re willing to look at things in new and change their behavior now they want to change your behavior to go away from allowing their neighbor freedom to a place where they take away the freedom of their neighbor and covet their neighbors good to socialist your programs and schemes and in systems, well, they’re willing to change, so they’re liberal. So they’re going in opposite directions but they’re both liberal so liberal doesn’t tell you somebody’s right or wrong and so what is it to be on the left you always do talk about this is the thing if we are around planet most people believe the farther to the right you get the more likely you will end up on the left and the farther to the left you go the more likely you’ll end up on the right that’s just where around planet that’s the way goes what actually is that way because it’s a pendulum thing what you want you to be on the left or the right you want to say be a liberal or conservative. You want to seek righteousness. Righteousness is something… justice you injustice words out that some amazed I have a conversation on going with somebody you thinks he’s a social justice where on Facebook… He’s just blind. Blind to the truth and it is a hate anger binds up and he pointed out he can see he doesn’t think you people angry he thinks I’m just pointing out the evils of the world he never offers the right way to go in our talks about that is this everything has to be evil upon evil upon evil. He’s lost in his anger. But anyway, we’ll be right back.

Importance of networking to participate in the weightier matters

[00:49:31] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. I want encourage everybody to join the network. And the network is just it if you’re listening on the Internet now you probably have email and go to or even eventually take you to and join the network and that means joining an email group in your areas that you can start gathering together and working together with other people because learning to care about other people as much as you care about yourself is essential to seeking the kingdom the reason we’ve lost freedom over the centuries Israel was a free nation it went into captivity went into bondage the reason he did it because it became the individuals became less and less concerned about the justice for others the what Christ calls the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith Christ calls those things the “weightier matters.” So if you’re a Christian and your following Christ and your following the doctrines of Christ—what Christ taught—you need to be concerned about the weightier matters of the law, of justice, of mercy, of faith. So anytime anybody is being unjustly treated, you need to be concerned you need to hear their cries and come to their aid. And you should do it in a wise and effective way.

How the early church to avoided socialism

[00:51:10] And this is what the early church was doing. They were persecuted. They were persecuted during a time where there you know where this stock market was crashing. And food was in short supply. And disease was rampant and there was no vaccination to save them. And if there was it probably would’ve made them sick but the reality is they had another way. That’s what Christianity was called: The Way was a different way of dealing with life’s traumas and difficulties both on a national and international basis but also on an individual and family basis trauma in your life in your children’s lives in your grandchildren’s life in your nieces and nephews life trauma is etching its way into the very soul of your children is why most of the kids coming out of high school think socialism is good. They have been brainwashed. They have been injected with an idea and philosophies without knowing the repercussions. Without knowing that Dave means that it may be causing. And you can’t just change that by making the announcement, “Socialism bad.” Socialism is a covetous system by its nature. It is a covetous system where you desire benefits at the expense of others and you wanted to pan for your livelihood on the property of others. This will bring in dictators this is not a new idea this was around 100 years before John the Baptist and Jesus Christ it was published in one of the most publicized books of its time. It was well understood that if you go this way that’s what’s going to happen in up with dictators despots tyrants and you’re going to cry out you can go all the way back to thousands years before and listen to Samuel and Samuel 8. He tells you the same thing. So it’s not new. It may be new to you, and it certainly new to all these kids coming out of high school and college thinking socialism is good they don’t understand what it leads to them understand why it leads to that most Christians do not understand how they have already become socialist. Because the ideas have crept in when they were unawares. That’s a key element to how we have decided that she had to be humble enough to admit that we screwed up. The Corbin of the Pharisees made the word of God to none effect. Another way to say that because the word Corban is a said earlier in the show mean sacrifice. The sacrifice of the Pharisees made the word of God to none effect. Why? Because the sacrifices the Pharisees was not like the sacrifices that Moses talked about. Because of Moses talked about freewill offerings. That’s not what they were doing at the time of Jesus Christ amongst the Pharisee they were forced off and everybody was using force. The Romans were using force. They used to use free will offering it at that time there using four-star friends the Corinthians were using forced offerings. Back in the Peloponnesian wars the Corinthians were not using forced offerings. They were using freewill offerings. But that changed and everybody was becoming a custom to living at the expense of others to get their food stamps, their welfare, their tessera trade coin that got them free bread from Roman free bread from Herod they got these free bread because they were members of the temple Saturn, or the temple of the Jerusalem of the Temple of Roma, also built by Herod. They were getting their welfare from these temples these government temples but the supplies that were provided were provided by forced offerings. John the Baptist said, “No.” Do it by freewill offerings. Do it, not only with cogent shelter, but with the meets with food that is the difference between Christ and the rest the world. This is the doctrines of Christ you have those doctrines why you think that that feeling you have is the Holy Spirit if you can accept that basic thing of living by faith hope and charity… When we say that but that what were doing so we need to turn around and do something different than what we’ve been doing is what we’ve been doing isn’t what Christ said to do. We aren’t following Christ. We need to turn around and go the other way. And that way is the way of Christianity. And that’s what we try to show people.

Doctrines of Christ helped Christians build a parallel welfare system without socialism

[00:56:34] So, as I said, doctrines means someone who teaches. The something that someone teaches that this doctrine means teachings so the teachings of Jesus Christ who said we ought to be like the governments of the Gentiles who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. It is not to be that way with us.” We’re not supposed to be doing it but all these people who think they’re saved think they’re doing great things in name of Christ to have these big churches there actually workers of iniquity because they’re still coveting their neighbor’s goods. You wouldn’t think that somebody was saved if they were murdering at they were robbing with biology of beating all women and stealing their money and raping people killing people you would think about that person’s not saved right? But he can covet his neighbor’s goods and send somebody else to your neighbor’s house to beat them up and to take from them and I’m not saying that stealing them since coveting is not in old taxation is not theft taxation is absolutely justified for everybody who’s desired benefits at the expense of their neighbor. Because as you judge, so shall you be judged. of you say it’s okay to take from your neighbor it’s okay to take from you taxation is not theft taxation is almost always covetousness somebody wants you to pay for something is not there are they like if somebody built a harbor and you wanted to pull up to that harbor can save you a lot of trouble getting stuff ashore and getting stuff loaded on your boat you got pay a fee call that attacks but it’s also a fee to use fee that’s reasonable and so is you know if you say what we you take care of my kids education my health care of some hams to me you want to take care of my kids aid to dependent children have much take care my wife and get she gets so security check out law is sometimes to me and that they say okay will do that but then you have to sign this agreement and that will give you a number and then you have to pay again and you say okay okay that asked you you it may be a bad deal because they started out like 1/2% that’s a database and you had to make what would be equivalent to like a couple hundred thousand dollars before you got any income tax saw meeting you notice them he most people make and maybe $1000 a year or $2000 you buy a house for a couple thousand dollars back in those days. So you didn’t have to pay any income tax you had 1/2% Social Security tax and you said this. That was just the deal says that they can upit. They can go up to 5%, 7%, 14%… tey can keep going up the matter of fact they can keep going up and they don’t have to get they can take away the benefits says ameliorated okay I get it okay but that’s what it says.

If your church is not attending to the weightier matters, you aren’t in a Christian church

[00:59:47] That’s what I’m saying, that they write down… you can go to the CDC they tell you most of the poly on Syria’s caused by the vaccine. As a matter of fact, I think this at all and I’ve actually seen other you testimony in the incongruous CDC that many of the things that we think are curing diseases are actually perpetuating disease and I see a few reporters come out with those stories and then I haven’t heard from those reporters again. They don’t want those stories coming out. So I don’t know what’s going happen to me I have to dissipated by the Holy Spirit but you need to care if you hear something that may save you great but if you don’t turn around and turn it into action to help save others, not so great. Because you’re blocking the Holy Spirit is that is in the nature of Christ the nature of crisis to come in to sacrifice himself or others to lay down his life for others if you’re not gathering in your church meetings to lay down your life for others to sacrifice for others to care for others to give life where there is a loss of life or a diminishing of life if you’re not there to attend to the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy, and faith, you’re not in a Christian church. That church is not doing what Christ said turn not following Christ. That’s hard for some people to accept, but that’s the way it is.

Justin the Martyr’s description on the early church’s parallel welfare system

[01:01:20] I mentioned Justin the Martyr in the earlier part of the show. He was this apologist he wrote a number of letters to different seizures and Tony’s P’s was one of the Caesar’s he wrote to Zebra from and on and Tony’s penis was actually training Marcus Aurelius when Marcus Aurelius was younger but he wrote to him and his first letters were fairly well accepted by the Emperor. But he was explaining how the church operated the church again is not like your church on the street corner. It doesn’t operate like that the church is even of a building is not really even an institution. It’s a called out. That’s what the word church means accuracy and means the called out to Christ called out certain people gave them certain instructions which are clearly written in the text. Which most people claim to be ministers never read never look at never consider but it’s there. It’s the doctrines of crisis what he said you can be one of my disciple ministers one of my called out unless you do that… What it buddy save you don’t know you should find out we tell people regularly but anyway Justin Martyr is talking about their meetings in explaining to the Emperor of Rome. You see, Christians weren’t signing up with the Roman temples like the Temple of Saturn they were registered their bursts with the Temple satyr not Marcus Aurelius who came along after Antonius PS he made a law that you have to register the birth of your child within 30 days it with the local constabulary. And of course, they would make a record of that it would eventually go back to the Temple satyr Christians wouldn’t do this and so they were they were terribly persecuted by Marcus Aurelius. So what did Justin write? He said and the wealthy among us help the needy and willing to give what each thinks fat now this is a translation so when he says and willing give what he saying give a freewill offering what each thinks fit and what is collected is deposited with the president. What is that with Donald Trump know what the president of that meeting that’s that’s a translation again the word president there but where does that were present come from the comes from Prince he possibly DOS which is Principe’s first citizen. Well, the head of the meeting was whoever they agreed was the head of the meeting you pay the head of your interview sat down in a group of 10 families you pick the minister. He was the president that you package the first one. That’s because he’s your connection to the rest of the kingdom the rest of the network the rest of the church because he’s going to sit down with nine other ministers like himself. But anyway, they call this way the translation is the point reading it to you in the original Greek. Justin was a Greek scholar. He wrote very eloquent Greek. But anyway, that’s the word he uses. They gave those that had those that were had extra which is exactly what John the Baptist said gave to the president who suck orders the orphans and widows and those who through sickness, or any other cause, or in want, and those who are in bonds—in other words in prison or bound up or somehow or other can’t go out and make a living—and even strangers sojourning among us and in a word take care of all who are in need. That’s the operation of the church. That’s perfect religion. That’s what James calls perfect religion. You do it through freewill offerings.

Are the members of your church praying more to the governments of the world?

[01:06:40] If your church… you go and find out how many people are receiving aid in your church… widows and orphans aged people all people people who might be in jail or maybe there that have some sort of deferment hear something you go count up all the people in your congregation find how much they’re getting from the governments of the world and how much they’re getting from your congregation. And if they’re getting more from the world than they are getting from your congregation… you find out this week you find out next week every week that she go down from what they’re receiving from the world not that’s going to take that can be a process but that’s what’s called seeking the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God because it is not righteous to covet your neighbor’s goods to men who exercise authority that’s why Christ forbid it. That’s why Christ condemned the Pharisees because they had created a system of sacrifice a consistent Corbett it was making the word of God to none effect and not only was he cutting their neighbor’s goods but it caused the people the men of any of the children of the people of that nation to do no more opught for their parents. They were together parents they were providing for the needs of their parents. Because they have to. The government gonna do it for us well that the kingdom way that the ways of righteousness. Now for those who just turned in her listening to us for the first time, that’s a shocker and you probably need more proof if you don’t need anymore proof, hallelujah! Praise the Lord his God is already revealing the truth to you but if you need more proof we got ever pairing you die, will show you this is the way of Christianity. If you want to go the way of Christ if you tell me you believe in Christ but you don’t want to go the way that Christ said to go then you don’t really believe in Christ. If you don’t do what he says if you’re not seeking to do what he says you’re not turning around your thinking to think like Christ you’re in need of repentance because that’s what repentance is that thinking a different way. We have to think the way of Christ so if you’re a liberal, you should be willing to make that change. If you’re a conservative you might be a little slower to make that change. But if you’re a Christian, you gotta be doing it the way Christ said to do it. You can be doing it the way somebody else as the domain names I could go down a big long list of ministers who say that you only have to do this and all you have to do is that, and all you to join us and… Balderdash. Religion just 20 years ago those people listen regularly was the pious performance of your duty to God and your fellow man. What’s your duty to your fellow man? What’s your duty to God? your duty to God is to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. So, therefore, you have to seek to do your duty to your fellow man in righteousness. That means you have to take care of your neighbor through faith, hope and charity.

Why the ministers of Christ had to be separate from the world

[01:09:18] The governments of the world should not be in the charity business all. But I’m not in charge of the governments the world. That is not my job. I’m working for Christ. I’m not working for Caesar if violating the Caesar be glad to pay it. I’m working for Christ. So that’s why the ministers of Christ had to be separate from the world Lisa separate from the world he uses the word means constitutional order system of government they could come into the world and walk around Rome but they were not Rome they could not eat at the table of the settings of the world they can only eat at the table of Christ that they could not eat that which was offered to the systems of the world like you know the benefits coming out of the temple of Saturn and some of these are temples they can go and apply the steps and we can show you an article on Christian conflict you can look that up and prepare you this is why Christians are being persecuted because they would not sign up for the social welfare systems of Rome they wouldn’t sign up on social welfare systems of the Pharisees is why they were hated because they had their own system what that system in order to have it you can’t just be a home church in isolated little home church get together and talk about Jesus like you loved him or something but not actually do what he says if you’re going to ask you follow Christ you have to they can sit down in the tens. They sit down in the 1000s and thousands in companies attendance and companies of hundred and companies of the thousand they did this by 10 men and their families picking a minister. And that minister getting together with 10 other ministers and picking a minister and a Doing this until they had thousands of thousands of people in their network that operated by faith hope and charity that’s the road to freedom that’s the road to righteousness that’s the road to salvation. That’s the road you have to turn around and head down. That’s what repentance is all about the go this other way when you go that way it opens the door to the Holy Spirit. That it may enter into you. Now this is the metaphysical part. We’re supposed to be worshiping God in spirit and in truth that means in word and deed the word represents the spirit brass you need breath in all I just move my lips and tense my vocal cords but don’t breeze through the words you won’t hear anything you have to have air coming out in order to hear something. That’s up but so the word represents the spirit but the deed represents the truth it and this is faith in action yet that faith in action you cannot you cannot have faith sit in in the pew you only have faith when you put it into action as apps this why Jesus said not saying, “Lord, Lord,” but doing the will of the father you want to perfectly. Okay, so your church 98% of all the welfare your church is taken care by men who exercise authority one over the other you know this church is not a Christian church is not his church. It’s not doing what he said so you go from 98% to 95% a good deal progress now your progressive. night gig the more progressive yet to go back to me as it progresses must be a socialist. Progressive in doing what? Progressive income in your neighbor’s goods or progressive in not counting your neighbor’s goods but actually loving your neighbor caring about your neighbor.

Stossel video on fake panhandlers

[01:13:25] I shared on Facebook… I have a Facebook page and I shared… a John Stossel this week I’ve seen it before but he goes around and he was interviewing people and you know the people on and I seen this myself personally I seen it I know I’ll be posting it were somebody stand there with signs and I need help and they get money and some easement and dollar to Bob dollars $3.05 oh dollars under the get more they make honored hundred $50 day descendent tax-free by the way cash and they then they go and they go change the coat into a nice coat and get into a nice car and drive to their house that’s actually what happened now they’re not all like that some of the guys live in, you know, they campout may travel around that they don’t want to work most of them don’t now there are few that you could help but text discretion charity without discretion is a sin because you’re supposed to be seeking the kingdom of God you’re supposed to be seeking the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith it is not merciful to give wino $1000. Chances are you’ve just killed a drug addict. A heroin addict. you give him $1000 you killed them. You know, it’s astounding that we need to have this other way of looking at stuff.

Justin on birth registrations

[01:15:00] But anyway, I was reading from Justin the Martyr and I was telling you some of the things that you have Justin was saying in his apology to Antonius previous night got in trouble with his next policy apology because the fact it went to somebody else. And they this is at the same time that Marcus Aurelius was deciding that you had to register your birth and the only reason they’re registering births is so to see who is eligible for benefits that’s that’s why all the bursts were registered in not telling you not to register your birth with the United States on his telling you what’s going on how it works you I want you to listen the Holy Spirit I’m not creating new doctrines. I’m just giving you Faxon truth. You have to figure out how to apply to your life. Christ didn’t start with you don’t get registered he started we sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and start loving one another instead of coveting one another’s goods start caring same word love same were Jerry in the Greek. That’s where you need to be headed and not be seeking anything but the kingdom. We’ll be right back.

Are you acting like ANTIFA without knowing it? Peter talked about covetous practices

[01:16:13] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So we’ll talk about Justin Martyr and some of the things that he was sharing with us from his early days in them the church and that he was a convert many most people were commerce Hackett not those days and but the ideas that he was accepting were not unique like as a Polybius talked about them, Plutarch talked about them numerous people wrote about these ideas and this is a war going on for the minds of the people and people are trying to inject ideas into your thinking that it’s okay to covet your neighbor’s goods while other people like Polybius is what you can do that but if you do that it will lead to tyranny it will lead to a loss of rights he will he said it would actually degenerate you into perfect savages as of deal early this morning on Facebook where Joe do you know one of these Second Amendment rallies if you were going around shaking each other’s hands and talking in and meeting it was so peaceful and calm and everybody was so then they show this other left his rally with NT for beating people throwing stuff and people at fighting and hitting and I’m thinking like I was afraid the Second Amendment people why it is that the last that’s scary but not everybody on the left is that way but the reality is if you think it’s okay to take away from your neighbor so that you can be safer more secure more comfortable and you can take away fewer neighbor using force, like government power exercising authority over your neighbor if you think that’s okay you’re just as bad as the NT for people hitting people in and throwing stuff at people. You’re not going to actually do the violence but the violence will be done on your behalf to other people now that doesn’t you are not talking about again taxation is not theft in on as long as they do it legally but taxation is the result of covetousness is a covetous practicing P here says to covetous practices you will make yourself merchandise he says you’ll become a surety for debt he says you’ll curse your children to these covetous practices and that’s what everybody’s done now your preacher down there and I won’t name all of them but you can go down the list, it will tell you that that’s what Peter said? How many will tell you that socialism is a covetous practice how many will tell you that Social Security is a covetous practice? Now again, seeking the kingdom is turning around your thinking, thinking another way, and pursuing that other way.

Constantine’s church coveted their neighbor’s goods, so it wasn’t Christ’s church

[01:19:15] And Christ spent years teaching the people how to pursue that other way and even after Christ left and they at 2001 day and 3000 and the next day of people changing the way that they were going to live the way they were gonna provide social welfare. That was a process known process continued for hundreds of years. And then along came the church of Constantine who imitated some the outward signs. He did go back to some degree to the people have to take care themselves to faith open charity kind of thing. But he gave them a boost to jumpstart by giving them equivalent to what we would call billions of dollars today and lands in gold and silver and mostly silver because gold stayed with the game but that he would give this over to the people. And he jumpstarted the church Constantine with these gifts at that time there were 12,000 known bishops there all order to come to is Council of Milan and only a few hundred showed up. I mean is about 319 showed up but to and I don’t know that all those were Bishop some of them may have been entourage just can’t tell you I know that the next big meeting and had only 150 showed up. So this was not most of Christianity is a small fraction of Christianity but if you were to reach’s history you would think that these are all Christians that they weren’t they they all were told to get baptized but they were told to repent. And unfortunately today the modern church is telling people to repent and get baptized with are not telling what repentance looks like repentance looks like thinking like Christ thinking like the early church and that thinking of Christ. does not include coveting your neighbor’s goods but it does include you helping everybody in your congregation and in other capital of the next congregation is much as you love your own it means that you will be taking care of all the orphans, all the widows, all those who are sick, or for any other cause, or in want. And those who are in bonds and even the strangers sojourning amongst you. Now though strangers may be complete strangers to the network. They may be just people you found that you think you want to help out.

Stossel’s exposing of panhandlers

[01:21:54] But now, if you find like some of those people that we saw John Stossel review and send you the look of John Stossel and I’m sure you get the video available on his feet but easily showing people who you know you don’t help out you go back to Ezekiel 1649 behold this was the iniquity of the of thy sister Sodom pride everything is there great and saved in the young greatest nation in the world. Brett success all you know everybody back to work and is making more money abundance yet we got about a stock market zoom in the idleness was in her and in her daughters neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy she did not strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy how are you helping somebody out who’s just freeloading offices at 250,000 people on Social Security payments is just so security papers is not welfare food stamps everything else 250,000 of them are on it because their addicts. That’s a government statistic that it’s over $1 billion in benefits going out and they know many of those benefits are going out to buy drugs or alcohol is not good thing I mean I know people that are doing that right now no watch either back in rehab again. But they’ll be out. And the fact is is that bureaucrats make poor priests. backrest the day your priests make corporations what you are doing when you are picking one in 10 111 to be your minister and he was picking a minister which would make 12, altogether, in a network of 100 families they were the priests of your society they were going to help facilitate the taking care of the needy. There is say this versus just being lazy they don’t really need help the really sick that I can help them, give them to save his money and give to those in need and if there’s a greater need outsell the people and then they will, hopefully, they will share. It’s all free will. But this is our free society operates at that’s not the way your society is operating you’re not free and you’re not going to stay free my figure to go down this is only one way to go but down in less you change your thinking you’re going to go to down.

Babylon and its benefactors always offer gifts gratuities and benefits (socialism)

[01:24:39] Babylon and its benefactors always offer gifts gratuities and benefits which reduce the liberty of the people if the people covet those benefits. Because when you and you covet those benefits, your coveting your neighbor’s goods. You’re trying to take away your neighbor’s right to give and force your neighbor to give welfare systems of the world and of Babylon often serve the needy without condition which weakens the poor. This is what we see. We’re you’re seeing the Blacks it I guess they call it a Blacks it or whatever the golf where that a lot of the people in the black community are realizing that all these welfare programs that undermine the family and therefore undermined the black community and they’re saying no we need father presents we need people taking back their responsibilities in order to get their rights back and so they’re going back the other way and they know that yet we have to be charitable… Conservatives are far more gerbil than liberals you know you’re you’re left a liberals side the Democratic side of you go do a survey you’ll find much more charity to the needy amongst the conservatives and Republicans then you do amongst the Democrats. him… Statistic you can you can look it up yourself why is that because to the editors they don’t do any more for their parents they don’t they don’t need to get to the poor that the governments job you need to think differently know if you’re government of the people for the people by the people you need to take on the responsibility of self-governance. And this is what Christ was teaching the people in the church. it that’s why the church still to this day in Black’s Law dictionary the church is defined as one form of government it’s a government of the people for the people and by the people. Yeah, they pick a president he is the chief executive offices up office of their congregation only their congregation again but he doesn’t having authority over the people. He only has the authority over what they willingly do what they give it to him is his job to decide what to do it is the most churches today you get get a board of directors are usually composed of the biggest contributors and they give to the church and then they run around the table and get it and decide how to spend it what it is very important that when you give it away you give it a way that that is a very important principle.

Forgiveness vs giving

[01:27:25] I’ll show you forgiveness and giving our opposite sides of the same coin just like I was tell you that fear and anger are the opposite sides of the same coin. It’s kind of the inverse side of the same operation so you cannot give truly give sincerely give NSU sincerely forget to one of the tests of forgiveness is to give to see if you really did forget you edit it in their complementary things that the it’s the same event going on so he is talking about these it in his apologies talking about how they give that they share in poor they can help each other out any of that that the wealthy… when they say wealthy, that means those that have share with those that don’t have enough. And those that don’t have enough tried to work things out so that what they do get shared with them stretched longer.

Buying poison with food stamps

[01:28:34] You know, one of the horrible things you see in that they’ve tried to do this with food senses stuffy to like take soda pop off of food stamps take candy off of food stamps and other but that they resist that I’ll wait on it they should only be able to get healthy foods but the would be very limited because I was in a grocery store the other day I don’t get to go she said very often but actually was in the store waiting for somebody else. And I was walking down the food aisles there and I was thinking poison, poison, poison, voice on everything they sell is not really good for you you need it but it may sustain you but you gotta be some health consequences farther down the line is getting worse and worse. I mean there are some efforts to get rollback get more healthy foods out there in the market. But, boy, it’s a struggle. There is an awful lot of poisons out there offered to you his stuff posing as food that is not really good for you.

Can’t help you if you aren’t in congregation…as Christ commanded

[01:29:35] But the reality is is that you should learn how to take care of one another and what that the poor and the rich become brothers and sisters. They work together on this project of sustaining one another to faith hope and charity. You can’t do it any other way what that happens is that grades bonds in society that become unbreakable. Because there bonds of love and bonds of charity they will hold society together. What you have now is everybody for himself. That’s why, you know, you look at what’s going on in their minds and there’s a change in your mind when you are born again to a different way of thinking. And people are born again to that different way of thinking enough to really begin the pathway to repentance. Which is why Christ commanded that we sit down in these tens hundreds and thousands. He commanded that his disciples make the people sit down in these groups they have to contribute enough to make them contribute like the governments of the world but he makes them sit down in the groups I get people and I’m writing mean call me in the they want help and I said is a what country I live and joined a group or anything at all either I’m not a big joiner of the but I want help. Sorry, I’m not supposed to help you. beer night I do help people have helped the people many times, but they need to repent. You have need of repentance you need to start doing what Christ said if you’re not doing it you don’t Christ said after I show you clearly what he said and you go look up other Justin the Martyr page then you’re in trouble.

Justin the Martyr’s instructions

[01:31:42] It is therefore a lab for yourselves bishops and deacons worthy of the Lord men who are meek and not lovers of money, true and approved for they also perform for you the ministry of the prophets and the teachers. These have to be dedicated hard-working individuals and their families have to be in order that that’s actually from the duchy but I can show you the same thing it in the epistles telling you liturgy is actually the Greek word for public service what happened is about 1000 years ago, that church that was started by Considine finally started getting off the ground pretty powerful entity… it is sent out it’s Augustine’s and all these guys to try to get people in their church and start to kneel get people overthinking the way they did which is more in the line of superstitio go the Latin word superstition within the Latin word religion or a religion area was yellow lights rescue in the Greek, it’s how you create those social bonds to faith hope and charity that’s that’s what you’re supposed to be doing a religion. Religion wasn’t what you think about God. Although that was involved in religion was the pious performance of a duty to take care of one another to love one another which is what Christ commanded us to do. It’s not loving one another to send them to men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. Because what should have been for your welfare will become a snare and they will become merchandise. Which is all the New Testament. They warn you about this in the New Testament but the preachers you like to go to, to the big churches and sit there and sing, they’re not gonna tell you about this. Some of them are telling because they don’t know themselves because they are under strong delusion that the Holy Spirit is a feeling. Holy Spirit is an actual powerful force that enters into you that programs your heart. But it won’t do it by force will program your heart by force you have to allow it to show you this other way to comfort you to guide you in this and this is what walking in the garden was all about. Walking with the spirit of God. You cannot try to decide for yourself what is good and evil… and certainly not decide for your neighbor was good and evil… and walk with God. You’re running out ahead of the Lord when you do that. You go you get a walk with God. So I am the thousand years ago they try to unify the liturgy unify the public service of the people that’s what you’ll to get divers on the cover of our free church report because she resisted that she would not go along with forced offerings to take care the needy of society she knew they had to be free will offerings. And she never took a close off discussion wondering but she this is the thousand years ago that was that it always been around me wrong was doing it they were doing a question that was that the demise of the Republic to kill the Republic to do that. Because a Republic is bound by that systems of charity by people coming together and in defending one another against unrighteousness because robbers and thieves any enemy whether foreign or domestic.

Socialism breeds selfishness. The problem with Marcus Aurelius

[01:35:05] Well, one the great enemies of our time is unforgiveness. One of the great enemies of our time is selfishness. Socialism breeds selfishness. It’s not my job the government need help I only eat you can see people in China get hit by a car they got video this the end bicarb people walk by them they’re laying there in the street nobody stops. They say it’s because while you develop financial responsibility of you help them. Well yeah, that’s kinda built into the system but the that in their system but it’s only built into their system because then I think about one another is elements in China that do think about one another. And you find it often amongst the persecuted church. Which Christians are persecuted people posing as Christian. But actually, be going to China because they actually do help one another out. Not all the Christians there and in and be fair that many the Christian churches in America that have the spirit of Christ starting to dwell in them. But you have to become perfected in Christ. You have to repent of about everything you have need of repentance and almost every church you find these giving people that really want to help people out and you’ll sometimes the wife is the one who’s really giving and serving everything. But you a lot of times you find a woman like that you’ll find a husband who is also what he needs to be is rebuking. Because as many as I love I also rebuke. I will say you need to shape up you need to change the way you’re thinking you need to allow God to enter into your heart and change the way your thinking so that this is what Josh Justin was talking about. And this across wires persecuted and why Marcus really is you read I got appear on the shelf mark the meditations of Marcus Aurelius… the guy sounds like, almost, a fundamentalists pick up alien preacher. He talks about a lot of things about responsibility and all the stuff but it’s all within the realm of the state as your father.

Christ setup a different pattern

[01:37:12] Christ was saying, no, your father needs to be the spiritual father in heaven. And he has a pattern. He has had as spiritual DNA that he would wants to write in your heart in your mind that will alter you and make you a new creature under his authority. You may think you’ve done that already, but if you’re still coveting your neighbor’s goods through the agency of men who exercise authority, you have not done that. That is not Christ writing on your heart and mind he may have written some in there but you need to clean the whole slate so he can write his whole pattern in your heart and your mind. You need to completely repair yourself or prepare yourself by allowing the Holy Spirit in to repair you according to his design. And what Christ did was he called out some people first. Just like Moses called out the Levites first. To start implementing this system of tens of hundreds and thousands for charity purchased that same system of tens hundreds and thousands which we see Jethro talking about was also used for justice purposes and remember Christ condemning the Pharisees for not attending to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith certainly charity is a part of that mercy. And of course, in order for chair M charity to really be a part of mercy also has to do it justly was you don’t give to somebody who’s lazy you give them advice to get busy and to to make use of whatever gifts the guys give a meow care of you know I’ve seen guys who were quadriplegics working every day very limited in what they could do but they were good at organizing had great ideas their mind was very astute and they provided employment for other people. But, eventually, hate and resentment was a serious part of his problem and we could not quite get him over that hopefully his family did when we got them reunited with his family could he was estranged from his family… Lot of anger in the guy had been crippled since he was a just the day before his 18th birthday. But the reality is that we deal with each individual on a soul by soul basis but we have to deal with them based on these pattern of Christ. Of laying down our life so that we may pick up life more abundant you have to have forgiveness in giving to move in the direction of righteousness and liberty under God. Those are essential. So the idea that while the church is not a Australasian I don’t have it in I just want my rights back way you can’t get them back. You cannot really physically pull yourself up by the bootstraps but with the Holy Spirit you can be pulled up by the bootstraps. But it will require your effort and your humility and your willingness to go the other way. As I said Justin Martyr wrote in defense of the Christian’s faith to the Roman Emperor Antonius Pius. and we should take those lessons from him that will show us the way to liberty under God but until then peace on your house and may God be with you see on the network join us at or and the will see you there. God bless.

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